Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Brain storming

Recently since am in a vacation, there are moments where I get a zillion ideas at once! Which are all brilliant, but do not do them all! I lose focus and end up forgetting them.... I need to start writing them I need to realize that I have a very short memory @,@

To catch up with the Topics from 192 countries blog I decided to read its archives and highlight the most attracting subjects and give it a small section in my posts till I finish up the Archives & be up to date with that blog. So

From 192 Countries (Today is the September archive day):

Sunday, 17 December 2006

My first post in "Topics from 192 Countries"

Today I published my first post in the "Topics from192 Countries blog" , I wrote it about 3 days ago but today I had the time to publish it :} since yestrday "the day I was hoping that I can post in!!" the internet got dissconnected from the afternoon till late night :(

but its done & uploaded now :D I wrote about Kuwait Towers since they are the first thing that pops into my mind when I want to show Kuwait to a forigner :)

أرحب بالانتقادات و شوي شوي علي :>
و أشكر موقع
على انهم كنز للصور عن الكويت، و وحده بمثل قدرتي التصويرية الاقل من بسيطة تحتاج مثل هالموقع، و اخترت صوره لابراج الكويت من تصوير الأخ أحمد الهاشمي هم الشكر موصول له

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Deera-Chat !!!!!!!!

I got an e-mail today form the Deera-Chat family "as they call them selves" to advertise for their PodCast :} as soon as I checked their blog out


I found this tiny introduction right on the right hand bar saying ::

What the heck is a PODCAST?!
Podcasting, a portmanteau of Apple's "iPod" and "broadcasting", is a method of publishing files to the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed and receive new files automatically by subscription, usually at no cost. It first became popular in late 2004, used largely for audio files.

Soooooo as usual I had no time! "mother needs me as her driver" so quickly I clicked the tiny box up on the side bar saying "Subscribe with iTunes" ,, immediately the download in iTunes starts, hooked my NaNo got the PodCast "as if am a pro with this new to me! مصطلح " heard it.

A Kuwaiti Podcast in my NaNooo

The PodCast "again am showing off that I know a new مصطلح " is called [ The REAL sushi episode] I will not ruin it by saying what it was about & how the conversation went, however I have my notes:

  • Two Kuwaiti guys talking in a simple free every day kind of chat way, but it was fun :}
  • Its exciting to hear a simple conversation & personal opinions about a common "phenomenon" if I may say that about what they discussed.
  • A change from the usual blog theme where you rely on ur reading abilities.
  • What I mostly liked is the Arabic-English mix with a Kuwaiti accent, felt very close and young.

I am totally pro this new hip thing :) I liked it I encourage every one to hear it, listen to What Musaed & Ali has to say. As they stated in their FIRST PodCast that they are open for suggestions on topics to talk about...

I never tried Sushi and probably after this I will try it seriously, sure I ate a few bites but not like a serious SUSHI dinner although its hip nowadays but I didn't!! However I can't resist commenting on what Musaed kept advising us to try the TEBENyakki I mean Musaed if you want to let me think of eating Sushi at least start with like a 3ASSALyakki, ZALABYAyakki, I mean I was like HUH!! ok cultural difference, then it comes again & again oo Musaed raves about how great this TEBENyakki is & am laughing my head off , I mean no offence to the Sushi I know the name was not intended but what can I do, I have a Kuwaiti twisted mind? Still I think am curious enough to try it out....

Monday, 11 December 2006

192 countries

Interesting new blog


I got lucky to be randomly picked to represent Kuwait by Mr. Shinji from Tokyo, Japan "Thank you". I may not be the best person to do this but I will try my best. This project is very unique & interesting to me, since its a young one & done by common everyday type of people it is fun & not as intimidating as it may seem when you come to think of representing your country :)

I will try to be simple & Handel the main lines about Kuwait, will not go through politics or any other controversial issues. The assistance & suggestions from all Kuwaiti bloggers is more than welcome in fact its why I wrote this post :} I will need & appreciate your help.....

The idea behind 192 countries is to gather 192 writers (bloggers) from 192 countries to talk a little about their countries & know a little about other countries. This project lets the saying "the world is a small village" become a reality in a simple virtual mean of communication.

Wish me luck :D

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Lovely Rain

Kuwait is amazing this time of the year, especially NOW that its raining :)

One amazing site :}


Friday, 8 December 2006

Afternoon Chill

Cinnamon Apple_Lipton

My Companion in this lovely winter afternoon, if you like apple pie? you will like this tea

الجو عجيب، و المزاج هااااادي و مع فرانك سيناترا
Come Fly With Me
شكو فرانك سيناترا الحين مادري!؟

Thursday, 7 December 2006

What to blog about

Politics is on the top of the list but I'm trying haaaard to avoid it!

I do not know weather its a curse that comes along with age! All I know is that I hate it because its a big dirty game controlled by people we do not have much effect on. However what made me feel good is that the people's voice did change things, it was pretty loud.

بس هذا حدي ما ابي ادش بتفاصيل بعد

As for Kuwait weather wise! It is truly amazing this time of the year :} my advice to all ENJOY it to the maaaaaax, we will not have this weather for looong 9 months.

My PSP+Locoroco

The WHITE psp has been my pal for the past two moths, its a new good gadget & its all white :} LOCOROCO made me buy it in the begging (I finished the whole game in a week, noting that my last game addiction was with SEGA of course SONIC ;p so am pretty old dated with this), soon it became my number 1 entertainment tool with its browsing ability & playing/storing different kinds of media made it a great addition to my day.

Thursday, 30 November 2006

Where am I ?

Can you tell?

My # 1 highway

P.S: This post is dedicated to Purgatory :> Since you asked about it.


