Saturday, 31 July 2010

212 : Big bag

Got this bag from Jareer yesterday, its still one of the most beloved places to my heart, going to Jareer bookstore is always a joy. I started to gather old and new sketch books and will add a few more still stored somewhere in my room, for the heck of organizing & easing the move to the new rooms I'm thinking of taking.

Friday, 30 July 2010

211 : Artificial waterfall

It was cool to see this fake water fall, in a building called "Alafat" in Hawalli today. Its about time that they play with architecture in Kuwait

Thursday, 29 July 2010

210 : Details

I admire embroidery! No matter hos simple or complex it is I really appreciate the working hours people have put up into any embroidered piece. Its been very long since I wore such work on a semi-casual blouse, for a while I kept my focus on colors & fabrics rather than work done on fabrics, printing is as far as I went. What made me take this piece is that they mixed some small chains and tiny plastic shiny stones "or thingies". It lid up the very plain & somewhat dull color of the blouse :]

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

209 : مقلوب

نومي مقلوب، مخي مقلوب، مزاجي مقلوب، و حتى هالصورة ما عبرت اصورها عدل لوول حبيتها بالمقلوب.. و بوسط هاللوية القى اشياء بسيطة بايامي تعدل مزاجي و عفيستي ،، بنثر اهنيه مقتطفات منها

خدود دلال
حمام عبر جدامي "ما طار" لاء عبر مشي
وقت مع اعز صديقة
الابتسامة بوجه اشخاص ما اعرفهم
درس جديد بغلطة كررتها مرتين، و قررت ما اكررها
و مستانسه ب تويتر، المجتمع الصغير الملموم "اللي قاعد يكبر يوم بعد يوم" يذكرني ببداية المدونات و المجتمع التدويني الكويتي ما بين ال٢٠٠٣ و حتى ال٢٠٠٥ تقريبا

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

208 : Omhussein anyone?

بزخم اللوية و المشاوير و العفيسه و النفسيه اللي كانت تعبانه بس تعدلت اليوم الحمد لله :) شفت اعلان ام حسين على سلة النفايات العمومية! الحين الاعلان خلاني اضحك و يا حليلها ام حسين مواكبة التكنولوجيا و عندها موقع! و هذا تطور خطير في عالم التوفيق بين راسين بالحلال

لكن سؤالي للي حط هالاعلان، سواء كانت ام حسين المعنية ام غيرها، سلة النفايات العامة اللي يم الاشارة بالله مكان مناسب للاعلان يعني؟ غير تشويه هالسلة الصفرا و اللي تحتسب من ممتلكات الدولة، هل هذا مكان حلو علشان الواحد يلزق اعلانه عليه؟ و اعتقد ان هالاعلان غير مرخص لاني عادة اشوف بالاعلانات ترخيص و لوية و ينحط بالاماكن المخصصة للاعلان، فرفقا بنا و باعيننا و بمرافق دولتنا و ممتلكاتها يا ام حسين و غيرها، و ان شاء الله ما يوقف الرزق على هالاعلان الغير مرخص و ملزق على سلة النفايات :) و بما ان ام حسين عندها موقع ماشاء الله ،، افضل تخلي اعلاناتها بالنت او ليش لاء مو بالفيس بوك بعد؟ و اعتقوا املاك الدولة لله

ملاحضة للي بيقول بينه و بين نفسه "ما وقفت عليها و اكو اكبر منها و اسمن قاعد يخبر و يبوق بعد اشكره" بقول، التغيير يبداء من الذات البسيطة

Monday, 26 July 2010

207 : Out

Had to get some stuff done, I liked this cute small garden in front of Salad Boutique, I think small greenery makes all the difference!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

206 : Planning?

I saw the sensor above this spot as green & thought I'd park in it, when I came closer and tried to get in I realized that the pole is too close :// and I was very sure that the car next to me is parked well, then I found a close vacant spot & got into it. When I came out of the car I looked at the spot & laughed! What is that! what kind of vehicle is supposed to park here?

On my way out I found a Yukon or Tahoe parked in it, I doubt the FJ owner can get into his/her car lol!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Friday, 23 July 2010

204 : A glass

Although this glass has two layers of glass in it, in the end its just a drinking glass, the experience of drinking was still on the drink inside, the new shape & look of the glass didn't do much. Same as what me & my friend had experienced today at Open Flame Kitchen in 360 mall, we decided to try the steak since its one of the most demanded over there "also the burgers/sliders! & the pizza". Now we decided to go for the steak since we didn't have pizza in mind and for the sliders, well we might as well go to Slider Station why eat them here? :]

The over all atmosphere & the Kuwaiti hype is excellent, something unique I must say BUT the food was .... ok! Nothing amazingly tasty & nothing with a unique character. What we had for appetizer were the Korean Chicken Wings & the Asian Shrimp, they were good but nothing out of the blue the flavors mix was ok in both dishes. The main was steak my friend took a fillet mignon & I took Deer meat! The Fillet was over cooked, she asked for a medium well & got a well done, there was no pinkness inside :/ for mine it was a small portion of 3 slices of meat, was ok! I was not impressed really &  for the steak it will not be a choice for me, I'd prefer terrace grill, the meat company or gaucho.The only really tasty & unique dish was the side mushrooms , or as they called it the accessories :D they were really good and yummy! defiantly a unique taste very well done on that :D

