Saturday, 31 December 2011

New year resolution

A friend today asked me about my new year resolutions, I realized that I don't have any!

I do have plans and things to accomplish but didn't really setup a timeline for them, didn't link them to this year, nor were my previous ones were linked to "time", they are just dreams waiting to be achieved or have been achieved. You see the "dreams" I have are never ending, its an ongoing process.

Which made me think, yes its good to have an outlook, a wish, a path to go by in this life, BUT setting your aims with a timeline is also practical :)

Some of the things that popped to mind in that conversation, had a timeline and I can see them being achieved very soon, while in others I left the timeline space to be blank. I have always counted on my mind to store them and bit by bit I see them get achieved, which I am fine with, but inserting the "time" factor would do me good :}

Therefore, as of now, in addition to writing down those things I aim to do in my moleskine, I will add the timeline :>

Saturday, 24 December 2011

From here and there


Around 2004-2006 the Kuwaiti blog-o-osphere was smaller, almost everyone knew everyone in Blogger and Wordpress, the ones who took Maktoob were a little distanced, but the link was Kuwait Blogs, and Safat the aggregator. It was almost personal, a close group of people you can reach a few clicks away, that allowed a lot of correlation! In things I see or hear around, that a blogger wrote about or talked about in a meeting I immediately relate it to him/her, now its spreading into Twitter. What brought this up is the cup of French coffee I'm having right now :} I recall a post for Marzouq where he asked for French coffee in France and Bo Maryoum who I think would be furious about the ones who call "Turkish coffee & liquid concentrated milk" as French coffee!

الريوق برا 

بهالجو عجيب و ممتع جدا ،، الصورة اعلاه من الذ بيض ذقته في برايم اند توست ينقال له
Poached eggs with multigrain bagel

بيوم ما كليت هالطبق نشرت الصورة في تويتر، و للصدفة مجموعة من ربع تويتر كانوا متريقين بيض ،، اللي خلاني افكر فيها، و حللتها بان التقارب اللي سمحت فيه سبل التواصل الالكترونية زادت شريحة الناس اللي يتابعون و "يدرون" عن بعض و اخبار بعض، و عليه فا صدفة او بالاصح احتمال تشابه الانشطة اليومية اكبر، لان القاعدة المتواصلة اكبر، كان لذيذ انصح فيه بس بدون البيكن! الا اذا كنتوا من محبين البيكن

I love Kitty

Lately I have been using the note above for grocery and daily lists. I used to use stationary and keep kitty stuff around me at home a bit at the office, having them out was perceived as childish and a bit fake by others, then on a second thought :} I realized why should I take that view for granted? The original reason I kept those is that I love Kitty and her stuff, therefore, kitty note is out of the closet! and is for daily use.

Which brings me to the idea of Judgement, I have always faced a hard time with prejudgements! I kept the BBM status "Never judge a book by its cover" for a very lone period of time, and still think its valid till date and forever. Judging people, things, accidents by what our eyes see and our background interprets is unfair. Many things and people become very different when we look closer. So next time you think of judging anyone or something, think twice, give the benefit of a doubt, ask about it, then ask your self, is it worth the judgement? Does living require a lot of judgements? How about living simple :} Its not that bad :p

 قوس قزح 

أخيرا،،،، قوس قزح مستحي ، طلع بوسط السما، يوم الجمعة :} ونسني

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Initials from Alex and Ani

A while ago while browsing the net I found out about Alex and Ani brand, the idea is simple, Eco-friendly products that come from reused materials, expandable bangles, easy to wear, with a personal touch!

"Alex and Ani's mission is to design products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit. Alex and Ani's collections reflect a design aesthetic that celebrates each wearer's unique essence. Owner and designer Carolyn Rafaelian believes it is her life's work to inspire her customers to relish what is unique and authentic about themselves. Alex and Ani's artistry lies in drawing out the beauty that resides within."

In the website there are a lot of products huge variety, however the most catchy to me was the single bangle with letters on it, and of course I got my initials :}

I liked the +ve energy idea

"Alex and Ani embraces the power of positive energy as a core company belief.  We have made it our mission to share the benefits of positive energy through the unique beauty and symbolism of our products.  Inspired by the wisdom of ancient thinkers, Alex and Ani researched the most effective methods of infusing our products with the positive energy that ancients refer to as vital force."

