Friday, 30 April 2010

120 : Parking

It is very annoying how some people do not pay attention to how they park! Today I had little time to stop at True Value - Alrai, and saw this parking spot as I went into it, I found out that I cannot fit my car properly! Lucky it was the last spot, I had to get my car very close to the pavement on my right, if there were an other car to my right I wouldn't even think of going into that parking spot.

So, to every one who reads this, or know anyone in this world, PLEASE park your cars well, stay with in the lines on the street :]

Thursday, 29 April 2010

119 : Small Big

Salad Boutique in Jabriyah is very tiny, cute and cozy. However, it was annoying to me, they did a great job on the interior design and over all atmosphere, still the small space did not make the dine in experience so nice. Also the fact that the kitchen is very close the smell of the cooking was all over the place, ventilation was good though! The food was nice I love their salad, appetizers (potatoes with cheese, plum prawn). The risotto was too sticky. Above all, I still like their "Chicken liver salad - My favorite by Ghadeer K". I think its a winner with salads but not on risotto! Next time will try their burgers.

In view of the above and the fact that I placed the camera on the table this way, gave the place some depth, an almost unrealistic one :) .... virtue, not every thing you see is true.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

118 : Dear Stella

Dear Stella, I love your work!

I think Stella is doing a GREAT job with Adidas, the gray jacket in the middle was my favorite among the collection, she really made sport clothing hip and very stylish :> Love her latest collection. Found in the Athlete's foot store.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

117 : Draft

I still prefer to write drafts or thoughts by hand, can't get my self to rely on the PC. I only use it when am sure of what I will say or if its something short, can easily be seen in one page!

The pen above, Uni-Ball micro is my favorite to write in, after the Stabilo Point 88. They both make my handwriting readable :>

Monday, 26 April 2010

116 : إستقبال

من السهل ان تحس بشعور من هم حولك، فالإبتسامات و النظرات نادرا ما تخدع.. الا من احترف الخداع عاد هذا ما فيه طب

جميل ان تحاط باشخاص طيبين، يتوقف الزمن و تعتقد بان لا مكروه سيمسك

جميل ان يلتفت لك من لا تعرفه ليجعلك تحس بالألفة

جميل ان يبتسم لك من يعرفك ليخبرك بأنك لست وحيداَ
جميل ان ترى الجمال و تقدره حال وجوده، لنك بالنهاية مجرد عابر سبيل في هذه الحياة
footnote: unconditional, human, pure communication ,,, is lovely :]

Sunday, 25 April 2010

115 : Fake cheese Cake

Quick bite that is very close to be a fake strawberry cheese cake, a sweet bite on the go, with a trial to minimize the calorie intake...

1- Light Digestive biscuit
2- A layer of the Non-Fat Philadelphia Strawberry Cream Cheese
3- Fresh strawberries diced

and your are done!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

114 : Toothbrush

Every two weeks or so I have a new toothbrush. I usually go for any regular one, this time I said why not try Oral-B! Took this one thinking that its just a toothbrush with plastic thingies in it, used it based on that assumption, to find out when I was done that its the electric one :p

Turned on the thingie in it, it really felt weird and uncomfortable! I didnt feel that I was in control of the instrument and felt harsh on my inner cheek. However, the toothbrush alone is GREAT! the plastic parts in it went through between my teeth and cleaned them well, I didn't need to floss that much after I was done brushing. Its a success :D minus the electric part :p

Friday, 23 April 2010

113 : Reality VS Advertisement

Saw this new lipstick from Chanel in Vogue, however in reality I could not find the exact color! it was a bit paler in reality. I know ADs differ from reality but I thought color accuracy is crucial in makeup ADs, so anyhow I got one that's a little darker :] and am happy with it.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

112 : Mugs

Probably the best souvenir any one can bring me from a trip is a MUG :> I love them, collect a lot of mugs and really appreciate them! Why I do not know :D The above is from a friend she got it from her resent trip to Dubai, its a great example how a simple thing, used/seen daily can make you smile :]

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

111 : Thumbs

و من ضمن محاولات أهل حمّود لابعاده عن عادة تعضعض اصابعة و بالذات الابهامين :> لزقوهم! و طلبت منه يخلي اصابعة موديل حق صورة اليوم. احلى ما بهالصبي عفويته، سوالفه اللي مادري من وين يطلعها و خياله الواسع

Iron Man 2 - Soon in theatures

As per Qortuba Vally who took the word from Cinescape site, Iron Man 2 will be out in Kuwait VERY soon! Sooner than what I expected, before May :) ALTHOUGH I am dying to see it, I truly fear the amount of scenes cut from it, knowing how strict is the censorship over here makes me really reconsider. But I know me, I wouldn't wait to get it on dvd.

