Thursday, 30 September 2010

273 : Formalities

Finishing formalities ,,, today was long but ended up quietly, a nice weekend start :)

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

272 : Purple for Purplecious ;p

اقر و اعلن بان اللون البنفسجي جميل ،، بكل الفصول ،، و بكل درجاته "بس كل من و الدرجة اللي تلوق له طبعاً" وهذي يا بربلوووشه رضاوة مني لج على تخمبق تويتر لوول

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

271 : Tire change / puncture

And so as I was driving back home, I heard a weird noise coming from my tires & the car was not smooth! The sound was clicking and as I speed up it became more frequent. Luckily there was a gas station close by so I told the guy there to fill it up with air, he saw the tires & said that they are lacking a little air, that's it. Drove again & the sound got a little less louder BUT still there, called up dad to explain the issue he said it could be a small rock held between the tire cracks or something, he stayed alert & said if something happens call. Turned on my signal lights and drove slowly home.

When dad checked it, turns out my front right tire has a nail inside it :// so the quick solution is the spare tire change, and its done. I could not wait till after work or till someone will take the car in the afternoon, took it early morning to Hunter in Shweikh. I practically opened it up with them lol, and changed my 4 tires since it was time to change them, my old Bridgestone ones are 2 years old now and the dealer advised me to change in the last service too. So around 9am dad called thinking I was at work and was shocked to know am in Hunter, I laughed and told him I could not wait I love my baby car too much, needless to say he thought I was over reacting :p Then my brother called and had his share of telling me why didn't you wait lecture, but seriously I couldn't :p besides the guys over there know me & treat me like a VIP

With in an hour I was done, and happy with the smoothness of the tired on the road, the car feels great! *I tend to talk to my car & believe it has feelings* we went happily on our way. I'm sure my car is happy with the new Michelin tires since they were the first ones that it came with originally :}

Monday, 27 September 2010

270 : New eyes!

Trying to upload today's pic ,, giving me the message "server rejected!" :( will try again in the morning....

*update Tuesday 28/9/2010: second trial to upload day 270 picture*

YAAAY it worked today :p

So I got me new eyes, supposed to pick them up yesterday, but the Hassan Optics "Eye Boutique" called me up to inform me that they will take one more day, there was a problem with the measurement. I loved how professional & on time they were! Highly understood the delay & went to pick it up today "Tuesday" and tried them on, they are perfect, however the true test is in humidity! took the lenses with special Humidity filter, lets see if it will work :)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

269 : livestrong

Remember the Lance Armstrong livestrong yellow rubber bracelet? I still have mine, this is not the 1st one I had, this is the one I took when Lance was present in a convention a few years back, has a lot of memories attached to it. To all the strong fighters out there, May Allah be with you all, you have all my respect, support & prayers...

Among us in the blog-o-sphere is the dear FourMe, Who is still fighting cancer. A lot of sweet bloggers are supporting her and Beyond Q8iya posted a lovely simple idea to support FourMe in her fight. Simple unconditional human love is priceless! I am happy such affection is shown in the Kuwaiti blog-o-sphere, a thing not weird to the Kuwaiti community and made me rest assure that there is A LOT of hope in the young generations ,,, للحين فينا خير :>

Now the shock for me was Radiant Guy, A very creative young guy who is full of happiness and love for life, he almost disappeared for a long while from the blog-o-sphere, not the usual rate of posts and I thought he like many could have gotten busy with life or simply got bored? Little did I know that he was busy, with a fight, a brave tumor fight, he's back now. I admire his courage to share this with the world, a year later when he is better ,,, للحين فينا شجاعة :>

الحياة هشة و ابن ادم اقل مرض يعفسه، فاللي يواجهون هالامراض اللي اتحدى حياتهم و جسدهم بقوة يستاهلون وقفة اجلال و تحية. و من اهم الدروس اللي خذيتها اليوم، اننا زوار في هالدنيا و رحلتنا قصيرة، المفروض نترسها امل و ننجز فيها اشياء نفتخر فيها و ندور السعادة، علشان نحس باننا عشنا و مو على هامش هالدنيا مشينا

تعلمت منهم و من الناس اللي حولهم كثير، فور مي عسى الله يشافيج و بشار عسى الله يتمم عليك العافية و الصحة

Saturday, 25 September 2010

From here and there

صار جدامي

ابو يراجع بالنيابة عن ابنه ،، يتصل بولده علشان ياخذ منه معلومات وواضح انه نايم من ردة فعل الأبو .. يكلم ولده بنبرة حادة "اي خلني اراكض مكانك خلك نايم" و كمل الإجراءات بالنيابة عن ولده .. استوقفني هذا الأبو و فكرت شنو فايدة اللي قاله لولده؟ يعني هالكلام بيخليه ايتحرك ولا يعتمد على نفسه؟ الاجدر انه رباه على انه يعتمد على نفسه و اضعف الإيمان انه يحثة و يضغط عليه بقوه علشان يخلص اشغاله، مو يروح بداله و يعصب عليه ،، الدرس الي يستفيده الولد من من هالابو : اخمر و نام و ابوك بيسوي كل شي ،، الثمن "زفة" عابرة وبالك مرتاح

