Saturday, 31 December 2005

Happy new year every one


All in all its a good year for me, done alot & a lot has happined to me, I still have a tiny gap in my heart for some one I miss very much & for a fight that will "hopefully" end in the beggining of next year


Happy new year every one :> I wish for every one in my life (from the net & in real life) to be in perfect health & fully happy for all the time we have in this life .. may you all be well & happy Amein ya rb this year & every year..


This is by far the most interesting news in 2005

I do not like politics NOR like to post about it in my blog but this piece of news is so amazing! Who would have thought it would start to collapse this way? From a person who has been in the Syrian system for so long? Regardless if its a play written a long time ago OR a well paid newly written play with a veeeeery generous pay OR maybe a simple ABC plain & true which is very doubted :}

Still to me this is the best political event in 2005, it has betrayal, faith, honesty, money, mystery, action, etc.... All in all I hate politics because its a game! If you have the power & money you can turn a victim into a villain & vise versa & its mostly way out of the simple every day person's league only a few can get it.

P.S: Truelly propaganda is an art!

Wednesday, 28 December 2005


Smart girl :}

Good bye

Today some of the most wonderful men will leave, due to some changes at work. One of them touched my career the most, because he cared & gave me a chance to prove my self :}

This post is dedicated to him, you will be missed!

Friday, 23 December 2005

Blog of the week will be back

Ok people the poll is over :}

we got 36 votes in favor of the post! No votes against, so the weekly post will be back :>

Will not start this week I will begin next Saturday. There will be a reference for ALL the blogs reviews in this blog on the side bar & in timely order SINCE this is not a competition more than a tiny spot of light shed on some of the blogs around. Hoping that one day I will be able to cover all the blogs around (Kuwaiti & others). I'm hoping that I will do a good job! Wish me luck :}


I have been tagged by ::




oo here goes nothing :} *click for a larger view*


I tag Who ever wants to be tagged :}

Monday, 19 December 2005

From here & there

In life

* The best lesson you can get from people is how to deal with them while you & them are from two different worlds, have different definitions of things & at some cases you have some basic believes which they lack, for example: dignity?. That is not the case its not that serious but Dignity is an example :}

* I'm starting to get back wonderful things, back to having simple things cheer me up. The birds trick worked again :> ,, when I was in high school by my window there was a tiny nest of beautiful wild birds which by time gone away. I sill love every wild bird I see & they bring me a huge amount of relief. Maybe because they remind me of my canary that died during the Iraqi invasion?

* I noticed that when I take an over view on a blog I look for the PICTURES then I would think about the text :} I realized that I'm missing out a loooooot of nice things! I SHOULD READ MORE.

* I'm hooked to ZUMA from (this is specially dedicated to the games lover Misguided) :> hope u like it.

Need them!

Tulips are truelly a blessing!

Saturday, 17 December 2005


انا معصبه و بنفجر صار لي موقف ما اتمناه لاحد اليوم بالسيارة،، انا بالحارة اللي بالنص .. و على خبري لما استلمت الليسن انهم كانوا يقولون انك اذا بتروح حارة ثانية يمك تستخدم الاشارة و اتجيك ان الشارع فاظي و بعدين تنتقل للحارة اللي يمك مع الاخذ بالاعتبار انك تلتزم سرعتها

الحجي الهندي اللي كان يميني بسيارة موديل الفين و حطبة! قرر بكيفه انه مو اينام على سيارتي ؟ لاء :> اهو افطحل من جذيه قرر انه ايدش على الحاره و ياخذها كلها له ولا كأني موجوده و انا بنفس الوقت عيني على السيارة اللي على يساري (صرت حوله عين يمين و عين يسار!) فيها حجية كويتيه طيييييييييييييبة تبي تستحوذ على حارتي و سيارتي مسكينه احاول اني اوازنها بين اليمين و اليسار لين حسيت اني بمشي على تاير واحد .. لفيت عن الحجي و رحت يسار الا منوووووو يبي حارتي بعددددددد ؟؟ ماغيرها الحجية و ارد اكسر يمين و اعلق على الهرن حدددددددددده و انا اصارخ جني هبله "لييييييييش اشتبووووووووون" ايكون بيحسون فيني؟!؟ *كل هذا ترى صار باقل من ثانيتيين*

مع العلم ان سيارتي مو عنوونوه ،،، فا توقعت اني انشاف يعني ما اختفي بسرعه و مادري اشفيهم لفوا علي! الظاهر اكتشفوا منجم ذهب بالحارة اللي انا امشي فيها؟؟

كنت ارجف و حيل اخترعت لان السيارتين ما تتخيلون اشكثر لزقوا فيني! بس الله ستر الحمد لله ... و بعد التفكير اكتشفت اني انا الغلطانه لانه واضح ان الشارع شارع ابوهم!؟ و انا الغلطانه اللي امشي بحالي بحارتي و لا اتعدى على الغير بدون لا احم و لا دستور

Friday, 16 December 2005


Last night or shall I say today's early hours I was up! I do not know why when ever I stay up for long I have to mess up something?

Anyhow tomorrow is a long day, I'm already lazy & a bit sleepy, might give sleeping early a shot?

The good thing about today is that I started reading :} when am done with the read I might post about it.

Thursday, 15 December 2005


Please be kind & Participate, the poll will be closed after a week from today :>

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Thank you

Wednesday, 14 December 2005


With out an introduction @!@ here are my latest pieces :> hope you like them!

*NOTE: click it to view it better & bigger OR visit my flickr photo stream*

Sea _ Sky _ Sun




*A close up*

Wind (up close)

Chopped !


Tuesday, 13 December 2005

فن السطحية

كثير من الناس يتقنون فن السطحية و يعايشونه بكل لحظات حياتهم، لدرجة انه يستحوذهم و يصيرون يغلطون عيالهم لو ماكانوا على نفس القدر من السطحية .. السطحية اللي تنص على ان رأي الناس اهو الاول و الاخير،، مو مهم يتعبون ايموتون! اهم شي الصوره ما تنهز و محد ايتشمت بأغلاطهم

غريبه اشلون ينسون انهم بشر؟ .. على حد علمي الطبيعي ان الانسان يغلط مو ايتم كامل طول عمره!؟

Monday, 12 December 2005

"G" VS "M"

Who will win?