Away from believes hanged with the symbols they include in their work, I think having something positive in your wrist or around you to see and let others see is good, and has a positive effect, on the eye and brain! like the love bracelets I have :}

So what is so positive about having your initials around your wrist? Good question!

This time it has to do with identity. You are first and last known your name, it remains, in people's minds, government records or places you have been in :) and your name is what you are defined with and distinguished among all the human beings around the world.

Alex and Ani biggest collection is in their website, and also can be found around the net in Nordstrom or even Amazon.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


At many times, in Twitter, I tend to write a few random thoughts that come across my mind, the bad thing about Twitter is that it stores up to 3,000 tweets in your timeline! Including replies and RTs, and there is no easy archiving way to go back to your tweets!!
I use the hashtag #RandomThought to write and scatter a few, here and there in time, in my timeline. So for the sake of documenting, I decided to write them down in a post :} The following are tweets labeled with #RandoumThough from my timeline, in various points of time and some other tweets that I count as random thoughts.....

When you miss who you thought they were, you don't really miss them.. So, fix your brains! #RandomThought

  الاصل بالوقت أنه محايد، نمنحه لمن/ما نريد، فلا تعلق وقتك بمن لا 'يملك' وقت لك #فكرة_عابرة  

When you look back and can't find good memories, you should stop looking back!  

When you look back and do fine good memories, cherish them, plan to create more :>  

Wanting something, is not a guarantee that it's good for you :} #RandomThought  

When sarcasm covers your bitter reality, you are strong & funny, when you forget that reality, you become ignorant. #RandomThought  

I thank the man who taught me that loss is a part of life, Black isn't a proof of solace, moving on with a good memory is faith #Myfather  

If you can't find the time, you simply don't care :} #RandomThought  

When putting your faith into a theory, remember, its only a "possible" interpretation :} & 100% is an exaggeration of 99.9 :>  

Even if your doubt is 99.9% confirmed NEVER forget that the 0.1% can flip the whole outcome of you actions :}

Friday, 16 December 2011

Jeffar Khaldi @ Dar Alfunoon

I went to Dar Alfunoon for the exhibition of Jafar Khaldi (As written in the invitation), a Palestinian Artist, who I just knew from the gallery about.While speaking with the lovely Lucia Topalian, the Manager Partner of Dar Alfunoon, that was generous enough to spare me a few minutes and explain the Artist's work and a bit about him, she noted that his name is Jefar and not Ja'afar! An old Arabic name, meaning "Strong Lion".

ذهبت لمعرض الفنان جعفر خالدي (كما كتب بالدعوة)، فنان فلسطيني، عرفت عنه من خلال دار الفنون، و من خلال حديثي مع مدير دار الفنون ، الجميلة لوسيا توبوليان التي تكرمت و شرحت لي اعمال الفنان و نبذة عنه، ان اسمه "جيفر"! و ليس جعفر!! و ان اسم جيفر عربي الاصل، و بعد البحث توصلت لان اسم جيفر يعني الأسد الشديد.

Happy Feet
set of 4, stencil, airbrush paint on paper

Some works were pictures printed and then painted over, others were oil paint on canvas, YET the paintings were very close to pictures, in a weird vivid yet washed up way!

بعض الاعمال كانت صور مطبوعة و فيما بعد تم تلوينها، و البعض الاخر عبارة عن رسم يدوي بالالوان الزيتية على الكانفاس، لكن الملفت بان اللوحات الزيتية المرسومة باليد كانت قريبة للصور، بطريقة حيّة و ممسوحة!

Me Laden 
oil on canvas

His "Me Laden" was impressive, the repeated features in the Laden'like face was really eye catching, the Jews dancing around and Qubat (= Dom) Alsakhra behind, that BTW many mistake as being Alaqsa Mosque, one of the 3 holy Mosques in Islam. I liked how pale the colors are, yet the point he was making is very strong (I always relate color shades with the idea), to me I saw it as a painting to mock the "Bin Laden" phenomenon and how in other parts of the world others are occupying countries and dancing around :} Nonetheless, I have no problem with Judaism but a huge one with Zionism.

