Wednesday, 30 June 2010

181 : Organizing Chaos

I could not find something more meaningful to what I've been through today that this messy necklace! It consists of several chains, which vary in color & size, yet they are all chains in the end. The highlight of my day today was a very messy situation I was placed in, and among the chaos I manged to find sense :] a dear friend helped me also to see how simple things are, for in the end they are all organizable, no matter how messy they may seem.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

180 : Vandalism

So as I was waiting for my sister to pick me up, I decided to stand near the bus station, to notice that the remaining of it was only the metal base! even the AD board on the side is shattered! no back for the seats, it was really painful to see, very shameful too, makes me wonder how those people were raised, no one with proper morals and a good mentality would do such a thing.

Monday, 28 June 2010

179 : أُحدّق

كنت أحدق بالحائط الأبيض، الخزانة المتكئة بخجل و الظل بينهما؛ و فكرت بمن اكون من بينهم لو خيرت؟

فهل انا ذلك الحائط الابيض، الخالي من اي لون قوي! و يحوي اللون الشامل لكل الوان قوس قزح، ذلك الاقوى و الاثبت بينهما، فلا شمس تنفي وجوده و يتطلب الكثير من القوة لتزحزح من مكانه

ام تلك الخزانة، التي تحوي اكثر مما يبدوا عليها بالخارج، فهي انيقة ذات لون طبيعي و سماكتها لا تقارن مع الحائط و لكنها ترتب بطياتها ما لا تحتمل ترتيبه الجدران

ام ذلك الظل، المتغير حسب مزاج الضوء و المتواجد بغفلة من الضوء، فلا هدف معنوي لوجوده و لكنه بنفس الوقت إثبات لوجود شيئ ما ملموس و اثبات لقصور الضوء و تراجعه

فوجدت انني لم و لن اشابه احداً منها، حتى ولو مجازا، و افضل على ذلك ان انتقي من كلٍ منها اجمل ما اراه بها، صحيح كلها جوامد لكن الصفات للكل. فالشامل افضل من المنتقي، و القوي افضل من الضعيف، و المحتوي افضل من الفارغ و اكتشاف القصور من افضل الخصال :) فلنا ان نرى ما يكون حولنا و ننتقي ما نكون

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Came across this software, WHAT IS THAT! I thought logos/ product pictures should be eye catching not nauseating!

يا اللي مسويين هالبرنامج! شعار كيكا ما قبلناه! ولا شافت الكيكة ولا درت عنها هالصورة

178 : Love actually is all around

My best part of this movie, is the opening line :) When I see pictures of the only crowded spot I can bare "the airport" & Hugh Grant saying:

"Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don't see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often, it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge - they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I've got a sneaking suspicion... love actually is all around."

Saturday, 26 June 2010

177 : A pause

Today was yet again one of those hectic days where I could not find the proper "rest" time, the weekend is the ideal time for me to finish up the tasks that really waste my time during the week. So been up since 6am, as I decided to join friends to attend a reception, I decided not to :) and divert my path, to a coffee shop. Met a friend there, had a great time, very quiet & relaxing. What made me skip today is that the reception will go on for a few more days, so I can squeeze it in tomorrow :p now a movie and my note to draft the tasks to be done....

Friday, 25 June 2010

Thursday, 24 June 2010

175 : Kuwaiti graffiti

I couldn't figure this out, what was he/she trying to paint? However, I appreciate the trial to do some decent graffiti :) Graffiti could be the only criminal act I like, wouldn't do it, but can't say I don't like the art in it :>

Just a thought, what if there was a proper way to express this art in Kuwait?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

174 : Dust vs Heat

بعد موجة الحر اللي حاشتنا الاسبوع اللي طاف حسيت اني ما اقدر اتحلطم من الغبار! بالعكس قمت اقدره اهو والرطوبة لان الحرارة تنخفض بوجودهم! نقمة و نعمة

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

173 : Reflection

The URL stamp on the picture is exceptionally up, to show the reflection clearly :] love it when at night when the water is still, you see reflections of the things around it. It becomes like a big mirror.

