Saturday, 29 March 2008


So after two weeks and 3 Dr visits I was diagnosed wrongly as it was decided by a specialist. Its kinda depressing and boring to be sick for two weeks.

A special day that I hope for to re-occur again and again.

I am checking my inbox 2-3 times/ day waiting for my shipment to arrive, I can't wait for it to be shipped! They said 3-5 days, so still 2 days more.

Politically, Kuwait:
Its not steady, nor bad, hoping for the best to come in the up coming days.

I did something stupid, said sorry and was forgiven, still feel guilty and stupid!

Friday, 28 March 2008

The "We Care Group" blog

a group of young females who were willing to give their time and effort to show to the community that they care, they started with children, now they are thinking of growing up and spreading the will to care about those we might forget among every one in our community. ًWelcome to the blog-o-sphere.

نحن نهتم، مجموعة متطوعات ابدوا استعدادهم لان يمنحوا من وقتهم و جهدهم ليظهروا للمجتمع بأنهم يهتمون، البداية كانت مع الاطفال و الان يتجهن نحو التوسع بنشاطاتهم بهدف نشر الاهتمام بالفئات المنسية من مجتمعنا في داخل مجتمعنا، حياكم الله بالمجتمع البلوقاوي

Monday, 24 March 2008

Any candidates?!

احد مهتم يرشح


و عودا حميد لرسام الكاريكاتير الذي كان ولا يزال محطة انترنتية كويتية مهمة

Saturday, 22 March 2008


While checking the traffic in my blog I noticed that one user came from iGoogle, so I typed it in the URL and got to know iGoogle more, its a flexible portal "if i may say that" which you can personalize, after being bored with "Tea House" my previous theme which I liked now I switched to "Bus Stop" the picture posted above :D its fun

Friday, 21 March 2008

Kuwaiti Parliament Elections 2008

مساندةً لجهود كويتية لتحقيق الوعي الانتخابي اقدم بكل فخر

مدونة الدوائر الخمس

ان شاء الله بكون من متابعينها و مساندينها ،، للسير نحو تجربة برلمانية ناجحة ووعي ديموقراطي كويتي كامل بما لنا من حقوق و ما علينا من واجبات، و الواجب الاهم و الاطهر تجاه الكويت بان نسعى لها و لها فقط ،، لا انتماء الا للكويت ولا ولاء الا للكويت

My Love

Tulips are blooming, its spring now :} the festivals are around the corner to celebrate the most beautiful flower in my eyes.

Here are some random thoughts.....


Is for the one that I am currently, and for the one place I went to in Kuwait and found peace and joy :D its actually a park, its a shame not all people visit it. Although I have to admit the place is just a part of the happiness a good company would make it great, try a book :D if no one will come as I suppose that most will say

حديقة؟! ليش


Nothing more relaxing than two white tulips! White is for clarity and two is for joining, to be honest and pure is the best thing ever for two to find as a common factor.


This is a wonderful combination that caught my eye when searching for Tulips in google, I miss them I might get me some soon :D

Sunday, 16 March 2008

New to my library

Currently reading

Which was recommended by the dear EXzombie, and its taking me forever to read it! my reading skills got rusty so this year will be different, started with The Alchemist and now Shogun, so far I am in the 60th something page and the book is of 1152. "yes even in reading I tend to care about numbers ;p"

So far the shogun is nice, a lot of details though! But the upside of it is that it gives you a very vivid image of the things happening and I am learning a little Japanese :D out of curiosity and before I got the Shogun, I took a Japanese phrasebook, the first time I held that book I read:

Wakarimasen : I don't understand!

A few pages from Shogun held that word/ question in it :D so it made me dust off the Japanese Phrasebook and practice a little now and then.

And the latest addition to my library:

The Alchemist [Book Review]

It was an easy interesting read, this is the first thought I had when I closed Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. The map attached with the story was very helpful, I am a visual person and using any type of illustration makes a story interesting to me.

Disappointed? YES.

It is a good book, but the problem with reading so much about a book you did not read yet, is that you get high expectations and might give a pre-judgment, and since we are “different” people each with his own taste, those expectations can brake easily!

It is an easy read, full of virtues and simple guides for life, it had a lot of direct lessons and advice all along the book, we are meant to learn every thing Santiago did in his journey, and do the same in our lives “learn along the way”.