And so with all the messy busy days I live along, today was exceptional, I overdosed on coffee, I found a charming smile and I tried something new and a bit crazy but was ok! :D
صار جدامي 2

واقفة بدور عند موظف المواعيد ابي اسأله سؤال و لاني شفت الدور وقفت مع الناس فحتى لو شغلتي بسيطه هم احترام الدور شي حلو ،، شفت يمي شايب و ابتسمت له بكل صفاء نية و اشراق للحياة ، و شوي ولا يقرب يمه هندي "طلع الصِبي اللي معاه" و لا الشايب يصرخ من قمة راسه " تعال اوقف هنيه جدامها هذا دوري" استغربت و طقتني البوهة و التفت على الشايب و قلت له : تفضل :) الدور ماهو ضايع ان شاء الله و لكنا بندخل ،، سوى روحه ما سمعني و قام ايتصدد و انا غامته الضحكة، و بعدين تحسفت على عمره و انه لي هالسن مو عارف يتعامل مع الناس بهدوء جنه الصيحة بتسوي شي؟ المهم خذا ورقة الموعد و انا خذيت الاجابة على سؤالي، قعدت انطر مع امي ، ولا هالشايب يزف و يصارخ على هالفقير الصِبي اللي معاه،، تعال اهنيييييييييه وليييين يلا ،، اهنيه كسر خاطري هالصِبي مسكين مبين انه مال من معاملة الشايب له و الحق ينقال اهو ما يستاهل، بس هالشايب المشلوط ما يمهلة .. سرحت و دعيت الله ان عطاني عمر انه لا يخليني عجوز عسره لوول
posts that I miss the most, from here and there - blog of the week. The 365 project is connecting me with my blog but not with writing, I need to write, I think today is the start to me going back to writing. Yesterday of all days I felt very rusty in writing, due to a vocabulary HUGE mistake I knew I need to write more and for a change finish up the pending books

خلاصة اللوية اللي انا فيها ،، احتاج سفره، بشرط فيها وقت لي انا بروحي مع نفسي

268 : Shopping

I love it when I shop & find well valued pieces :D got this laptop case from Bimba & Lola in 360 mall, for 9KD ,, which is very reasonable. Although I have a 13" laptop & the case is for a 15'' one but I took it so I can use the extra space for cords & other necessary stuff I keep with it. For who ever it may concern the new line in Bimba & Lola is really interesting, a lot of VERY nice bags, leather ones are amazing too, took a few from them along with this case.

Friday, 24 September 2010

267 : شنو العبرة منهم

ما افهم شنو سر غرام امي فيهم ،، احسهم لويه و مزعجين لوول

شنو اسم هالشي اصلا؟

Thursday, 23 September 2010

266 : Intersection

I love this intersection :) took this shot right outside this new very cool cozy coffee shop called "Finjan"

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

265 : Sesame Street

Got this TMX tickle me Elmo toy a long while ago, today a fellow tweet'er & blogger posted videos about Sesame Street, flipped my mood and got my toy playing ,, I tried to take a clear shot but most of them were blurry, I was either giggling or the toy was moving :p this is the clearest one :>

Sesame Street has a chunk of my childhood memories, I loved Elmo, the Cookie Monster & the Count Dracula :]

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

264 : Measuring cups

Spotted these measuring cups, although I was looking for some metal ones but those glass ones were really nice :)

Monday, 20 September 2010

263 : youtube'ing my nights away

Diana Krall - Look of love

A fellow tweet'er told me about Krall, kept her name in the "to be looked up" list, today I do not know how while youtube'ing I found this amazing song for her! that made me smile :> i love jazz

و على طاري الابتسامة، يندر في هذا الوقت وجود من يرى الجمال بأصعب المواقف، فالكثير يغرقون ببحر الهم و يتناسون ان اليوم مكون من نهار و ليل، لكل متعته و جماله و مدلولاته على وجود الآخر،، مقالة فيصل خاجة تلخص تلك الفكرة و أكثر

فلولا الإصرار على الحياة لما رأينا مقالته و لم ترتسم الإبتسامة على محياه، و من اهم ما لمسني بالمقالة حيادية العمل الخيري، و عدم ارتباطه بدين/لون/جنس/اصل! بذل الكل من متطوعين و طاقم طبي ما بوسعهم لمساعدة مريض قد لا يعرف غالبيتهم لغته الأم ولا حتى موقع بلاده من الخريطة، فقط لانه انسان

عندنا نتعفف عن السوء و نرقى بالإنسانية لحد الإيثار، نشرق بالإبتسامة و الأمل

دنيا وردية بزود؟ بس موجودة :> و شفت ابتسامات تثبتها

Sunday, 19 September 2010

262 : صورة ل حرف

تقدر تشوف الدوائر بقاعة الكوب، الشاي، كيس الشاي او نقطة الضوء المنعكسة 

Saturday, 18 September 2010

261 : exhibitions era in Kuwait!