Monday, 21 June 2010

172 : Dettol wipes

ما احب زود التعقيم و افضل الاعتدال فيه، ولا يمكن اعترف بالسوالف مالت ديتول و مضادات البكتريا للاستخدام اليومي و احب التغسّل بالماي و الصابون، احسه انظف! لكن للكلينكسات مالت ديتول "و غيرها من الماركات بس المهم كلينكس رطب" لها فوائد خطيرة! اهمها ازالة البقع

قبل سنة كنت في القطار و انكتت القهوة عليّ و ما اهتميت بنفسي كثر جنطتي لان فيها كل اشيائي و احبها حيل! ولا اللي معاي اتطلع كلينكس ديتول و تقولي : بسرعة خل نمسحها، مشيتها و انا مو على امل انها اتسنع و ان هدومي بتبقع، وجان انصدم ان بعد ما نشف الديتول ان ماكو اي اثر للبقع! لا على هدومي ولا على الجنطة! شنو استناااااست يومها

 :> و من يومها و كلينكس الديتول ما يفارقني
جدا مفيد بالازمات انصح فيه بقوة

Sunday, 20 June 2010

171 : A black cat

In the middle of the white, there was this little black cat!

Today was my comeback to the gym after a week off, had to be free in the afternoon to I can finish up the "all of a sudden" busy schedule I had. So, work for 8 hours, gym 1 hour, home and passed out! I was so drained that I took a nap & I am NOT a nap person at all!

Today's major idea is how its shocking to live a fact that you have seen long ago, but were unaware of. Who can not notice a black cat in a white surrounding? But, the doubt of "I'm not sure" or "I don't know it very well to judge it" captures you and prevents you from pre-judgments. In order to know a thing very well, you need time! Be patient, sharp, very alert :)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

170 : Car hunt

Although I love my car very much, but for several reasons I need to get a new one. I'm still in the thinking phase I didn't make up my mind on the whole issue BUT going to see cars is always a joy. Checking out the latest technology, knowing the price range, latest designs in the Kuwaiti market,, etc.

One car I did not have in mind but a friend told me to check it out, the VW Scirocco. I looked it up online and liked it & thought it was ok, but when I went to the dealer ... turned the engine on, I had a HUGE grin!

The car has a 2.0 TSI Engine which is a very good one, although its a 4-Cylinder engine but it will WOW you, with a tiny and light car as the Scirocco it would really REALLY be VERY enjoyable to drive the Turbo is a lovely plus :>

The design is cute and amazingly slick! I hate hatchbacks but this one made me change my view of hatchbacks! VolksWagen ,,, WELL DONE!

If you are interested check the VW Scirocco's blog

Friday, 18 June 2010

169 : كوميدو

خوش مسلسل! عبارة عن سكتشات كوميدية، ساعات تصيب و ساعات تخيب، بس بشكل عام هالمسلسل يونس، ينعرض كل جمعة على الام بي سي، عقب مسلسل هم كوميدي سعودي "٣٧ درجة" اللي يشابه في فكرته مسلسل "سكربز" الامريكي، كوميدي حول اطباء. 

الممثلين جدد بالغالب في هالمسلسلين و طاقات سعودية مبدعة و تستحق الاهتمام فيها، بالنسبة لي طاش ما طاش له مكانته و على الرغم من انه صار عادة رمضانية اكثر من انه مسلسل كوميدي الا انه من بين المسلسلات السعودية و الخليجية متميز و يونسني :) يعالج و يطرح مشاكل كثيرة بالمجتمع السعودي، و على الرغم من انه يركز بس على دولة وحدة الا انهم على مدى اكثر من ١٦ سنة قدروا يطرحون قضايا بقالب كوميدي و اهم محكورين في مجتمع واحد، لكن بشكل متجدد و خفيف دم. 

هالمسلسلين "كوميدو" "٣٧ درجة" يقدمون كوميديا سعودية بروح جديدة ، اعتقد ان السعوديين عندهم الكثير يقدرون يقدمونه للكوميديا الخليجية عقب هالمحاولتين 

Thursday, 17 June 2010

168 : The box beholds it

In this tiny box, lies the most precious piece of jewelery I have. What makes it so special is that its the first purchased by me for me :)

Disclaimer: flaws in this picture, are highly intended :>

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

166 : 50+ degrees summer!