First G-mail invaded our world with a large e-mail space for free! NOW google is introducing its Instant Messaging software "Google Talk" compared to the MSN messenger (which reached Ver. 7.something) is still very simple in its functions BUT! When improved through out future versions will it replace the MSN messenger?

Will we give up the HOTMAIL & MSN-Messenger combination for the all new G-Mail & Google Talk combination?

CD Review

I like Carlos Santana's work :} I began to like his work after his album


& my two favorite songs in "SHAMAN" were ::

The Game Of Love (Featuring Michelle Branch)
Click to listen VIA :: (Real - WMP)


Why Don't You & I (Featuring Chad Kroeger from Nickelback)
Click to listen VIA :: (Real - WMP)

Since then I added Santana to my favorite artists list :> & now his latest album is out with the title of (all that I am)

It might be odd if I said I liked Santana but not the guitar solo songs! They are a bit too strong?! For my ears, I always go for the songs that have words in them,, still I like his loud attitude that takes you to South American, as in his first track in this album (Hermes) shows exactly what I mean, below is the list of my favorite songs in this album ::

Click to listen VIA :: (Real - WMP)

I'm Feeling You
Click to listen VIA :: (Real - WMP)

I Don't wan Lose Your Love
No listening link found in! Sorry :}

Da Tu Amor
Click to listen VIA :: (Real - WMP)

All in all I rate the Album with 8/10

Friday, 9 December 2005


شنو قصة اعلانات مكتوب اللي خاااامه كل ايميلات البلوجرز "مادري شلون" و شاخليننا اعلانات؟
مره عن مدوناتهم و الحين توب تن حق مادري شنو لاني سيدا حذفت الايميل .. ممكن اني اتقبل الدعاية للمدونات بحكم اننا بلوجرز و يبون يسحبوننا من موقع بلوجر اللي لامنا كلنا ببيت واحد،، بس بنفس الوقت احسه انتهاك للخصوصية لاني "عن نفسي" حطيت ايميلي بهدف اذا احد كان يبي يوجه لي شخصيا ايميل لسبب او آخر مو علشان شركة تعلن لي عن منتجاتها، ولو اعلنت مرة وحدة تكفي مو كل يومين ايميل

شروق ردت،،
وناسه :> بصراحة استانست ،، حي الله شرووق

حاشتني موجة احباط
من فتره و زعلت لأن أمور بديهيه و من حقي و ماكانت توصل لي، سكت مثل عادتي بس بعيدن تكلمت و بصراحة النتيجة كانت جيدة جداً، خذيت اللي من حقي و ابيه و زياده و الحين انا بموقع جيد و لازم استخدمه افضل استخدام :> و هم تعلمت اني اتحجى و ابطل "الخجل"! اللي بداعي و بدون داعي

Sunday, 4 December 2005

Notes, to whom it may concern

* Miss you, you truly do have the patience of the world compacted in you.

* Its bad to just shut up! The least bit of politeness obliges one to say WHY!

* I feel guilty for the disappointment look you had :( but I thought the truth is better, no matter how bitter it is.

Note to self: mb.

Saturday, 3 December 2005


Had a long day sorry I could not take any pictures :} tomorrow maybee I can show u some of the new stuff I did :>

However in my flickr page I added some new pics, which were taken earlier in this life but were post poned till today to be shown :}

Friday, 2 December 2005








A post just to bring out a smile :} we do need to smile all the time you know :} its bad that we give up to the every day life difficulties & just be :( instead of :D

or :)

or :}

or :>

or :]

Latest art work coming up tomorrow :D @@ don't miss it

Thursday, 1 December 2005

I have alot of things to talk about alot has went on during the week that will end by Friday. the highlights of it are:

* Do not be a MALGOFA & wave to every one you see waving to you unless you are sure the person waving at you KNOWS you.

* Do not think that all people understand the real meaning of "collegues", different ppl have different understandings.

* Do not preasure yourself so that one day you crack up all of a sudden, vent every once & a while.

* Do not wear high heels if you intend to walk a lot.

Saturday, 26 November 2005

I need to chill !


umbee @!@ no this time its been loooong, I had loads of work that I barely could breath either at work or when I come home. But I kinda liked it coz i lost some weight ;p any how this is a comback post to say hello blog & blog visitors, you have been missed :}

Thursday, 17 November 2005


Wednesday, 16th, Nov., 2005

Took a few pictures to remember that it rained & we got cold, so when our summer comes I look back say yeeeeeeeeeah we had a WINTER ;p here is one of them


Wednesday, 16 November 2005


Went to the cars Exheb. in Kuwait fairs ground (or how ever its spelled) checked out only two of the show rooms due to the bad choice of shoes I made :<

Dodge CHARGER :: way cool car I fell in love with its NEW design although the dashboard was not so impressive on the contray it was TOO simple, not as inpressive as the exterior. I hated the girls that were over there to help us on the car's info they did not know a THING they only know the engine blah blaah ,, I asked them about : safety? braking systems? number of air bags? how many grades are there? the rims size? they didnt know a thing nore cared to do so just stupidly kept smilling & showing off their black died eyes I mean Koholoed eyes!



The *NEW* CHARGER "that mainly caught my eyes because in terms of design it captures a sporty theme along with luxury & style"


Dodge for the first time impress me with a car other than their RAM :D .. However I heard some people say that Dodge is not a good choice? bad interior? also the car is not durable? any one can help me & add some feed back by answering my questions please :}

2- ROYAL RIMS :: sorry didnt take any pics of their display BUT they had a lot of impressive stuff! they had 30 INCH ones :D pretty cool.

The nice thing about this Exhb. is that they had some special cars, even Audi has an impressive A4 i forgot what is it called but the features were very nice, the RX-8 from Mazda was very nice :> with the rotary-piston engine, & what it can give the car more than the average fuel injection/burning to the engine process ofcourse i thank my brother for that :D he's a car geek. I expected the regular cars we see in any car selling showroom BUT I was dissapoined & happy with that :>

Seen the Range Rover "the #1 4x4 in my oppinion, till now no car took its place" over there, also the sport one although when I went to Al-Ghanim in their Shweikh newshow room they didn't have any displayed & said they wirll bring them starting from January?! oh one more thing ALPINA was there too :D

Monday, 14 November 2005

Greeting protocol

during a day out (girly gathering) we discussed how the greeting here in kuwait is not fixed, as if every person has his/her own protocol.

