Tuesday, 26 October 2004

A day in Kuwait

The following took place Sunday, 24/10/2004

** Work 9 am.

** Out from work to Al-Sayer for car service at 9:30 am, its easy since am in a ministry... STILL :'( .

**Back to work, was told that car will finish by 2hrs.

**While wating for my ride to get me to the service garage in Al-Rai infront of me there was a parking Touareg & realised its eyes (head lights I know ;p but I like to call them that!!) are very nice

**Got to Al-Sayer at 12:25pm, one thing bothered me about their service is although I called in advance so they wash the car before I come THEY didn't @@ the workers said that" we didn't because not all customers like their cars to be washed & also don't like to wait for the wash!". I mean if they do it then call the customer to tell him/her the car is done where the delay would be? shouldn't the washing be among the regular service routine :} because although they say its free I don't think so :> for sure its taked from the amount payed for the service & if so it was free WHO doesn't want to see their car clean ??. Any how I wrote this & put it in the complains box & also sent them an e-mail & the next service at 10,000 KM will show if there is a change or not.

**After fu6oor went to @@

Soug Sharg :} these two women are standing up high in there, I absolutelly LOVED them their dara3aa's especailly because they do look like old women's dara3aa's they were very lovely if I knew or saw the artist that sculptured them I would congratulate him on the nice statues although the materials they are made from are not difficult to work with (I think) but the shape is nice LOVE THEM :D.

**Last stop of the day was for coffee also at soug sharg although I hate the starbucks there because its always busy but luckely it wasn't that day :}, had a double tall ice mocha with caramel inside & less ice. Saw this nice ad in starbucks right above my favourite table there

which somehow reminded me of moodless which once was the blog of the week.

**Thats the end of the day's pictures :} hope you like them.

Friday, 15 October 2004

Whats wrong with "Safat" & MS Explorer? << a call to nibaq

:} well check this picture

this is with MS's Internet Explorer & it occured before, but this time I used FireFox it was perfeclly normal @@, so what is the problem with the IE & Safat? are they mt7arbein ? :}

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

Well since I already wrote it :} will post it 36 minutes earlier than Saturday. So here goes the blog of the week post.

Art has been a passion & a thing I follow up when ever I can & have the time, mood for :}. Alot of Kuwaiti artist are out there, today's blog of the week speacks about one that I knew about only through blogging! & from m o o d l e s s blog to be more precise if you follow up that blog you probablly know my now that this week I am writing about :

and the site is designed by moodless (عذبي)
The site is for a Kuwait artist called Bader Al-Mansour & here where the english text ends to talk more freelly about a Kuwaiti Arabic written blog :}.
الموقع للفنان بدر المنصور الذي بصراحه لم اعرف عنه الكثير الا بعد قرائة مايحويه الموقع، و اسعدني كثيرا ما قرأت و رأيت. الفنان يتنوع فنه مابين



لوحات تشكيلية (التي يظلمها التصوير جدا)ا


الأعمال المركبة

السيرة الذاتيه للفنان حافلة و فعلا تشعرك بالفخر بوجود دماء جديده شابه بعالم الفن الكويتي، بقسم الأسكتشات تستطيع رؤية افكار الفنان التي قد تصبح لوحه او نحت او تبقى سكتش ! لكن حتما جانب مثير للهتمام به نظره خفيه لكيفية تبلور الفكر الفنيه من البداية و حتى جعلها واقع ملموس و مايعجبني بسكتشاته و رسوماته هو تجسيدها للواقع بنظرة قد لاتكون واقعيه و انتهاج السيريالية بمعظم اعماله لاني شخصيا انجذب للفن السريالي و امارس التجريدي. شيء لاحظته بكل الفنانين هو العوده لشكل او لوحة ما حتى بعد مضي الوقت عليها و انجاز هذه الفكره .. لاحظت العين


هنا بلوحة وجه


قد يكون عامل مشترك من نسج خيالي :> لكن ارى ان هذه الفكره تكررت اكثر من مره و تكررت بشكل اخر باعمال اخرى فقد تكون شعر متعلق برأس ما ! او عين المهم ان الشكل الفني يتكرر بنظري.

العماله ناقص واحد، احد المنحوتات التي نفذها الفنان و قد حصد له جائزه .الكاريكاتيرات لها نصيب من اعمال هذا الفنان، سأترك للزائر التمتع بقسم الاعمال المركبة الذي يشدني باستخدام الأدوات التي قد يعتبرها الكثيرون لا تنفع وعلى العكس هنا فهي توضف حتى تصبح امثلة فنية حيه تثبت القدره الفنيه للفنان بدر المنصور على ان ينحت خياله لكي يناسب الواقع و ليس كما هو معتاد ان ينسج الفنان خياله لكي يجسد به الواقع بشكل او اخر وجميل و الفلامنكو اكثر ما عجبني بهالجانب، ايضا تعريف الفنان لنا على ما يطلق عليه الفن الفقير. من اخر المقالات التي نشرها الفنان عبارة عن صور وصلته بالايميل و اذهلتني ادعوا الكل لأن يلقى عليها نظره.و ايضا لوحة لفنان مبدع اذهلتني، و لتصميم الديكور التلفزيوني جانب من ارجاء هذا الموقع لبرامج رياضية ، قالب جاهز للأزمات! وقاعة استقبال لوزارة الإعلام. و المميز بهذا الموقع على الرغم من انه بلوق الا انه يتناول جوانب و رؤية فنان قد تختلف قليلا عن البلوقات الاخرى التي تستخدم الكلمات للتعبير عن ما يجول بخاطر الكاتب فبهذا البلوق يتنقل الفنان مابين كلمات صريحة و رسومات جميله و الغالبية العضمى لاعماله الفنيه و الجانب الفني من شخصيته الذي اراه صريحا اكثر من الكلمات ببعض الاحيان.

