Thursday, 30 June 2005

Crowded Kuwait !!

It was so crowded outside today! went to Hawalli, it was hell

@ 8:26pm it was 40 deg. cel. :} Kuwait summer says hi

Monday, 27 June 2005


Going tomorrow to see Mr & Mrs Smith, although a lot did not give positive feedback on it. But its the choice of the majority!

How ever personally am wating to see Madagascar

Immadiately purg came into mind :D

One cute brown what ever it is, hamster! any how damn cuuuuuuuuute


Cute gang

Saturday, 25 June 2005


God I miss blogging & bloggers :( am just so busy I barely have time for the net! bare with me guys will hit u back soon with some nice stuff .. Miss you all :}

Tuesday, 21 June 2005

! بغيت أموت


اليوم بغيت اموت! كان ممكن إني اخسر حياتي بسبة واحد متهور .. عمري ما حسيت اني منقهره من احد و صج ودي انه يتعاقب و بإنصاف قااااسي كثر هالشخص! .. بس فعلاً حيييييل شرير من صج يعني شرير شرير مو بو طقه


الطيب مكسور الحيل ينكسر قلبي لما أشوف شخص بهالكم الهائل من الكآبة و الخذلان من الزمن و الوقت و كل شي
يحاصره لدرجة تمنيه للموت .. تحدي جديد علشان أشوف إذا اقدر اخلي التفاؤل يجتاح واقعه و لا لأ؟؟


ساعتي مع اني أحبها و صار لها عندي الحين سنتين و قريب بتكمل الثالثة بس نسيتها بالبيت على مدى يومين .. بعدين استوعبت اني ما احتاجها لان التكنولوجيا اللي تذكرني بالوقت متوفرة بكل مكان.. مع اني ابي اشتري غيرها عن قريب الا اني وفيه لها (صار لي سنه تقريبا!! اقول هالحجي و افتر و ما يحلى بعيني إلا اهي مع انها مو ذات تصميم ساحر بس حيل عملي بالنسبه لي و تناسب حجم ايدي) و لحد الحين اهي المتربعه على عرش الرفيق العملي لأيدي يوميا .. طبعا عندها خوات بس اهي اللي كل يوم معاي


انصدمت بانها اكتشفت كذبه الواضح .. شخصيا استغربت اشلون كانت معميه .. بس ما لمتها لما شفت دموعها دريت انها حبت من كل قلبها .. كسرت خاطري لانها ضيعت حب على شخص ما يسوى .. من داخل ابقى اشدد على ان الحب الصادق بحد ذاته مو خساره حتى لو اللي حبيناه ما يسوى، مجرد الحب و وجوده داخل شي زين .. و هم البشر مو كاملين ما اتوقع من الكل الصدق و لا الخداع بس اتوقع ان الحب يكون شي زين

معصومة مو معصومة.. لأنها بشر

الدكتورة معصومة ربما هي اليوم اشهر شخصيه نسائية خليجيه.. سعيدة بوجودها بالحكومة.. افتخر برزانتها بالمجلس .. سعيدة باختيارها .. ما أتوقع منها حل كل مشاكل الوزارة أو الكويت لكن متفائلة بكفاءتها و على الأقل بدينا المشوار بشخصيه صح أتمنى نكمل صح و ما ننجرف وراء تيار اللي يبيون يرتزون علشان يحصلون لقب مو يكتسبونه بجدهم و عملهم.. و تبقى الانثى تنتمي للبشر و محد فينا كامل! و بما اننا ما شفنا السنع من الذكور فلا نقسى على الاناث و نتوقعهم اسنع او اسوء :) اعتقد لو نصبر و نشوف ابرك من تعليق الآمال..و عسى الله يوفق د. معصومة

وووو ادري المسافات يبيلها تعديل بس حدي دايخه و ابي انام فا باجر ايصير خير


GaaarrrrrrrrrrField :}

This toon reminded me of an old friend who was of the quiet type BUT occasionally does something FUNNY & unexpected!

here goes the same for Garfield, he is never this fast for any thing other than FOOD :} cute cat

Thursday, 16 June 2005

Week end

Its the weekend here :} I intend to enjoy this one .. hope every one does too ..

Tuesday, 14 June 2005

nibaq, Tim Tim, blurburger & me!