Women :: you never know what will strike you @!@ weather she will shake hands, kiss you on one cheek or both & you never know the number of kisses on each cheek also if you at least do know how to go along you will be facing the risk of turn into a tenis fan, turn ur head right & left to catch up with her! WHY IS THAT? why couldnt there be a general known code/protocol for women greeting women?

As a simple solution "at least for our group" we decided to make our own unbreackable protocol : say ur greeting word or what ever question like "eshlonch!" - hand shake - a single kiss on each cheek & thats it.

Saturday, 12 November 2005

Games, Games & more Games

Hello there, its been a while since I posted mostly coz the time I have online i spend on a game that I fell in love with @!@ the game is called

Crypt Raider [from]


now am in level 65 out of 100 levels :}


Also over there I found this game


That nibaq introduced a few months ago, which after a while you could find a Sudoku puzzle in each one of my bags :} it is also an addictive game.

Last but not least I also liked Da'Numba :D toooooooooottally addictive. Well by now you would know that my favorite section in is the PUZZLE section :>

*UP DATE* omg omg this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cute check the sheeeeeeeeeeeeeps out :D you have to love them!

Monday, 7 November 2005


+ I was given this very hard assignement today its about a change of a business line that am still not fully educated about! so its a big challenge for me, will I understand & give remarks or will I feel as blank as I am now after reading up till page4 :}

+ Had a nice day at work, I feel its my second family over there.

+ Am falling in love with The Lounge in Marina Crescent, I like the food (so far sweets, sandwitches have been tried by me"over there, the only two bad things about it are:

1- Too small "the indoor seating that is".
2- They sell sigars, till the moment didn't see any in action & hope I will not coz they stink!

However I hope I can still get my spot there every time :} so far I have been getting it.

Thursday, 3 November 2005

مسلسلات رمضان

هالسنه ماتابعت مسلسلات كثير و أحمد ربي على عدم قدرتي على هالشي لان القليل هالايام يستاهل المتابعة حبيت اكتب نقد عابر للي شفته و للأمانة انا ماتابعت هالمسلسلات بس كنت اشوفها متى ما حصل لي ..

فريج صويلح

محاولة جميله للعودة للعصر الذهبي للكوميديا، كوميديا الموقف و طرافة الشخصيات بدلا من الكوميديا السائدة اللي تتمحور حول الإستهزاء بالناس و زيادة العنصرية بيننا و كأننا نحتاج من يؤججها! شخصيا شفت هالمسلسل كمحاولة جيده جدا، الحصار كان بطريقة النصح المثالية و تحول المسلسل من عِبر تنتقل عبر الموقف الى خطب و برنامج توعوي ،، حتى لو كان هذا الشيء متعمد برأيي هالشي افقد المسلسل الكثير

عديل الروح

شقق ،، قطّع ،، خربط ،، امسح ،، اكتب ،، حط كوريكتر و رد امسح و اكتب ،، لخبط و شخبط ،، قصقص ،، نتّف القصه و المشاهد معاك بالمره .. و بآخر حلقه @!@ صلّح الامور و كأن شيء لم يكن و الاشخاص كلهم مثاليين .. اشلون؟

هذا من منظور نقد لسير الاحداث ،، اما الاحداث نفسها فهي مستحيلة الجمع ببيت واحد،، ما ادعي المثالية و ما انكر المشاكل، لكن التخبط و تجميع كل المشاكل ببيت واحد شي بصراحة يغمت و يعور القلب و يقتل الهدف من المشاكل و نتحول من مشاهدين المفروض اننا نتعبر و ما نغلط الى متهمين لاننا ننتمي الى مجتمع موبوء و يتحول المسلسل الى اداة لجذب الانتباه فقط (جذب الانتباه الغير فعّال بهالحالة)،، ضاق خلقي من هالمسلسل

ريموت كنترول

محاوله مو غريبة الملامح، ستايل المخرج ما تغيّر ،، بعض المقاطع احتوت شيء من الابتسامه لكن مشكلة ابو عذاب ذبحتني @@ مادري ليش المحور كله حول هالشخصية


افشل كل سنه و كل عام :> و هالسنه تمتع هالبرنامج بروح التعمد و سبق الاصرار و التمثيل و اكثر صدفه شدت انتباهي العدد الجيد من الممثلين المتعاملين مع سكوب سنتر الموجودين بالحلقات

المسلسل الوحيد اللي راح احاول اني اشوفه بعد رمضان نزار قباني

عيدكم مبارك

Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Sunday, 30 October 2005

To be continued << got continued!

To be continued in the afternoon!

>>The silly accident hmm i mean TRIPLE silly accident in Shweikh, that happined to me!

*UPDATE -- the story*

Place: Shweikh
Time: 9 ish

Stuck in traffic while I was semi-upset of a personal issue that occured to me earlier that night. Since I got stuck in a jam a very hard one! I went totally cool because I know I can do noting but wait :}

A small car is behind me, a woman was in it. That lady would not stop honking the horn, I kinda laughed at that action I mean would that move the zillion cars infront of us just like that? would noise beat up the piles of metal infront of us?? I was a bit annoyed BUT what would a little noise do to me? after all I have the radio to listen to...

While listening to a lovely song I felt a tiny push! like a light bump, I didn't think that our cars actually collided together? thats why I ignored it o said to my self (akeed eytahaya2 lee) ,, THEN another BUMP his time! I looked at her from my mirror put the car in (R) honked my horn with an angry look @!@ ,, she looked the other way like nothing happined & kept blowing air from her mouth in an angry way... THEN AN OTHER 3rd BUMP here i snapped I went down from my car to see what da'hell is she bumping! good for her that my rear bumper was not hurt she only contacted with the metal peice used for toing cars which is set in the middle of my back bumper ... LOOKED at her went close to ask her (she had her window open) :

Eshtbein? d3mteni 3 mrrat tra bas kafi wein bdshein dbbat elsyara?

