Friday, 30 May 2008

Last weekend

Spent sometime clearing out the pilled movies "to be seen" saw the listed below:

fast food nation

The movie is disturbing but true, highlights some of the issues in the dark side of the fast food industry, I can't say I enjoyed it, as I said I thought its disturbing but the peek in the world of fast food was enlightening! it could have been made better


The movie mostly took place around Morocco, the people there did not speak with their accent instead this Arabic/ fixed with some Egyptian/ Lebanese accent is made up! that ruined the feel of the country they were in! It was a mutant language, however the foreign viewer would hardly care for that :D translation solves it, but for me it was annoying!

The plot is good, and highlighting "Rendition" as a desperate measure to protect the "national security" of the USA raised and given a big part after 9.11, and what if this ren violated the life of an innocent person?

All in all I liked the movie


Not the usual Sandra Bullock type of movie, the cute lovable girl we are used to from speed, miss congeniality and the ever cute movie while you were sleeping I simple love her goofy moments. In this one she is a mother/ wife that wakes up every day to face a challenge between what is real and what is not, on the edge of her loosing sense she out smarts this thing that hits her and gets things back on track trying to fix her life and be normal again not knowing that no matter what she does, she will not escape from her fate. A very nice drama and kinda reminded me of Lake House, she is linking this theme of movies as it seems :)

Thursday, 29 May 2008

From here and there

I find my self to be easily drawn towards Kuwaiti young authors, their books are attracting and interesting to me since it gives me a feel of how would the people of my generation think and consider a text they wrote worth publishing, will post some review that was written late 2006 i think lol , shows you how messy my writings are!

لماذا يستورد الصغار في هذا المجتمع اشنع ما في الثقافة الغربية؟ فيديو شاهدته من فترة اثار حفيضتي و احزنني، ساكتب عن هذا الموضوع باسهاب، و بدلا من مراقبة المدونات فليراقب المراقبون ثقافة الجيل القادم، و كم لدينا من كتاب/ فنانين/ مفكرين/ فلاسفه/ باحثين و علماء قبل ان يغلقوا الابواب التي يسهل تخطيها ب "بروكسي" صغيروونوو

I was so scared today when I was up on the stage, literally shaking, it didn't show from far, but I felt better when I heard the whistling and clapping :D I really love my colleges for giving me this boost

نزول اقنعة المنافقين شيئ جميل :) قد يكون مؤلماً حين يكون لهم بالقلب/ العقل مكانه لكنه بر الامان في تلك العلاقة التي بنيت على التمثيل،، صعقت بمدى سذاجتي! اعتقدت باني اصبحت اكثر حذراً و نضجا،،، بس كنت غلطاااانه :} كل طراق بتعلومة

Categorization is the latest trend among us:
she3i/ sunni / bdowi/ 7theri/ 3wa2el/ qba2el/ salafi/ ekhwanchi/ liberally..... With that we are recalling all our differences and forgetting that we are in the end just, Kuwaitis.

Monday, 26 May 2008

A late post,,,, Al-Maraqi

I know I am sending this after 20 days of the actual event time, but my knowledge that culture, music and art never age :) made me cross the barrier of time...

Sulaiman Al-Dikan

Tuesday 6.5.2008

Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyah organized the event that took place in Al-Midan cultural center as a part of the 13th cultural season events. Al-Maraqi means the stairs in the old Kuwaiti accent, and they are called so coming from the arabic word "Ruqei" meaning going higher and in a more common use can be translated to "Sophistication" in the sense of one adding more to him self. Al-Maraqi is meant to mix the past with the present literally and musically.

He started playing his fluent easy music that stepped into my heart, the rhythm along with the instruments composed a state of peace and joy like no other. Suliman Al-Dikan, son of Ghannam Al-Dikan the famous Kuwaiti music composer who composed the national anthem has inherited and exceeded the talent of his father and re-defined Kuwaiti modern music, he stands almost alone in that, I love that as original and authentic his music pieces are, they are performed by instruments from all over the world and not original Kuwaiti instruments only.

The evening started with a lovely piece called “Prelude Henda” : Sailors voices intermingling, and then the program went on, at times he left the stage to let the musicians perform either solo or play a renewed piece for famous kuwaiti musicians.

