Saturday, 30 April 2005

Friday, 29 April 2005

I want an apple!

The need for something portable is mounting am tempted to go thought the MAC experience, I might have an apple! Still in the searching & reading stage but I am most likely to get one since my only issue was with MS Office package & there are compatible versions of!

Three fellow bloggers have the credit in that intrest & they are:

Friday you Lazyday

Woke up with a lot on my mind including a headache, I hate the days where my ideas are living a state of chaos.

My Flickr should be updated

Two years from now my 101 Dalmatians mug will be 10 years old :}

Thursday, 28 April 2005

عظم الله أجرك يا غسان

والد اخونا غسان توفى ... عسى الله يرحمه و يصبر قلوبهم يا رب
ما يفيده بعد هالذكرى الطيبه اللي ماقدرت اقاوم اني ابجي عليها الا الدعاء له بالرحمه و انه يكون مثواه الجنه .. آمين
و همن ما انسى اذكر الاخ بصراحه اللي ما قصر و حط له تعزيه ببلوقه اللي فعلا ماعندي شي اقوله الا اني اثني على كلامه .. اكرر تعازيي الحاره لاخوي غسان و اهلك عسى الله يصبركم يا رب و يغمد روحه للجنه
.. علشان ما انتشتت و يكون مكان واحد للعزا

Monday, 25 April 2005

Is it war?

First she says no we can't do this we have a limited number ,, then I go telling every one that comes around that we are not allowed to give MORE to the ones who already had some because we have a limited numeber,, then SHE when asked "after my refusal" she agrees to give some although we are on a shortage & that student had already taken her share!! now am miss EVIL all of a sudden?

Why do people act this way? Does she want me to start a war? am really not in the mood for this ,, but I guess she brought it up to her self.

Friday, 22 April 2005


عندما دخلت الى ذلك المنزل العتيق .. تذكرت عبق حبك و كلماتك .. رحلتِ و تركتِ ذكرى غالية .. لم تكن ترحب الا بالغالية/الغالي .. قلب يتسع لكل انسان، طفل او شيخ و ما بينهم
رحلتِ و ستبقين غالية .. الله يرحمك

Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Crazy L-O-N-G day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God I never thought that from 7-3pm you can do so much :} I will spare you the details of what happened today & where I went "petty I didn't take pictures I was so damn BUSY" but the good thing is that I finally got to check out THE place nibaq posted about :D

Well am going to spend a quiet evening & sleep early STILL tomorrow a lot to do :}

Sunday, 17 April 2005

Identity & بلاغة شف

I intend to write a better post about this subject but this is a note for me to not forget about it, passed by a blog around the corner & saw some one telling that blogger I know who you are & all! Regardless of who the ones am talking about are but why do people in Kuwait do that? What do you want so much from a blogger to tell him/her you know them in person? If we wished to be revealed as our real us we would have chose our FULL names as a nick name, right!!!

Moving again!

I will be moving to the oil sector :} yes am accepted & was6a-less thank God, a lot of people around me don't like the fact that am jumping from job to job but for a change I stopped caring what people thought & went for my goal "this is not my goal but its step 1 on the way". I hoped so much to get this & I hope that I shall finish every thing & be there... Am happy with me :}

Saturday, 16 April 2005

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

She has been a blogger since December 2004 till the date, vibrant, an artist, a patriot, intellectual & a highly educated person that only reading for her makes you laugh, smile, think or just be happy to see one of her paintings! A true writer in in the sense of dragging your attention to what she says plus the diversity in her posts for instance one week can contain an emotional post, a picture, a political post & an every day situation one,,, No need to delay any more its

Jabriya Za7ma by the one & only Shurouq

Now to illustrate what I said above, here it goes :}


*Her first post ever, and hun you did last more than a week :> till now 5 months & going to ever I hope.

*Art, aRt, arT, ARt, aRT & more art .. The thing I love about her paintings is the simplicity yet accuracy in them :} add to that the fact that I see using water colors is like drawing on water :> as if your having bottles of colored sea water & mix them in a painting & make it look damn good that is also "as I think" a great proof that ur an artist & Shurouq is a very good one Mashallah.

*OMG the one thing I could not love! Football :} she followed it up goal by goal.


*A great choice I must say :} however the hidden cost & affordable is important & she knows it well too.


*Tsunami, and this is I may say a great picture :}

*Busy weekend.

*The situation at the time was sad, she had her share of posts about it too "see political side :} still more to discover in her blog".

*Social & intellectual :}

* Still in the same sad time we went through that we hope will be gone forever! Will it?


*Highly important questions, that make you s-m-I-l-e :}

*Poetry .

*MY FAVORITE :D the hearts :} I am in love with this painting.

*Dramatic changes.

*Poetry again :}

*She joined the blue wave & went there in person.


*Red coat .

*Bo-Rakan a reader not only a great writer.

*Reunion :}

*Van Gogh, truly a lovely touch by google & she said it simple & sweet in this post & comments.


*Hotel Rwanda, her view on the movie after seeing it.

*The second best post for me there @ Shurouq's :} her desk, simple elegant yet vibrant & strong.