In a very angry tone ,, she said sorry ok ok, in a totally impolite way as if she was giving me a charity sorry! I looked & saw whos beside her in the car I saw a cute little girl that made me change my mind & also the fact that we are in the end of Ramadan & its a rage flick I don't need to make it worse. I was planing to get back slowlly till I contact with her car then give it a boost to show her HOW a 4x4 rear toe metal peice hits a fiberglass front bumper.

I was angry of her actions, that very rude lady. I don't think that people have the right to vent their anger on other people let a side other people's cars! I tried to think of what I could or should have done like dad & brothers told me to do (bump her LOL! & smash her car then file a complain to the police) then again I know that am not like that.

Saturday, 29 October 2005

OCT. 28th.2005

I was 25 years, 2 months & 25 days old :>

I liked the 25 25 thing, I noticed this in the PC screen at the Dr.'s office today.

I think I got sick a lot this year :( from that fact I concluded that I MUST correct my diet!

This Ramadan did not feel like the other ones, for some reason am missing a lot.

Why don't people send you an e-mail to tell you that they want to add you to their MSN-Messenger contact list? I think its polite to e-mail a person & ask for permission OR al LEAST let them know who are you!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2005


The Yo-Yo craze hit Kuwaiti-ChillGirl LAND :D am in love with this game, wonder if i can play it while am upside down?

well this is not my Yo-Yo :) mine is made of plastic not so cool as the one above ;p .... its like saying I have an MP3 player & posting a picture an iPod NaNo ;p

Saturday, 22 October 2005

Daisey and Pheobe

I uploaded a video (click on the linked text below) that i recived via e-mail & it reminded me of misguided "thank god i spelled it well this time ;p" because he remains to me as the blogger that mastered funny videos :} ,, i have loads of them & will be posting them :>

No wonder the poor dog is so skinny!!

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Tagged by 3baid :>

Sorry for the delay dear 3baid :} but i had a loooong week ...

1. Last movie you saw in a theater? Red eye

2. What book are you reading? ورود على ضفائر سناء .. غازي القصيبي

3. Favorite board game? MONOPOLY

4. Favorite magazine? recently am addicted to them the most liked ones are:

>>Vogue, InStyle, Icon,Bazaar, ليالينا, ابواب

5. Favorite smell? Peaches

6. Favorite food? Indian, Libanies but generally am up for almost any thing

7. Favorite sound? Guitar

8. Worst feeling in the world? Shame & hate

9. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up? What time is it

10. Favorite fast food place? Spago :} "not sure if its counted in that category ;p"

11. Future child's name? top secret ;p

<>12. Finish this statement. If I had a lot of money: I'd do a lot :}

13. Do you drive fast? Unfortunatelly, yes :( ,, working on convincing my self that 120 km/hr is fast :>

14. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Sometimes

15. Storms cool or scary? scary

16. What was your first car? Camry

17. Favorite drink? MANGO juice ,, substitute is SHANI or fanta strawberry

18. Finish this statement, "If I had the time I would...": be more social with relatives "with 3baid on this one i miss a lot on the social side" & blog more

19. Do you eat the stems on broccoli? Depends on the mood

20. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice? Purple & fushia

21. Name all the different cities/ towns you have lived in? here mostly

22. Half empty or half full? Half full

23. Favorite sports to watch? Not into watching sports

24. One nice thing about the person who tagged you? I Like this simple creative guy so much :} wish u all the best 3baid

25. Morning person, or night owl? MORNING

26. Over easy, or sunny side-up? Sunny

27. Favorite place to relax? My bed & my Brother's chair

28. Favorite pie? Not into pies :) but in love with cheesse cake

thx dear 3baid,, NOW :> I tag ::


Puss in boots

Misguided & MsB

Kuwaiti Chopper Dude "The Don"

Sunday, 16 October 2005

Mind block

I suffered from a mind block the past few weeks but am back on track... A lot of things changed my mood but there was this tiny sun spot sent to me via e-mail that got me up & reminded me of a lost passion among this hectic schedule I live in...

ART :) this site gives u a lot of information :) i know am going to read it carefully tonight :> will add more notes on it if there are any after i finish reading it..

Saturday meeting notes

Had to go into a meeting very early in the morning as a tax for me comming early to work :) ,, I surelly would love to know every thing related to my work & department BUT this meeting was pointless since it was reviewing things from the last meeting & building up on them add to that the fact that i was totally clueless over there annnnnnnnd the hardest thing there! was guys who kept repeating the same points over & over....

At the meeting I wrote this valuable post :)

You know the meeting is boring if ::

  1. The English-Indian accent makes you feel sleepy.
  2. All of a sudden the people in the meeting laugh BUT you, later you discover that some one said a joke. I don't want to ellaborate on how ou look like when people look at you to see if you got it.
  3. The words that you hear from all around seem a bt sticky & glewed to each other.
  4. When you write, spontaniously the pen dives into the end of the page along with ur eyes that try to close up.
  5. People seem to move from their chairs when you look at them.
  6. All of a sudden ur chair seems like a cozy bed.
  7. you try to send sms'es to every one you know thinking that chatting with them will wake you up NOT paying attention to the fact that the mobile screen makes you sleep.
  8. You smell coffee all around, in Ramadan.
But when you get the nasty "tiny nap & when ur head is thrown into ur lap you get it back up really fast & discover u slept for a second over there! Good for me that my direct manager is soooooooo nice with me & when he looked I showed him that am sleepy & bored I can't stay a second more in there so he excused me after spending 2 whole hours over there!

Oh one more thing you know this phsycological thing where you are supposed to believe what you write if you repeat it, it doesn't it makes you want to sleep more.