بلد الحرية النابضة بالحياة و بلد الاغتيالات السياسية، بلد الثقافة و الانفتاح و بلد كتم المثقفين/ القياديين في حال معاداته لاهداف اخرين ممن يمتلكون القدرة على القتل

الاغتيالات السياسية لازمت تاريخ لبنان مابعد و قبل الحرب الأهلية، هذا البلد البسيط والجميل يحمل بطياته جراح و تناقضات تفوق قدرة كل الحرية و التعددية التي يحويها على محاولة معالجتها

أكثر ما يقلقني و اذهلني سهولة القتل! الروح البشرية فقدت حرمتها امام جريمة الاختلاف الفكري! كل من تم استهدافه مؤخرا هم قادة و مسيرون للشعب باتجاه تيار ما، ولكن هل قتلهم سيقتل ذلك التيار؟ و هل اللبنانيين سيفقدون شخصية القائد بالاجيال القادمة؟

الذي لا افهمه هو لما القتل و وراء المقتول تيار كامل؟ و بحالة لبنان كما نرى فان قتل الرأس لا يزيد الجسد الا قوة و إصرار و ينمي روح الانتقام! فلما الاغتيال؟ لا انوي الدخول بالتفاصيل و تحليل التيارات الموجودة حاليا من أمل او حزب الله او الكتائب او او او ،، ولا حتى مدى صحة افكار احدهم او كلهم، الهدف من التعدديه و جمالها حين تختلط بالديموقراطية هو ابراز الافظل لدى كل توجه و حزب، مما يتماشى مع مصلحة البلد، ولكن ما اراه بمثال لبنان هو توطد جذور العنصرية و حب الانفراد بالسلطة لتوجه دون الآخر "ولا تتميز لبنان وحده بهذه الميزه عندنا و عندهم خير فالسلطة مغرية" وبذلك تغتال الحرية و تصبح مهمشة، و التعددية تزرع العنصرية بدلا من التميز و امتزاج الثاقافات الصحيّ

Friday, 17 November 2006

This & That

- I hate the fact that I forget a lot! Now I totally forgot weather I got my friend her B-Day gift or not! The dilemma is that this year there was no party or dinner! I gave most of my friends their gifts in person either during the day or even at work! Yes my schedule was that hectic... The thing is that its embarrassing to ask :) knowing a lot of people is not easy!!

- http://www.rasamusic.com/ cool music

- Book review coming up, I read a few books in the past few months that I will try to write reviews about.

- Open Season is hmmm so so! But its definitely not something to be missed if not seen :)

- When I visited this site (http://www2.warnerbros.com/happyfeet/) purgatory was the 1st to pop into my mind :D

- How much space is exposed in a picture can make the difference... The amount of what you see in the picture exposes that much ONLY, do not be fooled when you see a picture of a beautiful rose showing how red & bloomed it is, always keep in mind the possibility that you can see a bad part of it, could be thorns or even dead leaves! Same goes for people :)

Monday, 13 November 2006


A site worth visiting, which is not so impressive design wise, but as for the content! Its very rich & the person behind it is I think called Wasim "this is the thing I missed the most the WHO WE ARE page" he did a lot of work :) a lot of pictures, comments on pictures, he spoke about the characters, etc... The site is sooooooooo full of stuff worth seeing, I thank Bo-Maryoum for letting me know about this site through his latest post :>

Oh one more thing he also sells DVDs :D

Sunday, 12 November 2006

عاد و العود أحمدُ

الحمد لله و عاد الأسد الى عرينه و هالحجي اللي يقولونه مادري شنو بس المهم ،، بو مريوم رد. الارتباط مع المدونين فكرياً الى ان تحسهم من افراد الاسره شي جميل، احس اكو شي راقي شي انساني يربطنا :) يمكن من خلال المدونات اقدر اسوالف مع من كان بدون لا يحكم علي او يصنفني ظمن منظوره الخاص! بنفس الوقت اكلم عقل الشخص مو شكله او علاقاته الاجتماعيه، عموما ما ابي افلسف الامور بزياده! بهالمساحه الانترنتيه لي اخوان و اخوات و بو مريوم منهم،، الحمد لله على السلامه


Saturday, 11 November 2006

تسأل عنك العافيه

بعد انقطاع فتره طويله، اسأل و اسولف وترد

"تسأل عنج العافيه"

سرحت و فكّرت بهالجمله اللي تتردد بين الناس و المقصود ان؟؟؟ ما تشتهي العافيه عندي فا تبيها تسأل عني؟ او اني فاقده العافيه علشان الناس تطلبها تسأل عني؟ "ما اقصد ظن السوء بس الجمله عبيطه" ادري ان معناها مدحه اوكلمه مهذبه علشان تمدح السؤال عن الاخر و تبريره بمجرد الوصل لا اكثر
لان بهالوقت تبي تتصل باحد معناته تبي شي،، بس لو نفكر فيها لغوياً فيها شي غلط! او مخي انا غلط؟ مادري
ليش ما نقول، عساك دوم بخير و عافيه، او!! اذا لازم فيها كلمة تسأل نقول عسى ما تسأل عنك العافيه، من باب ان العافيه ملازمه للشخص على طووول فا شنو حاجتها انها تسأل عنّه ؟؟ :> اعتقد ان لها منطق بهالحالة

Sunday, 1 October 2006

الدكتور أحمد الربعي

حبيت اعلق صورته بالمدونه ،، لانه يرفع الراس و احبه

عسى الله يشافيه و يعافيه

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

مبارك عليكم الشهر قديمه

ولو انها متاخره بس مبارك عليكم الشهر

Pictures talk, this will be my new slogan until I can get me to write again :)

مسلسل الامبراطوره، فجر السعيد اشفيها؟ اهي تحاول تسوي مسلس خيالي؟ ،، ما ودي اسولف اكثر لاني ما شفت اكثر من الاختطاف و حمرة الهام الفظالة اللي حطوا على حلجها اللزاق و شالوه و للحينها اتلق و حتى الملمع ما تأثر

What is it with people adding you on the IM and not talking to you nor introducing them selves? They turn into a number in the contact list, why is that?

الزحمه اتنرفز! تو الناس يكتشفون الكويت؟ مادري شالقصه بس كل خلق الله بالشارع الكويت اتخرررع!! يمكن لاني كنت مستمتعه فيها بالصيف ؟

New every thing on the way, am happy :D

افتقر لتنظيم الوقت، المفروض اكتسب هالمهاره بوقت قريب! مدى تفرغي لاني اكتب بمدونتي بيكون احد المقاييس و الله يستر

Saturday, 2 September 2006

حملة Enough is Enough

مع تقديري الشديد لرأي و رغبة بو مريوم شنو ماكانت ،، و لحد إتضاح الصورة

انا مع
Enough is Enough

Sunday, 27 August 2006

Dunkin Donuts *KUWAIT* [opening]

The latest news about the Kuwait Dunkin Donuts!!

Tuesday, 29th, August, 2006 ,,, Noon
Lots of freebies, every one is more than welcome to be there. This is authorized by the owner, spread the news if ur interested :>

Personally I will go there :D I still want that apple stuffed donut :D and I am sure Mark will be interested :D I hope you attend.

