Sunday, 30 January 2005

Today in Mad M2000's cartoons


& now


I know I didn't want to get politics into my blog (my chill, relax & quiet place) but what happened today is serious!

Mad M2000 drew it! back in 2002, that is 3 years before now ..

Click to enlarge

What's next?! I really don't know but I deep inside hope it wont get worse & all the stupid terrorists get da'hell out of here FAST.

Saturday, 29 January 2005

Dont you hate it?!

Dont you hate it:

* When ur in the car driving or walking in the street you get this incredible thought to post about & add it to your blog & say oh I will definatelly add it, then find your self loosing that thought in the thin air !!

* When you catch ur brother's baby girl saying the cutest things & right when u turn your camera she just stops talking & acting !!

* When you stare at the blank area that ur supposed to write a post in & find the white space is not so tempting to let your mind fill it with text !!

Friday, 28 January 2005

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

Hmm sorry its more like 4 blogs of the week. Well Purgatory 72 you finally get your wish granted. Alert to readers this will review 4 blogs so be patient & try to take a deep look into the listed blogs...

1- Beyond Space And Time .. By .. Purgatory 72

This is a basic personal blog where you can see the different sides of Purgatory 72's personality or maybe personalitieS.. Since there is the

Serious Purg
Mysterious Purg
Dark Purg
intelligent Purg
Geometrical Purg
Again Dark Purg
geek-ish Purg
My favorite Purgatory the cook
Also Again Dark Purg!
Purgatory 72's official FLAG
Purgatory the encyclopedia
Musical Purg
Oh yeah you can checkout his hand too ;p

Last but not least his blog buddy :}

2- Q8iat .. By .. Shosho

Which is a mixed blog I guess, there is:
*political news
*Film making
*Danah Al-Nasrallah
*Blogs weather they are a phenomenon or a thing to last among Q80es
* This to me is the most interesting post not only because of the content but for the open mind that went & read this :} she is a good reader I must say + What I like about her too is she puts it simple & likes a good well educated reader to get into the mood.
* Liaries!!

Then there was the P4 thing! That joined them since both Shosho & purgatory spoke about it vaguely so Gigi gave us her view of the whole P4 issue !

1st post by Gigi containing the picture of P4
Then Chapter one started with G.A.P , that came to life @!@ also by Gigi
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 - 8 - 9 & 10
Chapter 11

Now needless to say QQQ is truly a fun blog I loved her creativity & sense of humor & its not fair to only list it in this post but to dedicate a "blog of the week" post for QQQ

So any how back to Shosho & purgatory here (click on the names) they both declare they will move on to a joint blog .. Called @!@

3- OurThoughtsBehindSpaceAndTime (if ur interested refer to Purg's Geometrical post & u will know why) .. By Purgatory 72 & Shosho & P4

that in about two days ago became Penguins N' Purple .. P4 was finally officially introduced in P'n'P There is a large variety of posts to talk about there but I will leave that for you to explore HOWEVER I can not skip the penguins part ... Because

they exist here, there , & also here ,, then over here then there @!@ again over here (this is my fav & most cute one ever posted there) .... Well you can get the point by these posts & MORE there on penguins why did they call it (Penguins in Purple instead of Our thoughts beyond space & time!

The new addition there while you browse the blog you can listen to Classic Rock Live :} which is now IMPROVED & optional :>

So cheers to

Purgatory 72

and also for

Cici & Gigi

For great entertaining blogs :}
WHEW that was one long post @@ & a lot of links ;p but fun to write too.

Tuesday, 25 January 2005

Saturday, 22 January 2005

Geese, may & books

Saw these geese @ Al-Fanar complex "my fav. Complex in Kuwait I just love it there although not all of the shops I need are available there BUT I simply love it" I thought they were pretty cute but my sister thought they were scary!

I think "may" still has an effect till today since showtime had it on the movie channel yesterday & we saw most of it.. I thought it was a low budget horror film although the photography wasnt bad nor the effects, also the story was goodBUT can be improved.. Conclusion after we saw each other so close to each other by the end of the movie: WE HATE horror film :}

Out of the subject I can't get my self to read "the five people you meet in heaven" every time I read it I fall into sleep because lately the time that I feel am free to read in is my bed time :>, I should try to read it before this month ends & also try to make that un-read books pile get less & less.