P.S: I only slept 4 hours the night before :} maybee thats a factor in all of this ;p

Saturday, 8 October 2005


Blue,, I never expected it to invade my mind but latelly am in love with it and am blue-ing every thing around :}

Monday, 3 October 2005

Happy Ramadan

مبارك عليكم الشهر

May you all enjoy this month & be well :}

اعتقدت ان المبالغة بالأمور خاصية تتوزع على نطاق بسيط و محدد من هالمجتمع، اكتشفت انها خصله هامة تقريبا بكل الكويت و ممكن جرح تسببت فيه ورقة انه يصير كسر باليد

وبهالمناسبه اتذكر حادثي الاليم اللي صار له اكثر من سنة :: السيناريو اللي صار اني اسوق بشارع عام و سيارة طلعت من لفة فوق تحت (يو تيرن) و بس انا بخير و السايق الثاني الفطحل بتقدير المسافات همن بخير حاشني شوية رضوض و كدمات،، بعد اسبوع داومت بالدوام ايتحمدون لي بالسلامه و قالت لي اول وحده صادفتها الصبح

أهي1: وييي سلامات الله فكج من هالشاحنه
انا: الله يسلمج، بس اي شاحنه *خفت انها مظيعه بحادث ثاني* أنا ماكان بحادثي شاحنه!؟
أهي1: هاا مادري انا سمعت جذيه
انا: لا غلطانه الحادث صار بهالشكل " و سردت على راسها القصة" مو بالشكل اللي سمعتيه

ما مداني ادش القسم الا بزميله ثانيه اتسلم علي و اتحمد لي بالسلامه

أهي2: الحمد لله اللي الله فكج من هالشاحنه اللي انقلبت عليج فوق الجسر
انا: @@ *عيوني وصلوا روما من التبقق* خير؟ امبي لاء مو انا لا ماصار لي شي

و يمشي السيناريو مثل اللي فوقه الخ الخ ، الين وصلت لمرحلة اني انا دعمت شاحنه و لاني على جسر انقلبت سيارتي و طاحت على الشارع العام اللي اثار فظولي بالموضوع اهو وين المتعه بالتأليف؟

الحل لهالظاهرة الاجتماعية الغير صحية:
تركيب صندوق اسود بحلج و اذون الاوادم علشان اذا احد قالهم شي ما يتعبون عمرهم ويخبصون الدنيا :> و يتركون لنا الحكم على اللي فعلا صار

Sunday, 2 October 2005

People People People

Two of my good colleagues had a big conflict, I hated it very much... I was surprised to see a lot of things I could not see before, I don't know weather to blame my lack of experience with people! Or am I exaggerating with this "presume good until else is proven with time"rule?

I discovered deceiving people, hypocrites, big mouths, people who try to make the best of some one else's suffering! To just think that u did not see all that & was fooled by ur own view of the world makes u say "hey I was supposed to pass the naieve stage!" but we learn from our faults.

The weather is cooling down which is great :} refreshing too. Kuwait is small I discovered that one of my bosses is related to a fellow blogger/bloggertee in a weird way but we know the same person LOL, Kuwait is smaaaaaaaaaaaaall

First episode with the bloggers reminders in real life begins with Bo-Maryoum :}

*P.S this post was concluded at 11:10 pm so please skip the spelling/typing mistakes :} thank you*

Thursday, 29 September 2005

Hiiiiiiiii blog @@


The past two weeks were so long! We had this big thing to be finished & handed to the top management & finally we are TEMPORARILY done :} I really felt what does intense work mean.

Now am back missing the blog, dear bloggers & bloggertees also been missing out a lot on the blog-o-sphere hope to catch out with every thing!

On my time off I could not forget about the blog world :} every one had a piece of my memory which made me feel how much I like this community :) love you all!

Will do episodes on bloggers in real life, oh well I will resume the real posts later ;p so I wouldn't repeat my self ;p (9a7 purg)

Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Busy weekend!

Have a lot to do this weekend...

* Be a tour guide
* Work
* Have fun
* Read
* Hopefully will be able to draw something! its been long since the last one

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :}

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Here & there :}



& some more PICTURES :} .. Enjoy

Went to it the other day, liked the decor & atmosphere of the family section since we were all non smokers, more details
in flickr

ME, My brother & two sisters :} read it as انقلبت = flipped? Turned over ,, any how I thought it was only me so when were out (the 4 of us) I took a pic & laughed, bro. Asked why? Told him :> & right at that moment he said @!@ me too LOL!! & the confession chain started :> ... So how many of you out there had that miss-read too?

Meet my every day friends :} my bottle of water who keeps me company in the morning drive to work since am a water person in the early morning & prefer to NOT drink nor eat any thing before I finish my water bottle ANNNNNNNND the every day changing bag :> that day I wore the silver one..

that's it for today :} tomorrow more to come @.o

have a nice day all :>

Sunday, 18 September 2005

Flu hit home!

Well am officially flu'ed :} every one is welcome to have their share of the cake :> just come close to me & say hi, surely I would be glad to pass it on & make the little green bacterias "that's how I picture them green short ugly & golumy! As in the lord of the ring's golum" swim around ur atmosphere :}

Current status: Having soup & loooooooooots of LEMON

Saturday, 17 September 2005

Red Eye

Pretty nice movie, I love thrillers :} it was fun especially that the crowd at the cinema Thursday was alive! Clapping at impressive moments, & the girl did every thing I usually wish her to do :D me likey that... Although I expected it to be longer & a twist from her father to change the course of things but I was disappointed which was good :D

All in all its worth seeing.

Friday, 16 September 2005


Don't have a thing to post about :} but will fix that by tomorrow?

Monday, 12 September 2005


OMG I went out tonight to have dinner out!! Kuwait is packed :( I miss the summer period here its been so quiet. Now I remember that I used to whine about the crowded parking & restaurants it appeared that we were in the summer heaven :>

unfortunately I still have to go out tomorrow to meet friends I haven't been out with them for like hmmmmmm 2 weeks? Which is long for being used to meet them every two days!

I received the most amazingly happy news of the year 2005 I shall not forget this day .... (*) to remind me of it! ,, am happy for you guys :> glad ur finally there may your life be filled with happiness & joy.

Sunday, 11 September 2005


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii every one & my dear blog tooooooooo

* Need to travel! From next month am starting serious planning :} am traveling by the end of the year Insha2 Allah, I truly need it.

* Working on making a piece to decorate the office with.

* Painting! Nothing currently, for some reason the blank pages don't move me to fill them, lately.

* Let's see how the 3 week plan goes?

