Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Weekend day.1

The weekend officially started :D so the gear for today:

Ordered some DVDs
Catching up with season 2 of the Gilmore Girls
Atomic Sushi is on the menu later tonight

And I think the most annoying part in my room is the library, it has clustered books, magazines, CDs, personal files and toys! I think tomorrow I will have mercy on that poor corner in my room

Saturday, 21 February 2009

The curious case of Benjamin Button

Picture From [CHUD]

This is not an ordinary review, its a movie review with some thought into it, because The curious case of Benjamin Button made me think,, a lot :)

The movie is based on a short story as the mighty Wiki says. Simply revolving around an ordinary man captivated in a body that lives counter clock wise. He, Benjamin was born with a body of 80 years of age, then his life is plotted around the movie and as a movie lover I will not spoil it for others but I will list the important thoughts I came out with:

  1. Age is just a number.
  2. Turning back time will not change things, however cherishing every lovely moment and view is a thing not to be missed for it will only occur once in your lifetime :)
  3. The external view of one is something very different from what they have inside.
  4. Time is moving, all we can do is take pictures to remind us or rely on the blessing of memory to recall or forget things we passed by.
  5. How simple things like the sounds of curtains can make a home feel like home, also how one can find beauty in the simplest things.
  6. Love, once it hits you it will never leave you, no matter how hard life becomes.
Although I was not sure I want to go and see it in the cinema, I had the DVD, yet going to the movies is still a joy :) although movies are butchered by censorship it is still a joy for me, I like the cramped seats, dark all around atmosphere except for the screen light, the wide screen and loud sounds. Of course I couldn't help my self to notice the goofs in the movie like when he was with the English lady "Elizabeth Abbott" making tea, the level of tea in her estikana differs in a distracting way that annoyed me! I hate it when I notice little things and focus on them, I had to hardly remind my self that I should focus on what they are saying & the whole picture not a part of it, and I noticed some other stuff but they were minor.

A movie worth seeing, and thinking about.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

From here and there

. Annnnnnd here I am back again, missing my blog and the whole blog-o-sphere :D Have a lot to do and already did a lot, been in a hectic two weeks which passed like a flash and now comming back to the regular every day Kuwaiti life.

.. I was amazed by the sand storm pictures of our house! I really didn't think it was that bad, but it was!

... Finished up catching up on e-mails two things left, organizing e-files and my library.

.... Finished out two books:
1- كارل ماركس - رجل ضد الاديان : ل عصام عبد الفتاح
2- eleven minutes : by Paulo Coelho

As for the book about Marks it is the beginning of my comparison study about this worl known figure, I am very curious about him but found out with the initial search by internet that he is controversial! personality, philosophy & life wise! so I went for the comparison way :D to read books that are pro and con then after all this ends I can really form a proper image about him and his life.

Eleven minutes as again a lovely easy read by Paulo and again he is a preacher, all his book roves around the value of marriage and commitment on the outer shell and in the inner side of it you can see many vertues and thoughts praised by religions are being promoted, along with strength of one being and how we can choose and not be submesive to what happens around us and put up a good fight in life. Again a positive novel by Coelho

Sunday, 8 February 2009

From here and there

Do you know when they tell you that if you want to know people better, travel with them? it is VERY true! and I'm not talking about a weekend trip, nope go for at least one week and every thing will be exposed, careful of some who can hide well behind lies :)

بوجود الحدود الغريبة اللي يفرضها علينا وجودنا تحت اسم معين او ابناء اسرة معينة القى سطحية البشر تتجلى، لانهم فجأه ينسون ان احنا بشر و كلنا ننزف دم :) و المساواة عند الكثيرين تقتصر على الاحلام

I'm proud of how independent I am and that I conquered most of my fears, except my fear of the cockroach :/ its simply a scary & ugly insect!

مجلة الواح للمهتمين فقط :) و للغير مهتمين ستكون مملة

Peach Blossoms, the latest interest :>

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Fairlady - Nissan Z series 2009

although I highly respect the Patrol as a good 4x4 and liked the one my father owned once when I was really young, BUT I was never a fan of the Z series, I thought it was dull and absolutely HATE the vintage ones used for "eltg7u9" by some irresponsible things "Can't call them human". UNTIL I laid my eyes on this Fairlady! above. I have to admit no drastic changes were made in the car body design, it just got a little less round and became slimmer :) BUT the lights and the rims caught my attention greatly! Although the rims were very simple but amazingly catchy, I'm a fan of elegant simplicity :) Both, the lights and rims gave the car a whole new definition! This is the 6th generation, the I likey generation!

I wonder if it will be or has been released in Kuwait?