9-8-2006 I attended the Pre-opening for Dunkin Donuts - Kuwait that was held in the Salmiya branch, Salem Al-Mubarak St. "by Al-Fanar complex" I loved the Donuts! My favorite was the "I forgot its name" but it was stuffed with Apple covered with Sugar & Cinnamon, also the shop was pretty cool inside, Dahan did great work! Here are two pictures, I kept the rest for my self so that you "when you attend the Grand Opening" will check out for your selves,

*Pre-Opening* Pictures

Dunkin Donuts - Kuwait

Dunkin Donuts - Kuwait

*My sister's pictures*





I got me a cup too :D

Saturday, 12 August 2006

للبنان ،، و ليس للسياسة

I shake Shurouq's hand & say it again ... For Lebanon for the people, donate, even if you won't be able to attend "like me" at least contribute,

The even is organized by a group of young Kuwaiti people, مجموعة وفاء , give them a hand...


My blog now is two years old :D
I'm 26 years old :}

I miss posting,,,

Some of what I have been up to latelly :)


Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Over the hedge - Review

To cut the story short, it was not worth seeing! I was shocked, I expected something better from DreamWorks (story & plot wise! the animations were nice), the story is not so bad the aim behind the movie is good too "the usual good advice to kids content", what was bad in it is that its too predictable! too short! it had less action in scenes that I thought are worth spending more time on "like the bracking into the house". Never the less I LOOOOOOOOVED the tiny Hedgehogs they were sooooooo addorable ( Could not get a descent picture of them)
Also the Perisian cat figure

Performed by

Omid Djalili, I noticed this funny actor in the Whoopi Goldberg sitcom & loved his acting since then. When Tiger "the chubby Perisian cat" appeared in the movie falling in the love with Stella (voiced by Wanda Sykes), his pride about his origins was amazing :} BUT the best was his name! I cracked up when he said his name I didnt expect that comming, also because the Parisian culture is close to us to see an actual character from them with the exact accent was hillarious! that was my best scene along with the acts of the cute hedgehog's babbies where they hit & punch each other or run around :)

all in all


Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Van Gogh in KUWAIT

Van Gogh in Al-Fanar

Vincent Van Gogh in Al-fanar complex (15-7 till 1-9*) I love Al-fanar for their interest in art & for the shopping/cultural experience they give us!
To Al-fanar complex owners :D الله يعطيكم الف عافيه

*Thank you dear commentors [D + your Battlefield] for the correction :D*

Friday, 30 June 2006

The results

*Although till the moment not every thing is clear! Still the results of the ellections may not please me, but it was a good experience + this is democracy! it doesn't have to make me happy but its at least fair. What is not acceptable is playing dirty & unfiar. I shall not proceed with this comment because it will drag me to a thing i promised me to not do in my blog! NO POLITICS

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

I did it

المفروض اكتب هالمقاله امس مو اليوم،، بس ميخالف انا ادري اني اقصد يوم الأحد 18.6.2006 بالليل
لعل اتخاذ القرار الخطوه الاسهل و التنفيذ هو قلب الصعوبة بالأمر، خصوصا و ان كان التنفيذ و حتى اتخاذ القرار
يتظمن اشخاص ممن لهم مكانة كبيره بحياتك
سهل ان تتملك غرور فرعون و تكون صاحب القرار، صعب ان ترى المستقبل و تصدق توقعاتك! مهما كانت خبرتك كبيره
جداً مؤلم الحكم المسبق على الناس، بالذات عندما يتعلق هذا الحكم المسبق بخطأ آخرين! فبسببهم تحمل اللوم بدون علم منك بأن اللباقه قد تؤدي الى لوم الناس لك على ما يفعله غيرك "مدعياً" اللطافه. ادري جني قاعده اقول بطتنا بطت بطتكم لما بطتكم بطت بطتنا،، شلون بطه اتبط بطه؟
Movie wise: thafr 6arq is a nice laugh :) no story no plot but simple cute & fun to see.

Sunday, 18 June 2006

من زماااااااااااان

شخباري البلوق غبار
Having a busy life is nice, getting all ur activities stuffed in is no easy task :D
Age & wisdom are two different issues! Please don't mix them up.
The Machinist is a big disappointment as much as Hoodwinked! (Am catching up hence the old & new! mix)
I joined the Sony Ericsson league, pretty cool :>
Back to what am doing!

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

To be or not to be!

That is the question!

A lot is going on the Kuwaiti street, politically that is! I have a lot to say about it but my hate to politics prevents me from writing about it. However hope lives :) the best thing about the new hope brought up with the Orange revolution is seeing it in the words & eyes of some people who had given up on Kuwait & Kuwaiti people long ago, this is a chance for them to see a brighter view of Kuwait.

In the mean time on a more limited scale, I am fighting, will I succeed? I hope all the courage in me gathers up when I need it.

Friday, 12 May 2006

متأمله خير

السنعوسي يقبل حقيبة الإعلام

أكن لهذا الرجل كل التقدير و الإحترام و اتأمل بفترة توزيره كل خير،، لا اعقد امال سحرية ولكن بنظره واقعية اتأمل دخول بعض المنطق للكثير من جوانب الاعلام و التقدم ، و أحدها أن يصبح تلفزيون دولتي أحد وجهاتي "الريموت كنتروليه" بدلا من البحث عن مصادر اخرى ، بالإضافة لصوته بمجلس الوزراء على أمل ان يرجح هذا الصوت كفة الشعب كما يفعل ببرامجه الحوارية التي تهدف لمصلحة الكويت و أهل الكويت بلسان و تواجد الكويتيين. الله لا يغير علينا ولا على دستورنا!

القسم يوم الأحد،، عسى الله يعينه و يوفقه

على منحنى آخر من الاحداث

Last but not least... Mad M2000 is back!

Sunday, 7 May 2006

Go 5

ولو انه مالي خلق سياسه لانها تعل القلب! بس جدية اللي حولي خلتني أحس بالمسؤليه لان حتى الصوت الواحد يفرق

مع تحفظي على النقاط (3-4-5) لانها تحدد الجهود بالعدد 5! و المطلوب أكثر و كثر ما يقدر الواحد يشد حيله



شخصياً أشوفها خطوة بتقلل من الفساد الانتخابي و شراء الأصوات و على أمل مسيره انتخابيه اكثر اصلاحاً للبلد و هم اختبار مهم للرأي الشعبي بالكويت ،، ليتات سيارتي امبطله بالنهار و البرتقالي بيتعلق باجر

The rest is yours :} its your choice

Thursday, 4 May 2006


First it was the SCARY teletubbies [Teletubbies the show information]

My nephews bored us with them, YES they like them " as a lot of kids too" but they scare me, when you look at their faces they seem sick! Their show is ok & has some good information to be fed visually to kids "but not all" however the way the Teletubbies are physically designed is terrible in my opinion!!

