Sunday, 28 June 2009

net-a-porter SALE picks!

Picked a few items from the net-a-porter Sale :) enjoy!

Part.1 : Bags - Shoes:

Marc Jacob's Robert Jennifer

Also Mark by Mark Jacobs large floral tote

Stella McCartney Metallic Linen large clutch! simply amazing for the summer and winter, I adore the beige and Orange combination for this season

Halston's Hanna Suede shoulder clutch, perfect for the evening, chic and simple, though I'm pretty much against suede because it needs a lot of care but this piece forced it self against it's cons

Matthew Williamson's brocade print clutch is simply outfit-less :) it can be mixed with almost any put fit no matter what the occasion is, it can move from every day elegance to late night glamor

Anya Hindmarch's Laverne raffia clutch, a complimentary piece that will give a "simple evening black gown and a killer shoe" the most catchy look :)

Marc Jacobs Large flat case clutch, simple metallic and amazing! and the price tag, like wise :)


Givenchy's monochrome leather pumps, sassy in a conservative way

Derek Lam's Aja ribbon sandals, the perfect complimentary shoe to a simple outfit

Marc Jacobs metallic lace-up brogues, the exact shoe you will need with the new trend of the boyfriend blazer jacket look [from] along with baggy pants :>

Juicy Couture's Rose leather flats available in killer flashy orange "below" and in B&W, GREAT price!

Givenchy's Cutout shoe boots, bad girl elegance abbreviated in this design

Miu Miu's Bow-front flats, pink girly and good for work outfits, adds a little edge and trend to any grey/black plain suit

Again with the bow :p Marni's Bow-front flats, what I like about flats is that they are simple elegant and very practical, love them for work!

Brian Atwood's Fuchsia peep-toe pumps, a look breeder not a completer :)

Last but not least! Giuseppe Zanotti's Pink thong sandals, perfect for the summer

Sunday, 21 June 2009

عبد الله المحيلان

عبدالله المحيلان - الصورة من موقعه الشخصي

إسم مألوف لمواليد ما قبل فترة الثمانينات، إعلامي كويتي ذاع صيته في أعماله الثورية على الحركة الإعلامية الكويتية، ثورية بقيمتها و نوعيتها الفريدة، كتب عنة في في السنة السابقة المدون العزيز بو مريوم، و النقاش الدائر في تلك المقالة يشير لمدى اعجاب اللي سمعوا و شافوا أعمال المحيلان في ذاك الوقت

شلون دريت عن المحيلان و انا مواليد ١٩٨٠؟ و برنامجة الإذاعي اللي اشتهر صيته و تعدى شهرة اي برنامج اذاعي آخر في تلك الفترة!؟ من أمي :) لي فترة قريبة و اهي تسولف عن الأشرطة اللي كانت عندها وتحتوي تسجيلات لبرنامج عبدالله المحيلان، و تعاتب اخوي انه ضيعهم و انهم ما يتقدرون بثمن، و تذكرت صوته! شلون مادري! بس قلت لها يما جني سمعتج اتشغلين برنامج فيه واحد دمة خفيف و كنت اضحك معاج و انا ما افهم نص الكلام، بس لانها كانت تظحك، خبال جهّال! المهمممممم قررت انبش النت و اكتب عنة مقالة اتعرف الجيل الجديد بمنو أهو عبدالله المحيلان

استانست على موقعه الشخصي و اللي قاعد يكبر يوم بعد يوم، و اتمنى يكون مرجع و ارشيف لكامل أعماله، و هم مقابلتة الأخيرة اللي كانت في قناة الوطن ببرنامج تو الليل في شهر ابريل من هالسنة و شكثر تحسفت انها طافتني بس اشكر اللي حطهم بيوتيوب :) فعلا مقابلة خفيفة و حملت الكثير من الذكريات للناس و حسستنا بمدى جمال إبداع المحيلان، البسيط بالتعبير و العميق في المعنى

كويتي تخرج بتخصص المسرح من مصر، و اشتغل بالاعلام في دولة الكويت، و اهتوته البرامج الوثائقية و اللقاءات التلفزيونية و على مدى ٤ سنوات قدم برنامج اذاعي كل يوم خميس اللي كانت متابعته امي و هذي شرارة معرفتي فيه! عن طريق سوالف أمي و تلك التسجيلات التي اتذكرها بضحالة شديدة و يتملكني الفضول لأن اسمعها كاملة. حاليا الموجود بالنت مقتطفات تلفزيونية لأعمال المحيلان لكن برنامجه الإذاعي لازال مجال للبحث و على آمل ان أجد هذه التسجيلات بيوم ما، مما تذكر أمي انه كان ثوريا ببساطة طرحة لمواضيع الشارع الكويتي التي تهم الأسر الكويتية و دمه خفيف و له "كاريزما" خاصة فيه و كان يسولف مثل ما يسولف أي شخص مع الناس المقربين لنا مبتعدا عن الطرح الإعلامي المألوف و المغلف بالجدية و الرزانة و "الحكي المصفصف"، اقترب من القلوب و حرك الكويت بنهاية السبعينات و بداية الثمانينات

