Monday, 29 November 2004


I think I have a fever, & no its not because of the diet coz I simply didn't start it yet am just eating less & walking, the regular 3 meals but less. I guess its the weather change I know someone will kill me for that statement :}.

Saturday, 27 November 2004

A few notes!

  • Today is day 1 in my diet.
  • Will not rush into a strict diet YET, I will let my body & mind accept less food in the next two weeks.
  • Will add an hour to walk daily.
  • Jogging will start gradually as the distance I will walk/jog every day will increase.
  • The weather these days tempted me to walk out side, then when it gets hot or more crowded where am walking in I will go indoors.
  • The health club is after that, since currently the aim is to get the blood circulating, lose weight more than tone & shape the body.
  • Tomorrow will be the first day to go walking.

Wish me luck :}

Thursday, 25 November 2004

Poor Men

Today I have been out most of the day .. Shopped in the morning & had lunch out, right when I came back home mother had some urgent business & needed me to take her out, so am out AGAIN @@. The part where the men seemed to be poor & I felt for them is when I dropped mother at a shop she needed "the urgent stuff from 3la golat'ha" & since it was a busy area there was no close by parking so I told her I will wait for her in the car, stopped by the Yellow+Black pavement for an HOUR :} where the police man which was very nice for not giving me a ticket just spoke to me asked me to move the car for 4 times "this is when he is nice again for not giving me a ticket since I came back over & over" & each time I move but get back to a spot either before or after my previous one ( I had to be in the same area). Mother called me saying why don't you come down since it will take long, I refused & prefered to talk to D'n'G...

  • Spoke to D
  • changed the parking 4 times
  • mobile bat. died on me
  • ate some chewy candy

STILL mother didnt finish her QUICK, URGENT business @@

So at that moument I thought of men who nag about taking us women shopping, I DON'T BLAME THEM :}, unless the person enjoys going shopping with a women in the same time then it can be KILLING to them.

Tuesday, 23 November 2004

Is your volume odd? Or even?

Today after work when am driving home I noticed an odd thing in me,, ironically this "odd" thing has to do with "even" numbers!!

Since I was a child I liked even numbers & my favorite is "2", the reason for that is I used to imagine numbers as dots in space so I can add & subtract them, in that space the dots had to be organized since I like that alot & makes it easy to calculate, the even numbers were pretty nice because each dot has its companion & well organized in two lines.
. .
. .

This is the 4 :} in my mental space!

Mean while odd numbers had to have "one dot" alone! I used to feel that this "one dot" as untied, also felt sorry for the poor lonely dot! Because its all alone.
See there is a lonely dot in 3!! As it is with all odd numbers.

So that logic is what I think made the passion for the even numbers grow in me, but wait :} the post isn’t about that only; I mean if I like even numbers then what is the odd thing I noticed while driving? @@ . The odd thing is that I was hearing a song I like & turned up the volume without looking at which number the volume was at but I raised it till it sounded good then "the thing I noticed that I always DO" I looked & saw the volume at

So I turned it higher by 1 so it gets to 20,,, that moment I realized that I NEVER let the volume level go to an odd number! I have to make it an even number, lower the volume or make it higher I always want it to be an even number.

P.S: the screen is dirty due to the wonderful weather we had at noon!

Sunday, 21 November 2004

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

Well if ur up to date with my blog lately you probably will guess which blog will I talk about :D yes its none other THAAAAN :

Desperately Wandering By the one & only @@ >> Misguided <<

So in THIS previous post you will know a lot about this blog, but I had to write about it again to give it its fair of appreciation :} Soothere I found :

something that really made me laugh VERY FUNNY, this guy has a good sense of humor,, if you after reading the post want to see it :} take this link & open it with Quick Time.

A book is always there & boy he did make me want this book sooo much, but still I didn't get it as I planned to pay some book stores a visit but this weekend but couldn't,, maybe & hopfully I will find the book in stores here if not then Amazon it is "as the blog owner advised" ,, look through the archives you will see that reading is one of this blogger's interests

Quotes & videos are the most interesting part I think, because of the wide variety they come in. In this blog "Desperately Wandering" a combination of visual & readable entertainment, that doesn't deny that there are wise pauses "if I may say" in this life.

Radio Kuwait 103.7 FM is there @@ can u believe this guy, Mashallah his blog is sooo much fun to me :} there is a lot to check out, read, see (democratic guy he even lets you send a request ;p) & even hear!