Then came the " Boohbah " [ Boohbah the show information]

That I think are more scary than the Teletubbies!!

Now the Boohbah at their world "where I did not know about them" are a OK but to be seen in Centerpoint in KUWAIT with out any introduction or some information about what they could be was scary! They freshet me out when I saw them! For real they are scary bold oddly colored toys!! What were their creators were thinking of at the time?


I mean look at how their eyes are like! & the weird pimples at their heads & forehead? What were the designers thinking? Now the odd thing is the name! BOOHBAH?! What kind of a name is that? So according to Wikipedia it means "Doll in Hebrew", which I do not think is nice in pronouncing? Boohbah! What if a kid says it quickly? It would get someone a heart attack. The dolls are scary & their names too!! It could be an other synonym for BOOH?!

All in all I will fight the Boohbah phenomenon! We should put an end to scary toys. Yes to the Barbie, Hello Kitty Era & every other NICE toy that ever existed.

اعتقدت ان الهدف من الالعاب انها تكون جذابه و ما تخرع ،، تكون بمظهر لطيف بس شكل المقومات اللي على اساسها يحدد شكل اللعبه اختلف،، للأسوء

Tuesday, 2 May 2006


من زمان ماحطيت صور ورد ،، و لا بالواقع شريت ورد @@ طحت لي على محل كله توليب و هم اوركيد @!@ احلى وردتين عندي و فعلا هالمحل كنز،، عموما صباح أو مساء الخير ،، الورد حلو ،، و عسى الله يتمم على الكل نعمة الابتسامه من اشياء بسيطه تبعدنا عن تعقديات الحياة
على صعيد آخر ما ادري ليش ساكنه ب
لدرجة اني اعرف اذا غيروا مكان مخده او حتى شمعه؟
أحلى شي بالاجانب انهم ياخذون الابتسامه على انها ابتسامه، ما يحاولون بطرق ملتويه انهم يحولون المعنى لألف معنى! الابتسامه العابره مالها اهداف خفيه يا فطاحل الكويت "اللي اقصدهم بكلامي" و بس

Friday, 7 April 2006


وفاة الفنان خالد النفيسي أثرت بكل بعض ** الكويتيين ،، عندي كلام واجد ودي أقوله بس اليوم ضاق خلقي للخبر اللي بتكلم عنه بعد هالفقره بس ماني قادرة اكتب!! خالد النفيسي ضحكنا، بكانا، والاهم وعّانا!! فنه بيعيش بالأذهان ما اعتقد عمري راح أنسى " ايتهانانانا النسوه" ولا " شي له عصعص و يمشي على أربع و يقول ناو ناو ناو" ولا حتى إبداعاته الكثيرة اللي قاعدة اتمر ببالي مثل فلم طويل و حلو،، الوفاة و اللي يصير بعدها اهو مقياس حبنا! أشكثر نذكر الشخص و أشكثر نبره بالدعاء ،، الحين وقت الحب

ونّسوني تلفزيون الكويت و الإذاعة على إنهم قدروا هذا الفنان و ذكروه،، مشكورين

صبّحت اليوم بخبر زعلني،، الدكتور أحمد الربعي تعبان *تحديث* تفاصيل جديدة شوي خلتني اتنفس الصعداء عند شباب ساحة الصفاة! "جيكوا على موضوع ساحة الصفاة و بتفهمون قصدي، لكن الموضوع لم يقل جديه"

عسى الله يشفيه و يرد له عافيته يا رب ،، هالشخص من اكثر الرجال الكويتيين تأثيرا فيني فهو مفكر، قارئ، متحدث، شعلة تفاؤل، قلب كبير يحب الكويت و يشوف فيها الزين دائماً و اهو اللي كان شعاره الانتخابي (على ما اذكر،، و لكن متأكدة من المعنى أكثر من الكلمات) "تفاءلوا
*،،الكويت لا تزال جميلة" عمري ما شفت شخصيه عامه كويتيه تبعث بنفسي التفاؤل كثره. بأيام التوتر الكويتي العراقي و محاورات الجزيرة الملغومة ما يبرّد جبدي إلا أهو! محد يعرف ايجعم المشوهين للواقع و التاريخ كثره و محد جعم عبد الباري دولار "عفواً عطوان؟!" مثل الدكتور أحمد الربعي

طريقة حواره فعلا تشد الانتباه، أسلوبه بالمحاجة و النقاش راقي لأبعد الحدود، معلوماته الرائعة تساند فصاحته و يكفي سماحته مع الرأي و الرأي الاخر و تقبله للكل على اختلافهم

بالجامعة تمنيت إني اخذ لو ربع محاضره عنده ،، بس للأسف خذاه المجلس بس ما زعلت بالعكس استانست واجد لأنه بيكون إنسان فعلا أتمنى انه يمثلني و يتكلم بلسان عقلي بالمجلس! على الرغم من كل الصعوبات و قلة حجم المكتسبات إلا إن وجوده كافي عندي. و فعلا انوي إن الله أحيانا و خذينا حقوقنا السياسية فعلياً و صار فرصه ان الدكتور الربعي يستصح و ينزل الانتخابات بكون من اول الملاحقين له وين ماكان بأي دائرة بس علشان أعطيه صوتي! مع إني ما أحب هالفكره "إني اغير الدائرة" لأني احس إنه نوع من الغش بس علشان يطلع رجل شريف و يمثل الشعب الكويتي أعتقد إنه عندي مبرر كبير علشان اسمح لنفسي بهالحركه

ارد و اقول عسى الله يقوم الدكتور الربعي بالسلامة و يرد لأهله بكامل عافيته يا رب آمين ،، و على تفاؤلك يا الربعي بمشي و ببتسم و أقول ان شاء الله اترد صحتك

شكراً شروق*

نظرا للاعتراضات على ان هذه ليست حقيقه مطلقه "مع العلم انها "المشطوبه" كانت كلمه عفويه و غير مبنيه على احصائيه موثقه :) و لذا تم تغييرها بناء على نفي البعض عن كليتها

Friday, 31 March 2006

و كمان برضو "نووتس" خلال فترة اللا-كتابه اللي انا فيها الحين :>

يرجى زيارة هالموقع لأن هالبوست فيها شي مهم :) حلو الاحساس

هيفا ،، بدي عيش .. اذا كانت هيفا تبي تعيش و موعايشه حياتها عدل!؟ عيل منو اللي عايش؟

Have you ever noticed that VIVID is a frog word? I mean just try to say the word quickly in less than one second several times
" vivid, vivid, vivid"
Now say it again trying to make ur voice more froggish!
" vivid, vivid, vivid"

I discovered that on the way to work since I tried to make up my good old frog voice where I use the word "OORABA'A" of course the OO's are for the 1st on then its the "RABA'A" all over again & again.