I recall when the old houses by the Amiri Hospital were so hip! Full of Kuwaiti made & designers apparel, they are still a place to look for clothes & other items, like this one I like an antique shop inside that has some pieces from around the world, a little over priced BUT you have to be smart with what you get :p

Also some kept their work more steady and made small boutiques inside those lovely old houses.

Friday, 17 September 2010

260 : Dragon thingie

I do not like hanging things in the car, but sister has this dragon thingie hung on the front mirror, I thought it was cool BUT highly irritating when the car moves! It kept on dangling and moving like a Pendulum constantly non-stop!! Me not likey.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

259 : 30ml.

I love to buy perfumes BUT in small sizes, so I can constantly change :) never was fond of sticking to one!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

258 : Finally found it!

Been looking for this one for a while, till I found it in boots a few days ago :>

Its made of a plant called Patchouli & "Agrumi =citrus" Never was a citrus loving scent kind of girl, but this one is really good!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

257 : Skoda

My day with the Skoda Superb...

بما انها السيارة المتوفرة في ذاك الوقت خذيتها، و يقولون ان هذي الفل اوبشن ٦-سلندر! بس الواقع شي ثاني، صحيح الكشنات جلد بس اتحس انك قاعد على كرسي حديد بس املبسينة جلد عن الفشلة، و قلت يلا يا بنت شيهم الشكل و المظاهر فيه، اهم شي المكينة و الأداء. و اثبتت لي السكودا ان قوانين التسارع لا تنطبق عليها! يعني اذا دست ما يهم الزمن اللي تستغرقة الدوسة اهي بتدوس لما اهي تبي لما يصير لها مزاج تسرع الزمن و البانزين اللي قاعده احاول اضخة للمكينة مالهم اهمية، يعني كنت ادوس و متهيئة نفسيا ان ٦-سلندر بتعطيني دوسة محترمة و استجابه متوسطة لي سريعة ،، لااااااا هيهااااات لوول مكانك راوح اللي قمت اخز العداد انطر متى يتحرك و اصك ال١٢٠ ،، و اتوقع اللي كان وراي كرهني و من هذا المنبر اعتذر لصاحب اليوكن الاسود صدقني ما كنت بدش حارتك لو ما صار جدامي الباص اللي كع بريك

بعدين لما اتدوس و الاخت سوبرب تستوعب ان سرعتها زادت، تستن بهدوء *فيها حسنة* لكن فيك خير كع بريك بس خلاص خسرت كل قوة الدفع لا تحاول و تفكر اتم بنفس الحارة و اتدوس مرة ثانية! لا تضايق خلق الله و اسحب نفسك للحارة اللي على يمينك و انطرها تحن عليك و تستجيب لدوستك بعدييييييين فكر اترد لليسار

بس شحليلاتها مجكنمة، جنها صندوق بس مافيه زوايا؟

Monday, 13 September 2010

256 : Twitter

I think am addicted to twitter :] I love how simple the interface is, how its accessible through the mobile with an easy application, not much editing is required, u simply paste the links or upload a picture in a few seconds! only con is the 140 characters boundary, which is in a way did me good, I always wanted to put things in short'er words/sentences

Sunday, 12 September 2010

255 : Pillow day

I slept a lot today, in a way that I've never did before. I almost slept for 13 hours! I don't think I'll ever do it again but I did need to rest. Will have to fix my sleeping pattern by tonight so I can get back to my normal routine & the new diet, this time I will be more serious & get this over with, good thing is that my weight is kinda steady, lost & gained a little, but as of this week I will start on a work plan to finish the weight loss :}

Saturday, 11 September 2010

254 : Live eid event

Apparently Zain was making a live event in 360 mall, stopped quickly to take this shot, I like live events very much :}

Its fall now and winter is very near, other than the fact that I LOVE winter in Kuwait, live events increase all around, will try to keep my blog updated with them inshallah

Yalla Wain ?

yw: are you dining out? from hamad aljudai on Vimeo.