Paulo wrote in a smooth way, the lessons he sent in his book were too obvious and known for me, they seemed logical and they were most likely to come from a religious person who wants man to unite with the universe and learn from it and have a strong faith in God. That made the story lose “the mystery and hidden message” factor, but I have to admit the ending was surprising! I loved it, and it was my most favorable lesson

Being an Arab and a Muslim made me very strict with the details, which he inserted into the story, like: believes found in Islam and words Arabs say! On that particularly, I had the following notes:

Simum: where he used this word to describe the strong wind accompanied by sand. The Simum is known in Arabic to describe the VERY HOT wind, Simum comes from the word “Soum = Poison (سُم)”, it is used to describe the very hot wind that feels like poison and could kill like poison too! Therefore, “Simum” was not well utilized, although I was impressed by the Author’s background.

Santiago’s relation with Fatima was very weird in the Arabic culture, usually Arab girls try not to get involved with strangers certainly who are Christian “assuming she is a Muslim that is! She could be Christian!” Of course, she might have fallen in love with out asking about those things but it was weird for me that the Author did not tackle the issue of how far culturally they are, and yet they fell in love! And the issue of how many problems will await their matrimony, as Santiago had intended for his love to end?

I do not wish to sound like I am biased to my religion or culture but the story did not tackle it as it did with Christianity and Judaism. For instance if we let aside the main Character’s religious background, in the story there was the rabbi who was thought to be the son of God and before that the King of Salem who had “Melchizedek” for a name. After a quick search online the name “Melchizedek” is related to both Christian and Judaism cultures, he is known to be “priest of the most High God” and Salem is believed to be Jerusalem.

Both characters were fair and just, unlike most Arabic/ Islamic people Santiago passed by in his journey, certainly there are not all evil! No! for instance the Merchant was a kind man, the writer also pointed out many positive aspects of Arabs/ Muslims and negative too, and in my defense I would say this is natural since the plot went on in that world, hence there was more space to talk about Muslim Arabs. However, I hoped for some examples to be inserted about good and just ancient people from the Islamic culture, then again its his story ;p

Again I am not saying this ruined the story! I am saying my own personal notes, back to the review ;p

Two characters in particular made me wonder! (1) Melchizedek, The King of Salem (believed to be Jerusalem, the story & character are found in Judaism and Christianity), a fair king, a wise man who put him in his path and was implied to be a messenger of God to set him on his path. (2) The Alchemist “character” was not strict to the regulations of Islam, a thing Santiago himself noted when the Alchemist offered him wine! He was a guide for Santiago to pursue his dream, as the king was! In addition, he was similar in his sudden appearance as the king, and knew a lot as the king did, but not more than the king, his knowledge was limited. Of course, the gypsy was there before the Alchemist, however she did not have a mission to guide him, she only interpreted what he asked her to. She did not come to him as the King and the Alchemist did.

So at that point I was wondering, why would a guide on his path, who knows so much, be sinful? I had the impression that all the people who knew about Santiago, his quest and were there to guide him were role models, like the king?! Why would such an important character be a sinful one?!

From the first 20 pages, you can see that the writer is a person with a good religious background as I thought only in Christianity and Judaism but latter on it was obvious he knew a lot about Islam too. The messages he sends throughout the book are found in those religions. Very right and wise I must say, this is regardless to from which religion he was inspired, and personally, I think it was a combination from the three.

All in all it’s a good story, the ending was my best lesson.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Where Am I ?

Remember those posts ??

Will kick off this series of posts with an easy one, Marzouq you are not allowed to participate :P until others guess it!

*Answered by FourMe, around 6am Kuwait time :} this is her blog, she is new to me and its a pleasure dear :D*

و سأبقى متفائلة يا أبو قتيبة، من أجلك و من أجل حبي للتفاءول و لانك السياسي الوحيد المشرق باصدق ابتسامه


لن اتطرق لحالة بعينها و لن اتحدث عن اشخاص غير هؤلاء "القائمين و الحاظرين و مؤيدي" تأبين المجرم مغنية، أراه مجرماً تبعاً لشهادة كويتيين ابناء جلدتي و لقناعتي بأن دماء شهداء الجابرية ليست ماء ينسكب على رصيف في منتصف موسم الصيف فيتبخر، ولا استهين بدموع الأمهات الثكالى، و لمجرد ان حزب الله كان الحزب القائم على هذه العمليات فأنا اقف ضده و ارفضه ناهيك عن انه حزب خارجي لايمت الى لتاريخ الكويت بصلة ولا لتركيبتها السياسية بأي شكل من الأشكال، بل هو حزب دخيل اعتنق بعض الكويتيين معتقداته و آمنوا بها،و هؤولاء ايضا ارفض انتمائهم لحزب الله مهما كانوا و اينما كانوا ولا استميح لهم العذر بأي شكل من الاشكال و ان تعارضوا مع مصلحة الكويت سأعارضهم بشدة و ارفض انتمائهم الدخيل على الكويت و المنافي لمصلحتها