Thursday, 20 January 2005

Blah Blah

*I miss you old friend, its not so easy going through life with out you being there. Where ever you are happy eid dear :]

back to the keyboard faces thing with my latest creation :


Ali Esmaeil .. علي إسماعيل

Am so tired & barely wrote this post that if not now then I might forget or get busy with eid & not post it, any how I came home late after along day of fasting then last minute shopping & getting clothes from taylor routine.. any how the main even happined in body shop

at the counter I spoted this thing that looked like a CD or something ,, so as I fliped it open I saw this ..

ali Originally uploaded by Q80-Chill Girl.

I read that these are cards decorated with an Iraqi kid's drawings, that child lost his hands & family too in 2003 by an American bomb that fell on his village. He was brought to Kuwait to be treated & so he did, then went to the UK to continue his treatment. These paintings were made by his feet :} as time went by with his body lacking the exitance of arms he didn't quit & drew wonderful pictures with his feet. The British Ladies Society of Kuwait (BLS) arranged the production of these cards (many other details are avilable on the cards if u get to buy them which am hopping that you do please). The cards only cost 2 KD! thoes 2 KD actually go to Ali's fund to assure that his & many other Iraqi kids future is better :}

So ladies & gents head to body shop, pay 2 KD for ali & other kids in need. Also the (BLS) have an account where you can send more donations to children if you wish to do so. Some may say we want to pay for the needy here in Kuwait I say go a head go for it & draw a smile on many needy faces & remember also 2 KD is a coffee cup that we enjoy with friends & smile with them so why not invest the same amount to make others smile? here or there just try to help as much as you can.

مختصر ما قيل اعلاه .. لدى محلات بودي شوب بالكويت بطاقات مزينة برسومات الطفل العراقي (علي إسماعيل) الذي فقد يداه و اسرته في سنة 2003 عند سقوط قنبلة امريكية على قريته. تلقى علي العلاج بدولة الكويت و منها الى بريطانيا لكي يستكمل العلاج .. فقدانه ليده لم يفقدة الإرادة و استخدم قدمية كبديل ليدية و استطاع ان يرسم بهما. جمعية "سيدات بريطانيا بالكويت" قامت برعاية طباعة البطاقات التي تحمل رسومات علي و يذهب ريع الاموال التي يتم جمعها لعلي و اطفال عراقيين و سيستخدم الريع لمساعدتهم و المساهمة ببناء مستقبلهم. قيمة الكروت 2 دينار كويتي فقط! بمبلغ بسيط كهذا انت ترسم البسمة على وجه طفل يحتاج للمساعدة . و ان رغبتم بالتبرع بالمزيد يوجد حساب بنكيّ للجمعية تستقبل به التبرعات و المعلومات مرفقة بداخل البطاقات التي تباع بأفرع بودي شوب بالكويت
صحيح ليسوا الوحيدين المحتاجين و لربما يقول البعض لدينا من هم محتاجون بالكويت فهم أولى .. لكن دينارين مبلغ قهوه نتسلى بها في حين انها لهم تساهم بمستقبلهم ..

و ان لم يكن للبعض رغبة التبرع لمن هم خارج الكويت فإبحثوا عن من ترونه يستحق المساعدة بالكويت :) المهم المساعدة و رسم الإبتسامة على من مددتم لهم يد العون فالابتسامة على وجه الاخرين لا تقدر بثمن

Tuesday, 18 January 2005


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

I got me a flickr account :}

Short simple post!

* WORK: New project given to me today :} ,, although every one is telling me to not care less & work as basic as the others are (paper & pencil) am thinking of doing a different way to finish up that project & do a tiny slide show to get my idea through. It would be fun to be a little creative & actually use my abilities on this thing.

* EID SHOPPING: Didn't do much of it :} but I am ready except family needs to go shopping more, some how they just NEVER say we don't want to go shopping!

* WEATHER: coooooooooooooooooold :} but its nice to freeze a little before the summer of 2005 attacks which is like next march ;p, just to be cold & when the hotdays come in then we can say OH we once were cold :D

* COLOR: Still sticking with deep purple, am crazy about this color lately I don't know why but it this Winters spirit to me.

* HOPING: For a quiet weekend, lots of sleep, happy EID to all :>

A post it NOTE with a question to her that I don't know & saw today, is Charleston hip again?

Monday, 17 January 2005


Hello every one :} this is an idea I had in mind for a long while & just got to actually do it .. Its a small puzzle called: Where Am I?