يحمل بطياته هذا الموقع الكثير من الافكار التي قد تفاجئ الشخص بما يمكن ان يجنح به خيال هذا الفنان:

كتابة الجمل بشكل ..همم غير اعتيادي :>

الرسم على عقرب !! ئي و عقرب صجي بعد انا حدي منصدمه :}

موهبه بالعزف على البيـــانو

الجمال يستطيع ان يتواجد بأماكن ما نتوقعها، و لهالفنان نظره بهالموضوع !! مثيره للاهتمام

H .. M !!@@ تبون عرفون شنو يعني ؟؟ شوا الرابط لاتخزون

و اذا بستمر بعد راح انشر الموقع بأكمله اهنيه :> علشان جذيه راح اخلي لفظولكم الدور انه يكمل استكشاف محتويات الموقع باكملها.

So this week's post is for Bader Al-Mansour, keep up the good work :}

مبارك عليكم الشهر :}

card taken from >> "manarcom.com"

Wednesday, 13 October 2004

The video that made me cry

The video that made me cry It's for a new Lebanese singer called


the song is

"7ub Kbeir"

Check it on*up dated* melody channel (click on the clip Number *up dated* 12 at the end of the web page, to view it on the net) it's on all the time on TV. I first saw it Saturday at that time I mostly liked singer's voice & the guy in the video very cute with a very innocent smile, seemed very polite & gentle. The story took my heart too but still didn't take it seriously I was on my way out. Monday when I saw it I really did cry I lived it, the singers voice was touching in the video they acted very well & was very romantic with the small things in it like the pearl!!, the places where they had time together on the beach so simple, romantic and the whole song revolves around seeking pure true love. The reason I was extra touched by this is the lack of that simple yet breathtaking love, people are more materialized here add to that the family thing where you have to check if your families are compatible or not ……… & all of that annoying PURE MATERIAL community we live in forces us to look for.

So this post is for true love where ever it may exist :}.

Child Abuse

This will probably be one of the most controversial posts I will ever post, which AI tried not to discuss since I want this blog to be quiet & a free of pain space, little nagging is ok but being so damn serious wasn't on mind BUT the "new girl at work" just couldn't stop pushing me to it. A few days ago I commented on MadM2000's child Abuse cartoon, As if this guy predicts :) this is not the first time he says something & it happens ! One way or an other not only me think so take a look at what Zaydoun had to say !!.

The story began with the new girl as a conversation she started with other girls since I decided to block her :} it started about how kids are stubborn these days etc...

So she was like
"I hit my daughter to discipline her since she was 1 year old!".Note she was proud when said that !!

When other girls asked her why do u do so to a very young child? She replied with what??

"She moves a lot around!!". Made it sound like a crime committed by her child @@

At this moment I COLD NOT STAY QUITE, I was like
"its because you are not a mother!!".

She looking at me surprised since I did take the window up on her (Q80 expression رافعه الجام عليها) so

she said: N3M

Me: If you were a mother where is your heart when you beat her? la o you brag about it & claim you fear GOD !! Don't you know this is 7raam to do to a child? I don't blame her if she hates you.

Her (as I expected): Kefi hathi 6reqti blt3aml m3a my baby! This is how I treat her when I can't stand her.

Me *while she was talking was quiet, angry, sad, pitiful of the poor child & just left the office since it will be a stupid conversation & she nor I will be convinced with the others opinion*

Its not a joke nor something to laugh about as she & many others think, that you do it today & then after a few years you laugh about it with your child.

That child will hate you
You prove that you don't deserve to be blessed with a child
You are committing a crime towards YOUR CHILD, which I would not blame if she/he throws You away when you get old & lonely
That child will not be normal all of his/her life

Think about that young parents!. Change starts with a simple touch, start it in your minds for a change.

Sunday, 10 October 2004

Happened today

Things happened today at work, oddly because usually work is dull & very calm typical government administrative work with no public contact.

*On the way to work I wonder… What is it with Kuwaiti drivers and the space between cars?They seem to hate it they don’t keep it and if they see you keep it they cross over you using it! As if there is something irritating in free space between cars. Lately I spoke a lot about the traffic subject & will do more because it's crazy out there.

*In a hall I don't cross usually to go to my office but did today there was an amazing Arabian coffee aroma filling the atmosphere very refreshing, which made me want a cup but then again I looked at the heat reserving cup in my hand for my home made cappuccino & said don’t worry your still my coffee :}.