This is it! The post that I was preparing for & asked permission from ?? To write it :>

It all started in The savior machine, when nibaq "the Kuwaiti blogs godfather" wrote this post about a cool desktop images site called pixelgirlpresents so as I was browsing it the 1st time in February this year I found a picture for a cute red guy called "Tim Tim" Devil! right in this page (currently). I immediately saved his pic & was also able to find "Tim Tim" angel @@ I was like cool one character & two versions of it :}

At the time I don't know why I didn't trace the site attached with the picture! But it went out of my mind with time (although am usually curious & like to explore). Monday at work I wanted a desktop picture to add life to my PC & cheer me up so there came TIM TIM to mind @@ the cute little RED GUY (not the misguided one ;p), searched his pictures on google & I got into this page ...

Then Tim Tim became something more exciting & fun! He is an actual character that @@ why should I say @@ look at what the site says "quote"::

Welcome to the amazingly amazing world of TimTim!

TimTim has incredible powers! He has the power to change himself into whatever he likes. Cool huh?Check out his Adventures to see what TimTim gets up to with these incredible powers. Download some desktop pics, icons and e-cards for even more fun!

Tim Tim appeared to be quite a unique figure @@ check out his page Then you have to see his Adventures! My favorite was ALL of them ;p but I kinda leaned a bit to the Spider Ooh & he is not only a Devil or an Angel! Also he can be ( a monkey- a spider- a dog) check out all of his adventures :} they are FUN

Now Tim Tim can't leave you go with out a reminder of him! He has pretty nice & very shiny wallpapers for your desktop + Icons !!!! That was my best discovery :D all of my icons were changed ;p when I got to the Icons page, download the .Zip file to have them @@ + "yes there is an other + :}" E-Cards.. So take a look & check'em out

By that time I was so curious about who is behind this lovely site! So I go digging :D I got to Blurburger Home, Then I was like HUH! blurburger! What kind of burger is that & who would call their site with a such odd name. He is Australian & called

& at the link above the code of "Blurburger" broke @@ "quote"::

Blurburger is my website for sharing my art with the world. I got the name Blurburger from the call made by a bird I still haven't seen, that frequents the hills around Cockatoo. 'Blurrr-bur-GA! Blurrr-bur-GA!'

Now @ this moment I just cracked up! & totally liked the site even more, am into simple fun things, the graphics are so simple YET very attractive & cute I must say in the same time the whole site has a great deal of efficiency & creativity. Pete Joison is a true artist that has a lot of talents :} Let a side the Tim Tim section, under blurburger there are the following ::

  • Desktop Wallpapers
  • Icons
  • Shoebox (lots of stuff in there! check'em out, highly recommended. There are tales of The "Nostril Head")
  • Paintings
  • Shop
  • Services ( Logos, Icons, Illustrations @@ he got it all & its pretty nice + professional + totally what I like.. Simple YET unique & creative)
  • Email
  • Guestbook (which I will sign soon after I finish writing this post ;p)
  • Blog ( @@ YES his is in the blog-o-sphere Ladies & gentlemen :> & he uses word press, the blog somehow reminded me of nibaq's)
  • Links
  • About (of course as stated above, there you satisfy your curiosity about who is the person that is behind this VERY professional simple & creative site. Also Bright colors with white never fail with me)

This is Pretty much all of it all you have to do is click on the links above to see what a great site he has. I was intending to e-mail Mr.Pete Joison to take permission to post some pictures of Tim Tim but as I kept exploring the site I just had to write about it, So I took permission to write the above "of course he will read it with you guys no one took a peak :} don't worry", he welcomed the idea & was very nice & friendly! Thank you Mr. Joison :>

So Ladies & Gents :} here at the end I give a Sault all the way from Kuwait to Australia to Mr.Pete Joison for a great site & a creative mind :>

P.S: Each time you go to the home page! you get a different picture in the banner :> its pretty cool! try to refresh Blurburger Home a few times to see.

Monday, 13 June 2005

Amazing post in progress!

I have a truly amazing fun post that is still under construction & waiting for a permission from the proper authorities to start constructing the post!

Sunday, 12 June 2005

To be or not to be, a حناانه ?