**How to solve it : Name the place that appears in the attached picture inside every post titled (WHERE AM I) & that's it :}

**Aim: to give you a thing to think about & see how all of us know Kuwait.

The start will be dead easy :>

So people :} Where am I?


I have always loved Monday of all the 5 work days in the week because its mid-week here so its the end of the week :} what's left is less than what passed & the weekend is looking over :>

There was a tiny project that the new manager has assigned me to do, hardly challenging but its very demanding & its done any how, so for like 3 weeks I have been putting aside my main work (on her request) to finish this project which was supposed to be something big! The final step was to show it to the senior manager & she didn't approve it, on the basis that its not necessary! So if its so un-necessary then why do it in the first place? Why waste good work hours in a thing that is not so important?

Well it was a waste of 3 weeks of hard work & one totally bad personal assignment where the other person I went to get some information from turned me down after I actually went to her personally while she should fax in the requested information @!@

Priority is the magical word of the day :}. Currently I have 3 projects to work on, the one that is done appeared to be un-necessary so lets hope the 2 left don't face the same destiny & one of them am sure if I was told it not important I sure will damn cry like its hell :} since I did put too much effort in it.

Can you guess what are these?
How are they made?

Saturday, 15 January 2005


As a reply to D'n'G 's question about how good is this magazine I recently bought I wrote this post :}.. THOUQ meaning taste in Arabic is a shopping guide that is issued twice a year & includes a lot of useful information about places to shop/eat/relax in Kuwait. Also the latest trends are featured on this magazine/guide. The amount of word-less spaces make it so enjoyable to read what ever they wrote, add to that they actually posted a picture & noted around the same point that I had in mind for THIS thing *Picture hosted by PicLog*, and speacking of which .. why is it out there? I guess to BUY IT from someone & make that someone rich or richer!..

There are very nice small tips I especially liked the ba'2 (B) article :> very interesting & creative, and since am more of small articles liker I did enjoy most of their words scattered around the pages..

Also there is this tiny mystery that the magazine dares us to solve which reminded me of (fu'6ooli) that we used to look for inside (Majid) magazine that revolve around fiding a picture "in THOUQ's case" a dot containing the word "ذوق"
They included their e-mail & other contact info to send your answer to them & you might win a prize :> till now I didn't find that dot since I just scanned it didn't concentrate really,, but I will try to find it. Of course their site contains a lot of useful information about this guide so check it out :} give it a go.

The only thing missing about this & I quote from their site " published bi-annually and delivered FREE to selected group of sophisticated people and places in Kuwait" magazine is history :} all I know is that it gets published every 6 months & that's it :S did it start like 5 years ago ? A year? Just a few months ago I truly have no idea although I have the impression its a fresh new baby.. It might not be such a big deal to you but to me its important to know when did the magazine am reading start & all.

Last point that I thought should be given more time is the site I think with a shopping guide the content should be richer than this BUT am assuming this is the first issue & this is a baby site :} so fill it up with juicy stuff coz it will drag attention soon :> I think its a great magazine with new ideas & a very cool content/perspective of things.. Cheers to THOUQ.

Friday, 14 January 2005


The (D) light at night with a shaky hand ;p

Fusayfesa2 art @ burj Ehmood or El-hmood am not sure but its located in Kuwait City

THOUQ,, pretty nice mag, I mostly loved how the cover is full of my favourite color for this winter :}

Thursday, 13 January 2005

Title-less post

I've always asked my self, the post or the title first? Which should be written before the other.. Sometimes the title can get your thoughts arranged in one direction if written first.. Other times you just write & not feel your self wanting to fill that tiny box above more than you want to pour all you have in mind in just one second in the post body.

Since last night I woke up asking my self, What went wrong? Why did it happen now? Why do I always know it when it will be bad?.. I can't stop wondering that if it was something worth it? Should I have hidden my feelings like I do with most people? And just act that am fine!.. Should I have been more patient & listened more than I spoke? Should I have kept my mouth shut?

Then with the crowd of all the questions above I find my self asking me.. Did I hurt that person? I think this is the most important question of all. I hope I didn't....

Wednesday, 12 January 2005


I dont know what is it with me sleeping lately @!@. Had a long day then slept from 5pm-12 midnight & now getting ready to get back to sleep & go to work tomorrow.

Monday, 10 January 2005


Check it out through BABA it self or @!@ through what nibaq had to say about it in KuwaitBlogs its the first competition for arabic blogs :} give it a go. Hurry up only 4 more days left to enter the compettition.

