Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Brain storming

Recently since am in a vacation, there are moments where I get a zillion ideas at once! Which are all brilliant, but do not do them all! I lose focus and end up forgetting them.... I need to start writing them I need to realize that I have a very short memory @,@

To catch up with the Topics from 192 countries blog I decided to read its archives and highlight the most attracting subjects and give it a small section in my posts till I finish up the Archives & be up to date with that blog. So

From 192 Countries (Today is the September archive day):

Sunday, 17 December 2006

My first post in "Topics from 192 Countries"

Today I published my first post in the "Topics from192 Countries blog" , I wrote it about 3 days ago but today I had the time to publish it :} since yestrday "the day I was hoping that I can post in!!" the internet got dissconnected from the afternoon till late night :(

but its done & uploaded now :D I wrote about Kuwait Towers since they are the first thing that pops into my mind when I want to show Kuwait to a forigner :)

أرحب بالانتقادات و شوي شوي علي :>
و أشكر موقع
على انهم كنز للصور عن الكويت، و وحده بمثل قدرتي التصويرية الاقل من بسيطة تحتاج مثل هالموقع، و اخترت صوره لابراج الكويت من تصوير الأخ أحمد الهاشمي هم الشكر موصول له

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Deera-Chat !!!!!!!!

I got an e-mail today form the Deera-Chat family "as they call them selves" to advertise for their PodCast :} as soon as I checked their blog out


I found this tiny introduction right on the right hand bar saying ::

What the heck is a PODCAST?!
Podcasting, a portmanteau of Apple's "iPod" and "broadcasting", is a method of publishing files to the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed and receive new files automatically by subscription, usually at no cost. It first became popular in late 2004, used largely for audio files.

Soooooo as usual I had no time! "mother needs me as her driver" so quickly I clicked the tiny box up on the side bar saying "Subscribe with iTunes" ,, immediately the download in iTunes starts, hooked my NaNo got the PodCast "as if am a pro with this new to me! مصطلح " heard it.

A Kuwaiti Podcast in my NaNooo

The PodCast "again am showing off that I know a new مصطلح " is called [ The REAL sushi episode] I will not ruin it by saying what it was about & how the conversation went, however I have my notes:

  • Two Kuwaiti guys talking in a simple free every day kind of chat way, but it was fun :}
  • Its exciting to hear a simple conversation & personal opinions about a common "phenomenon" if I may say that about what they discussed.
  • A change from the usual blog theme where you rely on ur reading abilities.
  • What I mostly liked is the Arabic-English mix with a Kuwaiti accent, felt very close and young.

I am totally pro this new hip thing :) I liked it I encourage every one to hear it, listen to What Musaed & Ali has to say. As they stated in their FIRST PodCast that they are open for suggestions on topics to talk about...

I never tried Sushi and probably after this I will try it seriously, sure I ate a few bites but not like a serious SUSHI dinner although its hip nowadays but I didn't!! However I can't resist commenting on what Musaed kept advising us to try the TEBENyakki I mean Musaed if you want to let me think of eating Sushi at least start with like a 3ASSALyakki, ZALABYAyakki, I mean I was like HUH!! ok cultural difference, then it comes again & again oo Musaed raves about how great this TEBENyakki is & am laughing my head off , I mean no offence to the Sushi I know the name was not intended but what can I do, I have a Kuwaiti twisted mind? Still I think am curious enough to try it out....

Monday, 11 December 2006

192 countries

Interesting new blog


I got lucky to be randomly picked to represent Kuwait by Mr. Shinji from Tokyo, Japan "Thank you". I may not be the best person to do this but I will try my best. This project is very unique & interesting to me, since its a young one & done by common everyday type of people it is fun & not as intimidating as it may seem when you come to think of representing your country :)

I will try to be simple & Handel the main lines about Kuwait, will not go through politics or any other controversial issues. The assistance & suggestions from all Kuwaiti bloggers is more than welcome in fact its why I wrote this post :} I will need & appreciate your help.....

The idea behind 192 countries is to gather 192 writers (bloggers) from 192 countries to talk a little about their countries & know a little about other countries. This project lets the saying "the world is a small village" become a reality in a simple virtual mean of communication.

Wish me luck :D

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Lovely Rain

Kuwait is amazing this time of the year, especially NOW that its raining :)

One amazing site :}


Friday, 8 December 2006

Afternoon Chill

Cinnamon Apple_Lipton

My Companion in this lovely winter afternoon, if you like apple pie? you will like this tea

الجو عجيب، و المزاج هااااادي و مع فرانك سيناترا
Come Fly With Me
شكو فرانك سيناترا الحين مادري!؟

Thursday, 7 December 2006

What to blog about

Politics is on the top of the list but I'm trying haaaard to avoid it!

I do not know weather its a curse that comes along with age! All I know is that I hate it because its a big dirty game controlled by people we do not have much effect on. However what made me feel good is that the people's voice did change things, it was pretty loud.

بس هذا حدي ما ابي ادش بتفاصيل بعد

As for Kuwait weather wise! It is truly amazing this time of the year :} my advice to all ENJOY it to the maaaaaax, we will not have this weather for looong 9 months.

My PSP+Locoroco

The WHITE psp has been my pal for the past two moths, its a new good gadget & its all white :} LOCOROCO made me buy it in the begging (I finished the whole game in a week, noting that my last game addiction was with SEGA of course SONIC ;p so am pretty old dated with this), soon it became my number 1 entertainment tool with its browsing ability & playing/storing different kinds of media made it a great addition to my day.