لوحة "أنا لادن" كانت مبهرة، الملامح المكررة في الوجة المشابه لوجه بن لادن لفتت نظري، يهود يرقصون و في الخلفية قبة الصخرة الملاصقة للمسجد الاقصى و التي يخطئ الكثيرون بالإعتقاد بأنها هي المسجد الاقصى، احد المساجد الحرم ال٣ في الديانة الإسلامية (و الحرم القدسي في فلسطين يحوي عدة مرافق/ أجزاء من اهمها مسجد القبة و المسجد الاقصى). احببت الالوان الباهتة، و قوة الفكرة على الرغم من هدوء الألوان (لطالما ربطت درجات الالوان بالفكرة)، بالنسبة لي رأيت سخرية الفنان من ظاهرة "بن لادن" في حين انه بأجزاء اخرى من العالم نرى اشخاص يحتلون دول و يرقصون :) ولا مشكلة لدي مع الديانة اليهودية و لكن مشكلتي الكبرى مع الصهيونية.

The Anger: Images of the Arab Spring Demonstration, with Punk Rock

I took a pause infront of this one in particular because I had a conversation not long ago, regarding how we should segregate the feelings we have around the acts of crowds, once a whole crowd is unified on one thing, a word, a dance, a movement! When is this an act of the crowd and when is it "holy", when a person is humble (convinced) or merely acting like others.

امام هذا العمل وقفت لفترة، اتفكر بحوار قبل فترة قصيرة، فيما يختص بالتفرقة ما بين المشاعر التي تنتابنا في تصرفات الحشود، عندما يتحد حشد مجموع على شيئ واحد، كلمه، رقصة او تحرّك (هدف)! و متى يكون هذا الفعل من نتاج الجموع او "مقدّس"، متى يكون الشخص خاشعاً (مقتنعاً) أو مقلداً للآخرين.

My favorite paintings were for Omar Almukhtar and another for Moshe Dayan! I won't elaborate on them, go see them :) You can google his name, take a look at a few more of his works in this webpage and I highly urge you to go visit Dar Alfunoon, the exhibition is running from 12.12.2011 to 5.1.2012.

Dar Alfunoon - located in the Behbehani Compound House 28 Al Watiah, Kuwait City Tel 22433183

لوحاتي المفضلة كانت لعمر المختار واخرى لموشيه دايان! و لن استرسل عنهما، اذهب لرؤيتها :} و الكثير من المعلومات بالروابط في الفقرة اعلاه، عن الفنان و صور اكثر لأعماله، لرؤية اعماله المعروضة في الكويت بإمكانكم الذهاب لدار الفنون، المعرض مستمر من ١٢ ديسمبر و حتى ال٥ من يناير القادم.

دار الفنون - شارع الخليج العربي - مجمع بهبهاني (البيوت القديمة مقابل المستشفى الأمريكاني) - بيت رقم ٢٨ - الوطية - هاتف: ٢٢٤٣٣١٨٣

Sunday, 11 December 2011

CAPS on?

I'm not into commercial Advertisement but there is a good cause behind an auction that will be held in this "carnival" which is as per the e-mail I got.....

"Are you tired of your daily routine? Feeling uninspired? Is your wallet burning a whole in your pocket, and you just have to spend your money on something artsy and different? Well the CAPS on carnival is for you.

GUST University is hosting its first and only CAPS on carnival on the 14th & 15th of December and it would delight us that you attend. Come show your support for new and old talents alike. Help them believe in themselves by showing your appreciation. Who knows you just might feel inspired to be in their place.

The carnival will host an array of talents, ranging from photography, art, crafts and many others. There will be shows and competitions going on through the length of the carnival. An auction will also be held, where pieces of art and photography will auctioned off to the highest bidder and all proceeds will go to dar elaytam “دار الايتام”.

So what are you waiting for? Get your CAPS on! and head on to GUST on the 14th & 15th of December."

I will try my best to visit it and see :} I have a thing for events holding talents/ freelancers and simple business and/or products :> Hoping that this one will be a good one!