لا حزب الا الكويت ولا توجه إلا لمصلحة الكويت

حتى و ان وقفت بعيدا عن المزايدات و المهاترات و الخلاف بان مغنيه مجرم ام شهيد و حتى النقاش حول مصداقية جريدة الوطن ،، حزب الله مرفوض وجوده بالكويت جملة و تفصيلا من عدة جوانب! أولها و أهمها أنه قام و نفذ عملية اختطاف الجابرية! و ثانيها انه ليس حزب كويتي (مع العلم بعدم وجود احزاب كويتية اصلا إنما يوجد لدينا تجمعات و توجهات!) ولا يحمل ذلك الحزب الولاء للكويت، لذا فأنا لا ارى سببا لوجوده في الكويت!؟

هل تطرقت للدين (تحديدا المذهب)؟ هل زايدت على الوطنية؟ لا ،، لذا ارجو ان يفهم ما كتبت ببساطة أنه رفض لكيان غريب زرع في وطننا، ناهيك عن قناعتي بإجرام مغنية حتى تصرح الحكومة الرسمية بدولة الكويت بغير ذلك! لا اعارض القناعات ولا الانتماءات الا عندما تتعارض مع انتمائنا الاكبر و الاسمى ،، الكويت

عسى الله يحفظ الكويت

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

الدكتور أحمد الربعي

عند زيدون

تعليق عندي

و قبلهم 3 مسجات بتلفوني

و الكويت صغيره من شخص لي شخص وصلني تأكيد

الله يرحمه و يصبر قلوبنا و قلوب اهله

الرجل الكويتي الوحيد اللي كان يبرد جبدي لي طلع بالاعلام "تحديدا المناظرات في قناة الجزيره مع عبد الباري عطوان الاعلامي فلسطيني الجنسية صدامي التمويل" و يعرف شلون يجعمه، الرجل اللي يعرف تاريخ الكويت و المنطقه كما يعرف المرء كف يده، الدكتور العالم باصول الكلام و المحاورة الخبير بالثقافة الاسلامية و الوطني اللي افتخر فيه ،، بكيتك يا أبو قتيبة و أدعوا لك بالسكن في فسيح جنات الرحمن ،، آمين

My days

Sat: quiet.

Sun: Saw the sea, it was beautiful but could not hold more beauty than my company.

Mon: I organized my father's books, took them out of the boxes and found treasures, which I wanted to share.......... later on inshallah, there are a lot of amazing old books and many need to be restored, looking for good people at this, if you know any please tell me :)

Tues: Hectic, crazy, here and there, but all in all I had fun, sleep-less "due to neglecting my biological clock when the sleeping time came!".

رويشد : تعتذر
رويشد : يا فراقها

و السخيفة! جرب تسافر و اسافر!
شنو سر الاعجاب بتحدي المحبوب؟
اعتبر هالفكرة سخيفة لان اللي يحبون مو المفروض يحطون هالحواجز الغبية، جرب تسافر و اسافر و يلا خل نمتحن شوق المشاعر و اللي يرجع قبل الثاني اهو الخاسر!!!!
يعني اللي يوله اكثر و ما يصبر عن الثاني خسران ؟؟

ماني قادره استوعب الهدف من هاللعبة المبنية على افتراض انهم بيرجعون بنفس الوقت لبعض و ماراح يفرق مقدار حبهم لبعض ،، انزين لو ماردوا بنفس الوقت؟ هل يعتبر اللي ولهان اكثر خسران؟ و ذاك ربح انه ما وله كثر الثاني؟ و السؤال الاكثر عبثاً بعقلي! هل سيسامح احدهما الثاني على الفرق في المحبة؟
جرب تسافر و اسافر مثال على التحديات السخيفة التي قدتودي بالحب الى الهاوية

جيمس بلنت : انتي حلوة

و البعض قد يفكر ،، تأبين زرع خنجر بقلب الكويتيين و مقاطعة غلاء الاسعار و خذلان عام بالمواقف و لعب على اوتار اللغط و الخلط في المواضيع! و اقراء هذه السطور عن اغاني؟ على الاقل الحوار عنها يحمل منطق و لكن تأبين مجرم لا يحمل اي منطق لدي ولا حتى محاولات جعله خال من دماء الشهداء و من تفجيرات الحرم المكي له منطق ،، و كذلك الزيادة التي تم اقرارها مقابل الغلاء الحالي لا تحمل اي منطق ،، ولا حتى زيادة اسعار ستاربكس

If I had the choice, I would let the idea live for ever, free people from centralization and wanting the credit for something that was in life for ever and ever! You just brought it up to the surface people! You did not invent it :)

بتكلم عنه بالمقالة الجاية