Monday, 22 April 2013

You are more beautiful than you think

This video really moved me, how often do we see our selves, exactly how we really "are"? Its not only the issue of low self-esteem, its how fair are we towards our selves. Between neglecting yourself and filling it with ego, you move from one flaw to another, as human beings we are bound to be flaw-full, yet where do we draw the line?

The real question is how can we see our "real" selves? The mirror, the real one, the opinion of others. What this video exposed is how fairly the other can view us, especially strangers, those who are unprejudiced by knowing us. In other words, its not so bad to ask the opinion of others or see what they think of you, your actions or looks. Also, being criticized is not the end of the world :}

Sunday, 7 April 2013

From here and there

Ok ladies, see his face, see the pores in his skin? wrinkles? hair? (ok lets skip hair he's a guy) NONETHELESS, he's not perfect although the picture I am sure is well Photoshopped and he probably has makeup on, yet he is considered good looking. I am not against makeup nor looking well, but I'm against the long roads some women might cross to look picture perfect, to be like a model more than her self. Be pretty in your own skin, your own looks not "that actress's nose" or "that model's figure".

الصف الثاني

مدير يشهد له الكثير بالذكاء ، نموذج مبهر للرجل المكافح ، يفهم بكل شي حوله ، بالنقاش تحارب علشان لا يصيد عليك ممسك او يسألك و تقول "ما ادري" لكن ما اعد الصف الثاني! غالبية اللي تحت اشرافه من نوع "اللي تامر فيه" شخصيات تتبع ما تقود ولا عندها اقل الاستعداد للقيادة، و بالنادر تلقى اللي يفهم و يبحث علشان يفهم، يتفرد بالفهامية ولا يربي اللي يحتك معاهم على البحث و الفهم،، و خلال تفكيري بكل اللي حوله، و مع انتهاء الحديث اللي اسهب بالمديح على عقليته قررت انه غير ناجح

النجاح مو انك توصل للقمة، ولا حتى الاستمرار فيها، النجاح انك تعلم الناس يوصلون مواصيلك و يتفوقون عليها، شي مشابه لفكرة الطالب اللي تفوق على المدرس، اعتقد بهالحالة المدرس نجح بالتعليم مو فقط تدريس المادة العلمية ، صح مو كل الطلبة مبهرين بس الشطارة على اللي يفطن وينهم و ينميهم 

Was watching "Avatar" the other day and as the father was about to die he gave his daughter his bow and said ".. protect the people". Which brings out the real meaning of being a head of a country / tribe / nation , you do not only rule the country you protect the people. The land is precious and the people in it too.

شنو ناقصك مقابل شنو عندك، معادلة حلوة لو قدرت اللي عندك اكثر من اللي ناقصك، و هم حلو انك تسعى للافضل و للي يريحك بس مو لدرجة عدم تقدير الزين حولك لو كان قليل. بداية الدرب، شنو يخليك تبتسم بدون لا تبذل مجهود؟

Latest addiction "Fly me to the moon" by Julie London, I do love the Sinatra version BUT her voice is simply soothing :}

Think tank

I do not like reviews by request and usually turn them down, this one is a bit different since I gave a warning that it will be an honest one :} and they accepted!

Think tank is a new training center, their specialty is in the iWorld, every thing mac. Of course I will skip the cliche-introduction its there in their FB or IG or Twitter account, what I will focus on is what I really saw there. First of all skip the back filled with paper cartons elevator, make sure you ask them for the nice ones when you visit them, now the place it self is new and very roomy (I like new places :} very neat), and they are education oriented, which is why I wrote this post. First they said they offer free training classes for your iDevice, be it a phone or computer, then the paid courses which range from getting to know coding to Adobe products, the links above have a lot of information in that area.

The enthusiasm in the people there to "educate" is overwhelming, its been a while since I saw young Kuwaitis who want to educate, a small business that is not interested in the usual food-clothes related consumption products. Yes, I can not say my evaluation for the final product "how good is their training is" but I can say that I am proud of think tank and would love to take a course with them, the most attracting issue they dropped in as they spoke about their project is "we don't want to only give the tools and teach you about a program, or finish a curriculum, that you can find in youtube or any other training center, we want to encourage creativity and engage students to accomplish something".

So if you are interested in iEducation or coding, Adobe products, check them out :}