Tuesday, 28 September 2004

A blast from the past

Grendiser :}

My best action cartoon EVER, and of course Duke Fleet as I mentioned before is my prince charming. So the following two places that the pictures show are in Kuwait. where exactly? that is for you to explore since they are a secret :} I can't just tell you where Grendiser gets out from.

Wonder why this post?! I used to pretend that they are long gates for Grendiser to go out from as dad drove by when I was a kid. So this post is for the old days :P

Kuwaiti Traffic solutions ! (27/9/2004 @ 4:48 PM)

Yesterday while I was out there was a traffic jam because of an accident ! Traffic stops every where in the world because of accidents.. The thing that is amazing here is the Kuwaiti way of dealing with it (assuming all 20 or more cars passed by and dealt with the situation in a very impolite way were driven by Kuwaiti people!) the car in the red square had a driver ( like the other 20 or so who were before him/her & after him/her) that thought he/she is above the traffic jam & law too ! So simply he/she can use the safety lane to jump off other people & be ahead of them .. WHY !!??

This is one of the things Kuwaiti people should change, & yeah one more thing please DO NOT let any one crossover you even if you can spare the space UNLESS they are polite enough to signal, :} because I like being "n7esa" with the people who don't use their car's yellow light to signal.

Also there is a thing I wonder about, in the end of the traffic jam there was ONLY an ambulance with a person on the floor & I found out that ALL this traffic is not from the accident it self (cars have been removed to the safe lane on the road) its from the cars passing by & the drivers STOP to watch the man on the floor !! Its the act of "6masha" as Kuwaitis say! I hate that too & wonder what is the pleasure in watching a person beside a spot of blood ?!

Will they go like
Person A : Hey I saw a nice thing on the road
person B : Wallah !!! Wein?? eshlon??
Do u thing he/she will say a new GREEN space
Person A : A dead guy !

How would that be close to be watched/told ?

Sunday, 19 September 2004

Confusion !!

There seems to be a confusion about my "blog of the week" weekly article, that revolves around picking a blog to write about each week.. the thing I would like to note that this is NOT a ranking for blogs :} usually things I like to rank are steady things at least for a while of time like a month, we all know in the internet & blogging world there is a new blog every day.. Therefore every week there is something new & hence a new blog to write about. If the number right beside the article made some people get confused or think this is a rank well its not on two bases:

1- The number included in the title indicates the article number not the blog rank ELSE I would have written that in each article.

2- I didn’t include a table or a list of the blogs there fore they are not ranked to be 1st or the 10th.

So it's not about being first or last its about writing some words about blogs I liked & by these words wish to promote them & let other people enjoy what I had a nice time reading about.

Saturday, 18 September 2004

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

The blog I chose this week may not have any thing extraordinary regarding the whole idea behind it :) its just an ordinary blog BUT with an extraordinary person behind it...

The blog is

Savior Machine Done By nibaq

The first & foremost thing I would like to note to is I have no idea what does "NIBAQ" means till now :} but I'm trying to figure it out, any how moving to the blog & what it contains..

He can get AMMAZING sites which you would never think that actually exist!!

I love his about Hello kitty posts :}

Grendizer has a bite of the blog

And lots & lots more, the interesting thing in this blog is you can search the posts according to categories (interests). Nibaq is in my opinion one of the people who you can call an anonymous soldier who makes an army win, does great efforts & loves to spread Kuwait.

Kuwait Blogs

Is a site he owns & gathers all Kuwaiti blogs & offers blog hosting if your interested... Kuwaiti blog listing (the main reason behind this site)... alot you can use from this site other than having a simple yet always updated list of Kuwaiti blogs you can have your own blog there & promote it.

Safat is also a thing nibaq has added to Kuwait blogs it's also a thing I like alot... want to know why I like it so much :} visit THIS link, Safat definitely saves time :). Try this LINK (RSS) which I also think of it as a mini tutorial very simple & straight to the point.

Kuwait blogs is also a blog it self :} there is an archive & very useful links for Kuwait & all about Kuwait. There I also found "mood less ::" an Arabic Kuwaiti blog I wrote about last week for being one of my favorite blogs .

The easiest way to put a link for Kuwait blogs (fully illustrated) which I have two of them in my site to promote a site I really like & get a lot of good stuff from :}. Photo blogs (which I love, I do like pictures a lot) are also there I'm telling you this guy is really working !! Check his work. Also he has a piclog/phlog too with an amazing nick (+965) rings a bell ! :).

Do you think we are done :} nope still a lot ahead because as I said this guy really works & likes to spread Kuwait around.