*This & that all shed the light on a passionate person :>

Also I like the Neighbors list :} I like the name + the content sometimes its more fun to use it & the one available in Kuwaitblogs than the saved bookmarks. Last but not least Jabriya Za7ma is a blog worth visiting & checking out to see what's next from all the above you can see how diverse the issues in it can be also how interesting they are & simple yet very full of content... To the blog of the week in the 3rd Saturday of April I say thank you Shurouq for such a nice amusing blog :} keep up the good work.

Cheers to Shurouq

Friday, 8 April 2005

Hotmail !!

Am not getting any e-mails! Especially the comments alert ones :(

Switch to G-Mail?

Thursday, 7 April 2005

bits & peices

Am back after a crazy 48 hours! or more, so I will as promised write about some interesting (as I think) stuff that happened now & then..

Madame "X" @ work, the typical obstacle that makes it more interesting to be me. I find her character to be interesting its a character that is available in every work place where that person tends to capture a portion of the work & tries to be unique in it & hides all the paths that will lead to the result that they are unique with, at the same time that outcome might not be so UNIQUE since its not some super natural thing to do. So "X" is at my work place & counts me as an enemy especially that am Kuwaiti & she is not, so far am dealing with this issue very well except for me disliking the fact that I have to stay alert at all times in order to work! am patient enough to make it I know that deep inside but I hate the staying alert at all times issue! I hope I can add something special to my new work place I already have two projects I hope I will do well.

حقي مقي
Is an old sentence I used to use to prove that the thing is mine (what ever it was) so now we are giving the gradates of last year their ropes & stuff + will be in the party around 26-4-2005 as an organizer this time :} .. so Monday there was a large number of students around in the office spontaneously I found my self telling them "yes you pay 5kd to keep the rope, scarf & cap 7agkum magkum" up until one girl smiled at my face & said "7aggi maggi *grin*" I realized that the word is not used any more.

My friend who is still working in my old work place called me Tuesday to tell me an interesting conversation that took place there..

Bengali guy @ old work place = BG
Friend= F

BG= mama, hada mama "q80-cg" khalas roo7i ma yaje ?
F= Ee ehya ra7t mukan thani
BG= *his famous poor innocent look* zein mama

OMG we both cried on the phone! that is so sweet!!!! he broke my heart he misses me! then I told her Oooh he wasn't by there when I said my goodbyes I remember saying bye to the 2 janitors & 2 of the service guys but he wasn't there that day, but truly kesar 5a6ri I felt so guilty for not saying goodbye to him, but at the time I thought I will make it up when I go there for some paperwork which I guess will be next week.. in the end am deeply touched by what he did.

Last topic is a CD that my sister made for me that I have been wanting to post about & forgot in the car ;p so till I get it here to the PC I will post about it, list its songs & review them according to Q80-CG's standards.

Tuesday, 5 April 2005

2 days off

Am gona take two days off from blogging, have a lot to do in short time...

Must post about::
*Madame X @ work
*حقي مقي
*Bangali guy @ my old work place asking about me
*Sister mix CD, which I have been wanting to talk about for ages!

Sunday, 3 April 2005

Random thoughts

The best thing about my new work place is that I can freely SMILE to every one :} & the ones that I love smiling to is the shy students who want to ask about any thing, I feel that the sense of being friendly is not yet lost .. That fact made me happy

I kept repeating this song that is suiting my mood at the moment since I liked the SOUND of it more than it (am I making sense!) but the weird thing is that I can't help my mood to snap from calm to laughing when I hear Mohammad Abdou say " te6ei7 = fall" .. am not a big fan of his art, in the same time I do like some of his work very much. I still remember this song because mother loves it & used to listen to it like a zillion times/day when it was released :) even now when its on TV or radio she has to hear it.

Saturday, 2 April 2005

Posts from around

Actually I have a lot on my mind to talk about, a lot of action going around in my new work place my new Gmail account sent by a new Indian reader of my blog thank you :} ...

Instead I want to talk about some posts I checked out today..

waiting for NanoNano to get back from Riyadh, I went to visit Misguided where I found this interesting question, then I moved on to Purgatory , ShoSho & P4 .. Each had an interesting post! Then it was time foe being SAVED of boredom of course no one is better than "nibaq" to make you chill & have fun :}.

Then over to Anti_Reason's where he really made me smile with his nice dedication here I thank you again :D that is sweet of you, Again people you can have a dedication & more IF you can "like me" crack the code & solve one of A_R's quizzes :}

Then went to check on my fav. piclog to find it saying we will be back soon :( still !! Every one give ameen a hard time :D e-mail him a "when will you be back" message plz :} ... Then Bitzer was next on the list :) he will be back 12/4/05 that's in 10 days! But u can browse around his blog its fun :>

Jelly Belly with memories :} .. Don is in Bahrain inshallah he will come home safe, Bo-Maryoum am addicted to Grafika btw, he had something new today :} as usual interesting & fun..

Q & Mad M2000 had the same subject in two different ways to say it on the table .. Shorouq's table was filled with Lebanon, going to D's I realized that she didn't miss Aprils fool :p I liked it

Annnnd lots more that am sorry that I did not include since I have to go offline ASAP

Friday, 1 April 2005

I hate being sick!

Saying that I cant stop my self to sarcastically ask my self "Who does?" .. Its the weather change I guess, any how hoping I will be better then yesterday & the day before, so I can go to work tomorrow since a lot of action happened around there .. Details later when am better.