Although I was very tired the day before and had a long day, but I definitely enjoyed my night out with the genuine Kuwaiti music mixed with western instruments and eastern ones as well, he incorporated that mix to give us pieces filled with passion, joy and art. The last piece in the concert called “Helwat El-Leban” an expression that refers to the mother and its famous in the Gulf region and in Kuwait, it literally means “she, with the sweet milk” and that comes form the fact that a mother feeds her kids her milk when they are young, so every one go tell your mother I love you “Helwat El-Leban” :}

With Helwat El-Leban I end my post, wishing this small artistic event to reoccur in Kuwait on a wider scale, art is a form of community and culture growth, lets not keep it quiet.

About the artist:

After you enter the site you will hear lovely music, this is composed by Sulaiman Al-Dikan and was/is being used in Kuwait TV. In if you follow the following you can hear some of his pieces from his 3 CD [ Enter - The Artists - Sulaiman Al-Dikan : you will find information about the artist and his music too]

ْUseful links for the event coverage:

- Awan: Kuwaiti Newspaper
- Aljarida: Kuwaiti Newspaper
- Kuwait News Agency
- Alnahar: Kuwait Newspaper
- Al-Rai: Kuwaiti Newspaper

The following is a clip from a concert he made long ago, the piece is called "Allah Ma'ak" meaning may Allah be with you.

original draft 9.5.2008

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A link from "A"

My brother sent me this link in an sms

The Responsibility Project

"It all began when we ran a TV commercial about people doing things for strangers. The response was truly overwhelming. Thousands of emails and letters from people all over the country thanking us.

We thought, if one TV spot from Liberty Mutual can get people thinking and talking about responsibility, imagine what could happen if we went a step further? So we created a series of short films, and this website, as an exploration of what it means to do the right thing.

We believe that the more people think and talk about responsibility, and even debate what it means, the more it can affect how we live our daily lives. And perhaps, in this small way, together, we can make the world just a little better." about the project

this is one of their films : table guardians


مقالة انتخابية من الطراز الأول

Q برأيي ابدع
بشكل مختصر لخص كل ما احمل من افكار :) متفائلة على الرغم من علمي بأن الطريق لن يكون مفروشا بالورود لكننا نملك القرار و نملك القوة كشعب، فلا انتصار للفرعيات و التحالفات بدليل نجاح الكثير من المستقلين ما نحتاجه في المرحلة القادمة هو الوعي و الصبر، لانكون على الكويت خلونا معاها و الكويت صج حلوه

Monday, 19 May 2008


Cool site called Salloumi

A little about them:

About Salloumi: founded in March, 2008 by a group of Kuwaiti users. It serves users globally to upload their videos and share them with other people accessing the same website. It also provides the ability to embed videos from other websites using a HTML embedding code so people of certain websites can view our videos.

In order to globalize and activate the website's hits by users, a mailing list was created using one of the most sophisticated mailing list systems. A user is allowed to subscribe to or unsubscribe from our mailing list which publishes daily forwardable e-mail letters containing pictures, videos, or recent topics. Yet, our mailing list reached the number of 24,000 e-mail addresses. Most of them are of Arabic users.

Points to Be Targeted:
Salloumi staff aims to achieve the good reputation through the G.C.C countries. Accordingly, the website was managed to serve up to 5,000 users streaming videos at a given time. Therefore, the staff had to get a single powerful server, at the mean time, to achieve a high performance and a good availability to the users.

this lovely picture of many more cute furnature pictures led me to them

اغبطهم and not envy them

I AM SLEEPY,,,, help!
and i dont want any help of the evil caffeine, im trying to cut back even before i read the post @

This one looks so peaceful

Its bed is comfy

no comment

Sunday, 18 May 2008

العجيري يقول

ما اذكر تاريخ هالنوته من رزنامة العجيري عسى الله يطول بعمره بس اذكر انها عجبتني

Hoops and Yoyo ROCK :}

I'm crazy about those two :D
A youtube channel dedicated to them :D

From here and there

its been a long week, been through a lot and have a lot to deal with this week, on the top is the new proposed work plan.

democracy in elections, is the ruling of the majority and not the best in your eyes, your people decide weather they are the best or not by the ones they elect.

words seem to lose their way when it comes for me to talk or write! pictures might help a little?

