Tuesday, 25 December 2007

From here and there

An appetite to blog, I don't know if such a thing exists? But life can be crazy, tonight I would like to read something instead of stacking books and staring at them, I still prefer magazines to them I could not get rid of some of the ones I have I guess I like collecting them :)

الجو مو طبيعي، اجازة هاليومين بالكويت ممتعة :> ، طلعة الضحى مو طبيعية، الناس يا مسافرين يا محكورين بدواماتهم او منخشين بالبيت ما يبون البرد و الكويت حلوة

I defiantly need to write the following posts before this year ends!

1- "We Care"
2- Rod Rodriguez from Las Vegas
3- Michael Roberts
4- In the land of the unknown

spice up the blog, change and renew, hmm although i did a few things here and there but nothing major

Monday, 17 December 2007


Link of the day ::


incredibly cute, will write about how I got to it, its a magical world where I kept smilling all the time.

Monday, 3 December 2007


أطلقت على دايسو محل الشيء اللي يبيع شيئ لزوم الشيئ اللي ما له شيئ، هذا الموقع اعلااااه مثل هالسالفه ،، فيه اشياء حلوة و عصرية و تونس بس فيه اشياء تقول ليش يعني؟ شنو فايدتها الحقيقية ! بس انها تونس

A list of some of the items I liked:

Cube wall clock :D
to visual tricks lovers!

A new definition for a rubber duck :D ,, Jackie came to mind instantly, although she moved to Couch Avenue, still the RubDuckie is mentally attached to her image in my mind ;p

Cube Alarm Clock ,,, Nibaq came to mind this time, he likes clocks! this one too is nice :D

This is a wonderful decorative piece!

I instantly thought of THING ,, the moving hand in Addams family! Pretty creepy...

Who can live without an olive spoon?

Now this one is FUN :D City Squirties Bath Toy

This was brought to you frooooom

UMA : Urban Materials + Accessories online
cool site check it out, although I doubt that I left much to be seen ;p

Hiro Nakamura

Hiro Nakamura will only sound familiar if you are into the series Heroes! A recent addiction of mine, Hiro along with Matt Parkman & Peter Petrelli are the cutest of them! there are a lot of other addicts to Heroes, world wide, there is even a Heroes WIKI !!! Also Heroes Revealed is a great site.

Regarding the background of the actor performing Hiro moodless said it first :}

Although I am liking the series & following it up but I prefer movies ,, they have a beginning & an ending in a few hours :D the story stretching is not always done well! even if it was as long as The Lord of The Rings trilogy still it ends in less than a day.... I wouldn't have to wait for the network, ratings and demand to stretch the series if they are earning well :> I am still in season 1 episode 13, lets see if I will stay interested for long.

Oh the reason for this post is that when he started looking for a samurai's sword, the samurai is real & he is called "Takezo Kensei", there was a peice of reality in the sword's story, check this link out, where the writer of that post thinks that Takenzo Kensei is "Miyamoto Musashi" who is well known among the Japanese samurai [the wiki link I inserted is not highly trusted!] how ever back to the Kirainet:

he suggests

"“Takezo” is an alternative reading of Musashi 武蔵, and “Kensei” is the highest rank a samurai can hold, only legendary samurais are considered “Kensei”. “Kensei” could be translated as “Heroe”."

Which adds credibility to the story by mixing history & fiction, that is also a good combination for a perfect lie, the best lie is the one that is half real, using real things/ facts/ people to insert them in a fictional story will make it more believable. Just like the girl with a pearl earrings :D although in the girl with a pearl earrings case, the painting is an inspiration for the novel.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Originally, is it a novel or a painting?
Which came first?

It's originally a painting that had no much information about, no story no background on it nor on the painter, he is Dutch called Johannes Vermeer ,, I love wiki

Then in 1999 a novel was written, by the American Tracy Chevalier, who took the painting as an inspiration to write that novel about a young girl called "Griet" who had to work as a maid in the Artist house "Vermeer's" ,, afterwards he paints her wearing his wife's pearl earring which caused her to be fired, then married a man who she was in love with "Pieter",,,, the rest can be seen in the movie! Produced in 2003

Three things made me write this post:

1- I liked the painting
2- If the reader, movie watcher did not know that the novel is built on the painting but does not relate to its real story "which is unknown, and there might not be one! it could be a simple portrait noting attached to it" ,, then that lack of knowledge could build a base for who might say the novel tells the story of the painting.
3- I do not like the fact that most artists, are not well appreciated in their life as much as they are in their death.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

From here and there

Random thoughts today ,, bare with me I might not make much sence ,, hmmm even my last sentance does not huh? :D

@ Mark's, Why so much comments on this post? LOL do we all suffer from driving tickets that much?

اكزومبي عنده رفيو حلو شوقني و هم عنده موضوع مشوق!؟ انا سمعت ان النص يفقد روحة بالترجمة بس عمري ما شفت ان النص يصير جذبه بالترجمة

Kuwait Motor Show pics, also got the link from mark's blog, if you don't know it then you need to know it, in other words, I am too lazy to reopen the window & get the link LOL you can go to the one above, see his main page & ur there :D Thank you ROUB for the pics,, planning to go there this week, not sure when it will finish on the 4th, which is THIS Tuesday!!!

مرزوق محطة يومية

Little time, a lot to do, bad mood! NOT a good combination, however today I am fresh & determined to catch up with my deadlines....

شي ما احبه بالحريم ،، دام تدرين ان فلااانه راعية حجي و على قولة المصاروة ما يتبلش ببؤاها فووله تزعلين اذا درت الكويت ليش؟ و على فرض زعلتي لانها تكلمت و قالت اللي قالته الحين شنو بيدج؟ يا تزفينها و اتحرمين تقولين لها شي او ترفعين الجام و تكبرين راسج ، هالشي مو حكر على الحريم بس مؤخرا تكرر مع عدة نساء حولي و للأسف كنت المُتحلطم لها عن اللي صار

Great display, FJ is hip and the new Land is UGLY !!!!! waaaay ugly, can't wait to go to the Kuwait Auto show

بو مريوم بعد عنده كلام ختشير اليوم "اثر فيني ذكر فيفي عبده بالبوست"،، ترى صج الاحمدي على كثر ما اهي قديمة ليش ماكو منطقة نموذجيه مثلها على كثر ما بنت الكويت عقبها ،، على سبيل المثال لا الحصر

I hope I can go! here is the schedule ,, between all the shopping and preparing for my brother's big day,,, in a few months to come