Monday, 25 June 2007

From here & there - from Vegas -

Its been crazy, hectic, but at least I will try to list up some thoughts that I will publish details on later

منو قال ان فيجاس مو وناسه؟ و انها بس للقمار و حياة الليل؟ ،، اللي قالها غبي او ان نظرته للدنيا مو كامله

I had the pleasure to do a radio interview with the media line, you can listen to it from here, note people I was a bit nervous hmmm a lot actually this is my first public interview! Feedback is appreciated and to tell you the truth I did want to change some of my answers & wished that I was less nervous but it was spontaneous :D oh & on the camels thing I should have made a laugh effect! to note that its a joke lol ;p

الجو حار تقريبا نفس جو الكويت بشهر 4 و بداية 5 ، بس المشي متعه :> و ردة فعل الناس على اني متحجبه امتع لوول

Days pass by like a flash over here, here is a short list of what I will elaborate on more in the up coming days:

  1. Thursday: Get here safe & go to sleep! me & my bro
  2. Friday: Getting tickets to shows, shopping, knowing a wonderful man by the name of Rod Rodriguez, having STOMP OUT LOUD tickets on the last minute! attending the first show for us in Vegas, an amazing experience a great show! I literally sat on the edge of the seat most of the show & was excited as a kid who is trying out chocolate for the first time!!!
  3. Saturday: More tickets digging, registration for the Convention, I'm having a blast but miss Kuwait a lot, more shopping, we were too tired that we skipped the Ray show! pity he was here for only two nights!
  4. Sunday: Out for lunch, met with fellow Kuwaitis, had a great time, knew great people. Attending the Convention opening, which was the largest crowd I have ever been among! in the hall there were 22 THOUSAND people! then an amazing breath taking show!!! this is a once in a life time thing....
  5. Monday: its almost 10 am, not there yet, am going out to enjoy my time & plan for the next stop after Vegas.... wish me luck :D

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

From here & there

** Have you ever felt that the 24 hours of the day are not enough?
i do now :D
However in a way it is nice :D as long as things are going right, when the NO's appear then it becomes messy!

** Quick trip, done on the last minute, things look nice so far, departure is INSHA'A ALLAH Thursday.

** Dr. Saleh Al-Ojiri is my choice to talk about in my up coming post in 192 countries blog.

** I am so busy to the extent that I could not read the book! but the best thing about a blog is that there is no boss waiting for your paper to be signed in ;p stay tuned it wont be long to hear about the land of the unknown!!!!

** Last thought, I might do something interesting in the VERY near future! lets see how things go in the media line ;}

Do you see it?

Tuesday, 12 June 2007


In the Land of the Unknown ....

is my companion tonight

a book by a Kuwaiti Author called Tarek Al-Duaij

i bought it a few months ago, tonight will read it, although i did read 28 pages in the first day i took the book & i have to admit i was hooked

*hooked and it took me all this time to decide & be done with reading it! eshloon if am not hooked??*

i have to admit i had little time + interest in reading the past few months...... however that didn't stop me from buying books at all!! and the list is pilling up......

back to the book......

not only that the stories are exciting, but to try & understand the way the author is writing in & the philosophic message behind each story! is a challenge....

i have to admit the book cover caught my eye first! not noticing the crazy + cool poster that was hanging right there in front of me, was actually to promote the book, i didn't bother to read but laughed on how the poster was like.

it had a picture of some guy's head with an odd expression on his face, as if he is screaming :D but multiplied for a zillion times ;p

in that poster, if my memory doesn't fail me the multiplied pictures of the man's face were in the form of a big swirl ?? pity i didn't take a picture of it & kept browsing in my favorite book place....

not until i got to the Indian cashier who i like so much, such a friendly guy although when you first know him he can be moody! but as time passes by he will be nicer.... I knew who was in that poster!!

he looks at the book & praises the author a lot & says a few nice things about him, and asked if i knew him, i didn't :D but the book looks appealing to me, he didn't recommend the book as much as he again praised the author & pointed out to the poster that was also behind him, the same odd funny poster i noticed before, saying this is Mr. Tarek, a thing that made me smile & like the book even more, and hated the fact of how careless am i to read whats around me!!! and we kept talking for a short while regarding the material i took that day...

pictures & more tomorrow :D inshallah

Note: Patience can be painful, but might spare you a lot of trouble later........ Anxiety isn't helping...... Jealousy isn't too!!