My lates ramblings were listed above :>

Tuesday, 6 September 2005

A day out with me?

How about a day out with me? all in pictures?

Am so bored! I can't think of any thing to write?! Although I have a lot

"hmm no"
A LOOOOOOOOOOT of action happening in my life but mostly they are on the personal side, that for some how I swing between saying them or not? Regardless if I will be straight fwd & plain about it or just present the core of the issues am going through! ALL IN ALL am not so comfortable :} so I prefer silence...

valuing privacy is a huge part of me, still I know I will eventually need to vent ( as a great friend taught me) here or there doesn't matter much the important thing is to vent...

Oh well I have 2
VOGUEs to check out :} US & AUSTRIA editions, why those two? hmmm I just wanted my monthly dose of vogue :> they were an out come of a random sample "I miss studying statistics"... Oh the US one is definatelly worth it :} great issue

One more thing! Am planning for a biiiiiiiiig project at work! Till now no one knows a thing about it, am hoping it works out well :}

Wednesday, 31 August 2005


Place: Mijana- Libanies Rest. in Al-Kout mall

Date: Yesterday

Time: After work

Post category: Restaurant Review

Went to Al-Kout mall the other day to have lunch, the winning rest. with the most votes was "Mijana". Had a nice time there & ate till we all were over stuffed ;p


PERFECT! especially that the main colors are (brown & blue) & I'm in love with this combination since 1993!? & had it in my wardrope since then :} also there are touches of copper,gold & silver all around (including menu & other paper stuff). Using curcles also was nice :} for some reason I think circles are friendly ;p

Plastic colorfull "Kharaz" thingies are dangling all over! in the curcilar cuts inside some of the walls & the lovely devider which you see first when you enter tha place! that devider took my breath away & when I entered & looked up saw that big shandelair I fell in love with the place :D & will ask where they got it from next time am going there.

Brown & blue added "cozyness" as P-1-B said, also there were some circles in the decore that had other glass vases & stuff! not to forget the walls were not smooth which added a lovely simple touch inspiring you to think "vintage".

Also the nice distribution of glass in the place made me feel happy :) also seing the cooks work around you was nice but when your hungry extremly bad because you will order the whole menu LOL, which I thought hmm thats a bad point our clothes will catch the smell! but then again when your hungry the smell of food is irresistable & my clothes didn't catch the smell ;p "I love taking every thing in my bag :D along with the dragging purfume <-- thats an other story". Still I noted a lot of nice stuff ove rthere but am affraid to bore you with that too ;p One problem! the place is a bit packed! I didn't like that it ruined the whole lovely atmosphere, but its not too packed, acceptable in a way but not good.

For that I give 9/10


I liked it, except for their "Hummus" it didn't have much hummus in it as much as "Harda=6e7eneyah" but not so bad. The appetizers were very nice & fresh we took almost every thing ;p.

For the main course we tried their grilled meat mix which was good, Kubbah Bl Laban "Sheshbarak" that was GREAT & sour right like the way I like it to be, we also tried Sayadeyah which was very nice I loved it & likes the spices very much, tasty & the fish also was nice.

All in all I rate the food with 8.5/10


It over looks the sea, and a part of the mall. I liked its possision.

I give it 9/10

====== ++++++ ====== +++++++

All in all:
I liked the place, food, atmosphere :} I advice you all to check it out.


Sunday, 28 August 2005


An e-mail I got today!

Type Of Girls

She remembers everything, FOREVER.

RAM Girls:
She forgets about you, the moment you turn her off.

Everyone knows that she can't do a thing right, but no one can live without her.

She is good for nothing but at least she is fun!

Difficult to access.

Always busy when you need her.

She makes horrible things look beautiful.

CD-ROM Girls:
She is always faster and faster.

E-MAIL Girls:
Every ten things she says, eight are nonsense.

VIRUS Girls:
Also known as "WIFE"; when you are not expecting her, she
comes, installs herself and uses all your resources. If you try to uninstall
her you will lose something, if you don't try to uninstall her you will lose

My favorite was "MULTIMEDIA Girls" :} whats urs?

Thursday, 25 August 2005


In the lates two posts before this one I forgot to add a title!

In a few minutes am supposed to go out. I am not sure where but need to have fun.

This window was opened 12:02 pm now its 4:46 I just knew what to write in it :D meaning? I need to change & innovate!

Tuesday, 23 August 2005

today's lectures were so boring, I had to fill in the blank spaces in the given sheets. Although I NEVER did that in my books I hate (& still do) getting a book dirty! Unless its side notes or something related to studying, any other kind of book "for reading" you would never see harmed with me :} for some reason I value a book I think its a crime to use it as a sketch book ;p but this case was exceptional "its a note which I will not read after today" ;p. Although I killed some time but I felt guilty & so dirty for messing up a note @!@, tomorrow am taking my own A4's or a note to draw.

Monday, 22 August 2005

The heaven between 5 & 9!

Hello there :}

Usually after my long day at work & going around to do stuff I sleep barely 5 or like 6 hours MAX! To me a sleep-a-holic that is a disaster! In fact any number of hours of sleep less than 8 is a disaster! My naps are not shorter than 3 hours that's why I don't take naps :> & if I did then I lose the day

In the 3 days long course which am attending now I get to sleep 9 HOURS :D ,, am so happy with my 3 days of 9 hours which will continue to be so during the weekend. Although there is an itch :( lately I have been waking up scared thinking I missed work! I wake up to see it 5 & think its 5PM not AM @!@ crazy but its been with me for a week now! Fortunately didn't hit me today "Monday" & I had Peace in my precious 9 hours :D

Sunday, 21 August 2005

Long day ahead :}

Tomorrow I will go to a new place for training. Its kinda close to the borders LOL! a real trip. Personally I like long drives BUT at night :> not in our day time heat. Never the less I am equipped with my water supply :D

تناقشت انا و شوية ناس عن الغيره اللي تكون بأثر رجعي! المقصود اهنيه بموقف وحده/واحد باكتشاف علاقات سابقة للشخص/شخصه اللي يشاركهم/تشاركهم حياتهم الحاليه بعد الزواج
;p ادري ماتصير شخصه بس صارت @!@