facebook is seeming to be meaningless by the day, i will stay for the mean time for the news about events around, the groups over there are very useful, what if we can do that for blogs? i have the idea of this website that groups from all sorts are gathered in, they publish their news and you subscribe to them! without the need to go to a site that keeps wanting to know who you are and tell the whole world with what it knew :)

flixter the movie application in facebook, i'm still looking for a way to get it into my blog i saved a lot of information about the movies i have seen

i need a vacation, yet i do have this new thing to implement, the preparation stage followed by implementation will take 4 weeks min., i think i will try to postpone the vacation plan to later.

to be continued....

continued :D

April, 3
i think :/ not sure of the date, will confirm it later

After the "Mzayeen Al-Ebil" thing ended we went there out of curiosity, and in the picture is the curious female camel that scared the hell out of me! i never thought i would jump out of the seat and stick to the window beside me that fast when this funny thing took a peak from above lol

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

رحل آخر شيخ نقول له بابا

I have no more to say than what Forzaq8 said in the mean time.

عسى الله يرحمه و يغمد روحه الجنة و يغفر له و يحلله

Thursday, 8 May 2008

The best Falafel Bu6a6 Sandwich in Kuwait [Review - Nwarah Al-A9li]

نوارة الأصلي - السالمية شارع سالم المبارك "شارع الفنار على تسميتنا

في بداية الأمر قررت اني اطلب منه لانه كان قريب و قلت زلقة بطيحة! خل اخذ جرعة فلافل بطاط، و بالفعل وقفت عند المطعم المطل على شارع سالم المبارك مباشراً و يم مجمع مريم، و على الرغم من انه اكو داعوس بين مجمع المطعم و مجمع مريم لكن فضلت اني اغامر و اعيش تجربة الفلافل بطاط الكويتية الحقيقية و اسفط على الشارع العام!! و بدون فلشر "يعني قوية" بس بعدين راحت السيارة اللي وراي و خفت على سيارتي ، شبيته.

و وصل الجارسون و قلت له ابي فلافل بطاط لو سمحت

الجرسون: عاوزاها بحوموص ولا طحينة يافندم

انا: *في حيرة من امري بس قررت اني اخذها اوريجنال* لاء لو سمحت ابيها بطحينة و سلطة، و لو سمحت عطني درزن فلافل

علشان اعاين الفلافل صح

و بعد ربع سااااعه وصل الطلب

و بسرررعة بطلت الصمونة بالسيارة طبعاً علشان اكلها صح على الطريقة الكويتية الخيشية شكل الصمونة كان دائري و صدمني هذا الشي! انا توقعت صمونة طوالية! مو دائرية بس حسيت انه تغيير حلو

و بالداخل كانت المكونات ، و الصورة الفنية خذيتها بمساندة اختي، و ترددت اني انشرها بس حسيتها معبرة عن المكونات الحقيقية بشكل صريح وتقدرون تشوفون ان البطاط فاتح و مو مقلي حيل و هذي الطريقة اللي يتميز فيها هالمطعم و فلافله خفيفة وفاتحة

وقررنا نقرم فلفولة علشان نشوفها و نستمتع بطعهما خالي


انا شفت ان فلافلهم ماصخة و بهاراتها قليلة، بالإضافة الى ان الجرسون ما تشرشح من شارع لي شارع علشان يوصل لي لان الموقف متاح يمهم، ماكانت الخطورة بالموقف عالية كفاية، فلافلهم اقدر اقول ميديم رير، و البطاط كان فاتح بزود يبيلة قلي، بالنسبة للتقديم كان جيد و لكن الصمونة خلال الاكل سرعان ما نشفت اطرافها، تناقص الاكسجين كان عالي و هذا يحتسب لهم بس مخي ما قفل بعدها!؟ الشئ الذي من شآنه تقليل توافق الصمونة مع ماي ستاندردز

all in all

I give it 2/5

Sunday, 4 May 2008

From here and there

Had a busy weekend and now a busy week ahead

1st review post for the best FB Sandwich in Kuwait is up soon, in two days inshallah :)

Sulaiman Al-Dikan will perform, Tuesday 6th of May
Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiah
Al-Midan cultural center
Abdullah Al-Salem Highschool

thx Broke :*

ما ودي اصير شريرة بس شكلي لازم اصير هاليومين

I have a lot to do and very little time online, so if my comments come a little late excuse me people :D thank you and love the enthusiasm around the FB review post ;p