Sunday, 30 October 2005

To be continued << got continued!

To be continued in the afternoon!

>>The silly accident hmm i mean TRIPLE silly accident in Shweikh, that happined to me!

*UPDATE -- the story*

Place: Shweikh
Time: 9 ish

Stuck in traffic while I was semi-upset of a personal issue that occured to me earlier that night. Since I got stuck in a jam a very hard one! I went totally cool because I know I can do noting but wait :}

A small car is behind me, a woman was in it. That lady would not stop honking the horn, I kinda laughed at that action I mean would that move the zillion cars infront of us just like that? would noise beat up the piles of metal infront of us?? I was a bit annoyed BUT what would a little noise do to me? after all I have the radio to listen to...

While listening to a lovely song I felt a tiny push! like a light bump, I didn't think that our cars actually collided together? thats why I ignored it o said to my self (akeed eytahaya2 lee) ,, THEN another BUMP his time! I looked at her from my mirror put the car in (R) honked my horn with an angry look @!@ ,, she looked the other way like nothing happined & kept blowing air from her mouth in an angry way... THEN AN OTHER 3rd BUMP here i snapped I went down from my car to see what da'hell is she bumping! good for her that my rear bumper was not hurt she only contacted with the metal peice used for toing cars which is set in the middle of my back bumper ... LOOKED at her went close to ask her (she had her window open) :

Eshtbein? d3mteni 3 mrrat tra bas kafi wein bdshein dbbat elsyara?

In a very angry tone ,, she said sorry ok ok, in a totally impolite way as if she was giving me a charity sorry! I looked & saw whos beside her in the car I saw a cute little girl that made me change my mind & also the fact that we are in the end of Ramadan & its a rage flick I don't need to make it worse. I was planing to get back slowlly till I contact with her car then give it a boost to show her HOW a 4x4 rear toe metal peice hits a fiberglass front bumper.

I was angry of her actions, that very rude lady. I don't think that people have the right to vent their anger on other people let a side other people's cars! I tried to think of what I could or should have done like dad & brothers told me to do (bump her LOL! & smash her car then file a complain to the police) then again I know that am not like that.

Saturday, 29 October 2005

OCT. 28th.2005

I was 25 years, 2 months & 25 days old :>

I liked the 25 25 thing, I noticed this in the PC screen at the Dr.'s office today.

I think I got sick a lot this year :( from that fact I concluded that I MUST correct my diet!

This Ramadan did not feel like the other ones, for some reason am missing a lot.

Why don't people send you an e-mail to tell you that they want to add you to their MSN-Messenger contact list? I think its polite to e-mail a person & ask for permission OR al LEAST let them know who are you!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2005


The Yo-Yo craze hit Kuwaiti-ChillGirl LAND :D am in love with this game, wonder if i can play it while am upside down?

well this is not my Yo-Yo :) mine is made of plastic not so cool as the one above ;p .... its like saying I have an MP3 player & posting a picture an iPod NaNo ;p

Saturday, 22 October 2005

Daisey and Pheobe

I uploaded a video (click on the linked text below) that i recived via e-mail & it reminded me of misguided "thank god i spelled it well this time ;p" because he remains to me as the blogger that mastered funny videos :} ,, i have loads of them & will be posting them :>

No wonder the poor dog is so skinny!!

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Tagged by 3baid :>

Sorry for the delay dear 3baid :} but i had a loooong week ...

1. Last movie you saw in a theater? Red eye

2. What book are you reading? ورود على ضفائر سناء .. غازي القصيبي

3. Favorite board game? MONOPOLY

4. Favorite magazine? recently am addicted to them the most liked ones are:

>>Vogue, InStyle, Icon,Bazaar, ليالينا, ابواب

5. Favorite smell? Peaches

6. Favorite food? Indian, Libanies but generally am up for almost any thing

7. Favorite sound? Guitar

8. Worst feeling in the world? Shame & hate

9. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up? What time is it

10. Favorite fast food place? Spago :} "not sure if its counted in that category ;p"

11. Future child's name? top secret ;p

<>12. Finish this statement. If I had a lot of money: I'd do a lot :}

13. Do you drive fast? Unfortunatelly, yes :( ,, working on convincing my self that 120 km/hr is fast :>

14. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Sometimes

15. Storms cool or scary? scary

16. What was your first car? Camry

17. Favorite drink? MANGO juice ,, substitute is SHANI or fanta strawberry

18. Finish this statement, "If I had the time I would...": be more social with relatives "with 3baid on this one i miss a lot on the social side" & blog more

19. Do you eat the stems on broccoli? Depends on the mood

20. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice? Purple & fushia

21. Name all the different cities/ towns you have lived in? here mostly

22. Half empty or half full? Half full

23. Favorite sports to watch? Not into watching sports

24. One nice thing about the person who tagged you? I Like this simple creative guy so much :} wish u all the best 3baid

25. Morning person, or night owl? MORNING

26. Over easy, or sunny side-up? Sunny

27. Favorite place to relax? My bed & my Brother's chair

28. Favorite pie? Not into pies :) but in love with cheesse cake

thx dear 3baid,, NOW :> I tag ::


Puss in boots

Misguided & MsB

Kuwaiti Chopper Dude "The Don"

Sunday, 16 October 2005

Mind block

I suffered from a mind block the past few weeks but am back on track... A lot of things changed my mood but there was this tiny sun spot sent to me via e-mail that got me up & reminded me of a lost passion among this hectic schedule I live in...