المهم .. يبدى احد الطرفين (بعد اعتراف الأول بالماضي) بالشك و البحث و التنقيب عن منو كان بحياة شريك حياتي الحالي !!!!؟؟؟؟

اوكي اعترف ذكر العلاقات السابقه ماله داعي برأيي لان انتوا ببداية حياة جديده .. لكن لو رغب احد الطرفين بذكرها اعتقد انه المفروض يكون متأكد ان شريكه عقلاني :> و ماراح ايشك بظله! اللي صدمني قل عقل اللي صار له/لها الموقف يعني خلاص شي و صار و انتوا الحين بحياة جديده ليش الهوس بالحسابات القديمه؟

كبروا عقولكم و فتحوا صفحه جديده ... و لو بعد دخولكم بحيات شريككم خبص و لعب بذيله/ذيلها ذيج الساعه لكم الحق :> مو قبل لا يصير شي تقلبونها دراما و فلم كئيب

Saturday, 20 August 2005

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

PEHEEEEEEEEEW am finally back :D. Of course the come back should introduce a special blog ,, although this blog is relatively new in the blog-o-sphere BUT the guy did great work :>

The guy isssssssssssssssssss ::

Ok the intro :} ,, a new blog two months old to be more exact YET it is full of content! I truly had a hard time picking the posts that I will review briefly. What I mostly like about 3baid is that he is very down to earth & plain realistic :} speaks about things & places that are SO Kuwait related! Even if he tries to talk about something it would be right here :>
His posts::

First of all that is one cute cat :} "Mash2 Allah" this is his first post where he other than introduce "why he signed in a blog" starts strongly with an objection :D check him out!

Firefox user! You will be interested in this post :} ... YES he is surfing in the new "firefox" wave, a plus for him :>


NOW this is the post that made me say WOW @!@ , since I have been searching & benchmarking for an apple buy I found this post to be VERY useful & informative. I advice ANY PERSON who is interested in buying an apple "any kind of device or Mac software" check this link out! Its on my "A" list posts :} of course Mark too wrote a useful post on that issue :} .. 3baid did a great job with this post :>

Am there too :} from here again I say thank you 3baid, its nice of you.

His plus'es keep adding up! He even likes sinfest's comics @!@ I love those :} try it you will addict to it!

When I read this post I said: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah I hear you bro. I suffer from the same addiction am having a rough fight currently to CONTROL my chocolate consumption ;p

@!@ got an iPod? Check it out :>

glamorously geekish!

A new perspective of The PowerPuff Girls :}

So cute :}

Back to tech. :} cool shades & ears?!! ;p

OK :} all in all I think its a great blog :> very good start, keep it up 3baid I truly enjoy visiting ur blog to see what next you have. Worth visiting so bloggers & blogger'tees give it a click :>
Best of luck 3baid.

Me, a mug & Shurouq

Saw these mugs yesterday @ Sultan Canter, Soug Sharq branch the first person I thought of is our fellow blogger'tee Shurouq :} no need to explain just check out her blog that is if you don't already know her :D shes well known among kuwaiti bloggers. Cheers to Shurouq :>

Friday, 19 August 2005


Had a quiet day, relaxed :}

This weekend all in all was nice... Next to come!!

* Blogger-tee in SultanCenter
* i! Blog of the week !i

Wednesday, 17 August 2005

New blogger!

This is a special post to celebrate the new blogger on the blo(g)ck

Click on her pic to check out her blog :}

For who might not know who she issss @!@ check out

Mad M2♥♥♥'s blog "Love Vs Blog" series

Tuesday, 16 August 2005


I need time to organize my day :} Monday (yesterday) was soooooooooo messy to the extent that I forgot a lot of things & had to go back & forth from & to the place am going to to get all my things all together!

Need to relax a bit more

Sunday, 14 August 2005

Al-Fanar ,, COLOR

Yesterday went to Al-Fanar, the theme attracted me a few days ago when I was there but didn't have much time to take pictures :} This time I took some..

First you should notice the flags out side which I could not get a clear shot of ;p maybe next time... Then the windows :} check the stickers on them! Bright colors all around cut in various shapes.

Then here you go @!@

You will see these painted thingies :} spread all around, notice them :} I liked them a looooooot

In the AD boxes which are spread around Al-Fanar instead of watches or what ever piece from a certain shop is displayed there! ,, With the color theme around you see art work by various artists, I only got to see 3 which are the ones I displayed DUE to me being in a hurry ;p as usual + it was a bit crowded! Don't like shopping in crowds. This lovely painting (I think its oil on canvas) is done by "Ja'afar Mohammad .. 2002" its right next to Deluwayooo hmmm or what ever its spelled like :D its the coffee shop that's hanging up there :D .. This was my favorite among the 3 shown in this post then comes the ladies one then the last one with a lovely color intersection. What made this one special to me is other than the colors, various shapes in it & how the shapes with different colors are merged into a single painting :)

Also "oil on canvas" I assume again ;p .. What I liked about this one other than the COLORS :D is that it had women in it in a lovely abstract combination also in various ages & shapes, still I felt it had the spirit of the Arabic women, deliberately didn't take the whole view; wanting you all to go check'em out hmmmm shouldn't I take something for this free AD from Al-Fanar's management? ;p .. The painting is done by "Ali Abdul Jalil .. 2003"

Back to the display window! near Deluwayooo hmm an other spelling ;p OMG I can't remember how its spelled! Although its so easy @!@ ... ANY how back to the painting which is also "oil on canvas" I think ;p .. Done by "Ali .. 2001" .. Color intersection is also a majjjjjjor attraction to my eyes :} liked this one too.

Its worth a visit :} I know I will definitely go there & check all the rest things out, of course in a non peak time :D Personally I think the people who are responsible of this are brilliant!

IF NOT FOR ONE THING they still have the Gees hung in the top, WHY is that?

Its a whole new theme why leave left overs from the last one???? That is the thing that made me get a bit annoyed & feel like its not totally PERFECT ... Am hoping they are still working on the theme & not fully done! Because I expected when I look up am gona see CoLoRS :} instead I was disappointed to see left overs of the old theme! If this keeps up I might talk to them its such a waste of a lovely theme!