*The new girl in the departments first day was today, she apparently knew me in college but I don’t & never was much of a social girl always liked a little closed circle of friends & a very strict relation with colleagues the only activity I categorize as being social is participating in the MIS club at KU-CBA, once tried to join the art work shop in my college but didn’t have time for it. ANY how am way out of the subject back to the girl who asks about what is under your figure nail which is a thing I DO NOT LIKE; she was keeping her self busy writing numbers!! At 7:20 am till it got to 8:30 & kept doing that when ever she is free sorry her tongue is free from words!! . I like numbers too & always challenge my mind in mathematical equations all the time, but it felt freaky when she kept hiding the papers in her bag!

*Went out from the office got some news papers from a jm3eya (supermarket) branch close by to at least use some of the free time I have at work to read the news. So back to the new girl I sit at my desk she is right in front of me reaches out & TAKES one of the papers that I just put on the table to read it & after she TOOK it,

she said: Mumken ?!

I wanted to tell her are you asking me to pretend that your polite or your just telling me you will use something that I didn’t give you the permission to use yet you already did use?, but thought like she is new I don’t want to be unfriendly as appose to what I am like & somehow was in shock of her action she seemed polite!! Then I got back to NOT being judgmental :} and not be deceived by looks. So I did a small polite note in front of her luckily if she got it she would spared her self a lecture later by me if the same thing occurs.

*Back to the new girl, I go out from the office for a minute then back to see her reading MY news paper now :} the one I left open!! So I gave her a look & was about to talk & she immediately closed it then

said : tbenha?.

I was like : E ana a9ln knt ga3da agraha !o 5let'ha shwi o kani rdeit. "with a LOOK"

What is wrong with her? I hated that & took a decision to be very strict with her & talk only about work if any other subject is on the table I wont participate with her.

* Was in a meeting Female majority, the main point I got from it is :


at least NOT WITH women like the women I was with today. What happened to talking? Why shouting took its place? Although the majority of them look as if they are strict Islamists didn’t Islam order women to be polite or is it about the external look only? This is regardless of the fact that they should be more politely raised!!!!. The most bad part that ruined it is the departments manager she didn’t moderate the meeting it was every one talking at the same time, me a listener disgusted one of the way this whole thing is done it’s a shame to be called a meeting.

Nedded to vent :}

Saturday, 9 October 2004

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

Back posting with the blog of the week post. This weeks site I knew about suddenly & I'm glad I did its a great one, mostlly attracted me with the idea behind the name !!. Creativity has always been a thing I look for around & admire highlly people who use their vast immagination :} So this weeks post is a tribute tooooo :

BLOBOZ By BLOBOZ him self :)

المثير للاهتمام بهذا الموقع هو الفكره خلف الأسم و الشخصيه التي يحمل الموقع اسمها (بلو بوز) و الشرح مثير للاهتمام جدا :> و ظريف.... الموقع جديد نسبيا حيث انه لم يولد الا قبل 3 اشهر و بالصدفه بنفس موعد ميلادي ال 24 :>... الارشيف يحمل الكثير من المواضيع المثيره للاهتمام، تم اختيار التالي بصورة عشوائية من الموقع نظرا لان نسبه المواضيع التي لم اقرأها بالموقع اهي
0.0000000000000 % :P which is none

لو بكتب بعد ماراح اخلص لان الموقع فعلا مثير للاهتمام، من ناحية المقالات اهي مو الشي اللي توقعته شخصيا انه يكون موجود ببلوق. شخصية بلوبوز مبدعه و افكارها على بساطتها الا انها تجذبني. اكثر ما يعجبني اهو حس الطفوله اللي نلقاه بالاكتشافات اللي يقوم بها للنظر الى اشياء يوميه معتاده كمعجون اسنان مثلا !! و الكثير من التجارب البسيطه و المشوقه بنفس الوقت ... اراء عفويه و بساطه بالتصميم تحلى بها هذا الموقع و التي كانت جميله بنظري لدرجة انها تجذبني يوميا لاقرأ ما لدى بلوبوز من قول .

الأرجاء الأخرى من الموقع هي كالتالي

اخيرا، موقع ظريف يستحق الزياره و المتابعه اليوميه لان كل يوم يحمل فكره جديده من عالم جديد :> و اتمنى للأخ بلوبوز التوفيق و

Keep up the good work :}

Tuesday, 5 October 2004

Saturday, 2 October 2004

Everybody loves seiMfeld !!

Every time I sit on TV to watch a sit com my sister who is not a sit com fan but likes to watch some from time to time, would come in & as me :

Hey is this is Everybody loves seiMfeld !!

P.S= seiMfeld is supposed to be seinfeld !

Its not every body loves Raymond


SeinFeld (his Yahoo HP since I like him :} )

when I asked her hmm what does he look like .. she replied by I don't know a guy ! with a weird voice !

then I was really like @@ HUH! they both have funny voices ?! .. long story but in the end it appeared to be every body loves raymond is her show :}.

No reason for this post other than have asmile on your face if you like it, if you don't ! it doesn't have to exist in your life.