Saturday, 31 December 2005

Happy new year every one


All in all its a good year for me, done alot & a lot has happined to me, I still have a tiny gap in my heart for some one I miss very much & for a fight that will "hopefully" end in the beggining of next year


Happy new year every one :> I wish for every one in my life (from the net & in real life) to be in perfect health & fully happy for all the time we have in this life .. may you all be well & happy Amein ya rb this year & every year..


This is by far the most interesting news in 2005

I do not like politics NOR like to post about it in my blog but this piece of news is so amazing! Who would have thought it would start to collapse this way? From a person who has been in the Syrian system for so long? Regardless if its a play written a long time ago OR a well paid newly written play with a veeeeery generous pay OR maybe a simple ABC plain & true which is very doubted :}

Still to me this is the best political event in 2005, it has betrayal, faith, honesty, money, mystery, action, etc.... All in all I hate politics because its a game! If you have the power & money you can turn a victim into a villain & vise versa & its mostly way out of the simple every day person's league only a few can get it.

P.S: Truelly propaganda is an art!

Wednesday, 28 December 2005


Smart girl :}

Good bye

Today some of the most wonderful men will leave, due to some changes at work. One of them touched my career the most, because he cared & gave me a chance to prove my self :}

This post is dedicated to him, you will be missed!

Friday, 23 December 2005

Blog of the week will be back

Ok people the poll is over :}

we got 36 votes in favor of the post! No votes against, so the weekly post will be back :>

Will not start this week I will begin next Saturday. There will be a reference for ALL the blogs reviews in this blog on the side bar & in timely order SINCE this is not a competition more than a tiny spot of light shed on some of the blogs around. Hoping that one day I will be able to cover all the blogs around (Kuwaiti & others). I'm hoping that I will do a good job! Wish me luck :}


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I tag Who ever wants to be tagged :}

Monday, 19 December 2005

From here & there

In life

* The best lesson you can get from people is how to deal with them while you & them are from two different worlds, have different definitions of things & at some cases you have some basic believes which they lack, for example: dignity?. That is not the case its not that serious but Dignity is an example :}

* I'm starting to get back wonderful things, back to having simple things cheer me up. The birds trick worked again :> ,, when I was in high school by my window there was a tiny nest of beautiful wild birds which by time gone away. I sill love every wild bird I see & they bring me a huge amount of relief. Maybe because they remind me of my canary that died during the Iraqi invasion?

* I noticed that when I take an over view on a blog I look for the PICTURES then I would think about the text :} I realized that I'm missing out a loooooot of nice things! I SHOULD READ MORE.

* I'm hooked to ZUMA from (this is specially dedicated to the games lover Misguided) :> hope u like it.

Need them!

Tulips are truelly a blessing!

Saturday, 17 December 2005


انا معصبه و بنفجر صار لي موقف ما اتمناه لاحد اليوم بالسيارة،، انا بالحارة اللي بالنص .. و على خبري لما استلمت الليسن انهم كانوا يقولون انك اذا بتروح حارة ثانية يمك تستخدم الاشارة و اتجيك ان الشارع فاظي و بعدين تنتقل للحارة اللي يمك مع الاخذ بالاعتبار انك تلتزم سرعتها

الحجي الهندي اللي كان يميني بسيارة موديل الفين و حطبة! قرر بكيفه انه مو اينام على سيارتي ؟ لاء :> اهو افطحل من جذيه قرر انه ايدش على الحاره و ياخذها كلها له ولا كأني موجوده و انا بنفس الوقت عيني على السيارة اللي على يساري (صرت حوله عين يمين و عين يسار!) فيها حجية كويتيه طيييييييييييييبة تبي تستحوذ على حارتي و سيارتي مسكينه احاول اني اوازنها بين اليمين و اليسار لين حسيت اني بمشي على تاير واحد .. لفيت عن الحجي و رحت يسار الا منوووووو يبي حارتي بعددددددد ؟؟ ماغيرها الحجية و ارد اكسر يمين و اعلق على الهرن حدددددددددده و انا اصارخ جني هبله "لييييييييش اشتبووووووووون" ايكون بيحسون فيني؟!؟ *كل هذا ترى صار باقل من ثانيتيين*

مع العلم ان سيارتي مو عنوونوه ،،، فا توقعت اني انشاف يعني ما اختفي بسرعه و مادري اشفيهم لفوا علي! الظاهر اكتشفوا منجم ذهب بالحارة اللي انا امشي فيها؟؟

كنت ارجف و حيل اخترعت لان السيارتين ما تتخيلون اشكثر لزقوا فيني! بس الله ستر الحمد لله ... و بعد التفكير اكتشفت اني انا الغلطانه لانه واضح ان الشارع شارع ابوهم!؟ و انا الغلطانه اللي امشي بحالي بحارتي و لا اتعدى على الغير بدون لا احم و لا دستور

Friday, 16 December 2005


Last night or shall I say today's early hours I was up! I do not know why when ever I stay up for long I have to mess up something?

Anyhow tomorrow is a long day, I'm already lazy & a bit sleepy, might give sleeping early a shot?

The good thing about today is that I started reading :} when am done with the read I might post about it.

