Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Gift ,, a smile

The fear of being misjudged or the thought of of someone thinking that I'm bragging, did not stop me from writing this post, at least not anymore! Once someone said to me " You are trying too hard / or much?" I forgot the last word :p it was said to me after "giving", time and simple gifts. Misjudgements and wrong views of our actions; are, inevitable! Yet the purpose behind this post is far more rewarding :} and priceless!

Yesterday, I had a small conversation with the coffee guy, he's the manager of a small coffee place close to my office, along with two subordinates, they feed us with caffeine everyday. He spoke about how hard work is and how their management is not providing a replacement to the third guy (his 2nd subordinate) during the conversation where he described how bad the employees morale becomes when management does not pay attention to them, his eyes touched me deeply, they were teary. It was only work, not an issue related to his family nor his health BUT he was that passionate about his work and how he is trying to put up a fight against management to facilitate more manpower to do work better. Ironically something similar occurred to me a while ago, but its not about me nor seeing a reflection of me, it was his teary eyes vs how he served us coffee with passion, he's never satisfied if a customer doesn't smile, checks on your opinion about the coffee and changes it the moment he "feels" your not satisfied. He is a dedicated and passionate person, who should only be happy.

Everyone deserves a good happy life, yet life it self is not fair and we face bumps, what if we helped some one by putting a smile on their face? Encourage them? Give kindness not charity?!


A smile, a gentle gesture, a gift..

I'm very fond of this traditional sweet called "Samsamiyah" which is basically sesame seeds and sugar syrup. When I saw it today, he came to mind, aided by the latest IKEA buy :p small gift card-boxes. Simply fold and you have a box! Very handy for anyone who enjoys gift wrapping.

I can never get enough of making small gifts, that have no occasion, they have an AMAZING positive effect on people! I don't ever expect anything in return but a smile :} best return for kindness is kindness back and a smile.

Your gifts do not have to be physical, it could be a smile, a helping hand, a paper folded like a flower?! Be creative and simple or just google some DIY anyting, the idea is to not over burden yourself and others, enjoy life, enjoy their happiness.

Question is, when was the last time you made a simple small gesture to someone? :} Do it more often, its good. Enjoy giving.

P.S.: Giving can set you loose from getting too attached to things! Rather than people.