Sunday, 27 August 2006

Dunkin Donuts *KUWAIT* [opening]

The latest news about the Kuwait Dunkin Donuts!!

Tuesday, 29th, August, 2006 ,,, Noon
Lots of freebies, every one is more than welcome to be there. This is authorized by the owner, spread the news if ur interested :>

Personally I will go there :D I still want that apple stuffed donut :D and I am sure Mark will be interested :D I hope you attend.

9-8-2006 I attended the Pre-opening for Dunkin Donuts - Kuwait that was held in the Salmiya branch, Salem Al-Mubarak St. "by Al-Fanar complex" I loved the Donuts! My favorite was the "I forgot its name" but it was stuffed with Apple covered with Sugar & Cinnamon, also the shop was pretty cool inside, Dahan did great work! Here are two pictures, I kept the rest for my self so that you "when you attend the Grand Opening" will check out for your selves,

*Pre-Opening* Pictures

Dunkin Donuts - Kuwait

Dunkin Donuts - Kuwait

*My sister's pictures*





I got me a cup too :D

Saturday, 12 August 2006

للبنان ،، و ليس للسياسة

I shake Shurouq's hand & say it again ... For Lebanon for the people, donate, even if you won't be able to attend "like me" at least contribute,

The even is organized by a group of young Kuwaiti people, مجموعة وفاء , give them a hand...


My blog now is two years old :D
I'm 26 years old :}

I miss posting,,,

Some of what I have been up to latelly :)