So much to say but I really don't want to spoil it more although all of the links I posted combined are just a simple taste of what you can find there :},, I hope you like the blog as much as I do & I have it in my daily visited blogs too :}.. Last but not least Cheers to

Sunday @ work

Today they finally gave us some work :D I was so thrilled & happy that I made two Excel documents (one with 10 sheets the other with only 2,, but they had illustrative tables not full with data) & a PPT presentation in 45 minutes ( i know @@ that is not fast but hey! i havent been working for a LONG while now) to illustrate two ways of doing the assigned work , so I made an example & explained both methods inorder to make out point clear to the new manager which was surprised that I made a slide show & illustrated every thing we wanted right after the meeting & she wants me to work the way that me & my colleagues decided its the best & explain it to the manager when she gets back from her 3 days off (to attend a funeral may their lost one RIP) & I already have a lot of ideas to include to the lets say "improvised" presentation. What am happy about more than being assigned to wrork is finally having a chance with that new manager which likes new blood in the place "not in an aggressive way I meant new souls hmm that can lead to the same aggressive hint , that is if u have an aggressive mind" ANY how I hope this works out. Although that doesn't mean that I will stop applying to other places :} I don't see my self in my work YET.

I loved the cold weather in the morning :} it was 15 deg. cel. In the car when I got into it I really smiled from the heart when I looked up to the sky & saw it, it was so amazing & beautiful, the most thing I love about the cold weather is when u get a red nose also when u talk & u get some white smoke like breath out of ur mouth :D I still do that for fun when it gets cold here.

The rain yesterday was very nice & shy abit :} but I managed to stand under it although I was DEAD tired when I got home after a long day & less than 2 hours of sleep. So yesterday I slept like a baby at hmm around 11, which is again because of the fact that I wanted to sleep at 9 but that brain of mine couldn't stop thinking @@.

Saturday, 20 November 2004

SleepLESS @@

I woke up Friday at 1 pm, had an ok day... But I can't sleep!! Its 4 am & I have to wake up for work at 6 am! So I can be there before 7:30 am. Also tomorrow after work around 5 pm I am meeting an Indian friend who wants to show me some Indian clothes that she wants to sell & needs my help with it, am not sure yet but I think father is coming along since I don't know where their house is I never went there they usually visit, they are originally friends of dad in a business, if not then am alone there.

I guess I liked the week long vacation so much that I can't accept that tomorrow am going back to work especially that I hate my work because I basically don't work :D add to that that my friend just sms'ed me to ask me to take a medical paper for her because she has a flu along with her 1.5 yr old son I hope they both get well soon. After I replied her she got a little worried that I wont make it to work tomorrow :p since I am a sleep-o-holic.

Saw "spirited away" nice animated movie, I like what I saw of it (missed the 1st 45 minutes) ! Hoping to see the whole thing if they have it on later. I loved how cute the characters are also in the same time the animators created scary monsters & as usual in an anime the blood is realistic & a lot. How brave that little child is :} because sometimes you fear something but you know no one will do it but you, so you do it just throw all your fears behind you & after you finish you can ache & scream as much as you want :} a lot of you(s) haa.

I think am gona try to rest before I take my shower & go to work.. Hope you all have a nice day :}.. & people please ,,

{: S M I L E :}

Thursday, 18 November 2004

Thursday night @ home :}

  • Deep Purple (393) from RIMMEL (Lycra Wear) is my color, 10 nails got it & the other 10 will while wating for X-men part 2 on TMC+2.

Way Cool Site :}

Ok lets go step by step :D

this is the MOTHER site, it gets divided into a games site called ORISINAL & the other site The Second Vision containing "Personal information + portfolio of the artist."

about the ORISINAL I would like to review a few nice things with u guys ..

It has cool simple flash games that depend on the mouse mainly :} & the characters are so amazingly cute :D I love them, I think the artist did a great work with them. How ever down in the page along with the miscellaneous you will find ALOT of interesting things I will only talk about 2 of them the rest is for you to find out more about them:

  • TRAILER where it shows u some of the games done by this amazing artist.
  • FLOWERS, just listen to the peacefully music in the background & view some samples & u will get what I mean by amazing artist, also here I thank the person who let me be in the flowers mood again :}. Go there & send a flower to any one u like it will hopefully draw a smile.

Now as for the ferryhalim second vision page, there u can read about the artist, his portfolio, sign his guest book & contact him. Click on each link he has done REALLY cool flash work with it :D each one has a different way of presenting the contents of the link :} even the way u browse the guest book is way cool I really love this site & this guy's work.