June is not even the beggining of the summer, it used to get hot by the end of it and early July it gets really hot, the humidity in August to get back to heat in September, then we cool off a little in October. This year is scarily HOT! It was around 3.30pm and the thermometer indicated that its 53.5 in the car!!! And in mid day people say it reached 55 degrees Celsius!!!! I really fear for the workers who have to work out doors now, I think they should be banned to work and if they have to, they should work in limited timings & in smaller shifts with extreme health preserving conditions. Also drivers please check on your tires, radiators & your car fully, I see a LOT of cars with tires torn on the road & its is very dangerous at high speeds

Be careful people, this summer will not be an easy one!

Monday, 14 June 2010

165 : Old , books , friend

 ""وخير جليس في الأنام كتاب

a lot of those old books in the picture are not mine :D they are Dad's, left them till he gets his library back.

A book is a good friend, but can never substitute a good friend who you find beside you in your worst downs, just to life your chin up & make things all right, or at least help you to make them better :>

Sunday, 13 June 2010

164 : Residue

Why can't we see the beauty in Residue?

الرواسب أو البقيا، قد لا تكون مرغوبة ببعض الاحيان، فالطبعات الزرقاء تبدو اوضح "لونياً" ولا تشوبها الوان اخرى، و عندما استخدمت "غمّست" نفس اداة الطباعة في الحبر البرتقالي خرجت طبعة جديدة، لكن برواسب زرقاء، فلم يكن الحبر البرتقالي وحيدا :) فلنا ان نرى عدم توحد اللون  كعيب او ميزة :) في الحياة  في اغلب الاحيان لا نختار الرواسب التي تشوب شخصياتنا أو امور حياتنا فتسيّرنا تلك الرواسب بشكل معين "و التي تاتي من فعل الايام و المواقف"، و لنا ان نسعى اما لتنظيف اداة الطباعة و عمل طبعات جديدة او الاستمرار بالطباعة و الحياة مع تلك الرواسب، و لنا ان نراها جميلة / نوظفها بشكل جميل في لوحة فنية و نستكمل الحياة بوجود تلك الرواسب او ان نراها معيبة فنحاول اما ان ننفيها من الوجود

Saturday, 12 June 2010

163 : World Cup Mania

It reached Souq Sharg!

Blogger Template Designer!

Blogger made my day when I logged in yesterday to see that there is a new feature added, called "Blogger Template Designer"! A very simple WAY COOL tool to design your blog without needing to know much about HTML or CSS, It is as simple as copying and pasting, mixing and matching :]

I have been wanting to change my blog template but wanted to do it on my own, I managed to add a few codes here & there, a little font and color change but that was it :p So now am in between keeping my blog the same way it was 6 years ago "in about a month my beloved blog will be 6!" or change things a bit?

In the meantime I will enjoy playing with my template designer :p Now I can simply expand the posting space without going through the coding hustle :p so I can post large videos for a change :D

Friday, 11 June 2010

162 : Lino's Cafe

How can you offer a sweetener / sugar with Italian text in KUWAIT :D an Arabic country that uses ENGLISH as a second language

After desperate trials trying to figure out the text on the red sachet I went for the black one, because it says "sugar" plain & simple lol, I thought the other bag could be brown sugar since I like it more than white sugar, but I thought: go for what you know! Since I hate and very much fear artificial sweeteners!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

161 : نخلة

كسرت خاطري هالنخلة، ذبلت و مقصوصة تنطر من يشيلها 

الفارق مابين الحياة و الموت هو الإيقان. فلا اهمية للموت ان لم نكن على يقين بان شيئ ما قد حصل و ان حياة انتهت، و بانعدام هذا اليقين سيصبح الموت حدث لا اهمية له، و سنمضي بطريقنا دون ان نعي ما حصل لذلك الشيئ الحيّ. فنحن احياء بما نيقن و نعي، و نموت بالجهل و التجاهل

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

160 : Tailoring

After a long while, now its coming back to me :) back to sketching, bringing fabric, looking for a good tailor to make my designs come true :> The best thing about making custom clothing is that you know this piece is yours only and its unique :} The odds of seeing an outfit resembling yours are VERY little if not none.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

159 : Tried it

My cousin got a Nespresso machine! My curiosity about it is now gone :) Its a nice compact machine that makes GREAT coffee, espresso to be exact. It was very quick compared to other machines used in coffee shops "for instance", and the coffee is pre-packed in tiny covered cups, which you place inside the machine! You fill the water container, press the button for the coffee "single or double shot" then wait for less than a minute or so, add the cute tiny coffee plastic cup inside & voila! You have a great cup of espresso :>

Its really tasty and the whole thing was quick and neat. Nespresso is cool :] VERY good for coffee-holics!