The only reason I will get back to it is to try the pizza for the sake of trying their best. What I really did not like is the MANY common dishes with the Slider Station menu! Personally if I want anything that is in slider "or LIKE it", I'd go there :> why go to a new restaurant to taste the same food?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

203 : Masafi

من الاشياء الحيوية بالنسبة لي  بالسيارة .. الكلينكس
و كل مره يا اعفس القوطي ولا ايتكسر مع الوقت و لا يجرم فيه اللي يقعد يمي ولا ينحذف لي اخر السيارة ولا بقدرة قادر بيوم يوم يكون على الكشن اللي يمي و باجر اشوفه بالمنظرة مقطوط عند الجامة الخلفية "بالمكان اللي كنا نحب نندعس فيه و احنا صغرل تحت الجامة الخلفية - مادري شنو سر هالمكان" المهمممممم

بيوم و الايام طحت على كلينكس مسافي! انا قلت يا حليلهم اهل الامارات شركتهم صارت اكبر :> من ماي لي كلينكس و مادري بعد شنو منتجات ثانية، المهم ان هالتصميم مثااااااالي للسيارة و سهل ان السايق يوصل له و تقدر تحط واحد عند كل باب فا الطرارة بالسيارة "وين الكلينيييييكس" بتوقف :> تصميم بديع و منتج حلو ،، مادري لو اكو غيره من ماركات ثانيه بس انا مخلصه لمساااافي 

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

202 : looking up

I always look up, and love to spot security cameras :> can you spot the one I found in Ashti :p

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

201 : Back to French

I took a course a while ago to learn French, it worked to give me the basics but am not really that good, although I planned to start the next level right when I finished it, I didn't. So bow back to French and this time with self learning :} so I looked around in the internet for a good podcast :> and found that Alexa has a very good one! She is very good, easy going & repeats in a non boring amount with short around 15 minute lessons, so far am in lesson 2, each per day, I'm catching up with her pretty well! Better even from the course I took. The podcast is very good & highly recommended.

I have a thing for self learning, I find it much more amusing than attending a class, even if I wish to go into a class and get a certificate in any field, I like to have my own introduction about that subject before it :]

200 : Kitty change

One of the most cute & useful simple gifts I ever got :] I like to keep all my money in my wallet no matter how many coins do I have in it, but found the idea of a small coin wallet to be very useful especially int he car, for the parking fees & other miscellaneous costs that come around.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

199 : looking for comfort around

Today was so busy & hectic that I could not even eat or have my daily water dose, not that I had not time but when I get busy, food & water become an accessory only remembered when very hungry/thirsty :p

And among the very busy day, I spotted this cloud, with the shades of the sunlight that's fading away around it, it was a pleasant view to see, I took a pause from people around me, took a picture on the go, and smiled :] I really appreciate simple things that make me smile & ease the stress, load of a busy day as today.

Good night :}

Saturday, 17 July 2010

198 : Old is gold!

Over looking at my old calendars/diaries before throwing them, its always a joy to shuffle them. I keep those for professional purposes, I prefer the ones with dates "to the regular moleskine" since they have the date & a lot of space to write important notes in the same day & also schedule meetings. Writing by hand is something very nice and irreplaceable for me, even with all the new gadgets and typing aids :]

Friday, 16 July 2010

Work, more work, even more work

The new challenge am facing is bad management & the lack of prioritizing work. I think its normal in any work place that there is a time when a lot of work is just piled up, load periods at work happen, however I know from experience if you can prioritize work, set deadlines and organize the work flow "not slow it down!" then you can manage to finish out a lot and get pass that period. The problem is, if there was not proper task management/ guidance & prioritizing! And the do'er, is asked to do all at once.

That whole situation took a chunk of my time today, till I realized that I will always act as I feel :) and that I have the knowledge to breakdown any big task, why not utilize all that now? So I settled on four things:

- Take time to organize, try to prioritize
- Finish up time consuming repetitive tasks
- Write down everything
- Clarify all that to the management

With that, I think I can beat it.

Thought of the day: to do one role is a thing, doing two is another, and when you fail to do your role, you should step back & not blame others if they did not do their & your job well :]

197 : Toothpick

I know that by covering your mouth and using the toothpick it is acceptable in public, but for some reason I can not get my self to do it! even if the nastiest piece of meat is stuck in between my teeth I wait till am home or head to the toilet near me and clean it off.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

196 : Things you can get while in your car! (4)


الكناري فرع الشويخ تحديدا، من اهم المحطات في حياتي، بسبب حب امي له

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

195 : needle & thread

An essential part of any house! Although not many do use them, but htey are very easy to use & handy :)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

194 : دعاية؟

و انا افتر في ربوع سوق الاقمشة و تحديدا مجمع الصفاة مع اميمتي و اوخيتي، جاااان اشوف هالاعلان حق محل *عنده خوش كلف و الله *،، ايي فا لما شفت الاعلان سيدا قمت اساسر روحي

