Wednesday, 24 October 2007

To LiL ALieN


عبالك بتحرني

لا و عندي الاخضر

اشرايك؟ بما اني احب الازرق اكثر من الاخضر خلنا انتبادل ،، اللي عندي عمره اسبوع من البراك أوووووووووول ما نزل

نعم هو الجهاز المطلوب

نعم هي يدي

لا الجهاز مو لي لاختي :> للامانه الادبية و الصورية! لا اكثر ولا اقل قلت هالمعلومة ولا كنت احب احبط مأربك الاحترارية :> لوول ،، عليك بالعافية

Monday, 22 October 2007

In a glance, life became so small so fragile

I could not bare what I saw, yet I had to act, I have the license to help

I did not realize it, for some reason you think that because you live in a family of healthy people you will not see a seizure.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Dubai One ,, tonight 12 am

Dubai One TV will show the movie "Vicent & theo" which will not be a full biography about the artist however its a movie I must see, Van Gogh is not an artist I knew about for long ,, about 7 years ago my interest in art & artists grew he came into the picture 2-3 years ago, and the key to me loving his work was "Starry Night" an amazing painting that made me admire him & look up information about the Artist & had lead me in late 2006 early 2007 not sure when! to buy a diary dedicated to him & his work that I carry with me all day long, along with an other diary for Dali which I will take a whole other post to write about, he is too one of my top listed artists.

This video is for a song done by Don McLean who wrote & sang it as a tribute to the Dutch Artist Vincent Van Gogh.. One day I hope to visit his museum : }

Now in that slide show a lot of his paintings are there and what I like about Van Gogh's work, his simplicity & you can see clearly in most of his work that he does not reflect a perfectly well painted image of life, he does not get the lines really exact & fine in drawing different thing like flowers, houses, people's faces, they are not symmetrical as most art work that generally people like, because of that I like his work & feel that its very true & close to the heart. His work's imperfection is very natural & the key to my admiration :}

The sad thing is that he had a sad life ,, and his art was not well appreciated in his life but after his death. It is sad that people do not realize that time does not go backwards, if you find something you like in life appreciate it the moment you see it, not after its gone!

Links that I will go through "meaning not just shuffle but read all the contents in all pages" when I have enough time & will talk about the Artist more:

1- Van Gogh Gallery
2- the Wiki page, Vincent Van Gogh
3- An other Van Gogh Gallery except this one is "endorsed by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam"
4- A page for Van Gogh in web museum,, which is logothe public's library and digital archive. A site I truly enjoyed.
5- Artchive dot com has a page for Van Gogh with some nice resources ,, cool site didn't go through it all but is worth reading it all up if you are interested in art.
6- The Vincent Van Gogh Museum, the most important link of all, his work's home, not all but the biggest collection of it is there.

All of that information about a single artist is just amazing! and if it wasn't for the INTERNET I wouldn't have known so much!! I love the internet :D & books...

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

From here and there

Woke up misunderstood, not a nice feeling.

Today, I will skip the Arabic line.

Allergy hit home, for some reason I thought that I wouldn't be allergic to the weather,,, ever.

For some reason people think that swearing is ok in English but not in Arabic, its not any less of a bad language you just hear it more often in the media as an expression of anger, so I advice the people who use swearing in English as an escape from Arabic, try translating it before you take it out of your mouth.

I'm getting bored of facebook, What made it fun is all the applications in it, the movie one (flixter?) and the Tetris game are my favorite.

Friday, 12 October 2007

عيدكم مبارك

كل عام و انتو بخير

عساكم تعودون العيد كل سنه على خير يا رب

و عسى كويتنا دوم بخير


Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Pat & Stanley

It all started late 2004 when some one sent me this video

At the time I did not know where to start my search & for some reason got busy & didn't do it, today while I was searching something in youtube I found a video for the cute Hippo & Dog with their names! Finally I got a piece of the thread :D

For some reason I did not think they were French! Through the search I found out that who made the video is a French guy named Pierre Coffin, This is his new site, Click on movies from the side bar on the left & you will be up for a lot of fun, this guy is TALENTED mashallah, great work, funny & I didn't think he was French, due to the latest 3D Animated productions being from the USA & the movie industry is huge there! However Pierre Coffin flipped the table & proved him self "in my opinion" as a great artist! I don't know more information about him but he made me laugh for more than a year on the cute Hippo & Dog ,, Pat & Stanely now :D

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Paula Lima .. Só tinha de ser com você

It all started at the beauty saloon this Saturday, when I heard an amazing ring tone in a woman's mobile. I'm usually a very shy person but I liked the song so much that I asked her about it & I dared to ask her to send it to me if she can, which is not a very hard thing to do but for me I had to be brave :}

She had no idea about the song, its a new mobile I just used it "she said" The persistent me asked to have the name of the song & I did get it from her, she was so sweet to come to me and let me see the name of the song. There the search began for the song entitled com você which literally means "with you" in Portuguese, I immediately found the video in youtube, link in the title of this post, the singer is Paula Lima a Brazilian. Her voice is amazing, the genre of the music is very close to me as I am a chillout/ Lounge lover too. Still I did not get the mp3 file and might consider to get her CDs somehow at a point of time! When am a little free.

Janet Monheit, an American artist who sang the same song too, her voice/ performance is nice too but did not capture me like Paula Lima's.

On the other hand, I am looking up photoshop tutorials at the moment in youtube, youtube is becoming a daily visited site along with google & wikipedia.