Thursday, 15 December 2005


Please be kind & Participate, the poll will be closed after a week from today :>

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Thank you

Wednesday, 14 December 2005


With out an introduction @!@ here are my latest pieces :> hope you like them!

*NOTE: click it to view it better & bigger OR visit my flickr photo stream*

Sea _ Sky _ Sun




*A close up*

Wind (up close)

Chopped !


Tuesday, 13 December 2005

فن السطحية

كثير من الناس يتقنون فن السطحية و يعايشونه بكل لحظات حياتهم، لدرجة انه يستحوذهم و يصيرون يغلطون عيالهم لو ماكانوا على نفس القدر من السطحية .. السطحية اللي تنص على ان رأي الناس اهو الاول و الاخير،، مو مهم يتعبون ايموتون! اهم شي الصوره ما تنهز و محد ايتشمت بأغلاطهم

غريبه اشلون ينسون انهم بشر؟ .. على حد علمي الطبيعي ان الانسان يغلط مو ايتم كامل طول عمره!؟

Monday, 12 December 2005

"G" VS "M"

Who will win?

First G-mail invaded our world with a large e-mail space for free! NOW google is introducing its Instant Messaging software "Google Talk" compared to the MSN messenger (which reached Ver. 7.something) is still very simple in its functions BUT! When improved through out future versions will it replace the MSN messenger?

Will we give up the HOTMAIL & MSN-Messenger combination for the all new G-Mail & Google Talk combination?

CD Review

I like Carlos Santana's work :} I began to like his work after his album


& my two favorite songs in "SHAMAN" were ::

The Game Of Love (Featuring Michelle Branch)
Click to listen VIA :: (Real - WMP)


Why Don't You & I (Featuring Chad Kroeger from Nickelback)
Click to listen VIA :: (Real - WMP)

Since then I added Santana to my favorite artists list :> & now his latest album is out with the title of (all that I am)

It might be odd if I said I liked Santana but not the guitar solo songs! They are a bit too strong?! For my ears, I always go for the songs that have words in them,, still I like his loud attitude that takes you to South American, as in his first track in this album (Hermes) shows exactly what I mean, below is the list of my favorite songs in this album ::

Click to listen VIA :: (Real - WMP)

I'm Feeling You
Click to listen VIA :: (Real - WMP)

I Don't wan Lose Your Love
No listening link found in! Sorry :}

Da Tu Amor
Click to listen VIA :: (Real - WMP)

All in all I rate the Album with 8/10

Friday, 9 December 2005


شنو قصة اعلانات مكتوب اللي خاااامه كل ايميلات البلوجرز "مادري شلون" و شاخليننا اعلانات؟
مره عن مدوناتهم و الحين توب تن حق مادري شنو لاني سيدا حذفت الايميل .. ممكن اني اتقبل الدعاية للمدونات بحكم اننا بلوجرز و يبون يسحبوننا من موقع بلوجر اللي لامنا كلنا ببيت واحد،، بس بنفس الوقت احسه انتهاك للخصوصية لاني "عن نفسي" حطيت ايميلي بهدف اذا احد كان يبي يوجه لي شخصيا ايميل لسبب او آخر مو علشان شركة تعلن لي عن منتجاتها، ولو اعلنت مرة وحدة تكفي مو كل يومين ايميل

شروق ردت،،
وناسه :> بصراحة استانست ،، حي الله شرووق

حاشتني موجة احباط
من فتره و زعلت لأن أمور بديهيه و من حقي و ماكانت توصل لي، سكت مثل عادتي بس بعيدن تكلمت و بصراحة النتيجة كانت جيدة جداً، خذيت اللي من حقي و ابيه و زياده و الحين انا بموقع جيد و لازم استخدمه افضل استخدام :> و هم تعلمت اني اتحجى و ابطل "الخجل"! اللي بداعي و بدون داعي

Sunday, 4 December 2005

Notes, to whom it may concern

* Miss you, you truly do have the patience of the world compacted in you.

* Its bad to just shut up! The least bit of politeness obliges one to say WHY!

* I feel guilty for the disappointment look you had :( but I thought the truth is better, no matter how bitter it is.

Note to self: mb.

Saturday, 3 December 2005


Had a long day sorry I could not take any pictures :} tomorrow maybee I can show u some of the new stuff I did :>

However in my flickr page I added some new pics, which were taken earlier in this life but were post poned till today to be shown :}

Friday, 2 December 2005








A post just to bring out a smile :} we do need to smile all the time you know :} its bad that we give up to the every day life difficulties & just be :( instead of :D

or :)

or :}

or :>

or :]

Latest art work coming up tomorrow :D @@ don't miss it

Thursday, 1 December 2005

I have alot of things to talk about alot has went on during the week that will end by Friday. the highlights of it are:

* Do not be a MALGOFA & wave to every one you see waving to you unless you are sure the person waving at you KNOWS you.

* Do not think that all people understand the real meaning of "collegues", different ppl have different understandings.

* Do not preasure yourself so that one day you crack up all of a sudden, vent every once & a while.

* Do not wear high heels if you intend to walk a lot.