Either way, the trailer looks very tempting :>

110 : Metal Slinky

Was and still very fond of this toy :D love to roll it down the stairs, my favorite is the metal Slinky since its more durable.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Sunday, 18 April 2010

108 : Good people

Today was one of the longest most tiring days I have been through for a while now. The last stop before home was very pleasant, I met a person that I did not see for 4 years now, he & his wife have a baby girl and expecting an other soon :D I was so happy to hear about them and realized that good people are a true treasure. I really wish them all the best :D

A little feminine / consumptive comparison: personal interaction is more durable, like leather! compared to canvas :p

Saturday, 17 April 2010

107 : Saving Space

One of the main things I love IKEA for is the various space management/ storage solutions they offer. Took this CD/DVD case a while ago from IKEA didn't really use it till I took a good look at my shelves and found out that I really do not need all those DVD covers! I filtered most of the DVDs I have, only kept two categories out on the DVD shelf : Original Special Edition - Not seen yet. 

Friday, 16 April 2010

106 : SMS

Would you buy this just for the sake of the words written on the cover?

Whats wrong with buying chocolates and writing a small note? :> Moreover I have to ask Cadbury, does the market really need such a product ?

Thursday, 15 April 2010

105 : Macaron

A Macaron or Macaroon is:

"A macaron is a confectionery whose name is derived from an Italian word “maccarone” or "maccherone". This word is itself derived from ammaccare, meaning crush or beat, used here in reference to the almond paste which is the principal ingredient..[1] It is meringue-based: made from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar."
From the mighty Wiki.

Got off work with the weirdest crave to have macaroons! I really enjoy their taste, so went & got me some from Chocolate and Macaroon cafe. Not the best but it was on the way, the killer ones are: the Nutella - Dark Chocolate :>

The one above is with KitKat filling, it was not so nice. But I loved the contrast between the raspberry redo color and the brown color :p

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

104 : Dear coffee ,, thank you :)

Had a long day, fully beat by now. The only thing that kept me going on is the doses of coffee I consumed during this tough day. The two good things I have in mind now, is the color of my nail polish & with in a few minutes, the last work day of this week will begin :> 

Been busy with family so much that I went to the gym only once this week, am really not happy with that and feel that I am missing out on a lot, in terms of my physical activity.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

103 : Old is gold

Got into my room, and found a box filled with some of my old stuff, mother placed it there so I can filter all the things in it. The stuff go back to college years and before. Among them I found the first wallet I bought for my self from my allowance :D it was usually mother or father who got all my previous ones, this one was not given directly by them :p

In that wallet I found this fold-able tiny phone book with magnet padding on both covers :> I used to like playing with the magnets. Back then I did not have a mobile, a year after I got one, but kept on writing down numbers in this tiny note until I submitted to technology eventually!

Monday, 12 April 2010

102 : رحلات المدرسة

للحين اذكر رحلتنا للمتحف العلمي التربوي ، ما اذكر تفاصيل اللي شتفه الا الخروف اللي حاطينه بمادة حافظه في غرشه . اللي اثار فضولي ان المتحف على حطته من الثمانينات للحين! و المبنى يبيله ترميم، و لفت انتباهي و استغرابي لازقين صورة الامير و ولي العهد بربعة فوق البوابة اتوقع بلزاق شفاف عادي و الصور بوسترات ورقية يعني بعد شهر ولا شهرين بس بيتنتفون و يتقشرون، الصور لا اهم بمكانهم ولا اهو حاطينهم بشكل مرتب! ليش الترقيع؟

تحسفت لما شفت المبنى المهمل، لي ذكريات متعلقة فيه، التصميم ماله وقت، و له بصمة بالعمارة الكويتية، زيا ترى بتحافظ عليه وزارة التربية و لا بيتم منسي؟

Sunday, 11 April 2010

101 : Things you can get while in your car! (2)

The Laundry

The sweet worker at the dry cleaners is so kind to bring me in the car & pick them up from me :] it saves a lot of time really, I just park, wait for 5 minutes and am on the go again :> gives me more time to finish other errands

Saturday, 10 April 2010

100 : Ceiling

I'm simply fascinated with ceilings! The ceiling is the first thing I notice where ever I go. I liked how the crystals are lined up with small lights among them, the chandelier was very nice at Sabah w Masa Restaurant, located in 360 mall.