ما احب الحنّه و لا اواطنها بس مؤخرا احس نفسي منحده لاني احن مو لان المحنون على راسه كاشت بس لانه مشغول و نسااي @@ و انا وراي مهمه لازم انجزها و لو ماحنيت و تحركت ماراح اخلص اللي المفروض اني اخلصه .. المشكله اني ما احب الحنّه و همن استحي لاني ما احب اثقل على احد .. بس ساعات توصل الى نهاية الممر و تحتاج للحنّه
الحنّه مو الحِنّه هي المقصوده بهالبوست (للغير كويتيين) و معناها هممممم الإلحاح؟! اعتقد هذا اقرب معنى لها


I think faver is invading me! Am sure it can't coz am working on not letting it get me :}

Still the feeling of having a fever is here...

Creativity Flow

catch it on Mad M2000's :}

Friday, 10 June 2005

ثقافة الحزن

الاغاني العراقيه لابد ان تحمل الأه او الويل فيها .. يقال لان الشعب العراقي لطالما كان منكوبا و ذو حظ تعيس بالحكام الذين جعلوا من الويل له اغنيه ؟
في محاوله استعباط على مفاهيمي شغلت البلوتوث و بعد ان احترست بوضعية ال
لاني ما اعتقد اني احتاج اني استعمل البلوتوث بمكان عام .. عموما كان عندي فضول حول الالقاب اللي يعرفون فيها الغير عن نفسهم عن طريق البلوتوث الصدمه كانت ان الغالبيه لهم القاب حزينه
امير الحزن
القلب المجروح
مكسورة القلب
القاب كثيره و كلها تؤيد ثقافة الحزن .. البعض يلجأ لها علشان يدخل قلوب الاخرين من باب العطف .. و البعض الاخر يستهويه الحزن لمجرد الحزن! بكلتا الحالتي لماذا الشغف للنظر الى الخلف و العيش بالماضي؟
ويمكن هالمقاله من بلوق جرافيكا-بومريوم تأيد هالملاحظة اللي شفتها بالتحديد لما قال بشكل ساخر
((بتصير رومانسى مو لازم نكد يعنى))
ليش النكد يا جماعه؟

Thursday, 9 June 2005

[dot]com [dot]net [dot]org

A dear blogger that I miss reading what he has to say is moodless. The site is closed now for a while that I hope will not be too long what ever he is up to I wish him good luck ..

The butter "zbda" of this post is to show a tiny weird coincidence :> that appeared when I substituted [dot]net with [dot]com behind moodless! So I got the following (our Kuwaiti co-blogger)

Now here is the weird part! All the 3 domains above are booked to 2 different people who BOTH decide to fill in a single web page with a picture linked to the e-mail, check it out!

Tuesday, 7 June 2005


The first time it was done back in 1998 when I was in the last year in high school

The second (long story :) will post it when I can) I painted it around 2001-2002! Maybe

The third :} was in the 31st of May 2005

About a year ago I fell in love with ALL of The New York artist "Lynne Taetzsch" paintings they are so vibrant & lovely! ,, but the 4 following paintings are kinda close the the squares that I keep on painting:

Here is The New York artist :: Lynne Taetzsch

In that site she said ::

The Creative Process
My art grows out of accident, error, spillage, and exuberance. I paint quickly when I start, covering the canvas or paper in an overall pattern. I listen to loud music to help block out thinking and to give a rhythm to the gestures I make with brush, palette knife, or drawing directly with a tube of paint.


There is more on her in 123soho if you are interested :} and you can simply >>click here<< go into this site & enjoy her art that I truly love & keep in my PC too, hoping one day I might see it for real! Maybe hers & yoshika's work too :}

I don't think this post is enough! Since I L-O-V-E her art & its worthy of a more proper display, there fore there will be an other post FULLY dedicated to "Lynne Taetzsch" :}

Monday, 6 June 2005

Water :}

Me likey

More datails in flickr.

TOMORROW: the squares painting, it keeps coming & every time its in a new shape & with other colors BUT its the same!!!

P.S: catch up with BIG RED @ DW's blog!! Its funny

Sunday, 5 June 2005

وقت جديد

تفرض علي ظروف مستجدة تغيير هائل بنظام يومي و وقتي.. تسعدني هذه التغييرات و اعتقد إني اقرب للتأقلم من النفور منها

الوضع كما توقعت .. البيروقراطية تسود :) طبعاً متوقع .. أنا للحيني بالكويت! مو صح

صحيح أنا بمرحلة الاستغلال لأني الجديدة لكن بفضل خبراتي السابقة لن أكون مضطهده.. غداً سأبدأ الهجوم الصامت اللطيف

