Monday, 28 March 2005

No fear of Brakes

What mostly irritates me in the mornings is the nasty brakes people take in front of me, the concept of slowing down & having a bigger space between your car & the one in front of it is not applied at all here in Kuwait. Therefore you might see a guy or a woman hitting the brakes so hard that you feel that they went into the back seat of the car in front of them then got back to their cars :} .. Motto "S-l-o-w down people, make S-p-a-c-e people" .. btw the janitor at my new work place is called Motto too ;p

This morning also a car went by with a sticker saying " No fear When (a person's name I assume, which I totally forgot) is here" & I noticed that this car licked (an expression to reflect the 7eee2 sound a tire makes when it touches the pavement) all of the pavements that it went by. Personally I think he should re-consider that sticker because I would definitely will be afraid if I was in the company in a driver with such skills.

Driving in Kuwait is a heroic act I thank my God every day I come home safe :} Drive safely people.

Sunday, 27 March 2005


Went by IKEA to personalize my office a bit more & add a tiny touches to make me feel comfy :} .. Had some work assigned which is good & tomorrow will be a long work day hopefully.

Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Ghassan & Creativity

This is a post dedicated to Ghassan after his questions about the "Secrets to success" course post, so here are the answers :>
التعديل الثالث!ذ و الله يستر ما يطلع الحجي ملخبط
زبدة اللي قلته :> اهو النقاط التاليه
التركيز يتحقق عند تحديد الهدف و السعي له .. حتى بوجود المعوقات الهدف يخليك تغلبها و تركز على اللي تبيه
الابداع ينتج من استخدام فصي الدماغ معا بوقت واحد .. و الفصين احدهما يسيطر على الجانب التخيلي و الاخر منطقي .. و من امثلة استخدامهمها و تمرين العقل على هالشي (و اللي يؤدي للابداع) محاولة تدوين الملاحضات (بنوتة الجامعه مثلا) بعدة الوان و محاولة رسم فكره او جمله بأشكال تتفق مع المعنى و لها رابط منطقي بالنسبه لك .. و محاولة استخدام اختصارات خاصه بالشخص نفسه .. و الطريقة اللي سألت لغسان الاستاذه منى عبد الجليل اللي تساعد على تمرين و استخدام فصي الدماغ بوقت واحد اللي اهو لعبة ال
اللي يلعبونها المهرجين او البهلوانيين (مادري اذا لغويا صح هالحجي بس طوفولي) باستخدام اليدين لتدوير كرات و اللعب بها
و الله يستر و ما اخربط الدنيا بال إنكودنج

Binary Computer Systems
Tel. 2490122
more contact info will be sent to your email & to whom wishes to get it just e-mail me :}

HapPpY HapPpY HapPpY me :}

Saturday I will be in KU, my transfer papers are DONE :}

am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that I will at least be in a better place "hopefully" & am ready to meet new people & work in a new place :D

wish me luck

Sunday, 20 March 2005

Secrets to success

The post title is the title of a course that I take daily for the period of five days ending this Wednesday, I learned a looot of useful things there not only how to be successful in my work but also in real life :}...

will list the highlights of Saturday & Sunday:

*Narcissism, the origin of the roman story
*The Italian-American Love Dr. With the saying that a day without a new piece of information is not counted in his life.
*Creativity is easy & fun
*SMILE at all times
*Be free
*Draw a natural scene with your own view
*Using all senses in thinking
*What kind of employees are there
*Talking about creative people that made a difference in man history & became successful starting from zero (Walt Disney & Oprah) are the most two that were spoken about
*How to get out of the box

*Draw one thing Describing the best character in you with one color you chose from a group that is given to you.. I chose Orange & I drew a big full heart with sun rays coming out of it to reflect a kind heart & optimism
*A woman is a special being, personally, socially, religiously & can be more under pressure than a man & bare with it.
*As an example of creative people a good secretary, she is creative by nature SINCE she can Handel more than one task at once.
*A woman can use both brain parts the right & left one simultaneously however a man can only use one at a time, that's why a woman is more creative ;p & the man has a bigger ability to focus on the other hand :}
*What types of managers are out there & how to deal with them
*How to think & be creative
*Gather as much information as you can, one day you might need them