عبد الله المحيلان، شخصية إعلامية تستحق التقدير و ان تجمع أعماله، و اللي خلاني افكر فيه اليوم بالذات اهو اجبار سيارة أختي لي باني اسمع الراديو و قمت اتسائل، ليش ما عندنا واحد/ة يسولف و يهذر على روسنا بشي قريب منا، بنوع مختلف، احتاج اسمع من يسولف بخفة دم و يصحينا من الخرابيط اللي نسهى عنها و نسويها و نظحك على روحنا بس ما نفكر نغيرها! مثل اللي يروحون حارة الأمان لما يكون الطريق مزدحم بدون الحاجه لهالشي! بس لانهم يعتقدون انه على راسهم ريشة و انهم يستحقون الوصول قبل غيرهم متجاهلين وجود هالحارة اساسا علشان تكون أمان من المخاطر و طريق للمساعدات من الشرطة و الإسعاف و الإطفاء ،، الخ و مو للمتعاليين على الغير و اللي يعتقدون ان قوانين الازدحام ما تنطبق عليهم :) مثل باقي خلق الله

Saturday, 20 June 2009


And so I took my baby car to the dealer for her service and some notes, I'm very attached to my car we have a good relationship and we talk everyday and if we don't then she gets my mental telepathic language. Back to reality so I get surprised that the person I usually deal with is not there today and a colleague of his is substituting him, a very nice person I might say. Except that his tongue was pierced! Don't get me wrong I'm pro freedom of choice I have no comment the act of piercing BUT other than the fact that it feels a bit disgusting to me the mouth as it is, is hard to keep clean let aside with a metal piece inside! but that's not it today ,,, it was so distracting! I could not keep my eyes of that shiny silver thing in there! When ever he talks or tells me a note I keep staring at that wiggly silver dot inside his mouth! and I swept away with the questions of:

- Did it hurt when you did it?
- Didn't you fear infections? with all the substances that go into the mouth?
- Why did you do it? do you think its pretty? or is it a man thing?
- Do you like have a piece that you can attach instead of the round dot and is more like a tooth pick so it can be handy in cleaning between the teeth? because that can be useful :D
- How does it feel to have a new addition to your mouth? every day, every hour, all life long?!

Thank God that I had the notes written on a piece of paper and read them else I would have forgotten all what I was about to say :) apart from that distraction he was a very good service advisor, well "car'ly" educated! very professional and took all the notes using the PC with all those cool tools and screens of what should be done in this service & compared them with what was done in the last one, and was very patient to read all that to me and explain it too :> I liked the pierced tongue guy :D but defiantly will try to keep my focus out of the mouth area, I will use the "between the eyes" area to focus when he talks.

And according to the mighty Wiki Tongue Piercing is pretty ancient, and some Sufi Muslims practiced that act:

"There is a history of ritual tongue piercing in both Aztec and Maya cultures, with illustrations of priests piercing their tongue and then either drawing blood from it or passing rough cords, designed to inflict pain, through the hole. There is no evidence of permanent or long term tongue piercing in Aztec culture, however, despite the practice of many other permanent body modifications. It was done to honour the gods.

Piercing the tongue has a long history in religious and performance practices. Mesoamericans such as the Aztecs practiced this as well as other perforations as a part of offerings to their deities. Islamic Fakirs and Sufis from the Middle East, and Asian Spirit Mediums of the Far East practiced tongue piercing as an offering and proof of trance state."

It was interesting to read about it but also rather scary for me :/

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Hello Kitty wedding !!

OK I love kitty hmmm more like ADORE her, and even as I type now I have a sticker of the little cute kitten on my laptop, but this is way out of line!

و كله كوم و القلم بو ريشة كوم! حاشني حارج لما شفتهم يوقعون فيه! ليش يعني ريش؟


And so I'm somewhere in this life with this talkative, sweet girl, but she talks a lot :D however she is smart socially and a good ice breaker also above all she is a great conversation starter, still she talks a lot. Now the talking a lot thing I can handle and can send different messages to clear out when I want to talk and when I don't BUT what I was surprised is of the strong talk urge even when she is yawning! LOL, ok she is sweet and all but was it necessary to see her stomach through her mouth?

Seriously when you yawn I thought you try to avoid showing it to people and probably cover up your mouth or at least look the other way but in her case it was a big mouth wide open :D and wider than the one above which I got from here. It was hilarious she made me laugh :> I lost focus on what she was saying and kept thinking wow, I saw all of her teeth :/

Sunday, 14 June 2009

From here and there

I missed my blog so much, I could not write for a while not due to lack of time or a writer's block thing, but it was more like a re-evaluation period of what is a head and what do I want.