Monday, 7 June 2010

158 : Hotel key cards

I have this habit of keeping the key cards, I really enjoyed my stay in The Palace, last time I was in Dubai a while ago.

"Built on the edge of a lake, The Palace - The Old Town is a harmonious blend of Middle Eastern heritage and contemporary Dubai with 242 guest rooms, including 81 magnificent suites.
Located on the Old Town Island, The Palace is a resort within the city, at the heart of a traditional Arabian village, faced with a striking symbol of modernity."

I was never a vintage loving person, but this hotel had the best combination between old Arabic architecture and modern appearance.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

157 : Chocolates

mini chocolates are still chocolates!
trying to send a message to my subconscious :p

Saturday, 5 June 2010

156 : الحارة الخفيّة

و خلال تجولي في ربوع حولي، ولا صاحب مرسيدس اسود قديم يطلع من اللاين اللي على يساري و يصير بالوسط، المشكله انا متأكدة اني شايفة الخطوط الارضية صح و ان الشارع بس حارتين! بس واضح انه اكو حارة خفية بالوسط اهو شايفها؟ خاصة ان راعي السي ال "هم مرسيدس و اسود" قاعد ايدني عن حارته اليسار و يبي يتبع الاخ اللي جدام اللي حارته الخفية تقع فوق الخطوط الارضية اللي تفصل الحارتين
السياقة فن و ذوق و ادب، و ما اعتقد ان اكو شي بهالدنيا يسوى هالرعونة و المخامط اللي على غير سنع! و على فرض اسوء الحالات و ان هالانسان وراه شي مخيف و جدي او ان السلام العالمي متوقف عليه و على وصوله بسرعة، اعتقد ان سلامته اهم، و ذوقه مع الناس اللي حوله اكثر اهمية، بهالدنيا احنا زوار اشتسوى علينا لو حرضنا غيرنا على كرهنا بسبب تصرفات غير لائقة و غير مسئولة؟ و احترام الدور من احترام الانسان لنفسه و للاشخاص اللي معاه بالشارع 

Friday, 4 June 2010

155 : Cinescape

Hate the movie butchering but I can't stop going to the movies :) they are one of the best activities I can do in my weekend. However, I was shocked that I did not want to move an inch outside the house! Since yesterday. I needed more time for my self at home. Tomorrow back to the gym after a week off, been away from my daily routine due to my overloaded schedule.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

154 : غريّبة

ماكنت احب الغريّبة لانها اتفتفت و اتدمر، كنت احسها حلو دلوع! لازم تاكله بطريقة معينه علشان لا تعفس روحك! بس مع الوقت تصالحت معاها و بديت احبها، اللي خلاني اسرح بكل لقمه اليوم اهو "ليش غريّبة؟" شنو هالاسم! و ليش تسمت فيه؟

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

كل ما اقفيت .. بدر بن عبد المحسن

كل ما اقفيت

كل ماقفيت ناداني تعال
وكل ماقبلت عزم بالرحيل

كل أنا أجنبت واعدني شمال
ياهل الود ضيعت الدليل

الحقيقة غدت مثل الخيال
هو عدوي وهو أغلي خليل

شفت أنا الظلم في بعض الدلال
يجرح القلب لو كانه جميل

أشهد أن الهوى مابه عدال
هو خلي وأنا قلبي عليل

كل ماقلتله يابن الحلال
المحبة ...عطى وإنت بخيل

التفت يمي وهوعجل وقال
لذة الحب في الشي القليل

153 : Ice cream

This is how my sunday looked like after less than a 5 minute drive from McDonalds to home! On the way home after work I felt the urge to have some ice cream, I needed something cold, so went to the drive thru and took a sunday, the weird thing is that the workers over there kept asking me to confirm weather I only ordered one item.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

152 : Smart water, really?

This is one of the pictures I tweeted today, got a little crazy about twitpic lol. So my question was, is there stupid water? I know, lame! BUT what I know that is not lame is their MODELS, Smart water by Glasceau choose them smartly!

Tom Brady

Jennifer Aniston