A lot more but right now this is what's on my mind :}

All in all am loving this course & the group that am with is pretty interesting too + SAS hotel has many places to discover! I mean they have a marine museum & the Hashimi ship to discover & today when I took my "after course" tour around exploring saw some GREAT decorations all around which tomorrow I will explore more :> & take photos also there is the old Kuwaiti house or neighborhood (hmm am not sure of the name) but its interesting :D I will take my time there tomorrow.. Also there is a nice roof over looking the sea, Al-Hashimi ship that I go to in the breaks :>

Saturday, 19 March 2005

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

Its Saturday :} & its blog of the week time here in chillout Kuwait. It’s a special blog I personally love to visit it daily although lately I haven’t been able to comment especially that there are A LOT of the latest issues I really relate to but ! As they say
تسير الرياح بما لا تشتهي السفن
So without any further delay the blog of this week is

GRAFIKA by the one & only @@ بو مريوم

Although he is in real life he is Bo-Hamad but he prefers to be called Bo-Maryoum after Maryam his first blooming marriage rose :}

This post will be done in a new style :} that suits an artist that seeks for change & creativity. However there is no runaway from categorizing his posts into sentences! So if you CLICK (thankfully) on each word in that sentence you would get into a different post that rhyme with the same sentence meaning .. Enjoy his blog as much as I do every DAY :>

He is a creative artist in decor

Also likes TULIPS (my love & passion ;p .. Which is definitely a plus to make me addicted to his blog)

A true Kuwaiti family man, a father (for the 3rd time mashallah :D ) & a husband :}

Art goes into the blood of Maryoum too :>

interested in Areterian coffee!!

His dream house is not yet a reality BUT inshallah one day he will get it as I do hope & pray for him to have it

Romance is not lost after all is it?

Fun & Funny is part of his spirit

DALI ,, God am so much in love with Dali's work! Although the artist who drew the pic in the post is not Dali (DUUUH its digital art ya3ni!!) but truly as Bo-Maryoum said "Dali" was the 1st to pop into mind :)

uniquely marked as funny too ;p

He does collage, photoshop shows you how creative he is, also he went into the world of 3D

Kuwaiti issues find their way into his blog

I really can't cover all of what he offers in the blog in a simple blog review although in four days it will be only 3 months old :} but I must say it is a very rich blog in content & spirit, the moment you read for Bo-Maryoum you just have to go back to see what creative photo he will put or simply cute funny family or work story he has or even what opinion on controversial issue he has!

Bo-Maryoum is truly one of the men that I highly respect since I do respect an honest family man that loves his family wife & kids. So God bless this family & " Allah lay'3yer 3leihum" I do wish him the best of luck...

Cheers to Bo-Maryoum owner of Grafika blog, blog of the week here @ Chillout Kuwait :}

Thursday, 17 March 2005

I won

check out the smart me at Anti-Reason's ;p

those guys in KNPC better hire me or they will lost my experience!

Monday, 14 March 2005

Tired !!

LONG LONG LONG day I just hope I would go to bed early for a change.

P.S: My early is around 8-9 pm

Saturday, 12 March 2005

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeLL am back with my blog of the week post :D live & kick'n

This week its a special blog :} what makes it special is that it carries a famous cartoon character that I truelly adore :}

Its PiGLeTs ZoNe By PiGLeT

It is truelly a quite amusing quiet blog that I never commented in :S hmm but I do enjoy reading.. when the blog started back in December 2004 it was a bit of every thing & the thing that was incommon between all the posts is creativity & being spontanious :> which really makes me smile, a touch of innocence is there.

So as a new way to review a blog I will randomlly list some intresting articles names with out explonation of their content :} also concentrate in the diversity in all the titles :> you will find reading them amusing am sure ..

Naughty birds


What a bootyful view ^-^

No Parking!!


Mughamarat (adventures) In Kuwait!!!!!

وحياة هوانا

هالأغنية اللي اسمعها على الاقل 5 مرات باليوم

Friday, 11 March 2005

What is wrong with comment posting?!

Am I the only one having a problem when I try to post a comment?


Great movie saw it yesterday in the Cinema, although I hate to do so since the ruin the movie over here + its the weekend (we went for an early show, less crowded) BUT still :D I can't resist the atmosphere of being in the Cinema.

