Monday, 29 September 2008

Happy Eid

عيدكم مبارك

مع قديم مادم٢٠٠٠ الجديد اهو مو عيد الاضحى بس احب هالكاريكاتير
Published in 2001

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Spring 2009 - RTW (1)

Spring fashion is up, shows are all over New York, London, Milan and Paris, the following are my picks from them, I will publish a series to cover this season today is the 1st....

3.1 Phillip Lim

liked the golden lining

Matching jacket and dress collar! elegant


Chic :)

Retro, elegant

Bling Bling with a twist



Colors very summery ,, nice shoulder



I loved the colors, and especially liked the Sara Jessica Parker "like" style in shoes, where contrast in what is worn and the shoe makes all the difference. She might not be a pioneer in this but she made her mark in this period of time

Simple casual

Loved the color mix and simplicity

Will long jackets make it?
Personally I liked it

LOVE the colors!

Same as above :)


Adidas by Stella
McCartney for who is interested

Alberta Ferretti

Now Alberta "her picture below in the end of the suits i picked to post over here" did a wonderful job in this collection, very creative and elegant, Alberta was amazing!

Simple chic big golden bangles would make wonders on this outfit

Amazing outfit, but the skirt is not much of a favorite to me, me no likey it, but all whats in there other than it is very nice

AMAZING, I might want to change the jacket design but all in all the suit is veeeeeerry simple, hip and KASH5AAAAA

For bold fashionistas, this is an it suit

Simple, elegant

Retro, amazing on skinny gals

I loved the top colors more than its cut!

Lovely :)

I think the belt is a piece of art

Again for a bold "skinny" fashionista :) a lot will be exposed


ELEGANT, I love this one, black & white never fade away

Simple but an elegant skirt

1 in action :) ,, the foot wear is very creative with an elegant design and colors!
I liked the red jacket :>

a retro 20's influenced great outfit

gotta love black


I adore this color combination!

Alberta! the one who did wonders in her ready to wear 2009 Spring collection


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

GulfRun - The Blog

When I visited Safat today I found a lot of interesting posts/ blogs, the top one was the GulfRun blog, I loved it, it served my hunger to know more about this event, what's going on, the cars "hopefully in the up coming days".

What I knew about this event two years back was very little, and just discovered this is their 4th "so I missed out on one" from their website and blogs scattered here and there what I knew was hints not really a big coverage, now with this blog Im hanging up a lot of hopes. Thank you Khaled, keep it up and I will be a good follower for sure :>

Monday, 22 September 2008

Bidoun Canvas - movement!

I have been fond of Canvas for a while now, found it in random places through Kuwait and in Dubai, I found the guide before the magazine, both are issued by the same publisher/ company but vary in content. Canvas is available in many places throughout Kuwait. Canvas for me meant a revolution in attention for art in the middle east and a hope for a more art-aware society in the middle east, it highlights artists and events. UAE has the biggest chunk of the events and I hope we can get to their level, art is a part of a nation's culture.

Bidoun, that I found by coincidence! is yet an other art magazine with a weird name and a more philosophic dimension to the name. I know there might be others out there that I don't know about, but I liked to shed the light on my two next reads :)

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Picture Talk

cool service, useful small brochure, I would prefer a mall guide not only dar alawadhi brochure! but I guess its their initiative! I only kept the key numbers and museums

I LOVE this place, went to it two times in a row I loved the interior and the over all design + the view,,, views :D

Its a first for me to take a shuttle my excuse is that I was sick and the walk from Tunisia to China seemed too exhausting!

Although I did like Dubai, but it was too crowded for me :)

A must, missed out on two things to do there, didn't go skiing "went with the wrong people :p" and I did not like its design too un-organized for my taste, but the + is that I went to borders :D

Monday, 15 September 2008

what's up?

١- ارشيف ايدب لشهر سبتمبر، لمن يريد تحسين عربيته، زي حلاتي. و المدونة بشكل عام بغنى عن مدحي لكنها جميلة و تنوع المواضيع فيها + يجسد المدون ايدب مقولة : خير الكلام ما قل و دل، كثيراً و هم من أهم اسباب عودتي لتلك المدونة بإستمرار

٢- المصفاة الرابعة و الهوس حولها، السالفة بإختصار انها شي الكويت بأمس الحاجه له لكن كالعادة! يقوم صراع منو ياخذ اكبر قطعة من هالكيكة؟ و البلبلة الاعلامية الغير منظمة تشابه الأصوات في الشارع اللي يكون في الافلام المصرية "مع رنة الهرن اللي ماكو غيرها بافلام ال٨٠ و بداية ال٩٠" اهي مابين خوف على المصلحة العامة و مابين منو بياكل شكثر، الضايعين احنا كشعب بوسط التأكيد و التنديد و هذا قال و ذاك قالو و نبي ديوان المحاسبة يصير قاضي!؟

