Monday, 30 March 2009

World Autism Awareness Day: 2nd of April

Even info as listed in Facebook:

Thursday, April 2, 2009
10:00am - 5:00pm
Avenues Mall

Children from the Kuwait Center of Autism together with Volunteers from LOYAK will be in the Avenues mall- Kuwait; distributing brochours in the cause of spreading the awareness of Autism in the community..

Spread the word and knowledge, educate your self while being in the place where you can't miss anyone in Kuwait, you see every one you miss and don't :) the Avenues this Thursday.

I am very happy to know that the Kuwait Center of Autism is spreading the word along with LOYAK, Autism is not very common but its out there!

"Autism is a brain development disorder characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. These signs all begin before a child is three years old. The autism spectrum disorders (ASD) also include related conditions such as Asperger syndrome that have milder signs and symptoms." [wiki]

More info at the World Autism Awareness Day website.

Saturday, 28 March 2009


From the Wiki "A collision is an isolated event in which two or more bodies (colliding bodies) exert relatively strong forces on each other for a relatively short time."

When the collision of mind, soul and heart occurs, a lot is anticipated, the worse is crashing or separating, the best is merging of objects. Depending on the wished outcome the best might come worse and VS. Also, new is introduced, can be a plus or a minus.

So this post goes out to the day of verbal interpretation of collision and two great blossoms, cherry and peach tree blossoms. How is all this related,,,, beats me :D

Sunday, 22 March 2009

From here and there

Politically I have a lot to say, yet prefer to be quiet and observe in the meantime, but eventually something must be said to end this game!

أمثلة للأسئلة العبيطة
سؤال.١: لما تكون بعز النوم و يجي احد يقعدك و يسألك .. انت نايم؟

It is painful to discover the bad in some people, see the dark side in their personalities, baring in mind that no body is perfect! still I can not cope with how envy can destroy a person, I pity who gets eaten by envy.

سؤال.٢: لما يتصل احد بتلفون ثابت "البيت - المكتب" و يسأل .. انت وين؟

Did I mention how much I love the work of LeRoy Neiman ?

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

كَـمَـا تَـكُـونُـوا يُـولَّـى عَـلَـيْـكُـم

و استقالت الحكومة :)

ما يحصل لم يكن وليد يوم و ليلة التأزيم و التوتر السياسي في الكويت وصل لمرحلة شديدة من السخف، و اقصد بالسخف هنا من باب الاستخفاف بالعقول و غياب المواقف الرزينة من شعب و نواب و حكومة! حالة لا تطاق من عدم الوعي، و الاصوات العاقلة اصبحت اندر من تلك المشغولة باختلاق المشاكل و اكل القطعة الاكبر من الكويت، حالة الملل من التأزيم السياسي مدروسة و ان لم نكن كشعب نعي ما يحصل حولنا و نفهم كل المؤشرات التي نراها حتى اليوم و لم نشعر بوجود خطر يحاصر الكويت فنحن لا نعي ما هي الكويت ولا تعنينا كما ندعي

الصدع كبير، بالوعي نتغلب على التأزيم الغير مبرر، كن كويتي من اجل الكويت و فكر بالكل و ليس نفسك او البعض، لعل تعدي القانون بدرجات بسيطة مثل تجاوز السرعة القانونية بالشارع او تخطي الدور في مكان يسهل على الكثيرين، ولو توقف شخص ليفكر باحترام نفسه و الغير لاتضح له ان حب الكويت لا يمت للتوجهات التي تتلحف بستار الدين او العلمانية او الليبرالية بصلة! كل ما نحتاجه ان نصبح بشر! نحترم الآخرين ولا نقبل عليهم ما لا نقبله لانفسنا، ان تلملك رأيا حر و توجه واضح هو موضوع و آن تحاول تملّك رأي الغير موضوع آخر و خبيث، استغلال كافة الاساليب والمعتقدات الموجوده امر وارد في التكتلات السياسية و منهم من يملك القناعة و الشفافية بهذا الاستغلال و منهم من يخفي وجه قبيح و مقيت، فهل يميز الكويتي بينهم؟ لن نصلح الفساد الذي ينخر بجسد الكويت ان لم نصلح انفسنا