و الله هزا الاعلان واجد زين يا عنطره ما لوه مثيل بين العوربان

خليط غريب من لهجة المسلسلات البدوية الاردنية/السورية + الافلام المصرية القديمة + وضحة و بن عجلان "يوسف شعبان" و نزار القندي ،، كلها طرت ببالي عقب "تعيدون" مالها موقع من الاعراب

على الهامش: بنات الكويت، افتروا بهالسوق و شوفوا اسعار الاقمشة، و افتروا بمحلات الملابس الجاهزة و شوفوا ترتيب الخياطة بالهدوم، و بعدين قرروا تشترون بمبالغ الخيالية من المعارض

Monday, 12 July 2010

193 : صوغة

و مع منتصف ثالث يوم من الرجيم تجيني هالصوغة

اللي جابت لي الصوغة اسنع من السنع نفسه انسانه اموت عليها، و تدري ان غرامي الكاكاو و الغامج بعد! بس ما كانت تدري انه كلش مو وقته لوول، لكن رجيمي مو عبارة عن حرمان! بس موازنه بالاكل و اذا خذيت شي دسم "كاكو مثلا" احرص اني ما اكثر و اني ما اخبص باجي اليوم و قللت فعلا كمية السكر و الدسم و خليت عشاي خفيف مافيه لا بروتين ولا نشويات ولا سكريات لاني خذيت كفايتي من هالمواد خلال اليوم.. و باجر الصبح الوعد مع الميزان

Sunday, 11 July 2010

192 : Me & the handsfree!

No matter how much do I complain of my abuse to mobile phones, when it comes to hands-free sets I master braking them! The longest I recall one stayed with me is one week! The bluetooth one stayed for about a month? but I never liked them, still prefer the old wired ones. Due to my need for using it in the car "although I prefer to use the phone!" I decided to get one, although I do not talk much, its mostly text'ing and max call time is around 10minutes? But I have to have one in the car. This time I decided to get a non genuine one, lets see how long can it survive me :p

Saturday, 10 July 2010

191 : My sister redefines patience

عندي اخت بالرسم تحب التفاصيل و الدقة و طويلة باااال بهالسوالف، بس اليوم صعقتني! شفتها اتحفر فسألتها شنو قاعده تسوين

اهي: ارسم علشان احفر اللاينو بورد 
اهي: ترسمين اللي تبينه و تحفرينه و بعدين تطبعين الرسمة على الورق
انا: اهااااا

جان ابقق عيوني ولا اشوف الرسمه متروسه تفاصيل! انزين ليش العذاب من اول مره لوول؟! ليش ما ترسمين رسمة اسهل؟ على الاقل اول مره

اهي: اهو متعته بالتفاصيل اللي فيه

و قررت اصورها و اهي تشتغل و تعيد تعريف الصبر

Friday, 9 July 2010

190 : Composition

Many would see this as blurry & not clear, but the red led light its varying from white to yellow, orange ending with red :> everything in life has a lot to it, we chose to see the whole thing or its composition, combine both or separate them

Thursday, 8 July 2010

189 : Can you see him?

He was standing there for a few seconds then he moved, with the aid of a slow shutter I managed to capture him standing, vaguely :>

188 : Pink

Very fond of pink lately!

footnote: Don't defy me :) you will be surprised...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

187 : a :)

Can you spot it?

186 : Dear Deer!

Barely made it with the picture today!

And so I wore my dear deer earrings, I love those :) took them from a small shop in Tokyo. Japan is an incredible country beholding the future and firmly grabbing the past. I love owning unique pieces that in a twisted way make all the sense to me more than it does to the world :]

Sunday, 4 July 2010

185 : Things you can get while in your car! (3)

Drive thru ATM machines are so convenient especially in our weather and life style in Kuwait, where in the summer you can not just walk to the nearest bank & take some cash, you have to either drive there or wait till you go to a place near a bank or an ATM machine :p

Saturday, 3 July 2010

184 : Caribou

I have a problem with "another" I always write it as "an other"! or is it the same?

Anyhow, Caribou is growing to be my successful substitute for the overprices starbucks! The coffee does taste better & their white mocha is very nice :>

footnote: trying my best not to get political

Friday, 2 July 2010

183 : Prints

I'm fond of prints on fabrics this summer. Too sleepy & tired to elaborate lol, I had a long tiring day!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

182 : Baking

I love to cook, but lately I had little time for it, today out of no where I decided to do a cake! A regular vanilla cake recipe but instead of vanilla extract I used Orange Blossom Water & Lemon Blossom JAM :> Both I got from Dean & Deluca, products from Lebanon. The outcome was good! Except that I forgot the oven heat a little high LOL, which I usually keep high in the beginning only to heat it, then set it on 150-130 to bake a cake, the moment I smelled a little burn I opened the oven lowered the heat, put the trays away from fire, and waited for a few minutes, till it passed the knife test :p

Taste is good & I always say "looks can be deceiving!" :p The problem am facing is with the texture! I want to get the recipe for a proper English cake! Will keep looking and will re-try it :]