Thursday, 29 September 2005

Hiiiiiiiii blog @@


The past two weeks were so long! We had this big thing to be finished & handed to the top management & finally we are TEMPORARILY done :} I really felt what does intense work mean.

Now am back missing the blog, dear bloggers & bloggertees also been missing out a lot on the blog-o-sphere hope to catch out with every thing!

On my time off I could not forget about the blog world :} every one had a piece of my memory which made me feel how much I like this community :) love you all!

Will do episodes on bloggers in real life, oh well I will resume the real posts later ;p so I wouldn't repeat my self ;p (9a7 purg)

Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Busy weekend!

Have a lot to do this weekend...

* Be a tour guide
* Work
* Have fun
* Read
* Hopefully will be able to draw something! its been long since the last one

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :}

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Here & there :}



& some more PICTURES :} .. Enjoy

Went to it the other day, liked the decor & atmosphere of the family section since we were all non smokers, more details
in flickr

ME, My brother & two sisters :} read it as انقلبت = flipped? Turned over ,, any how I thought it was only me so when were out (the 4 of us) I took a pic & laughed, bro. Asked why? Told him :> & right at that moment he said @!@ me too LOL!! & the confession chain started :> ... So how many of you out there had that miss-read too?

Meet my every day friends :} my bottle of water who keeps me company in the morning drive to work since am a water person in the early morning & prefer to NOT drink nor eat any thing before I finish my water bottle ANNNNNNNND the every day changing bag :> that day I wore the silver one..

that's it for today :} tomorrow more to come @.o

have a nice day all :>

Sunday, 18 September 2005

Flu hit home!

Well am officially flu'ed :} every one is welcome to have their share of the cake :> just come close to me & say hi, surely I would be glad to pass it on & make the little green bacterias "that's how I picture them green short ugly & golumy! As in the lord of the ring's golum" swim around ur atmosphere :}

Current status: Having soup & loooooooooots of LEMON

Saturday, 17 September 2005

Red Eye

Pretty nice movie, I love thrillers :} it was fun especially that the crowd at the cinema Thursday was alive! Clapping at impressive moments, & the girl did every thing I usually wish her to do :D me likey that... Although I expected it to be longer & a twist from her father to change the course of things but I was disappointed which was good :D

All in all its worth seeing.

Friday, 16 September 2005


Don't have a thing to post about :} but will fix that by tomorrow?

Monday, 12 September 2005


OMG I went out tonight to have dinner out!! Kuwait is packed :( I miss the summer period here its been so quiet. Now I remember that I used to whine about the crowded parking & restaurants it appeared that we were in the summer heaven :>

unfortunately I still have to go out tomorrow to meet friends I haven't been out with them for like hmmmmmm 2 weeks? Which is long for being used to meet them every two days!

I received the most amazingly happy news of the year 2005 I shall not forget this day .... (*) to remind me of it! ,, am happy for you guys :> glad ur finally there may your life be filled with happiness & joy.

Sunday, 11 September 2005


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii every one & my dear blog tooooooooo

* Need to travel! From next month am starting serious planning :} am traveling by the end of the year Insha2 Allah, I truly need it.

* Working on making a piece to decorate the office with.

* Painting! Nothing currently, for some reason the blank pages don't move me to fill them, lately.

* Let's see how the 3 week plan goes?

My lates ramblings were listed above :>

Tuesday, 6 September 2005

A day out with me?

How about a day out with me? all in pictures?

Am so bored! I can't think of any thing to write?! Although I have a lot

"hmm no"
A LOOOOOOOOOOT of action happening in my life but mostly they are on the personal side, that for some how I swing between saying them or not? Regardless if I will be straight fwd & plain about it or just present the core of the issues am going through! ALL IN ALL am not so comfortable :} so I prefer silence...

valuing privacy is a huge part of me, still I know I will eventually need to vent ( as a great friend taught me) here or there doesn't matter much the important thing is to vent...

Oh well I have 2
VOGUEs to check out :} US & AUSTRIA editions, why those two? hmmm I just wanted my monthly dose of vogue :> they were an out come of a random sample "I miss studying statistics"... Oh the US one is definatelly worth it :} great issue

One more thing! Am planning for a biiiiiiiiig project at work! Till now no one knows a thing about it, am hoping it works out well :}