ART :) this site gives u a lot of information :) i know am going to read it carefully tonight :> will add more notes on it if there are any after i finish reading it..

Saturday meeting notes

Had to go into a meeting very early in the morning as a tax for me comming early to work :) ,, I surelly would love to know every thing related to my work & department BUT this meeting was pointless since it was reviewing things from the last meeting & building up on them add to that the fact that i was totally clueless over there annnnnnnnd the hardest thing there! was guys who kept repeating the same points over & over....

At the meeting I wrote this valuable post :)

You know the meeting is boring if ::

  1. The English-Indian accent makes you feel sleepy.
  2. All of a sudden the people in the meeting laugh BUT you, later you discover that some one said a joke. I don't want to ellaborate on how ou look like when people look at you to see if you got it.
  3. The words that you hear from all around seem a bt sticky & glewed to each other.
  4. When you write, spontaniously the pen dives into the end of the page along with ur eyes that try to close up.
  5. People seem to move from their chairs when you look at them.
  6. All of a sudden ur chair seems like a cozy bed.
  7. you try to send sms'es to every one you know thinking that chatting with them will wake you up NOT paying attention to the fact that the mobile screen makes you sleep.
  8. You smell coffee all around, in Ramadan.
But when you get the nasty "tiny nap & when ur head is thrown into ur lap you get it back up really fast & discover u slept for a second over there! Good for me that my direct manager is soooooooo nice with me & when he looked I showed him that am sleepy & bored I can't stay a second more in there so he excused me after spending 2 whole hours over there!

Oh one more thing you know this phsycological thing where you are supposed to believe what you write if you repeat it, it doesn't it makes you want to sleep more.

P.S: I only slept 4 hours the night before :} maybee thats a factor in all of this ;p

Saturday, 8 October 2005


Blue,, I never expected it to invade my mind but latelly am in love with it and am blue-ing every thing around :}

Monday, 3 October 2005

Happy Ramadan

مبارك عليكم الشهر

May you all enjoy this month & be well :}

اعتقدت ان المبالغة بالأمور خاصية تتوزع على نطاق بسيط و محدد من هالمجتمع، اكتشفت انها خصله هامة تقريبا بكل الكويت و ممكن جرح تسببت فيه ورقة انه يصير كسر باليد

وبهالمناسبه اتذكر حادثي الاليم اللي صار له اكثر من سنة :: السيناريو اللي صار اني اسوق بشارع عام و سيارة طلعت من لفة فوق تحت (يو تيرن) و بس انا بخير و السايق الثاني الفطحل بتقدير المسافات همن بخير حاشني شوية رضوض و كدمات،، بعد اسبوع داومت بالدوام ايتحمدون لي بالسلامه و قالت لي اول وحده صادفتها الصبح

أهي1: وييي سلامات الله فكج من هالشاحنه
انا: الله يسلمج، بس اي شاحنه *خفت انها مظيعه بحادث ثاني* أنا ماكان بحادثي شاحنه!؟
أهي1: هاا مادري انا سمعت جذيه
انا: لا غلطانه الحادث صار بهالشكل " و سردت على راسها القصة" مو بالشكل اللي سمعتيه

ما مداني ادش القسم الا بزميله ثانيه اتسلم علي و اتحمد لي بالسلامه

أهي2: الحمد لله اللي الله فكج من هالشاحنه اللي انقلبت عليج فوق الجسر
انا: @@ *عيوني وصلوا روما من التبقق* خير؟ امبي لاء مو انا لا ماصار لي شي

و يمشي السيناريو مثل اللي فوقه الخ الخ ، الين وصلت لمرحلة اني انا دعمت شاحنه و لاني على جسر انقلبت سيارتي و طاحت على الشارع العام اللي اثار فظولي بالموضوع اهو وين المتعه بالتأليف؟

الحل لهالظاهرة الاجتماعية الغير صحية:
تركيب صندوق اسود بحلج و اذون الاوادم علشان اذا احد قالهم شي ما يتعبون عمرهم ويخبصون الدنيا :> و يتركون لنا الحكم على اللي فعلا صار

Sunday, 2 October 2005

People People People

Two of my good colleagues had a big conflict, I hated it very much... I was surprised to see a lot of things I could not see before, I don't know weather to blame my lack of experience with people! Or am I exaggerating with this "presume good until else is proven with time"rule?

I discovered deceiving people, hypocrites, big mouths, people who try to make the best of some one else's suffering! To just think that u did not see all that & was fooled by ur own view of the world makes u say "hey I was supposed to pass the naieve stage!" but we learn from our faults.

The weather is cooling down which is great :} refreshing too. Kuwait is small I discovered that one of my bosses is related to a fellow blogger/bloggertee in a weird way but we know the same person LOL, Kuwait is smaaaaaaaaaaaaall

First episode with the bloggers reminders in real life begins with Bo-Maryoum :}

*P.S this post was concluded at 11:10 pm so please skip the spelling/typing mistakes :} thank you*