Is an other site/project he was in with a group of others like:

Mark also has a moblog

Rampurple also has a blog


Check it its little old but with a lot of good content, the site is aimed to talk to those who hate Kuwait & its a try to fix things up in the minds of people who get the wrong picture of Kuwait from here I thank them all for their effort.

Back to the Savior Machine blog still Kuwait takes some of the articles there :} ..So from here I thank NIBAQ for being so thoughtful, hard working, loving for Kuwait & wanting to promote for it :} . Thank you nibaq for your effort, wish you all the best & hope you come home safe since he is on a trip now.

Monday, 13 September 2004

Digitally Romantic !

While looking in a site for 3D art I spotted this picture. Any one would think so what! this is a nice digital picture done by someone... Wait & see the comment of the guy who did it quote:

"Description: Especially dedicated for my girlfriend, Felisitas Sherly on her birthday. Made using 3ds Max 5.1, Corel Draw 11, Photoshop 7."

So simple, cute, romantic & creative :}. A digitally made picture for his GF in her birthday. Well what do u think romance is still around even digitally !.

Saturday, 11 September 2004

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

Its non other than the weekly post of @@ Blog Of The Week, it got one week late because last week was the emptiness week :} lots of long blank of thoughts days .. BUT this week will be different insha' Allah.

So the Blog of the Week is:

m o o d l e s s . n e t By moodless (3athbi)

Since its an Arabic blog its better if I describe it in its own language.

البلوق المختار لهذا الاسبوع هو احد المحطات اليوميه التي ازورها على الرغم من كسل الكاتب نوعا ما لانه لا ينشر الموضوعات يوميا لكن لديه ارشيف خصب ..لايوجد موضوع واحد يدور حوله الموقع ككل الا كونه بلوق .. افكار
مبعثره هنا و هناك مواضيع مختلفه متنوعه تتراوح بين ان تكون
بالنسبة لما يحويه الموقع بأجزائه الأخرى هي كالتالي:
عن الموقع .. نبذه بيد صاحب الموقع -- عذبي.على قولة برجوازي اللي عنده فظول يقرا عن صاحب الموقع ، اللي عرف عن نفسه بطريقه حيل عجبتني و فريده من نوعها :> ،ايضا بالموقع جزء ل نبض الخاطر :) لن اتحدث عنه كثيرا القراءة تعبر عن المحتوى لمن يعي معنى الكلمات البسيطة التي لا تحمل الكثير من التكلف. و للجرافكس و التصاميم جزء من هذا البلوق، جزئين لا يمكن الا تواجدهم بكل موقع : سجل الزوار و المراسلة
رأيي الشخصي بالموقع .. التصميم اكثر من رائع ليس لانه مبهر او غريب بل لانه انيق وبسيط و البساطه تجذبني.. الالوان مريحة للعين و التصميم بسيط لابعد الحدود بعيدا عن تعقيدات التصاميم و المبالغة بالصور هنا و هناك .. التصميم ككل رائع و اعجبني كثيرا.
المحتوى رائع اعجبتني اراء الكاتب بأمور كثيره و اتفقت معه بنظرته للكثير من الأمور .. و اترك باقي الحكم لمن سيزور الموقع و يستمتع به بقدر ما استمتعت به انا :] و اخيرا و ليس اخرا اتمنى لصاحب الموقع الاخ (عذبي) التوفيق بدراسته بالخارج ان شاء الله .

Thursday, 9 September 2004

Cute :}

To see the comic strip better .. copy then paste the URL in the pic.'s properties.


If there is a thing on the top of the list of the things I don't like in me, it would be my sleep time thing. What I mean about that is if I'm sleepy at 10 & I don't go to sleep at that time for one reason or an other then I'm sleepless for at least 4 hours later if not ALL night LONG. Suddenly I feel like my bio. Clock is English! .. So here I am surfing my favorites sleepless....

-This site would be funny if ur ASP is Quality Net .. Don't know if it got serious again I left Qnet along while ago


-The Leb. Designer :) no need to give an intro.


-Lots of ideas but hard to find a whole piece


- Make over ??


- Sleepy?!


- Nice stuff for bedrooms


- Looking for tomorrows movie, actually short movie :) since time is valuable here in Kuwait even the KNCC doesn't dare to let us waste our time in a FULL movie !


P.S = if ur at night & have the speaker vol. high, nothing playing on ur player.. don't press the icons above, might scare you.

:} Nighty.

Monday, 6 September 2004


Suddenly, for two days & today is the third I have nothing in mind to write about .. as if my brain just went blank from thoughts !!





Duke Fleet my first love



thats about it for now :)

hope you like them.