على كثر ما الانفلونزا مرض بسيط بس له قدره على انه يهد الحيل! و هالشي خلاني افكر اشلون يتحملون اللي الله بلاهم بأمراض صعبه؟ و تحتاج العلاج طوال الوقت و آلامهم اكثر من اللي كان يحوشني بأسوء نوبات الصداع؟ اعتقد ان من يقول "الصحة تاج على رؤوس الاصحاء لا يراه الا المرضى" معاه حق 100% فعلا الصحه نعمه تستاهل اننا نشكر الله عليها كل وقت

كالعاده وصلني ايميل عن موضوع معين و على اساس اني بنشره و هم انشغلت! و المشكله ان اخر موعد لتسليم المقالات اليوم!؟
this was sent to me via e-mail check the site [HAMSA] out & participate if you think you have something to say

I am having trouble accessing FRANKOM.COM ,, is it only me "my connection -fasttelco-" or there is something wrong with the server hosting his site? I miss checking out that blog!

Monday, 20 March 2006

Pause || notes

# I took a pause from blogging simply because it doesn't fit in as it used to but it will get back to my schedule soon, however I will keep on blogging just not as frequent as I used to...

## We Love Kuwait, sent me a spam e-mail ages ago & I wanted to write a post about their project but I will leave it to your curiosity & their SITE to see what they have to offer. What made me remember them is that I saw a nice big section displaying their books at Virgin mega store in Marina Mall :} if you have kids you will be interested in their work.

### Why don't people eat snow? I mean every one I ask "abroad & was able to enjoy snow" they say NO we didn't eat it? How hard can it be open ur mouth to the sky? ;p The last time I ate some snow I was aroooooound 6-8 years old? Still crave it.

#### Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman : Something Stupid Like I Love You ,, I remember when I fell in love with this song around 2001 or 2002 ?! It was soooo romantic! Still is till today. Everytime I listen to it I remember a dear friend's comment; that it didn't make sense "I love you" being a stupid thing to say! What I mostly love is that she is challenging him to say I love you in a different way :} at the same time he can't help but to say it in the end! Which is his feeling & what's right to say, that's why its so darn romantic :}

That's it 4 :} an even number

Sunday, 12 March 2006

Happy Birthday - للزهره اللي زينت جرافيكا اليوم

A lovely post by Bo-Maryoum published today :} take a moment to read it & do something truely human! This picture is dedicated to her & to every one like her, post it in your blog if you believe in it. I wish her from the heart a lovely life & a happy birthday.

موضوع أكثر من رائع كتبه بو مريوم اليوم :} اتمنى من الكل أن يقرأه و يتصرف بما يمليه عليه المنطق الانساني. و تعليق هالصوره اهداء لها و لكل من مثلها ،، عسى ذكرى يوم ميلادها تتجدد بالخير يا رب و عساها دوم بخير

Friday, 10 March 2006


When dreams take the form of human beings, you tend to be fooling your self with your expectations, since they are in the end DREAMS. The safest way is to be realistic & don't count on them that much :}


ماقصّرت لعباس ابراهيم ،، صاغ الكلمات الأمير السعودي بدر بن عبد المحسن. يتنامى بي فظول لقراءة كافة ما نشر للشاعر بدر بن عبد المحسن فلازلت استمتع ب " أبعتذر" ،،مبدع و أكثر ما يجذبني هي بساطته و جمالية المعاني

Saturday, 4 March 2006


محتاره ،، انصحها و لا اسكت مثل ماينصحوني اللي حولي؟ على الرغم من اللي تسويه بروحها الا اني اشوف داخلها مراهقه ضايعه مو أكثر ولا أقل مع العلم انها تقريبا من عمري يعني مو صغيره!! تصرفاتها غريبه وواضح انها اتفرغ كبت،، فهل اقرب منها و انصحها ولا اسكت؟ مادري بس كل ما اشوفها تكسر قلبي و احس بواجب تجاهها مع اني ما اعرفها كلش! احساس غريب

It`s amazing how an instructor can influence your love or hate for a certain subject! I sometimes wonder about the subjects I think I hate weather I hated them because they didn`t interest me or because of the teacher`s? I found out that 90% because of the people who taught me them! The good thing is I'm opening up a little for history nowadays since its vital for the mind.


رحل من يمتلك ارقى الثقافات ببدائيه
رحل من احببت من اول لقاء
رحل من لا اقاوم الا ان اكون طفله امامه
رحل من سألني: أتذكرين جدك؟ ،، جاوبت بنعم ،، فسألني: هل يشبهني؟ قلت نعم، فعلى الرغم من ان جدي اسمن منك الا ان "عيونكم نفس الشي أتبينون أخوان" ،، فبكى و بكيت

أكثر من رأنى كما انا و ليس كما يرون
أكثر القلوب حنانا و صرامه
أكثر من دافع عني و حرص على تقدير الآخرين لي
أكثر من غامر و كان بينهم نجماً

بعد رحيله أحمل له الكثير بداخلي ،، و الأهم هي ذكرى "وصل الرحم" ،، كررها مرتين بصور مختلفه يحاكي فيها طفله ليشرح لها ندمه على إنفراده بحياته وسكنه

الله يرحمه

P.S: He died a while ago I just needed to post about him from me to him.

Friday, 3 March 2006

Kalila Wa Dimna - The Mirror For Princes

I missed writing about something that makes me think & stay in front of the PC for a long while till I feel that my eyes are numb, sooo with out any further delay, this is my review of the play.