99 : Details

As fascinating details can be, at times ignoring them can be better! Today was event/action FULL, the common factor was paying attention to details, excessively.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

98 : iSpot

What do you see in this picture?

I saw Winnie the Pooh balloon hanging up there :> I simply adore details!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

97 : Vandalism!

صج من شاف مصيبة الغير هانت عليه مصيبته! كتب بكتب عن سالفة واحد مسرع من صباح الله خير، و الا يبي يطوف اللي جدامي و لما شفته شوي قام ياخذ يسار صوب حارة الامان جان ادني عنه و ازيد المسافة، ولا الاخ يدش حارة الامان علشان يعدي السيارة اللي جدامه! و الحصم اللي يتطاير ماله والي و حصلت لي وحدة 

و كنت بتحلطم من هالمستهترين اللي مادري منو اهم بالحياة علشان يستعجلون هالكثر و يعرضون نفسهم و الغير للخطر! و المشكلة انه تعدى شايب ماشي بالسرعة القانونية و ملتزم بالقواعد المرورية و شحليلاته! ولا اشوف جامة سيارة اختي مهشمة بالكامل عورني قلبي عليها، للحين ماندري شلون و منو و ليش

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


إعلانات الفيس بوك اتضحكني بس هذا قتلني، صج فصلت لما قريته! يعني يكفي انه رجل أعمال و مقتدر علشان ترغب البنية بانها اتزوج؟

Diet and Rediet

Recapping with my diet that I started a year ago :] I lost 14KG so far and joined the gym after starting the diet shortly, to regain my fitness and lose weight more easily. So far the result is great el7mdillah. I stopped dieting last June and instead I educated my self, Learned about the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) that tells you how much calories do you need to maintain your weight and by learning the calories in food, also I searched nutritional information in food, with all that I could control the calorie intake, hence lose weight or maintain it when needed. I do not want to rush with the weight loss without keeping my fitness in mind, currently am happy with the result :} still have weight to lose, but taking it easy and steadily.

I mainly focused on correcting my diet and food habits, it is not easy and I am still trying to be more healthy but doing it gradually is helping a lot. My meals are more organized and the consumed portion is as much as I need :) not "want".

96 : Things you can get while in your car! (1)

Coffee in car!

Coffee shops who offer the drive thru service are increasing in Kuwait. For a while now I have been finishing a lot of errands and getting things while being in the car, so I thought of taking pictures of the things I can get/ finish on the go :]

Monday, 5 April 2010

95 : Green Tea ♥

I've become fond of Green Tea lately, for around 2 years now. It tastes very different from the usual black tea we consume almost on a daily basis at my home, the hype started a few years back because of its many health benefits, to me it was a good substitute that had a lot of good nutritional benefits to it, so why not give it a shot?

I started with the regular green teabags, then started adding fresh mint leaves to hot water before adding the tea bag to it, which gave a more pleasant and sweet taste to it. Moving forward to trying more fancy types of green tea, to now trying out green tea with different additives, like the picture above of "exotic lime green tea" from Simon Levelt, which I found in Organica cafe. Today I had an extra dose of the lime filled green tea, although am not a fan of the "zesty/citrus" flavor but this one was nice! And it helps a lot with the flu fight :] especially when mini symptoms start to show or in today's case a bit of allergic alarms came up, nose and eyes were not functioning well, the moment I drank it I felt a lot better.

p.s: Thank you Samar :*

معـرض الربـيع التـشكيلي الثـالث

ابتداء من الثلاثاء ٦.٤.٢٠١٠ و حتى الاثنين ١٢.٤.٢٠١٠

في قاعتي الفنون وأحمد العدواني - ضاحية عبدالله السالم - بجوار المخفر

على فترتين
التاسعة صباحا الى الواحدة ظهرا
الرابعة مساءا الى التاسعة مساءا


The National Council for Culture, Literature and Arts will hold the 3rd Spring Art gallery

Where: "Alfunoon & Ahmad Al-Adwani" halls - Abdullah Al-Salem - Beside the Police Station