أجد الصمت و مراقبة الآخرين أفضل بألف مره من الإسهاب... اعتقد إني قاعدة اكبر

لم تعد شكوك الآخرين بقدراتي تستنفرني و تستفزني.. اعتقد الجهد و الوقت جديرين بالتحدث عني.. على الأقل لن يصاحبهم اعتقاد أني مغرورة

الوهقه=الورطة؛ هي أفضل صديقه تحفزني على مسابقتها و تجعلني أكثر حاجة للإبداع لأتحايل إما عليها أو على الزمن للفوز

السماع الهامشي لما سار عليه يومي أو أنجزت اعتدت عليه.. لكن الآن! بعد كل ما جرى بالآونة الأخيرة، استبدله بالاهتمام الشديد و النظر لي بجدية أكثر.. لأني كبرت بعينه! و مو دلوعه مثل ماتوقع و توقعوا
.. و مهما صار و لوسمعني أو ماسمعني أحب أبوي

Saturday, 4 June 2005

BLUE tree

Today a lady came to ask about where an office of a co-worker is located, so I got up & pointed it out then said:

That office by the green tree...

She went on her way while I kept thinking why da'hell did I say the "GREEN" tree! I mean it's a tree what other color would it be! Is there like a "BLUE" tree! I felt so stupid by the green remark & laughed at it too.

Friday, 3 June 2005

LR3 !!!

I don't know why the designers in Land Rover came up with "LR3"

Ok the front view is hmmm some what ok but totally expected!, still since am a Range Rover lover I don't really mind it :}

Here it comes: The not-so-pretty part!!

I totally don't like the rear part! & to some extent it reminds me of the Nissan Armada

All in all, I don't like LR3 :(

Don't get me wrong am a fan of Land Rover. Personally am a VOGUE girl :} I wouldn't mind the supercharged too! Still The SE & HSE are great :> but vogue is in an other class "to me"

*Edited, since I thought "UGLY" is a very harsh word :) to be said to any thing!*

Thursday, 2 June 2005


Am not referring to a certain some one here @@ SO DON'T ANY ONE TAKE THIS PERSONALLY, this is a general idea I have & LIKE very much.

Why can't people send you an e-mail asking for being on your list? & think having your e-mail instantly allows them to add you :) & not use it to actually E-MAIL you to ask for a chat "if needed" ?

Am not saying that they are bad people! NO but am saying that we miss the "excuse me, I want to talk to you if you may allow me to? For the reason [x]" part. We have to ask people politely if we wish to talk to them not just be there then expect them to talk to us freely :> its kinda hard & some how embarrassing.

For me I don't like strangers to pop into my screen! But if that stranger gave me a good introduction & cleared out what they want "the reason they want to chat for" then its cool :} its nice to know people but politeness is a must :}

Then ther comes the "block" part. Now if we chat with some one on MSN or any other mean for IM, we can't expect people to want to talk to us 24/7. Some easilly say "excuse me I dont want/cant talk to you know! others may block you for the same reason but they just don't say it! which is not nice nor polite BUT "understandable" & doesn't invade any ones privacy on the contray it allows some one to be more relaxed! if they don't wish to chat to a certain some one then its their right.

The bad thing comes in not telling if you want to block some one (they do have the right to know! they are the 2nd party in the chat, you know). Although I never blocked any one because I can simply say "I dont want to talk now" I only block if I wish to delete some contact & before that I tell them so, because they do too have the right to know if they ask they surelly have the right to know don't just lie to them! or leave them blank!

المذكور اعلاه قد و قد لا يرتبط بواقعي الشخصي و لكنها ملاحظات عامة :) و اتمنى ان محد يصدر حكم جائر بدون لا يسألني و يفهم كلامي صح مو على ما يشتهيه باله/بالها

Person "x"

Ok this post will be dedicated to him, although some how I doubt he will ever read it :} but its a reminder of how nice he is.

This is about a guy I by no way know but helped a lot just because he is nice :} I just knew his name & who he was "since I thought he was someone else when he first helped me -long story-" so to him I say thank you:

* For giving me this shot FAIRLY as others. If you hadn't then I wouldn't have taken the way that got me to be among the "23" in the lead & eventually in where I am now.

*For being with me when I went to the "evil" guy :}

*For being so nice to the extent to help a friend of mine although I haven't been there for long, but again coz he is a nice guy he did it.

So thank you nice guy .. Very much