Saturday, 10 December 2011


حلو يفاجأني تعليق بنثر غبار بوست قديم و يناقشني و الاجمل انه يضيف لي معلومة، اليوم تعليق من موقع حجي عن معنى كلمة ماشه اللي  كنت متسائلة عنه في الصورة رقم ١٤٢ من خلال مشروع ٣٦٥ اللي نشرته العام الماضي . نعود لكلمة ماشه، طلعت تركية! و حسب الاقتباس التالي من موقع حجي :

 ماشه | ما•شه | mashah      
دبوس معكوف يستخدم لتثبيت أو تهذيب الشعر و عادة يصنع من المعدن أو البلاستيك.       

عندج ماشه؟     
سويلي تسريحة بالماشات.      

أصل الكلمة     
تركي: maşa و تعني ملقط.

شكرا لموقع حجي على المعلومات الجميلة و شكرا لمن علّق عندي من فريق الموقع و اثرى حصيلتي الفكرية و اللغوية :)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Marvel's The Avengers

I am waiting standing on my toes for May, 2012. I am very biased to Iron Man among all the avengers, I think the avengers are way cooler than the justice league :p "go figure!" Although my beginning with comic books was with Tarzan and Superman "from DC comics", through my brothers old Arabic translated ones. Which at the time, I did not have much interest in.

Of course the movie Batman gave another dimension to comics, then I got to know what is a graphic novel through the amazing V for Vendetta.

Summing up their Avengers in one movie is a MUST see :}

Cute and funny movies I can't wait to see

Muppets, I am a huge fan of them and can't wait for this movie to come out

I can't even begin to say which Muppet is more fun! Miss piggy, Kermit, Gonzo, Baker the Ode to joy performer, the Mahna Mahna team, which reminds me I just knew that Mah Na Mah Na is a real song!!

The whole combination is amazing, although I used to think that sesame street is the big show and the muppet show is just a part of it, since I thought, hey costumes, funny?! All the same?  I came to know the difference quite well :p The muppet show far more enjoyable and funny.

Also HAPPY FEET two :>

Other than the ADORABLE baby penguin you have the crazy shrimps! Although I have a feeling it won't be nice, yet I can't skip cuteness! 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Erroll Garner

From the mighty wiki:

Erroll Louis Garner (June 15, 1923 – January 2, 1977) was an American jazz pianist and composer known for his swing playing and ballads. His best-known composition, the ballad "Misty", has become a jazz standard. calls him "one of the most distinctive of all pianists" and a "brilliant virtuoso"

I came to know his work from "All The Things You Are" Then I started shuffling his work, and found it VERY hard to pick a favorite :) However, first meetups make the biggest impression!

What I like about his pieces is how smooth they go, as if Jazz takes a pause at his doorstep and a flow of words in a very laid back relaxed conversation start.

I leave you with Laura, a random pick

RIP - Rest In Peace

I've always wanted to make my blog a peaceful space for me to talk about random interests, things that I like, from around Kuwait and what ever might interest me, however, I never lived with in the lines :) although I am a perfectionist and an order loving person, yet I do not like perfection nor fixed order, a little madness is required to have fun and perfection is dull when repeated over and over.

The distance between personal and private is the most I try to keep intact, it is not a secret who I am but my personal life is mine. What I share online from my personal life is not private and I am not a secret, if you have been around the blog-o-sphere long enough you would know who I am. Yet some mix privacy with secrecy, to those I say, I don't have to explain my self :} I and only I have the right to talk about what I want, when I want, private or public, as long as its "personal".

November just rested, in peace I hope, its the most eventful month in 2011 to me "personally". The 19th is the peak on the personal level. Wednesday night 23rd on a National level, the 24th also and the 28th. However December of 2011 is making it up.

Last note, the worse part of missing someone is how much you love that person, everyone tells you that time will heal your pain, that death is a part of life, resting in peace is a good thing, but none tell you how to deal with that longing provoked by your love. However, the ones who are close and know, who tap your back with their kindness, be there for you despite their busy life, who offer a visit, a word, a text message, are simply amazing.

Since its my post I decide whats last :p I shall close with this tweet that might fade away with time, since twitter keeps 3000 tweets:

I thank the man who taught me that loss is a part of life, Black isn't a proof of solace, moving on with a good memory is faith #Myfather