Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Saduing by Bader Almansour - Art exhibition

Passed by Beit Alsadu to see the exhibition "Saduing" by the Kuwaiti artist Bader Almansour (@baderart in IG), and I was impressed!

Although I am following his work in Instagram yet in reality it was a whole new ball game. He did not only recycle, made wonderful pieces from scrap, he reshaped our identity. First stop is with the two fonts he made, the first is through using the triangles in the sadu patterns, to create letters close in "Shape" to the Arabic alphabet, The second font relies on angles, where an angle represents a number corresponding to the letter order in the Arabic alphabet

Wood pieces from a famous board game (Keiram - كيرم) were used in shaping sadu patterns!

He also used keyboard keys to reshape sadu, creating paint-less art

Those and one more were closer to my heart since I love abstract and geometry, the good thing about his art is that you will never find any conventional medium :} and if you did, it would be an outlier, the norm with Bader is the abnormal

Sadu bags made of iron! I apologize for the poor lighting that does not show the lovely details of his work, but if you check his exhibition in person or his instagram you will see more

Sadu rug made of tires, another favorite of mine

I took a lot pictures of pieces that I did not show and only plan to show after the exhibition ends, I highly encourage you to go in person, see the use of different materials and mediums used to represent Sadu, I will definitely go back to see the works and attend his lecture that was planned to be held today, but got postponed.

Bader Almansour, is not only an artist he's a phenomenon, utilizing art to represent his ideas by bypassing "the norm" using recycled material, and he went far to produce fonts! The cultural content of this exhibition was very rich, varying from visual art to text and language, the idea of transforming a traditional Bedouin craft to art is impressive at its own, and Bader went further.

What made me fall in love with this exhibition other than my fascination of Sadu, the idea of exporting our culture, the works displayed did not only recycle used and neglected man-made things, they also brought life back to a much neglected part of our culture, which we limited to clothing or apparel, which reminds me, he even made clothing pieces and furniture! HENCE the post and my fascination. Saduing took it further in all scales, I highly recommend everyone to visit it, stop by even for a few minutes :} Sadu house is located on the Gulf Road, next to the national museum and Albader house.