Saturday, 22 January 2011

Kuwaiti Photograpgers

I love how widely is photography spreading in Kuwait, we have a lot of great talents! Flickr has so many impressive photo streams, amazing is an underestimate. From Z District I got to know about a cool photography blog! called Negativeffect, a very cool one! Maybe in the up coming days I will randomly shed light on some on the photo streams in Flickr :}

Friday, 21 January 2011

B-Day dinner @ MELENZANÈ

Melenzane was the place to go, when we decided to celebrate our friend's B-day :D the Vespa was waiting on the door, an odd decoration touch for an unusual place, Melenzane all in all is very different when it comes to interior design the whole place is flipped upside down from the inside

Now this Special thanks board really attracted me, I love personal touches!

This is from Melenzane to all the people who participated in the making of the place :} a very gently and nice gesture from the owners
Now the FOOD

I loved this drink called ruby red or red ruby! am bad with names :p yummy red thingie!

For appetizers and salad we took:
Rocca Bed
Fritta mozarilla

All were yummy! Ammaru is highly recommended for shrimp lovers, we all liked the starters
Now for the MAINS

Pasta alla norma
Pelemaro risotto

I'm not into aubergine "and I dare to come to, Melenzane = aubergine in Italian :p" BUT this alla norma changed my mind! really nice, The risotto is very nice also, not too creamy nor too dry! both dishes won!

Also we ordered for the main

Vitelo Rosmarino

Now the Rosmarino was much liked by our friend :} but my favorite fried shrimp in Kuwait is Gambroni! I was really glad one of the gals ordered it because I totally forgot about it, and I really think its the best around, it became the appetizer I always order when I go to Melenzane. Again all dishes were winners

The Surprise cake!

A big RED VELVET made specially for the birthday :} you can pre-order it, on a normal basis its a single person desert dish that P0ach wrote about a while ago, and he is DAMN right, it is a YUMMY cake, even took the place of the November Bakery's red velvet to me, it was the 1st now its the 2nd :p Because their red velvet has the right amount of the cheese flavor and cake! not too sweet nor too cheesy, especially that the top layer/ covering is cake not frosting so it made all the difference

and that's how the 25th of December of 2010 was celebrated :> Kudos to the place owners & workers, a good restaurant to visit

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Its been a while since I wrote in my blog, the intention was to take a break for a week or so then back to posting, a lot of drafts pending the final editing "as if it would do my endless badleya/typos any good" :p Also got caught up with a lot of things around mostly work and the new room making.

Politically Kuwait was not so chilled, on the contrary from December till now we jump from one thing to another. I wanted to write but the fact that my blog is a place to calm down stopped me and that local politics was a daily subject at home and work, so decided to keep it out. Adding to that the fact that I did not have much time for online publishing.

Twitter is the quick solution to keep me in touch with the net world, the connections in twitter are increasing rapidly, I am really enjoying it :> but it will never take my blog's place :}

So Hello blog & readers :D

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

1,201st post :}

Blogging is probably the hobby I have been consistent with for a long while, as if my blog is a close friend of mine that no matter how busy I am with life, I get back to it with eager :} and miss it greatly by the day, our meeting deletes all the gap spaces of time apart. To who ever came with the blog idea, my own blog, bloggers all over the world I love you all! Been a very enriching period of my life

No am not saying this because I will quit :p but because saying what you feel like is always good :} and while we are alive we might as well invest in making ourselves and others happy :>

As odd as this might seem, but every one I cam across online gave me a lesson or a piece of information, along with the existence of google, wikipedia and now twitter and the things read/ discussed there, I honestly feel very blessed to know all of this! Who would have thought from the comfort of my home with a few buttons, technology & a phone line I can be all over the world, jumping from one thing to another :) I might have not witnessed time travel, but I lived whats more awesome :> the internet

SO my 1,2001st post goes to all the mentioned above