The latest hippest restaurant review site in Kuwait, I love the idea where you can create a user, share your experience with dishes or places in Kuwait. Since dining out is one of the MAIN activities in Kuwait like it or not :p this website called YallaWain is a Kuwaiti based one, user fed and has a charming simple design & interface! Kudos to Hamad Aljudai  & the team of Yalla Wain for a great project :>

How to connect?

and if ur a twitter user follow

يالله وين؟
موقع كويتي جديد، فكرة حلوة و بسيطة. يعتمد الموقع على القارئ و رأيه في المطاعم حول الكويت او الاطباق فيها، التصميم و طريقة التعامل مع الموقع جدا سهلة و بسيطة و تواكب احتياج الكويتيين لمعرفة ما تعرضه المطاعم و ماهي احدث المطاعم في الكويت، لانه شئنا ام ابينا احببنا ام لا :) فالأكل في المطاعم من اكثر الأنشطة ممارساً في الكويت، و كلنا نتسائل عندما نهم بالخروج، "ها يالله وين بنروح؟" و الاراء حول المطاعم تاخذ حيز من الحديث في بعض الاحيان، فلما لا موقع ليجمع اراء كل من في الكويت؟

الروابط للموقع اعلاه و كذلك التويتر الخاص بهم، شكر كبير و جزيل ل حمد الجديع و للشباب خلف هذا المشروع الجميل و البسيط، و لعله فاتحة خير على ابتكار مواقع جديدة في الساحة الانترنتية في الكويت، بدلا من نسخ و لصق خبرات الغير

و كلي أمل ان تتطور الفكرة لتشمل كافة المرافق و الاحداث في الكويت، علشان نعرف "يالله وين؟" نروح على كل المستويات و الاهتمامات، قواكم الله

Friday, 10 September 2010

Leap Year

poster from I watch

The trailer was far more fun than the movie, yet it was an amusing watch.

Anna Brady who has been dating cardiologist, Jeremy, for four years and she expects him to propose to her on a dinner date but he gives her a gift instead! So her father reminds her of an Irish folklore tradition in Dublin! Where women on the February 29th can propose to men :} So the girl travels from the united states to the UK-Dublin to meet her boyfriend who is there for a congress, and in that trip she finds out what she wanted and has in her life! A sweet romantic comedy, that ends with her falling in love with the other guy, whom she hates.


253 : Pretty corner

Had a very busy mind & was in the middle of a big intellectual issue with brother, until I noticed this corner. For a few minutes I switched off and focused on this lovely corner, the flowers were so lovely and vivid!

I very much appreciate the small things in life that make me smile :)

Thursday, 9 September 2010

252 : الجميلة

A much needed dose of Arabic magazines!

صار لي فترة هاجرة المجلات و بالذات العربية و مكتفيه بمجلتين يوصلوني، و خلص الاشتراك من شهر و قاعده اخطط للفترة الجاية و شنو بشترك و شنو بخلي. الجميلة من بين المجلات العربية اللي فعلا بقت تعجبني و اتم استمتع فيها، مقالاتها عن الجمال و المستحضرات التجميلية الاخيره فعلا مفيدة

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

251 : Smoothies

New smoothies from essie, love them! amazing creams, great scents & easily absorbed by the skin.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

250 : Simple gestures

Came into the office today to find this card along with a lovely gift, simple gestures make my day! it really had a very positive effect on me all day long :> THANK YOU my dearest BQ :*

Monday, 6 September 2010

249 : Mani Padi

A much needed task to be done! I do not know why the mani padi places are so hip now, and the care of nails as an essential part of a woman's looks is growing vastly in Kuwait.

Friday, 3 September 2010

246 : تسوق اخر لحظة

كل سنة نقول انا و خواتي اننا ماراح ننزل السوق بالعشر الاواخر من رمضان، و ما نتوب! لازم ايتم قطعة او قطعتين من الهدوم اللي تحتاج النزلة للسوق. مجمع ٣٦٠ درجة، يمكن ما فيه كمية كبيرة من المحلات بس فيه محلات اتفيد و نحصل فيها اشياء، و احلى ما في هالمجمع لو نروح له بوقت متاخر "مثل اليوم وصلناه ١٠" نحصل موقف، لكن العذروب الاكبر فيه اهو طريقة تصميم مبنى المواقف! الطلعة عسرة و تبط الجبد اذا كان زحمة، لكن قاعد يحاولون اينظمون السير و يقللون الزحمة و لحد ما ناجحين بهالشي، ايبين صج اذا قدروا يحلون مشكلة ازمة الطلعة من المواقف بايام العيد

Thursday, 2 September 2010

245 : Italian

More to come in a few weeks :)  and for who liked Italian food this is a new one in Kuwait, a full review will come soon inshallah :>

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

244 : Pout

I love this "Love Glow" from Pout, I used to find their products in Vavavoom but not anymore :/ this is still the BEST skin glow cream I ever used. Not being very fond of make up makes me prefer it to be a base cream then spread some lose powder over it or compressed powder with a brush, gives a simple glow & a hint of a cover from the powder :>