Great graphics

Great Flash presentation & usage

Creative & yet simple design

Inspiring sound effects

I give this site (as an amusing one) 10/10 ,,, I like it a lot

Hope you like it too, Have fun

Wednesday, 17 November 2004

Blah Blah Blah

  • As the days go by, every one is encouraging me (including me) to revenge "HER" I will do it am sure but I know deep inside this is not me, however "SHE" needs some discipline.

  • although I hated driving in the last few days of Ramadan, with the nice weather we have now am tempted to go out DAILY.

  • Some times right out of no where, a new person that you thought was ordinary turns into a turning point in ur life.

  • By the end of next week am starting a diet & going to a health club, I know am the way I am now because of a bad habit I have: taking it out on food!. For the sake of my health & wanting to look good :} I wont any more.

  • Friends is on paramount now :}

  • Have a nice weekend people.

P.S: sorry for the delay in publishing this post.

Tuesday, 16 November 2004

Lazy me @@

Today am extremlly lazy I just want to sleep! (wrote this @ 5 pm)

Dharma & Greg is my fav. comedy show I love how spontanious Dharma is & how weird is her name :} oO how cute Greg is, I love how she takes him out of his shell & just be simple, not to mention how hillarious is their fammilies & how such a marriage can join hippies with rich classy people. Saw a pretty nice eppisode today :D.

Now its 6 am, cousens called they r going out @@ so am joining them & taking the lazy-ness of my system :}.

Monday, 15 November 2004

Monday, 3rd day of EID

Except for the 1st day the rest was quiet in this year's Eid. Today we are going out, although I HATE to go to public places in the eid but I have to!. Movies with the family will be very fun since its a really big group :} & its an animated movie we are going to see "Shark tale" unfortunately am the one who will get the tickets. Then in the early evening time I will see my friend, we hope this meeting can happen because the last 3 appointments we made somehow were ruined, u know each time something happens @@. It will be a long day I guess but hopefully fun, coz its been long since I went out to have fun. Have a nice day every one, don't waste it at home the weather is amazing at least go sit outside ur house ;p or go visit a relative that is 5 minutes away taking 2 hours on the way :p.

Saturday, 13 November 2004

Join us to SPANK THE MONKEY @ Desperately Wandering

This is a wonderful game am playing now :} try to beat my highest score which is to the moment ( 721 )


since I wrote a post I should note that the blog is owned by:


the blog's URL :

Desperately Wandering

Its really a great blog that I only visited recently but didn't take a good look into it :} a lot of interesting stuff:



flash cool stuff like making ur own shouth park character

sites .. cool, thoughtful ones


AMAZING animation site :D

books any one?


Jujitsu .. Want to know what it means ? Click it ;p

I used to make my own sentences with an old friend on MSN ;p (miss you :} a lot .. o dear friend)

Women rights

a word to Michael Moore

& alooooooooooooooooot to look for am still browsing :D I like the blog & definitely will write a review about it as soon as I read it all :D, for the 1st time am public about what is the up coming blog of the week :}, after all I wrote I wonder if people will still read the blog of the week thing hmm I will have to come up with a very interesting review.

Friday, 12 November 2004

Happy Eid -- عيدكم امبارك

عيدكم امبارك و عساكم من عواده
One more happy thing. This Eid brought very nice news with it, my cousin who is married for over 8 years just got pregnant, am glad for her & her husband that they finally will have what they were longing to have for a long time. Allah ywafjhm am so happy for them.

A few "thank you" notes

Since somethings changed my mood & made it a lot better :} I will keep a mark on this day by writing this comment-less note to thank:

  • Mother, :} for the "blue" gift I love it.
  • Father, for the chocolates.
  • My Sis (A), for the funny person she is.

one last thing...

P.S: I miss you, my dear friend.

Thursday, 11 November 2004

Do you tilt your keyboard *horizontally * ?

This is my 4 year old keyboard :}

My keyboard says: hi people :} *with a big smile*

I do that with paper too, I don’t know why but am more comfortable writing or typing when the thing am writhing/typing with is tilted :} !

P.S= the "horizontally" added so no confusion will occure :} as P72 noted, it can be confusing.