Yesterday was the only time I recall going into a movie while being in its first weeks of display on the cinema, I usually go in the last week or the one before it. Also we got there on time! which was a good change for a company of pure females :}

Any how the crowd in the movies was a lot :S I guess its because am not used to go to a movie at its first weeks so am not used to a crowd more than 20-30 ppl .. I only before this time attended a big crowd for The Lord Of The Rings III: The return of the king.


is played by Will Smith is a relations consultants :} so any one seeking for help in how to say " I like you, I want to love you" goes to Mr. Hitch, the rest of the story is for you to look up & see as I hope :}

Kevin James was in the movie too which is a thing that made me LOVE it since I love him in King of Queens & love his "karshaa" too :} he is so adourable. So seeing him in love & in trouble to expres his love was so much fun! Especially his dancing skills truelly rock :}

There is a aloooot to say more about this movie& the scenes I loved but I don't want to ruin it ;p so people all in all great funny movie :} truelly worth watching.

Thursday, 10 March 2005

Thursday morning

I woke up in this morning being so think-ative! If that is right to say :s

* You've got mail is one of my all time favorites, the most memorable memory I have about it is at an English class back in 1998 (when I was a junior at KU), it was English 162 with the lovely Mrs. Mary (the black one) so any how we spoke about the movie & we all were wondering what is the program that speaks to you saying "you've got mail!" and I remember "Eiman" a very nice Egyptian girl solved the mystery & said its …. Hmm I forgot ;p but it was related to AOL.. at the time I didn't understand it fully, now when I saw the movie I was like OF COURSE its AOL they connect through it & all so its must be some program in the pacage or something searchable. Could be a meaning less thought but the memories it brought made me really smile.

* Thursday morning & am thinking what to do first.. I have some hmm not some actually it's a LOT of organizing to do.. Have some work home since I want to get it over with before I leave my work place.. See "HITCH" but then again it's the weekend so the movies is not a good option! I guess, hmm or not!

* Love actually is tonight on the movie channel & that is also one of my all times favorites (I love romantic movies & romantic comedies are the best) .. hmm I will list them! This is my next post a list of my favorite movies :D

* One more thought occurred to me along with my second coffee cup for this morning " I hope I don’t get hyper like the last time I had dark coffee with lots of sugar", how on earth did we enjoy Latin "modblaja" (I don’t know the word in English! I will have to wait for Purg. To assist me in that) series! I mean they were extremely silly and I recall the actor after saying a line pausing,, its 100% fake! How could we enjoy so obvious faking?

Tuesday, 8 March 2005


Its a big day tomorrow, a few days ago I took a bite out of the lion's mouth tomorrow am fighting against it for my life! Either I get the signature or not ... So wish me luck all :}

*work related*

Sunday, 6 March 2005

BLOBOZ ,, Sunday 6th of March 2005

He got it right on the dot!

well said my friend. In my previous post I spoke about "RAS" as purgatory72 described it I did not specify weather its religion or not am talking about in my post but to tell you the truth religion was the 1st thing on my mind & I meant it along with other things that any person may believe in & others do not respect... So read what BloBoz had on the subject & cheers mate :}

My passion My love .. O TuLiPs ..

Saturday, 5 March 2005

YES! YES! YES! I still have it in me

Today I was able to get a tiny thing done :} but made other ppl wonder how I managed to do it. The answer is "LOGIC" some may not like it nor walk by it but they sure do respect it :D & thats how I won my tiny victory.

Its nice to know that simple things can make you so happy & proud of ur self that you get ur strenght back up there to fight!!

Friday, 4 March 2005


* RESPECT: When you talk about a thing or some one that you don't like you at all times should respect them & yourself. Do not insult any one that is if you wish people to read what you say & reply to it.

* ACCEPT: When people around you do not agree to your idea or VS try to listen to the end & do accept other opinions, after all we are humans we can not be ALWAYS right.

* SPACE: Give people space, not all die to hear your pearls that you try to stuff them into their mouths to shut them up from saying what they want!

Came up with them after a rove around SOME blogs around the corner :}

Thursday, 3 March 2005


Summer is here !


Alhtough I enjoyed the cool weather we had in February I have to admit I did miss summer, not because its nice here in Kuwait NO, but because I love the sea in the summer time, especially when the waves shine reflecting the rays of the hot hmmm more like Burning hot sun of Kuwait. Still I love it here.

I loved this year's spring, mashallah a lot of green is around :}