التنظيم العسكري لانشطتي اليومية اهو الحل الوحيد للفوضى اللي انا فيها، بس العلة اني انسانه تكره الروتين و زيادة التنظيم

Tora Bora looks like a promising series! I wounder if it would raise the bar high for the Kuwaiti Drama series :) I'm having high hopes after seeing the trailer. However I wish if they would make the gunshot in that trailer more realistic! it wasn't up to the level of the other scenes and overall cinematography.

شنو مشكلتي مع السفر بالصيف : اللي تسافر عنهم بتلقاهم جدامك ، مجتمع كويتي مصغر بس بجو غير جو الكويت :> و حتى انفلونزا الخنازير ماراح توقفهم بيروحون كل مكان و المقتدر عليه بالعافية بس اللي مو مقتدر خل يخاف الله بنفسة و هم حريمهم خل يخافون الله فيهم، كبرنا على التشيحط على غير سنع

This is one cool company and I found it through a FB group that held the designs of a chalet from one hell of a brilliant Kuwaiti designer "Aziz Al-Humaidhi" :D makes me feel so proud, not sure if the house's designs are also his or not. Manazel do not ofer just homes, bove all they define the art of space management and prove that we do not need to live in big houses! a small 500m home can be a GREAT home :)

"Located on a 400 square meter plot with street frontage to the front and back of the house, M homes occupy approximately 470-600 m2 in total built up area." From Manazel M

شنو مشكلتي مع البطيخ : أهو فاكهة؟ ولا عصير؟ ولا فاكهة متروسه ماي و بس!؟ لكن يتم لذيذ و جميل بالصيف

Horoscpes, who would beleive that just because we were born in the same time period that we would carry simmilar characteristics? moreover we do have a lot of unknowns in this universe, yet I don't buy the horoscope thing.

شنو مشكلتي مع البنغالية اللي ينظفون الشوارع : الاستغفال العلني و السلام المشبوه و الشغل اللي فجأة يهل حزة ما توقف قريب منه و النظرة البائسة "سلام بابا/ ماما" شي يرفع ضغطي، عندي لو يجي يقولي مشكلته و ان معاشه ما يكفي اموره المعتاده اهون و اسنع من محاولته لاستجداء العطف بهالشكل و راح اتجاوب معاه بشكل اكبر و اكثر ايجابية، ما الومه لاني ما اقدر احكم لا على ثقافته ولا على معتقداته اللي خلته يشوف هالطريقة شي يستحق الممارسة، لكني اتمني من كل قلبي انهم يتعلمون شلون يشتغلون بذمة و يطالبون بحقوقهم و "لا ضرر ولا ضرار" ،، يحزني شكلهم و يحزنني اكثر اللي قاعد يستغلهم


مقياس الوالدة لمدى لذة غداها من عدمة اهي الفضلة، ف ان ما تم بالصحن شي و بالتالي ماكو فضلة من الغدا معناتة ان الوالدة مزاجها بيصير عال العال و مرتاحة ان الكل شبع و حب اكلها، و سبب تذكري لهالمعلومة الهامة و انا اليوم امشي علشان اقط هالجم كيلو اللي قاعدين على قلبي اهو ثقافة الشبع اللي مفهومها مختلف عندنا عن واقعها

الشبع من الشيئ هو الوصول للإمتلاء و الإكتفاء من الشيئ، و ليس الطفوح منه، فلما يقول احد من اهلنا اكل و اشبع فا اهو/ اهي يقصد انك لازم تطفح، اي اشبع حاجتك و زود

و لي قالوا القناعة كنز لا يفنى صدقوا، لاننا لو اقتنعنا بقدر الأكل الكافي لأنشطتنا اليومية جان ما انتفخنا

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Last week

- Met a friend that I did not see for 11 years, she has 5 kids now and exactly the path that she wanted in her life, I was happy for her and amazed how time can carry & change a lot.

- Attending the first Parliament session was interrupted by a delay not from my side @!@ but I was able to follow it up, it was a juicy one with a lot of flicks! Commenting on that and other sessions held till date is kept in a text file inside my PC, weather to publish or not is still debatable in the sense of my wish to keep my blog a very tranquil place, nevertheless this followup and commentary was raised by me :> so in order to followup with the idea of my blog being simple and spontaneous obliges me to publish here and not in a new separate blog.

- I did this terrible silly mistake but ended up being in a better position :p wonder if I will get lucky every time I do something clumbsy.

- I have been going out and doing errands to the extent where I currently have to be in an appointment and later finish two tasks but prefer to stay home at the comfort of my room and write about it :D Delegation is my next step to conquer this boredom.

- Susan Boyle gave a new live illustration and a new definition to "NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER" I was impressed by her performance and voice :) and loved her confidence. I thank a friend for dragging my attention to Britain's got talent and this lady in particular.