مسلسل التأزيم لن ينتهي و ان جاءت حكومة من المريخ، لان "الخمال منا و فينا"، بالوقت الحالي لا نحتاج تكتلات، لا لحى ولا بدلات، نحتاج مواطنين! كويتيين! ليولوا عليهم مثلما هم

حالة التدهور السياسي الحالية افضل وقت ليقف الكويتي مع نفسه و يفكر بعيدا عن وثيقة الجنسية التي تختم بكل مشاركة لنا في الانتخابات، هل تصنف نفسك ككويتي؟ و هل خفت الله بالكويت قبل لا ترشح؟

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pixar's - UP

[picture from Disney Pixar facebook page]

Up is supposed to be release May, 29th this year. From the trailer it looks funny and pretty cute "i love the cheeky kid! lol", I like the idea of the movie but feel like it wont come up to my expectations "story wise" but Pixar is a winner with me :D and I can't wait to see this one.

Monday, 9 March 2009

A rant

Old and new comers, people who pass in your life, very few leave a mark, but who does, engraves his finger print in your memory. A lot of people came in and out, some left their character, others their visual print. An encounter with a vivid mad memory left me mesmerized at how can you store your life inside mass madness! and how tiny this world is and how easy it is to find who is among us worshiping God. I think I found a finger print, that left me breathless. meanwhile the smile stuck in the corners of memory tells me that its a good one of all the bitterness, mysteriousness surrounding it.

Tulips will remain as my best and most beloved flowers, the blue however "seen above" is tampered with :) its not naturally like this, the combination of what I love, creativity with colors and blue gave birth to this rant.

I won a BMW X6 !!!!!

According to an e-mail i just received!

"You have won a BMW X6 CONCEPT CAR 2009 and £750,000.00GBP contact Barr
Freeman Sandler, BMW Agent.

Email: ************* with RefNo:BMW:6678BMW45/09,
Name, Country, Age and Phone no."

LOL! Now who would fall for that?
Not only an X6, a concept one too? and cash with it LOL, it cracked me up.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

From here and there

Went to Slumdog Millionaire, a great movie definitely worth seeing, will review it in full later one.

يومي كان طويل و المشاوير قاعدة تاخذ مني طاقة ذهنية بس علشان انظمها و اخطط شنو قبل شنو

Napket, cool place I likey very much but its a little over priced?! I still love the atmosphere and the table out in the terrace or balcony thing the one right in the middle corner with the low fence, did any one get it? :p

باجر >> جمعية الخريجين
الساعة ٧
بمناسبة ذكرى وفاة الدكتور آحمد الربعي الله يرحمه

"في الذكرى الأولى لوفاة الدكتور/ أحمد الربعي، تتشرف جمعية الخريجين بدعوتكم لحضور فيلم وثائقي عن الفقيد تحت عنوان "وداعاً أحمد" في الساعة السابعه مساءاً يوم الموافق 8 مارس 2009 في مقر جمعية الخريجين في منطقة بنيد القار"

I had a good time at the bloggers meeting :) hoping to meet female bloggers in the future

Thursday, 5 March 2009


After my many trials to lose weight by personal food control and trying to watch what I eat, I failed to lose the excess weight I had put on, So I went to a dietitian to organize my messy eating habits & schedule too :> I can not deny my love for food but know very well that I should control it. So far a month and almost 2 weeks passed I lost a good chunk of fat. The target weight is supposed to be achieved by April, I'm still highly motivated but refuse to go along with the Dr's wish to lose the weight quickly, the rate of 1-2KG/week is the max I wish to hit, I don't want to lose and gain weight quickly!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Living Glass - Italy

Picture from [the cool hunter]
p.s: this is not in Kuwait :D

One of my favorite cafes in Kuwait, Waterlemon, with the lovely tables "filled with colored water" that I enjoy playing with :> I took the Livingglass URL of a table! found the lovely B.Lab with amazing floors and tables, very creative jumping from liquid underneath glass to shattered glass....

"B.lab is a multicultural, multidiscipline design laboratory which researches, develops and manufactures alternative architectural materials. Blab designs are driven by the desire to break the ordinary static aspect of our furnished environments."

Creativity is sweet :)

p.s: Thecoolhunter is a GREAT website! where creativity breeds and gets spread well, highly recommended as a regular net-stop. I think I found there my dream home :}