Sunday, 31 July 2005

Home alone

Will be almost home alone for a short while .. I already made plans to fill my time mainly:

Catching up with friends
Catching up with reading
Catching up with blogs
Refreshing "the blog of the week" post
Working on two projects that I prepared every thing for but the time to do them :}

Friday, 29 July 2005

To my dear blog

Happy birthday :} you are 1 year old, its been so much fun with you & you have been the best of friends & brought me a lot of good friends too..

I started out with "Nothing meaningful will be written this is the first day ...… I will chill out :P" ..

Today after a year I learned that you don't have to sound meaningful to your self or to any one to blog :} simply because its ur blog & ur space, weather you want to be a philosopher or null headed its perfectly fine :> as long as you deep inside stay Y-O-U & not try to be some one else to please you or others :)

You will stay as my chill-out-of-life place although publicity suffocatedd me a little but I learned how to reduce it & keep a margin of free space for me :}

ODD e-mail

Hello there ...

I got an odd e-mail that I think would probably be sent by mistake! any how wont say much details about it except for one intresting thing @@



Monday, 25 July 2005

No weekend abroad

Well today its confirmed I can't travel for the weekend as planned due to serious time conflicts :} .. Still I will try to fix me an other one ;p might work out!!!

In 4 days my blog will be 1 year old :} ,, happy b-day blog-ggie :>

Don't have much to say today coz I exhausted my self so I can sleep early tonight, yesterday I commited the sin of sleeping in the after noon which extended from 5-8 PM @@ ,, I couldn't sleep till 4 AM ,, woke up early for work felt sleepy on the way there which is not so nice .. I had to raise the volume on some really noisy stuff ;p made the chillout CDs rest :} instead I got crazy with some dance remixes which did good it made me wake up a bit.

Oh one more thing occured to me today .. I would love a big campaign to start: dedicated to tell drivers in Kuwait

"The yellow light signal in both right & left sides of your car, they are for SIGNALLING & telling other people where you go ... Use it for a change"


Sunday, 24 July 2005


There is this cute young girl around, that is extremely annoying .. Let me set an example if you say "Hi there" or any kind of greeting she would not only greet you back! NO .. She would get into your office stare into your PC "that you hid away from visitors hoping for privacy" to ask you:

What are you doing? ooooh work,,, is it hard? What does that or this mean!!

All I meant to do is a simple hi :} not to invite an army of curiosity into my office, actually qubic!. So now she is the queen of FEAR,,, If you see her @@ be ware of what your "hi" can drag to you. Don't get me wrong I like her but I hate the way she acts! she is making me ignore her but some how I can't stop smilling in her face or greet her. I think that is probably why she comes back,, still :(

There is some guy that wanted to be like "the so great hot shot" that knew every thing around even why ur father called you this or that name! So when it came to real work it became obvious day by day that he does not know how to tie his shoes (work wise). I don't like it when people brag about this or that! If your so damn good let other people see it :} not hear of it.

Saturday, 23 July 2005


* Possible weekend outside Kuwait :} not sure yet!

*lately It bothered me how easy it is for me to forget! I mean like for instance today in the car when I was out shopping I thought of several posts & did I write down these Ideas?


Did I get use of the don's idea of using voice recording!


:} So I ended up with the stated above useless nonsense :}

* On an other note! Tim Tim has a new adventure :D

* One more last thing, I wonder how do the people who made all the crazy bombings latelly think! ,, truelly am puzzled: what do they aim to?

Thursday, 21 July 2005

News flash

Bits from here & there:

MOODLESS is back :}

DW has moved to his own domain :} , congrats & Insha2 Allah mayshof ro7a 3laina the "blogger" dot com'ers.. Not new news I know its been there since 11-7 ....

Neither the moodless comeback is but both are worth mentioning since I did lack off the net for a while :)

عندي كتب للحين ما قربت لها .. تنتظر الوقت اللي بقراها فيه .. الغريب ان مجموعه منهم "بالصدفه" لغازي القصيبي ((سحيم - سعادة السفير- حكاية حب)) .. يمكن ((الخليج يتحدث شعرا و نثرا)) حفزني اني بعد ارد اقرا له؟
الحلو بهالكتاب انه جامع للعديد من الكتب/ الكتّاب بنظره شعريه نقديه بنفس الوقت .. ما اقدر اكمل كتابه عن هالكتاب الا لما انتهي منه أهو الاول على القائمة .. بنفس الوقت شي شدني لاني اقرا لشخصيه يعجبني جداً اسلوبها اللفظي الراقي و المنطقية

Sunday, 17 July 2005

على غرار بوست بلو بوز -تي ام- "حجياتي الروسيات"..اقدم لكم حجياتي المبرقعات

Brother came from a short vacation & brought me a surprising GIFT :D

Its a mini-copy of the Russian dolls "Semyenov" I thought they were VERY CUTE :} totally loved them

How ever! When I looked into the mother's eyes she was a bit sad :(

Puss-In-Boots's "original" ones were happier!

As for the post title it was intended to go along with BloBoz's :} old post that was about the same kind of toys .. Cheers to Bloooo :}

Also I can not forget the dear Puss-In-Boots :} thank her for the information about the doll's name "Semyenov" since if not for her I would have called then hmm "Russian dolls" ;p ,, thank you dear

Wednesday, 13 July 2005


LOOOOOONG week its been crazy & full of work although am still "UNDER DEVELOPMENT!!!" but am fine with it since its revealing a lot to me about work. The period of time that comes after work was full too I mean its bee sooooooooo FULL in one night I would go to 3-4 different places just to get things done when dad comes home.

Father came from a short medical trip.. Successful so far & Insha2 Allah will stay in good health.

TOMORROW will be the birth of the come back post entitled ::

حجياتي المبرقعات .. على غرار بوست بلو بووز "حجياتي الروسيات"

Thursday, 7 July 2005

MADAGASCAR all the way

GREAT MOVIE I advice every one to see it, & purg the penguins were AMAZINGLY funny! :D:D

truly worth going to ,, am thinking of watching it again...

Wednesday, 6 July 2005


WOW !! You have to check it out! The new version of bloboz's blog @@ ME LIKEY :}

good work bloooooooooo

Saturday, 2 July 2005


So life goes on & am dead busy with work which is good...

I was always amazed by people who have the ability to act the way they are not like :} for instance the "7alema boland" speaks-a-likers! Craze. Why do some pretend to be like some one else? I mean you should like your self the way you are right ?? You don't have to have a weird God knows from where made up language to communicate with people & send a hidden message "am dlo3a in a freaky way" .. One girl in this life all of a sudden when males come to have a talk with her turns out to be 180 degrees unlike her! I was very amazed how she could change so fast & move from: hey you! To hello, excuse me!

Stay natural & who ever don't accept you the way you are, doesn't have to :D