Tuesday, 9 November 2004

Its Wednesday,, Finally

This week was the longest in Ramadan for me, although I finished all of my shopping duties a week ago hoping that I wouldn't shop in the last week of Ramadan because its crazy out there, BUT mother & sisters didn't & since am the available driver @@ you guessed it :} I come from work rest a little, have "futoor" then go out around 7:30 pm & get back not before 10 pm totally exhausted & since am the kind that if I don't sleep when I feel like sleeping (around 10 pm) I stay up for a few more hours till I can fall asleep again!. So this week usually I sleep around 1-3am get up at 7 am & get to work before 9 am with a desperate need for coffee but its Ramadan :D no can DRINK, & the same routine is done all over again. I think I will spend most of this weekend sleeping.

A self Note
**This is the 1st & last time I order a venti sized drink**

Monday, 8 November 2004

Book Review: Forbidden Love By Norma Khouri

The other day i went to virgin & took this book which when I started reading couldn't stop till I finished it. The book is based on a true story of a Jordanian woman who got killed to regain her families honor! (Which is an honor killing, a murder of women; that is supposed to cleanse the family name of any dishonor attached to it caused by a woman), deeply touching story about how women are taken to be less humans in Jordan. The story teller is Norma Khouri, who is the best friend of the diseased Dalia which got killed for loving a Christian man. 3/4 of the book is about how Jordanian people take women as less human being & how murder is the destiny of any woman that KNOWS a man (no adultery is necessary to kill her).

In Kuwait although we have a very conservative society & most of the people here don’t agree to relationships young people don’t give a damn most of Kuwaiti girls & boys had relationships directly or indirectly. We have a bit of small space to get both genders mixed with in limits for sure & what ever is off the limit is hidden well. Regardless if what went on the relationship people DON'T KILL their daughters for "JUST" knowing guys or falling in love, it goes as far as punishing them but murder! NO WAY, Just because she knew a guy!! Hell all of the girls out there did it & every one knows that.

I don’t deny the fact there are girls who didn’t have relationships & believe in the boundaries their families had drawn for them but a slip occurs. We are humans not machines & by the holy book of Qura'an we are supposed to make mistakes because we are humans, things happen!! . So I thought the punishment was over reacted & since I went to Jordan several times as a child I really didn’t hear of honor killings till Al-Jazera channel aired a program about that in Jordan where innocent women are killed & men don’t get punished since the crime is honor related & now this touching book.

Norma Khouri escaped with the help of the Christian guy (Michael) who fell in love with her life time friend, she went to Greece then as she says & the book's last pages state now living in Australia. The book when published made it to be called a best seller, so after I read it … at a moment this book made me cry it’s shameful to see women treated like that so I decided with the aid of the internet resources provided by the end of the book to do something YOU too can :} just log into this site & you will SEE


ABSOLUTELLY NOTHING, do you wonder why the site she posted on the end of the book is not WORKING because ARABS have a fetish for LYING & they are masters in it.

After all that! SHE IS FAKE, the book is NOT based on a true story. The writer Norma Khouri lived for 3 years ONLY in Jordan & paid a short visit to Jordan in the year 2000, she lived all her life in the USA married with 3 kids! Lives now in Australia where her publisher Random House sponsored her for a temporary residence visa. After her lies have been exposed her visa is in threat but she claimed she has evidence that the story was true, till the moment she didn’t prove that the story actually happened.

This is a Quote from The Sydney Morning Herald (Click for the full story)

"Khouri's real name is Norma Majid Khouri Michael Al-Bagain Toliopoulos, and she only lived in Jordan until she was three years old. She has a US passport and lived from 1973 until 2000 in Chicago. She is married with two children, 13 and 11. She has four American siblings and a mother who are desperate to hear news from her. But she has managed to conceal this double life from her publishers, her agent, lawyers in several continents, the Australian Department of Immigration and, until now, the public."

Not enough you say :} my finger knuckles agree with you I made a quick search last night & got this:

She ruined a great issue to blow out to the world, I know honor killings exist but NOW who would believe the society groups founded to raise their voices & stop killing innocent women in the name of honor!? It will be like the kid who yelled "wolf" too many times, people didn’t believe him when it really did happen. Lying got this book to be denied by all people & throwing a good cause down the drain, was it too difficult for the writer to say this is a fictitious story just to give people a glimpse of what is happening in Jordan? But I guess it’s a thing that runs in her blood. Unless she proves that the book was NOT a LIE the people who got compassionate with the honor killing issue will not believe that such things even exist. A writer's wealth is his/her integrity.