A few blah blah's

Women, they as any thing in this world change & vary (You don't say @!@) any way the point is coming. While being in a place crowded with women this evening I saw a lot of examples, there was the cute, quiet, loud, grumpy.. Etc. Oddly what I saw in their eyes was tiredness as if this place is like a hideaway or a place for that woman to have some peace & time for her self. Which brought up the idea of how happy we really are with our lives? Is it worth that sadness I saw in a few eyes today? .... The place is a ladies salon.

Writing thoughts (to post about) down is the next step for me, since not once or twice but I would say more like a ZILLION times I have good thoughts but when am home & right in front of the PC I totally forget them! The reason why I don't write posting thoughts down is the fear of blog addiction.

Saturday, 8 January 2005

How can I get rid of ?!

1- The extremely loud sound I make when I sneeze?, I mean I sound like an OLD no really old man @@ yeah "that" scary sound that breaks the sound barrier.

2- The flu that just hit me out of no where? :< I dont want to go to the Dr.

P.S: I feel like the picture linked to the title is for an opera singer more than a woman sneesing :S but its the best I got.

Thursday, 6 January 2005

Fruit Salad :}, my latest work of art

Yesterday in a big gathering I had my share of helping to add some fresh-lly done Fruit Salad .. So here it is in pictures:

1- chop selected fruits about the same size (preferably tiny so that a small spoon can carry about 4 pieces of fruit) .. The fruits I chose yesterday were :

a- Apples (3 medium sized)
b- Banana (2 medium sized)
c- kiwi (3)
d- Strawberry (a whole small plastic box, u know the boxes they sell them in!)
e- Grapes ( as much as u need green into the mix)
f- citrus fruit (not too much if ur gona use a yellow colored juice like I did)

2- After you see the quantity of the chopped fruits fill up about 3/4 of the bawl mix them up & add your favorite kind of juice, my preferred one is mango BUT there are rules for that:

  • Since mango is a sweet fruit then use not so sweet fruits (taste them) so you would have a balance in the mixture of flavors.
  • focus on adding fruits with colors other than yellow.

3- decoration, I decided this time to make a grape & strawberry flower, By:

cutting a strawberry into slices starting from the middle make sure there is plenty of space in the upper side of the strawberry to holds the cut pieces up, then spread them & make it look like a blooming flower.

Then I placed one grape in the middle & 4 strawberries around it, then here it goes :D my faked water Lilly or a lotus ;p

Finally here it is my Fruit Salad finished

And my pride & joy @!@ the flower in the middle

pity I couldn't get a picture of the bawl in its final place at the dining table BUT I guess u got the picture ;p.

Tuesday, 4 January 2005

A S!ngLe L!nK

Check My #1 Style site, especially the shows section amazing :> MuiMui spring 2005 is a MUST SEE, check it out :}

Sunday, 2 January 2005


Achievement what a nice word :} through Merriam Webster :

Pronunciation: &-'chEv-m&nt

Function: noun
1 : the act of
2 : a: a result gained by effort b : a great or heroic deed
3 : the quality and quantity of a student's work

To be able to achieve something in your life is the goal of most of us, but when the achievement becomes an obsession then it leads to being STUPID. What I mean of achievement being an obsession is doing something & pretty much ANY thing just to say I achieved something! Regardless if it was good or bad, properly planned or a pure act of chance!

I hate it when people go for trying to achieve something totally stupid & useless, especially if they try to make up an achievement from no where. For example if you saw a movie & knew that the next clip would be a very sad scene where some one around you know will cry! So you tell them bring a tissue along *wink wink*, while at the same time that person already knows he/she will cry so they brought some Kleenex along! As they always do :}. So you claim in front of other people that you're the hero that warned those people that they will need tissue.

In my work place we spent around two months wanting to correct something, that we "the workers" later knew that if the papers we kept sending for two months were not given then the corrections would have been done BY DEFAULT. So the key here is that some people wanted to feel important so they made up this EXTRA paper work to feel like they did something :}
"we gave the workers work, and proved we have something to do"

So this post is totally dedicated to the wasted time we spent & the stupidity not of the so called "achievers" but the poor people who actually believe in them & that those "achievers" actually did do something useful & not just a thing that will happen BY DEFAULT.

Cheers to the stupidity achieved somewhere in my beloved Kuwait :}