اللي اعرفه، ربع تعاونوا ما ذلوا، و ما اشوف اي تعاون بين الاعضاء الموقرين بمجلس "أمتنا" التي انعكس اهتمامها بالكويت على نوابها و تصرفاتهم، التغيير لازم احنا نبلش فيه، بانفسنا

٣- أمن الدولة: ما ودي الا اني اقول لمن خان الأمانه! ليش؟ انت أهلك ما ربوك ولا انت ما فاد فيك تربيتهم؟ كل هذا علشان الفلوس؟ اخيه يا رخصك

4- Struggling with pain that I realize that it will fade away in a few days! Still its not nice

5- Crafts, say hello to my cloud :D

اختي مسميتها الغيمة العيمية :> و انا اسميها غيمتي لانها غيمتي

6- Limitation: I found out that in Ramadan my mood is pretty much the same BUT I have a limited number of words and mental activity, anything beyond that limit makes no sense and I truly wish that the people around me would go inside my brain and understand what I'm saying without making me do the effort of thinking then talking.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Love in the Time of Cholera

How long would you wait for love?

Javier Bardem played the role of the lover Florentino Ariza, who in his youth laid eyes on Fermina and fell in love with her instantly, and kept on loving her for 52 years. I really shed tears when the movie came to its end, I enjoyed every bit of it, Javier was amazing! He performed Florentino perfectly. I still have the gap of how Fermina backed up on him, what made her think so little of a great feeling, of the first love!? I thought she would fight for him.

thoughts I hade right after finishing it:

+ Love has no age, its timeless, it is us who bare it in our loins or abandon it, the few faithful to love do exist, in this movie they did.

+ I recalled a phrase I once read in an e-mail where a father advices his son to marry the one he can talk to, because with time as they get older, it will be the only activity they will do and enjoy.

+ You don't have to be perfect to be loved, you just have to be loved by who wants you with all the flaws in you and beleives you are perfect in his/ her eyes.

+ Age is the number reflecting how many years we lived in this world, not by any way reflecting how old we are, nor how old our hearts are.

A quote from Florentino Ariza: Please allow me to wipe the slate clean. Age has no reality except in the physical world. The essence of a human being is resistant to the passage of time. Our inner lives are eternal, which is to say that our spirits remain as youthful and vigorous as when we were in full bloom

I simply loved the movie! definetly added to my favorite movies list!!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

From here and there

Death is ageless, nothing new about this but as I get older and see people around me leave this life I realize more and more how death is close to us, its not fear what I feel anymore! its more like the acceptance of death. I can not say I accept it with a smile, but I can live with it, learn from it but I do not fear it anymore. It's the after math that is a bit scary.
الله يرحم و يغفر لجميع الموتى

ببلوق فيونكات ماستر كتبت من فتره عن هالفازه المكسوره، لقيت هالاعلان بمجلة الاسطورة عدد يوليو ٢٠٠٨ و ينباعون في
شركة الركن الفضي
شارع حمد المبارك
عمارة الحمرا
تلفون : ٥٧٣٦٢٠٩
مادري عاد نفس الماركة ولا غير

Click picture to enlarge:

M.D Sihab
ولا عزاء للأطباء
و المشكله ما لقوا مكان احسن من الزبالة "و انتوا بكرامه" يخلونها مرتع لدعاياتهم؟ و فوق جذيه الزبالة وصخه ابي افهم شلون الستكر لزق عليها؟ و السؤال الاهم ليش محد يخالفهم؟ لان الموضوع سهل الرقم موجود، بس يمكن ينكرون مسئولية لزق الدعايه على الزبالة!؟
و شلون يرضون ان اعلاناتهم تكون على زبالة هذي معقدتني!؟

2008 advised me to NEVER be the third party in any personal/ professional issue :)

have a good day all..

Monday, 1 September 2008

Where am I ?

From here and there

A load that I did not expect came out at work, leave planning gone a little offshore

الأولى عجبتني من العجيري بس هذي مادري شنو احس تجاهها! مو مشكلتي بواقعيتها بالعكس احسها بالصميم لكن هل هي القاعدة ام تعبر عن الحالات الشاذة في تلك القاعدة؟

I'm addicted to Fyonkat blog! And this Etsy site is an other gem they indulged my day with :)

مراسلنا القبساوي عاد من جديد! شكرا بو مريوم ما خيبت ظني و عطيت التشريب مساحة من المقالة مثل ما خذاها من معدتي اليوم

Along with the mess around me I took out "Future Chill" Cassette which I got back when I had a car with no CD player. That was my gate to chillout music and the amusement that it gave me reflected on my blog title and music taste :) and all the thanks goes to my cousin with big brains and a bigger heart.