*Note*: oLo

wrote it this way coz it seemed like its a face :} ,, cute!

Saturday, 13 August 2005

Hi there :}

* Wasn't intending to write a post but! "Under the Bridges of Paris" & " Moon river" from the movie " Shall we dance" sound track, made me re-gain my quietness & peace :) which made me eventually write here.

* Was preparing for a post that should color up my blog since all the text-full posts made me feel that it lost its vibrant soul that I try to keep :} ... Went to Al-Fanar today to find a loooot that made me smile & have a great time by just walking around. The theme currently is "COLOR" .. LOVE IT, you should check it out. More pictures & feed back on that tomorrow!

* Spanglish, Ocean's 12 sound tracks are next on the queue.

* Family came back home, FINALLY :} although they didn't take long! But I missed them. True having them around is joyful but also solitude had its virtues that I will miss.

Friday, 12 August 2005

قلم الرصاص

لقلم الرصاص علاقة وطيدة بيدي .. لا أقاوم ذلك اللون المتلاعب بين الأسود و الأبيض، يمكن لأني دائما أحب أوسط الأمور؟ وهنا أستثني الوضوح بالأمور من تلك التي استحلي أوسطها.

على الرغم من كثرة الأقلام لدي إلا أن للرصاص خصوصية! لعلها ترتبط بكونه أول قلم أمسكته بالمدرسة؟

لبلو بوز وقفة مع أقلام الرصاص .. ذهب لموقعه لاستخرج المقالة و اقرأ جديدة و إذا بي أنصدم بان موعد سفره قد حان. عسى الله يوفقك بلو وين ما رحت و كنت :}

عودة لقلم الرصاص! مؤخرا افتقد الرغبة لاستعمال الأجهزة الالكترونية لكتابة ما احتاج! أفضل القلم عموما و الرصاص خصوصاً. خطي سيء للغاية كسوء تقديري للحاجة لنا بال "ظ" أو ال "ض" بكلمة ما، تلك الحاجة التي قد تستدعي أن أنادي أختي الصغيرة لأسأل:

ظيف و لا ضيف؟

أم عصاية و لا اللي بدون عصايه؟

أحيانا كثيرة اخجل من هذا اللغط و اعزيه بأننا ككويتيين نستخدم ال "ظ" بكل موقع، كان لها أو لأختها "اللي بدون عصايه" ؟؟

حبي المتجدد لقلم الرصاص قد يعيد لي تلك النوت الصغيرة التي تنتشر بين حقائب اليد التي استخدمها، سبب أنها نوت و ليست نوته هو تغيير الحقائب و الخوف من نسيان تلك النوتة بإحداها، على الأقل يكون لدي نوته احتياطية و من ثم قد انقل أفكاري للنوتة الأساسية أو لا!

لأني ملكة النسيان ببعض الأحيان .. تذكرت عناوين كتب الأقدمين "بعد جملة الملكة" ... هممممم انفع اكتب شعر؟

جرير.. مرتعي الجديد للقرطاسية ليس لأني حديثة اكتشاف هذه المكتبة بل لان مزاجي هاليومين عليها. ربما لأنني دخلتها منذ أسبوع أو أكثر! بهدف شراء كراسه، و خرجت بحفنة كتب و كراستين و ألوان؟ بكل الحالات سأزورها بحثا عن نوته أو لربما لأني أتوق لان تغريني مجددا بالكثير؟

Colorful messy hands

Title: currently the hardest thing to write is the title of this post :} which I will leave after I finish it!

Dirty hands: When I paint/draw or make any craft into an art thingie :) I don't seem to find joy unless I get my hands dirty. After finishing a drawing & seeing my hands DIRTY filled with colors I truly can not describe how happy I am :>

Evil: Odd things happened lately, I can't get how people can be so EVIL! ,, this Monday was evil Monday.

Soft pastel: They are lovely, find joy in them more than oil pastels but still are difficult to use for me ;p YET they innovated me to draw a lot of things.

Tomorrow: The home alone phase will end tomorrow :} the end of the short trip my family took will be tomorrow. I missed them & sure will be happy to have them around & have the house as crowded as ever. Although thinking of it now made me not miss the crowd so much :S

P.S: After all of that still can't find a title ;p

*UPDATE* Title found ,, MsB thankfully wrote it for me. Therefore now its from "Mako Title!" to " Colorful messy hands" .. thank you dear :}

Tuesday, 9 August 2005

My day so far

Today ...

1- What I hoped for didn't happen :} not sad but a bit disappointed, never the less :D tomorrow is a new day with a bright new sun shine!

2- At the beauty saloon today I saw little kids being over hairdressed. Over make'd up! & over dressed. I thought maybe its a weeding? It appeared to be a party :} still I hated the fact that the kids innocence was violated by the grown ups way of making them selves look pretty! (although I doubt it). I even think that a lipstick/blush/eyeshadow is UGLY on kids! kids in general am not talking about ads .. To add more spices to the story! The party is for one of the girls :} so I smiled & thought "ooooH how cute! A young girl wanting to look like old girls ;p" .. It turned out to be a party for her wearing a "7ijab" & she is 7 years old???????????

Am not in the mood to open up a big discussion about "sunna" & "she3a" simply because this is a free space to chill! .. Still I don't get it! Why should it just BE!!!! Why at age 7??? Why not like what's in the holly Qura'an? WHY since we are in Kuwait! Should she be forced while legally she has the right to choose? .. It just didn't make sense to me. That made me sad!

3- Long day ahead its already after 7! Better go :} ,, have a good evening all

Busy @!@ but me likey!

lately I have been so busy that I barely find enough time to sleep! am an 8+ hour of sleep kind of girl :} I VALUE sleep time very much.

I barely sleep 5 hours?

My day starts @ 5:30am till 12:00pm non-stop! "in & out of the house", well maybe a few brakes for meals & showers. Although its exhausting especially that am not used to this life style, am a home person, now it changed, not so bad! But I think I will take a lot to adjust to it. Still the feeling of having an aim & going to it is nice :} .. Even if your path is not straight! a zigzag is fine as long as it ends there!

P.S: I hooooope I will get it! .. If I do I shall talk if not I shall remain silent for ever ;p