When: April 6-12
Gallery Timings: 9am-1pm & 4pm-9pm

Sunday, 4 April 2010

94 : بيننا مخملي يتخيّش


كنت حاسة ان كلمة "تشريب" و "قبوط" رموز سرية للمقاولات في الجابرية، طلعت منت هين يا بو مريوم! و غاشنا و مخليها مريم؟ عبالك ماكو ناس فاظيين ايتفققون على لوحات الشوارع بالكويت اهو من تمقل او تصوير؟

Saturday, 3 April 2010

93 : TSC Jabriyah

So I decided to pass by The Sultan Center - Jabriyah's new branch. Getting there to the main parking is a bit of a hustle, its very cramped up in between the houses! Now inside, nothing much really, basic things that you would find in a Co-op branch, the vegetable and fruit section is the biggest then the meat, other then that there is chocolates, sweets, magazines, newspapers, cigarettes sections and other minor things, all in all its not counted as a real Sultan Center branch, it was more like the little branches by the Chalets area in south Kuwait. The pro is that its open 24 hours, so if its close to your house you will find the essentials in case you ran out of them in the middle of the night :]

Friday, 2 April 2010

92 : Canada Dry street

شارع كندا دراي في منطقة الشويخ الصناعية له سحر خاص! احبه بالليل، استمتع لما اشوف ليتات المحلات و هم استانس على البانرات و البدليات اللي مالها حصر فيها. بالنهار هالشارع لا يطاق ولا افكر اني اطبه و احمد الله ان ايكيا تغير مكانه علشان تخف روحاتي لهالشارع بالنهار، لاني من عشاق ايكيا! لو ماعندي سالفة اروح افتر فيه مادري ليش

العبيط بالموضوع لما نزلت باخذ لي جم صورة نظرات الناس كانت مستنكرة او مستغربة اني نازلة اصور! وواجد من اللي مروا بسياراتهم عاشوا معانا الوضع و بعضهم حذف راسه على الرصيف يمنا لوول! مع ان التصوير لا اهو شي غريب ولا مستنكر، و الوقت ماكان متاخر ٧.٤٠ 

Via Merriam Webster

While browsing through Merriam Webster online Dictionary I came across the latest top ten list called "words from the Bible":

1. Kiss of Death: kiss of death was given by Judas to Jesus. It identified Jesus for the arresting soldiers who would send him to his crucifixion.

2. Feet of Clay : The prophet Daniel deciphered the king's vision, observing that the feet of clay signified weakness. (Daniel 2:42)

3. Forbidden Fruit: Forbidden fruit names a pleasure that's immoral, illegal, or both.

4. Shibboleth: Today, it usually describes a trite idea or platitude, or a slogan or catchword.

5. Fig Leaf: Today a fig leaf refers metaphorically to something that conceals or camouflages (usually inadequately or dishonestly).

6. Armageddon: Armageddon names the site (or time) of the conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil.

7. Doubting Thomas: It was Thomas the Apostle who wouldn't believe in the resurrection until he actually touched the wounds of Jesus, who then lost his doubt, but doubting Thomas came to name any incredulous or habitually doubtful person.

8. Straight and Narrow: Straight and narrow came to describe the rules of propriety and rectitude.

9. Good Samaritan: Good Samaritan now names someone who generously aids those in distress.

10. Kingdom Come: Kingdom come is heaven, or the next world – a place, one hopes, of absolute peace.

The above were excerpts from the top ten words from the Bible, most of them were very new to me and interesting. An other reason why I love the internet :} quick easy information a few clicks away :>

Thursday, 1 April 2010

91 : Eating out

بعد يوم عمل طويل و اسبوع اطول كان الغدا منعش! من مميزات المطاعم، انك تدخلها بدون سابق انذار، الاكل جاهز، لا انت ولا اي من الموجودين معاك بيتعب بالتقديم و الضيافة، الوقت كله للموجودين محد بينشغل بالتنسيق، و الاهم التجربة! يمكن بي اف تشانج من افضل المطاعم الصينية بالكويت، مع العلم اني ما احب المطبخ الصيني الا ان هالمطعم غير رأيي

انصح فيه، بس اذا بتحلون، لا تاكلون اكل صجي! او طبقوا نظرية كل مشروك مبروك

بنهي يومي بهدوء على امل اني لما اقعد باجر اكون ذاكره اللي ببالي الحين و بكتبه بجم بوست، و لهت على بلوقي! لاني ما احتسب مشروع ال ٣٦٥ من ضمن نشاطي "الكتابي" التدويني