Kalila Wa Dimna - The Mirror For Princes
The 3rd & last show for it in Kuwait

The time frame of historical events ::

Through my simple knowledge of the Islamic history I agree with the general frame of events & assure that it was not broken nor experienced any harmful additions, the events that the play was based on are details that the writer took a peek in & turned into a meaningful mirror just like the plays name & aim.

True, the Abbasids (العباسيون) built their Caliphate on blood, it was a very bad take over from the previous Caliphate holders The Umayyad (الأمويون). Their ruling was built on a revolution that killed who ever refused to obey. Regardless of the fact that many historical writers pay a lot of respect to how the Abbasids made the Islamic culture rise! In the end it was built on blood not faith.

I liked very much that the author of the play did not touch the main historical events & he was able to reach out with his idea to the viewer without harming history, he used it to build on it several messages. The first & foremost one that caught my admiration is the title.

The message ::

The first & foremost message that caught my admiration was the title.

Kalila Wa Dimna - The Mirror For Princes

The whole play is a big mirror, at that time Kalila Wa Dimna was not only a book of stories, the stories were opinions of a writer, of the political events around him, a space for him to run from confronting death by saying what he thought of the things happening around him "behind the walls of the ruling palace & away from the public eye". A space to speak up & raise a mirror in his hand to show the Calipha what is happening around him & what is he missing out among all the gold diggers & honest believers.

At that time Ibn Al-Muqaf'a told these tales & wrote them to make up a verbal mirror for the Calipha to see through it. In this play Suliman Al-Bassam painted a huge mirror for us to see our history, compare it with the present & ACT. We have a choice we either look at the past & say "poor them" or realize that the past is nothing more than a mirror that reflects US & actually do something.

The love, faith & Islam eaters ::

Personally I think the most dangerous gift one can posses is the ability to take over a pure white painting & shed blood on it to form a long ladder for him to climb on & get to his personal needs. Those needs/dreams could be wealth, power or any other life related pleasures & that person is not thinking of what's beyond his life nor what awaits him in the next life! Of course the effect of all what he is doing on other people's lives is not in consideration.

The play presented that, showed how cruel the gold diggers that climb on Islam & surround the rulers are like, to just reach a certain position or posses a hand or a land full of money!

A lot of people at the time & the current time posses this ability to be something they do not believe in, just for the sake of their own pleasure, in the process they DELIBERATELY twist the facts & the regulations of Islam "or could be any other religion or believe too!" to take what they want. They by time try to take the place of The Holy Book & build on it what ever they wish, no matter how contradicted they might become "since they too sometimes want to cross the line of the Islamic regulations" & may go far to the extent of calling them selves "the light of Allah on earth"!!

Who ever tries not to join the league is called a ZINDIQ. A word that is very harsh & hard to be said to any one unless he fulfills a lot of conditions, and as expected the conditions became flexible for the rulers "at the time" to manipulate & create a Zindiq out of every person that resembles a stone in their way.

Faith is the most important thing that made Ibn Al-Muqaf'a stay alive, he had seen death but decided to fight it with his words, empowered by the love of Asia who asked for his help through love & showed him her faith in his tales, pushed him to present them to the Calipha in order to make a mirror to reflect what is going around him.

Of all what is said about him, he was presented as a mutual viewer of Islam, he liked the religion but was not a Muslim. The fact that Islam can be a religion that others admire was wonderful, IF ONLY it was let to be as it is & not as what people in power wished Islam to be like. However some historical writers claim he got into Islam just for the sake of staying alive, never the less history is all about integrity! Depending on how much the authors of history books have of it then we can be sure of their tales. Comparing pro & against "history events" writers is the safest way to at least get an un-biased opinion. Still he did become a Muslim :} so again the frame is not broken.

His love for Asia led him to his death eventually & even without being able to touch her although he became a Muslim to be able to be her husband. Asia which later on in the path of time gets married to Abu-Muslim who was a killing puppet that gave the Abbasids a firm grip against rebels.

Abu-Muslim realized that he was a toy very late & hated the fact that he killed a lot of Muslims & yes he thought that Abbasids would count him as one of them, not realizing the Arabic hidden code of marriage! You can never be one of them unless your blood is the same as theirs. He did not see the "NEVER" before trying to reach the descendants of the prophet in marriage, the student tried to outcome the teacher but he paid his life for such a an act.

Ibd Al-Muqaf'a ::

Ibn Al-Muqaf'a lost his hand among the fight to be close & tell the Calipha his tales of the jackal & the Pig. He who once spoke about the jackals got killed by them. All he needed is an honest & pure heart to hear him, they who climb around the golden chairs will not let him, its a survivor fight & the intellectual lost it. Will we support them? Or let the jackals run around freely? Its our choice.

His character represented the thinkers, writers & artists. What the play & historical events are saying is: will you murder us or let us live?

They trough this play & in history look at the mirror & tell us: see how life would be if we are to be killed! Do you want that history to live again? Is it right?

It is a rare opportunity to be able to see what is the outcome of our actions since fate is a mystery! We as common people should make the best of it & surelly the Rulers need this mirror too since they have the power to do something too but on a wider, more stronger scale.

The mirror ::

In the end darkness shed on all, free thinkers died. The whole play is a mirror of our time & as we all know the famous saying (التاريخ يعيد نفسه) "history repeats it self" is presented, at that moment where we realize this fact we have a choice to be a played back piece of a historical tape or get the best of it & step away from the errors other had fallen into?

Al-Bassam made the final entrance in an amazing way. The boards that kept moving around the play gathered around at the end. The lights were shining the theatre side & the audience had no lights on them

"we were in the DARK"

So the mirror he held in his hand reflected ALL what was written on the see through boards all along the play & then with the magic of the lighting people, the theatre was dark & we had the lights focused on us

"now we are in the LIGHT"

And then that same mirror he held in his hands with the EXACT same movement, now reflects US....

The see through boards ::

along the play there were big see through boards that had tires under them to be able to move them along the play. At the beginning the Jackal drew the map of the Abbasids ruling space & noted the important cities that were discussed in the play. Then it began to be filled with writings! Names of characters & interrelations between them also important events, by the time the play came to its end that board held every piece of history that came into that period & was worth noting in the play, it was used well. To me it was perfect because it resembled the tiny note I keep "or sometimes my mobile" to write down important things. A mobile history note that at times inside the play was used in a smart way to reflect events related to certain people & was used in an impressive way in the end when Al-Bassam held the mirror.

