Thursday, 16 February 2012

ترانيم على جدار الحب - عبدالمعين الصالح

Today I went by Gallery Tilal for the exhibition of Abdel Moein Saleh , Hymns of love "this is my translation hope I did it well"
مررت اليوم بجاليري التلال، لمعرض الفنان عبدالمعين صالح ، ترانيم على جدار الحب 

المنحوتات كانت من البرونز
Sculptures were made of Bronze

These two works are called "left to right" : Harmony - Connection
العملين اعلاه "من اليسار" : إندماج - العلاقة

الجميل باعماله بساطة التشكيل و وضوح الشكل! على الرغم من غياب التفاصيل و الملامح في منحوتاته الا انها تعبر بقوة عن الموضوع!

What is beautiful about his work is the simple composition and bold definition of shape! Although, you can't see much details and features in the sculptures yet they do represent their subject strongly!

Two works called : Dove
عملين بإسم : حمامة 

مجددا، تفاصيل الحمامة بدقة غير واضحة الا ان المنحوتة انسيابية الشكل و حدودها جميلة، المنحوتة تعبر عن جسد الحمامة لا تفاصيله

Again, the details of the dove are not clear, yet the sculpture is smooth in shape and the edges are beautiful, its a representation of a dove's figure not exact physical shape

Polyester on wood, is the other section of his work, which I really liked also

الجانب الاخر من اعماله، بوليستر على خشب، و التي اثارت اعجابي ايضا


آجمل تلك الاعمال كان الحصان "العنفوان" ، و ما شد انتباهي بالاعمال بجانبه انه مثل كلمات باشكال مبتكرة! زيارة للمعرض ستفي بالغرض لتروا جمال تلك اللوحات :)

The most beautiful of those works in my opinion was the Horse , what also attracted my attention in the art works next it that he represented words in creative shapes! A visit to the exhibition would defiantly help you to see how beautiful they are :)


The Promise


منحوتة جميلة كانت ملفتة بالاضافة للحمامة، لامرأة جالسة و بجانبها كرسي فارغ

A lovely sculpture that caught my attention in addition to the dove, for a woman sitting beside an empty chair

Exhibition from 12 to 23 of February in Gallery Tilal
المعرض مستمر من ١٢ و حتى ٢٣ فبراير في جاليري تلال

Saturday, 4 February 2012

From here and there

"Samah is a Certified Life Coach and a Pranic Healer"

She is the person who dares you to be unique! Who I knew through twitter, been following her for a while, and like the motivational and positive outlook of life she paints through her tweets. She has a book out, its called "Why did I choose Kuwait" and the signing will be this Monday :} more info here.

استنزاف الانتخابات للفكر و العاطفة ابعدني عن عالم الانترنت و التواصل، فتور غير اعتيادي حاشني تجاه تويتر و انا مدمنة لتويتر! الاخبار تنهال و الساحة حامية و ما عندي نيّة اكمل بهالموضوع، كلنا نحتاج الراحة و شوية وقت بعيد عن هاللوية

Blair from Atlantic-Pacific is inspirational, the woman who made me be very bold in my style

The picture above shows exactly WHY I love her, she amazingly manages to mix different patterns and prints, yet appear VERY nice! I've always had a fear from prints to be mixed together and prefer to add one piece and the other is plain, yes I am bold with colors but not prints and patterns containing so many colors, let alone together. She also made me pay more attention to accessories, they do make a lot of difference! Blair is brilliant, her blog is a MUST see.

الجو حلو، الاستمتاع فيه احلى، قبل لا يجينا الصيف و يراوينا العين الحمرا، و اللي ما يطلع الصبح محروم

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


"Collectable dolls expressing life's true values" -

lt all started with a friend that got me a magnet for a tiny cute kimono dressed character, back in 2009, honestly at the time I didn't really care to look up Kimmidoll :} Not until a few months ago my sister's brought me a cup with an adorable Japanese-like character, she was "Michiru":

Hello, my name is Michiru 'Wealth' My spirit cherishes and shares.  You find my spirit in the love of family, the gift of friendship, the sanctuary of home and the fulfilment of work. May you discover the great wealth of life.

Each piece from Kimmidoll character carries a meaning! Their story says :

"The traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls are a perfect example of this simplistic Eastern beauty. Kokeshi dolls have been a Japanese cultural institution for over two centuries. Giving and receiving Kokeshi dolls dates back to the Edo period (1603-1867) in Japan. Kokeshi dolls were handcrafted by woodwork artisans of the time known as Kijiya, (which means woodworker in Japanese) to be given away as tokens of love and friendship. 

 Kimmidoll® is a family of contemporary doll characters, each lovingly designed and representing one of “Life’s True Values”. 

While they look individual, there is one philosophy that all the Kimmidolls share, and that is about celebrating important values in life’s journey such as kindness, happiness, joy and respect. "

Promoting values through characters is brilliant, for instance:

Ayame 'Gratitude'
Ami 'Love'
Hiroko 'Generosity'

Misaki 'Tranquility'

And many more!

Through a tiny paragraph defining each character, on simple everyday everywhere belonging (like a mug or a magnet!) a smile is drawn and a person a reminded with a virtue :} Kimmidoll(s) gives me more than an adorable sight and a cute character, it also gives me a reminder of a lovely virtue and a wish. They are available in Center point - Kuwait.