**I know someone will hate me for this LONG post :}**

Saturday, 6 November 2004

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

I was supposed to write about an emitati girl's blog called [banoota] BUT she decided to dedicate her blog (site) to the memory of the UAE's deceased ruler Sheikh Zayed Al-Nohayan, I don't know for how long but I do send my condolences to the UAE people, may God rest his soul in peace.

You can say a word here if you want to, on the memory of a man that stood by us while other Arabs fought to be on Saddam's side & a man that was deeply loved by his people. People can fake any thing but true grief & to dedicate your blog for the death of your ruler then he must have been a great man.

Wednesday, 3 November 2004

The weekend is here :}

Simply :} fun, cool, Draws a gigantic smile on your face & a few giggles ;p

Have fun in this nice weekend "Insha' Allah" :}.

P.S: after 2 weeks skipping the blog of the week thing :} the next week will begin with a very special blog, inspiring work of art I may say, very far from blogger & above all its PINK @!@.

Tuesday, 2 November 2004

Busy, Sick, Lazy :}

Had a busy schedule after work today mostly picking up Eid clothes & stuff, and with all that is said in the post title, I was supposed to go out with my friend this is the 3rd day we plan to go out & something happiness! @@ so mako 6al3a. Since am a little :'( then this post will contain Links, Links & links. hope you like them coz I will visit alooot of links today :}.

Am craving for caramel popcorn!!.

Monday, 1 November 2004

SMS world in Kuwait

ايام حرب تحرير العراق حتى و عند سماع صفارات الانذار صفارات الهواتف النقالة لم تصمت انذارا بوصول رسائل نصيه قصيره :> شيئ طبيعي! ربما لكن في الكويت لا اعتقد لان كل شيئ اصبح له مجال و مساحة من الطرفه، البحث عن حديث جدي و استعمال جدي لوسائل الاتصالات المتطوره اصبح هامشيا هنا بالكويت

و على هذا المنوال تسير الايام بالكويت...فعلى موضوع الكهرباء وصلني التالي

تدرين ليش طفوا الكهربا بالكويت؟؟ لإن نورج كفاية فديت قلبج
(العجاف من اهم المهارات الكويتية)

انتي لو اتيوزين عن سوالفج رديتي دخلتي ماشه بالبلاك؟ طفيتي كهربة الكويت! ارتحتي

بوراشد متى ترجع الكهرباء؟ .. بوراشد اشتري مكينة كهربا و لا شموع؟ ... بو راشد اشتري مصباح علاء الدين و لا فانوس رمضان؟ .. بوراشد عين العراقي و لا خمال ربعنا؟

و عند زيدون المزيد

و على صعيد اخر بعد اقرار ال200 دينار كمنحة اميرية تم تداول المسج التالي

فالك طيب يالياور !!

لذا فقد اصبح للرسائل النصية تلعب دورا هاما بحياة كل كويتي، تماشيا مع ذلك نرى ان الهاتف النقال يمثل دورا كبيرا في الدراما الكويتية حيث اغلب احداث المسلسل تحدث عبر الهاتف النقال (و برز هذا الدور بمسلسل ياخوي حيث كان لظهوره نصيب الاسد حتى اكثر من الممثلين) :> و قلما يستعمل هاتف المنزل و ذلك لانه اصبح موضه قديمه مثل البيجر. و من اهم اقتراحاتي على المسلسلات الكويتيه ان يتم ضم اسم الهواقف النقاله الى اسماء الممثلين حيث اصبح لهم دور حيوي بالمسلسلات .. فمثلا لأقرب الصوره :> على المخرج بمسلسل وبعد (على سبيل المثال لا الحصر) ان يقوم يإضافة التالي

صورة تلفون خالد امين (فارس) و يستحسن و هو يمسك به و يتحدث به لكي نرى صورته و هو
in action
و يكتب

سوني اريكسون الاعجوبة: يرن بنغمة
.. بدور @@ ((العيون اهنيه يعني زووم لان المخرج بهالمسلسل جدا استعمل هالخاصية))و
هاتف فارس

من بطولة
نوكيا الصفاطي بالشيء الغريب المتدلي منه
.. بدور @@
هاتف دلوعة المسلسل لمياء طارق

الخ الخ

((مع الاعتذار للممثلين و المخرج كان الهدف الايضاح للفكرة))

اخيرا و ليس اخرا

ديروا بالكم من الانفلونزا هالله هالله بفيتامين