The boards kept us posted & in full alert, personally I kept looking at it every once & a while :}

Surtitles ::

I tried to keep looking at them & felt that Arabic needed more! Sadly I only attended the play once & was dazzled by the events I did not have the will to pick up my note to write down the things I noticed, but remember one I think when Abu-Muslim was introduces they stated listing the names of countries & then there was a misorder of countries in Arabic? I am not sure but DEFINITELY even if its sure, its a tiny note about the surroundings but not the actual plot or acting of the play :}

Complexity produced from simplicity ::

Now the only thing I feel guilty for not mentioning so far is the visual & sound effects that were used & the cast. The visual & sound effects were perfect! Simple not too impressive YET used in the right way. If more effects were inserted into the play the whole plot would have been lost to the admiration of these effects, & yes the play kept me waiting for what's next! Although I read about it before I came in but still the effects impressed me.

The way that the curtains were placed & the actors came in was creative too it gave me a feeling that I'm into this huge sound system that one instrument & tune is played on one speaker then ur attention moves to the other with a new sound comming form it! The attention of the audience was taken from one side to the other of the theature, at moments I felt that I was watching a tennis game :P but surely not over rated :} it was just the right amount!

The cast, they truly made a great afford, almost every actor in the play had more than two roles to play, either obvious or hidden in a costume, let a side the running inside to add make up & clothes then getting back out to the stage in an amazing time!

Commitment & devotion is what I loved about them. Their acting abilities are amazing too they felt the characters although each one had to deal with multiple characters at this play & that it self was a testimony for them that they are VERY GOOD actors.

Cheers to the actors & the stage effects people.

The Writer & Director ::

To Mr.Suliman Al-Bassam, I did not have the ability to talk to you in person when I attended the play but till that time of meeting you one day, I would like through these lines to say that you are a true artist. You have a great message to deliver to the world. The creativity I saw in that play truly states that you have something to give & with it mark the theatre history in Kuwait & hopefully in the world. Great work! Keep it up.

Had a lot of FUN ::

The last time I attended a play in Kuwait was in the 90's a play called (انتخبوا أم علي) which after I thought that I was not missing much :} although the play could have given a lot of use to our community but this is an other issue!

That day I realized that I am missing out on a lot, that there are things that are worth giving time to attend, that there is still hope in the theatre & we do have someone with a great message to display to the world & he is graceful enough to show it to the world. When we reached to the brake in the middle of the show I regretted that I did not attend Hamlet nor melting the Ice, next time Insha'a Allah I will be there for sure & will not miss out on any thing.

From this extended post you can see how much I loved it & how much I had to say about it :} That night I enjoyed my time a lot. Thank you Jackie & MEWHO! for posting the announcement, and other thank you for the Director/Writer & the whole cast of the play.

Last but not least here is the official web site for Zaoum Theatre Company which has a lot of content & is worth reading, personally I am enjoying the scripts available at the site & tonight will read "Trading - المقايضة"

Monday, 27 February 2006


أستعد للسفر قريبا لمدة 3 ايام تقريبا ان لم يكن أقل ،، أعلق الكثير من الآمال على هذه العطلة المسروقه من الوقت مشكلتها تعطيل الخطط و فائدتها الراحه النفسيه

لفتات لطيفة من اشخاص هادئين "بحياتي" ولكن تعطيني احساس جميل باني موجوده و اهمهم :) مجرد ان اخطر ببال احدهم شيئ يسعدني فما فكيف بمن يواصلونني و ان كنت غريبة عنهم؟ ،، شكرا

P.S: Thank you Purg, note taken :]

Thursday, 23 February 2006

Hello bloggie woggie

*What must end next week is post pond till after the 24th of this month, I am sick of waiting!

*NY chick is back :} ,,, with an important clarification in this post dedicated from me to Insomnia!

*Enjoying Boomerang

*Snapple apple

*Geomag is a very interesting magazine

*GeoMag is a very FuN game :} "click it its a different link"

*My closest friend: she always tells me to do what I feel like doing, she is right :} it feels so good. What keeps me from doing what "sometimes" is that I feel like at sometimes I care about other people more than me & mostly stay quiet! That is not true any more. Thank you :*

Saturday, 18 February 2006

هذرة تالي الليل

ودي اعرف اشلون راجو سايقنا فهم "جريدة الرأي العام" على انها قوطي آش؟
مع العلم ان محد ابيتنا يحب الآش ولا نطلبه، يعني مالنا سوابق بالآش بوجود الاخ راجو

يقولون يوديك البحر و يردك عطشان ،، طبيعي لان ماي البحر مالح اصلا!؟
لو كان نهر مو بحر يمكن بيكون لهالمقوله حس منطقي ، مو صح؟

Thursday, 16 February 2006

Just watched them

Just like heaven

Cute movie, not much of a story & plot, but I like the lead actors Reese Witherspoon & Mark Ruffalo,

both are adorable. How ever me & my sisters think that Mark Ruffalo is sooooo cute he is not so handsome but has a killing innocent pure look & soul, in 13 going on 30 he kept this very sweet character he has which I first found out about in View form the top, Mark add 3 girls to ur fan's list.

The idea of being meant for each other is charming its so fairy tail'ish (made it up ;p) still it doesn't fail. Its a cute movie all in all nothing surprising nor impressive, just a nice quiet romantic comedy.

Diary of a mad black woman

very nice one

Madea made me laugh my head off, I mean Tyler Perry is truly talented especially that he performed 3 characters in this movie in addition to him being in production, writing, song writing! I was impressed by this guy he is talented (how many times did I say it till now ;p), So back to the rest of the characters I loved that the movie actually had a message that is very obvious & in a way or an other no matter what is ur religion or how you worship GOD still when you have faith in GOD you can go through the hardest thing.

It also touched me how Kimberly Elise playing helen displayed a lot of emotions, especially showing how that a separated woman still keeps on supporting her husband although he did a lot to hurt her & kill every bit of love that is inside her to him YET she had this obligation towards him to get him through his crisis.

Her character showed that its not about love any more its about believing you do your best to make the best of other people, especially if for some day they were related to you, and till the day she got her papers signed & rested assure that she is DONE she felt free to find her heart & boooooooooy did she make a good choice @!@

I mean Shemar Moore is THE hottest black man after Craig David taking the lead :> and his character in the movie is out of this world & makes you wonder are there men like that out there? If there are then they are gems.

Back to Madea
I liked the intensity of her character she had every thing done the hard way but she was that great effect Helen needed to change, especially in her situation being so lost, Madea was her mentor to being a fighter & not giving up. Let a side her loving FEEDING character, a true mother of all. Tyler Perry captured a lot of an old black woman's strength & sense of humor, she provided love & strength to the whole movie.