What posts i enjoy?

Ones with pictures in them, using different things to illustrate the ideas in the post is always a plus for me, its an extra initiative to read the post. Although they are not show in Safat, which is fair to the text-full posts, but when i see a "picture/ video/ any type of illustration"-less post i do find a difficulty in reading it, baring in mind that i do not add pictures all the time ;p

باب النجار مخلع

One more thing that I LOVE about wordpress! the tiny smilly you see down there or maybee in the upper side of the template wordpress'ers use :)

Monday, 11 June 2007

From here & there

اللي يقدر يساعدني لا يبخل :> احتاج صوت او فيديو او صورة لليباب! و على قولة اخواننا المصريين زغروطه (زغاريد)، الغريب بالموضوع لما سويت بحث عن طريق جووجل عن هالكلمة لقيت اشياء كلها نواح و بجي و لويه! ليش؟



all i need




I'm so distracted, a lot of things need to be done, planning is going out of hand a little!! due to the amount of things that i need to fit in my day & finish them, my to do list is piling up & full of intersecting tasks

in a way it seems like a nice challenge, how good will i be able to utilize my time.

the virtue of this, is that i am beginning to realise the value of time & the saying

الوقت كالسيف ،، ان لم تقطعه قطعك

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Ravi-Saba7 o Masa-Mobtadi2

مو سهل اني افقد اعصابي، جدا صعب ان احد ينفرزني بس مفتاح التنرفز عندي الحنّه ما اتقبلها ابداااا ولا احبها ولا اتحملها ولا اتعامل فيها كلللللللللللللللش

الموقف انساني و تعجيل باجراءات إدارية، لكن و الله الكتاب ماوصلني شلون اطلع الرد عليه؟؟ احاول اشرح له و فاهمني و يرد ايحن، خلص من التلفون جاني لي المكتب، خلص من اول مره رد مره ثانيه، رد مره ثالثه اقوله و الله ماوصلني الكتاب خل ايتحول عندي و انا مجهزه كل شي و راح اطرش الرد بالفاكس للسرعه و ماعندي مانع اساعدك و الموضوع سهل لا تحاتي بس بط مرارتي بحنته

و المشكله هندي، فوق ان الحجي الانجليزي يطلع من حلجه لازق اببعضه ايتكلم بسرعه، و كل شوي يقولي بليز اقوله يا ابن الحلاااال لا تبلنزنييييييي عادي و الله شغله عاديه و مافيها منّه! اسويها لاي احد بس انا مو سوبرماانه لازم انطر ورقه و ارد عليها ما اقدر االف سالفه من راسي و ارد عليها (للحين ما اقدر اقول سوبرومان بالعربي، تعودت من اخواني "سوبرمانه") فااااااااا كنت على طريف اني اقوله بس ببجي من حنتك او اني انفجر بوجهه و اشرشح الدنيا، بس و الله يكسر الخاطر و انا ماراح اقصر معاه بس لا يححححححححححننننننننننننننننننن

ما اقدر ادش النت ما اجيك الصفاة، رحت افتريت مالقيت عنوان يشدني و عاقده النونه و مالي خلق، لقيت هالمقالة! عنوانها بس طخخني و خلاني اركد و تذكرت شكثر هالاغنيه تهديني، على الرغم من بساطتها و اللي اهي محببتني فيها و صوت فيروز يهدي بالي

و في ذكرى رافي و رفعة الضغط، و مبتدئ و اختياره اللي ريحني كتبت هالمقالة مع اني ما احب اكتب و انا بالدوام