Thursday, 27 September 2012

From here & there

Sunsets are charming, especially this time of the year, to prove it see the flipped up picture below :D its even charming upside down!

اقل من ١٠٠ كيلو متر بالساعة
كان عذاب محدق في شوارع الكويت اني اقيّد بعدم تجاوز سرعة ١٠٠ كم/س! طبعا الكل يطوفني حتى راعي البرّد لكن الاكثر ايلاما لي كانت الشاحنات، لي طافتني شاحنة و اهي متعدية سرعة ال١٠٠ لا و تناشبني على الحارة الوسطية تحوشني ميني "غبنه"!! و يطق لي هرن بعد؟ زين ما بجيت .. بس اللي تعلمته احترام قوانين الوقت و المسافة :) زاد تقديري لمقولة "الدنيا ماراح تطير" صح علشان اوصل بوقت معين المفروض افكر بقيد سرعة السيارة و اعطيها وقت فوق وقت المشوار المعتاد ، و الاهم، ان غالبية اللي يسوقون بشوارع الكويت طايرين على غييييييييير سنع! صدقوني كلنا بنوصل :) 

و يمكن الموقف الوحيد اللي طيّب خاطري ، واحدة تعدتني و اهي شاااااخطة، و لما وصلت للمخرج اللي ابيه اكتشفت اني يمها! كان ودي اقول لها هااا اشوف الروس تساوت ;>

Dar Alathar kicked off the 18th cultural season, I was so happy to receive their e-mail. True I could not attend ANY event last week, but will do as of next, hopefully :}

و يتجدد اللقاء مع نقاط! انا جدا سعيدة بموضوع هالسنة و بكرس له بوست كااااااامل بس بما اني كسولة تدوينيا قلت احط اللنك من الحين للي يبي يسجل

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Keep calm .. Kuwait .. iWish

The story of Keep calm & carry on... I think a similar campaign is much needed in Kuwait #iThink

Entrepreneurship: Vision, Value & Passion

Monday was a mind turning day to me, I used to think that all those management / Self-Improvement related courses, books, lecturers are a waste of time! Actually my real mind change started back in 2009 when I attended a course by an amazing figure Mr. Khalfan Aleisery from Oman, which I will post about in details later inshallah.

I was invited to attend “Entrepreneurship: Vision, Value & Passion" - More info in FB - by Ahmad Al-Mutawa. A young Kuwaiti who manages companies that provide all sort of consultancies, this one was organized by Mubaader. The seminar started with a push of motivation and enthusiasm to awaken the “Entrepreneur” within,,,, yes I did feel a bit lost in the beginning :p and that nothing he said was out of the blue, then as the seminar progressed, I got influenced, positively. What this seminar gave was; very useful tools, ideas and information on how to start your own business, in a time that small to medium businesses are in constant growth.

Success stories were discussed as well as difficulties, when to start and how to take each step, how to be innovative, do something new, be unique and how to practically establish a business (formal government-related procedures, negotiating, branding and even pricing,, etc.). The person behind the business took a lot of focus, he paid attention to the ideas of the attendees, a thing I liked, even the ones on paper!

I left wanting to own a business, someday :} and with a new mindset! A more appreciative attitude to such management-related information, that give us useful tools which ironically slip away out of your mind at the time of need, no matter how trivial they sound.

Even if those courses content to you might be a cliché, repetitive, found online or in books, the person saying it makes a huge difference in comprehending and applying those principals, and what they aim to change in you, Al-Mutawa was good, I can see him 5 years from now being a really good speaker and motivator.

In many times all we need is motivation, words of encouragement, a push forward and a few simple tools to EXECUTE and do something we want.