This movie was romantic, funny & had faith add to that it showed the close family relations in the African-American community. I enjoyed it.

Tomorrow two more movie reviews :}

Saturday, 11 February 2006


check this out :}


I don't know the artist that made it but he is talented :} great work, actually made me smile & very happy. Amazing how simple things can make you enjoy ur day :>


Friday, 10 February 2006

Weirdness Tag...

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I love even numbers, even when it comes to setting the volume in the car's sound system I always prefer to set it on an even number. I have this thought that in odd numbers there is always a 1 that will be left out alone :(

I like using math in my every day life, I play a game with car plates numbers, each time I give my self a challenge & mathematically try to solve it :} for instance (123456) what's 456-123? Or how 123+x=456 so what is x? & of course the cars with plates that contain an even number of digits is my favorite.

I love driving at night, nor for enjoying the quietness of the night & the empty-ness of the streets :) but for the flashy colors of the dashboard, the darker the street I am in the better it is :) the lights will be brighter.

Sleeping is a hobby, I love sleeping & I have a very damn heavy head! When it sleeps it turns off the connection with the world, in some cases I need an explosion to wake up hmm that is if I didn't`t just turn on the other side & sleep again.

I tag every one that what's to be tagged & in addition I WISH from the following bloggers to accept the tag if they like to :} i.e this is not an obligation ;p

Kuwaiti Chopper Dude
Lil Alien
Jelly Belly

Annnnnnnnnd feel free to add ur self to the list if I forgot you :}

Last but not least thank you PIB for tagging me dear :>

Saturday, 4 February 2006

Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Mind block

Havne't been in the mood latelly but got back today to blogging :}

* Thank you PIB & Purgie for caring :) you guys rock!

* Volvic is my fav. bottled water, is there such a thing? I mean I try to convince my self that water is the same but its not to me! I think its probably the minirals that are added to it? btw whats urs if you prefer any over the others?

Tuesday, 24 January 2006

Freedom of speech

Each has his own freedom of speech, no one is allowed to tell me what is to be said or not :) as long as I want to say it & it will not offend any person. Criticism is accepted with one condition WRITE/TALK TO ME IN THE SAME MANNER I WRITE IN, no swearing no insulting!... Respect is first & foremost; else! Will be ignored.

Friday, 20 January 2006

Not in the mood!

I am still sad, I miss our Amir may his soul rests in peace

عمري 25 و حكم الشيخ جابر امتد 27 سنه، من وعيت و اهو اميرنا، تربينا بالمدرسه على الاغاني الوطنية و تعلمنا انه بابا جابر مو بس أميرنا الشيخ جابر. تميت اقول بابا جابر لي الحين لانه فعلا ابو،، ماعرفته شخصيا فما اقدر احكم بس عرفت تواضعه و طيبته مع الكل، احلى ما فيه حساسيته لما وقف بالازمه بمجلس الامن علشان يناشد العالم و يشرح قظية اغتصاب ارض و تشرد شعب دمعت عيونه، دمع الكويتيين كله تلخص بهالدموع كلنا بجينا بوقتها. احساس قاتل بالظلم و القهر، و مع جذيه تمينا متمسكين بايماننا ان الكويت بترد و اننا على حق

استغرب من اللي بعد موته يستغلون غيابه لتشويه صورته، صحيح محاوله فاشله بس فعلا حسيت اننا بغابه او بالاحرى صحراء فيها ضباع تتحرى الجثث علشان تاكلها، بس الحمد لله حامض على بوزهم :) الكويتيين فيهم خير

ما بقى لنا الا الدعاء له بالرحمه و اللي فيه خير يدعي بينه و بين ربه لهالشخص الطيب اللي كان لنا ابو و امير، الحياة بتستمر اكيد بس ترى هذا اهو الوقت اللي يحتاج فيه المتوفي لحبنا اللي نتغنى فيه بحياته الحين الوقت اللي المفروض نظهره

Sunday, 15 January 2006

بابا جابر

عظم الله اجركم عسى الله يغمد روح ابونا جابر الجنه و يغفر له ذنوبه

يا ريت لو الكل يدعي له و يحلله ،، كلمات بسيطه نقولها و نعنيها تعبر له فعليا عن اللي بقلوبنا ،، لاتبخلون عليه بالدعاء ،، مو بس بهال3 ايام او ايام الحداد الاربعين فكروا فيه و بموتاكم و ادعوا لهم دوم

اللهم اغفر له وارحمه وعافه واعف عنه وأكرم نزله ووسع مدخله واغسله بالماء والثلج والبرد
ونقه من الخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس وأبدله دارا خيرا من داره وأهلا خيرا من أهله وزوجا خيرا من زوجه وأدخله الجنة وأعذه من عذاب القبر ومن عذاب النار


Saturday, 14 January 2006

A falcon or a grasshopper?

Now since ever the relation between the Bedouiin culture & the falcon has been close, some of Bedow men are proud to carry their falcons every where even when they are in company with other people, its a friend & a pet!

At a TV series I saw to guys who act to be Badow chatting,,,,,,

A falcon? A grasshopper is better

More at flickr!

Thursday, 12 January 2006

Where is NYchick ????

Although I do not comment much since I recently started seriously reading her blog & what an amazing one it is I must say :} however I did not check it out in the last week I wonder what went on? Why is the blog not found?? Am I missing something ? Or am I like every one clueless about the whereabouts of her??

I miss NYchick :(

Monday, 9 January 2006

عيدكم مبارك

The first day of Eid will not be the same without my mother around, she went to El-Hajj but thursday she will be back home so it won't be very long.

This Eid's last minute shopping killed me! not for me but for my younger sisters. It was exhausting @@ we literally went to EVERY place that sells any thing! it will all end by tomorrow the first day of Eid. There were tries to get me to take them some where today but no I put an end to it enough is enough!

Happy Eid every one

عيدكم مبارك ،، و عسى كل أيامكم سعيده


Saturday, 7 January 2006


A lot to do, might stop posting for a few days... So @!@ till further notice!

Tuesday, 3 January 2006


Hectic schedule at work, a lot to do & a lot of organizing to finish in a short time, a course to attend, notes to be taken & to top it all a report to be written :>

Wanting to write something I kept staring at my home page "google" & google'd something! Got some links :}