Friday, 31 December 2004

Happy New Year

Happy new year every one I wish you all the best, & hope this year 2005 would be filled with good news & events to me & every one reading thins :}.

Am supposed to do this blog of the year thing but I felt I shouldn't, since the whole post is young :} & there might be more enhancement to the way of choosing which is the best among the reviews each month then year.. But there will be the best of post, not tonight as every one thinks :) but tomorrow in since I believe that we are not in 2005 until 1/1/2005 midnight time :D then the new year has actually begun.

Wednesday, 29 December 2004

Sleepy me

I came from work around 2:30 pm, had lunch then slept @ 4 pm till 6:30 pm & maybe @ 8 pm I will go back to sleep I still need to sleep more :(. Although am trying to wake up & finish up some work here on the net (comments & ideas to post) but I can't get my self to it I truly miss sleeping & resting. Good Night .. Will post in the morning hoping that I would have slept enough.

Monday, 27 December 2004

Sleep day

I declare today Monday is the sleep day here in Q80-Chill Girl's land, I am extremely exhausted with work so today I will sleep early.

The most interesting thing today is some how I remembered the school life (since my work place is very close to UK- the shweikh campus) & how I didn't do a lot of things I wanted to, like writing in the University paper or join the Art group there, I really feel that I didn't do much in college I was pretty quiet except for the last year then I had some action.

I also noticed today on the way to work this morning that there are less cars in the streets @!@ or am I imagining?! Or maybe all those people who used to stuff the streets on the way to work are taking vacations!

I fell in love with this picture the moment I saw it, its truly amazing :} the decorations are soooooooo like my taste since I do like the shades of brown to copper, gives me a warm feeling of course with glitter added to the combination I would end up with the shades of the most colors I have around (clothes/makeup) note: glitter with make up not with clothes :}

I hope tomorrow I can write a more meaningful post :} am tired folks so bare with my blah blah blah's (when ever I say this word "Blah" I can't help remembering this teacher's way of saying it with a french accent, he was a great teacher, pitty I only had one course with him).

Sunday, 26 December 2004

My counter today

Today my counter around 3-4 pm turned



Thanks to all of you out there who read my posts, you might not comment but it really matters that you take the time to read my blog.. Thank you

Saturday, 25 December 2004


* I never meant to hurt her feelings but I didn't know that she was there, then again if I express my true feelings towards what happened differently in front of her I would be a hypocrite!. Although I felt guilty for hurting her (un-deliberately) but I after that though of it as a good vent.

* If I were to choose between being a hypocrite or telling the truth (that will hurt others) I will go for being honest.

* I nor any person alive can make all people happy, there must be some persons that you by mistake or with all your will, made them hate you for something you did or the person you are.

* Some times you never realize what you are missing until you see others smile for having that thing you miss.

* In my trial to improve my English & write in it as a practice I found out that I miss Arabic, although its the language all over me @ work & home!

Thursday, 23 December 2004

From here & there (pictures of today's morning)

Thursday the 23rd of Dec. 2004

**The cat that shared breakfast with me & my sister...

** Waved goodbye to the cat after we left, the cute thing kept looking at us till we moved away...

**Books heaven @ Al-Muthana complex to look for "THE" book...

*After trying to find it on my own, I asked one of the workers & here it was @@ right on the floor next to me 10 seconds ago!, I crossed by it but really didn't see it since it is a crowded place ;p...

**Finally got it, The Five People You Meet In Heaven recommended by Misguided who really made me look for it all around to get it,, will review it as soon as am done with it...

Of course my day didn't end with that @@, had a busy full schedule in the afternoon till early night time.. Now its time to relax & get ready for a big day tomorrow where I would be spending most of my time on the PC to work...

Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Work update since last week

This week & the week before I have been













*Will take advantage of my day off from work which is tomorrow, to apply to more places, Wish me luck!

*I need to vent, that woman with me in the work team is really getting on my nerves with her stupid YET hard to believe that they are un-deliberate mistakes.. The same woman that disagreed "coz am the so called NEW girl, inexperienced one too" to let me do the work by the new way proposed & kept going on & on that this is a silly way to work in.

*After she gave me unchecked work + incomplete tables,, that resulted in edits that if done will consume time more than establishing a whole new file (only 4 edits took me 3 days at the average of 6 hours on the PC non-stop!) and it contains "as I found out while checking the file before signing it in" more than 10 mistakes & horrible ones I must say, a KG student wouldn't commit them let aside an "EXPERIENCED" employee.

*No hard feelings towards experience its the arrogance & the un-acceptance for new ideas that bothered me, not only they didn't accept it they FOUGHT to not let me implement it, but they didn't know am not an easy girl :}.

* After a lot of thinking I decided to do the whole (approx. 40 MB Excel) file again (containing more than 7500 tables, original are around 88 the rest are dragged from the original ones but need to add formulas for calculating the totals for 7 tables in each sheet & that's in 10 sheets out of 11 since the last sheet is designed to check the accuracy of the entered data) , this time with my own hands & no interference by her..

* Will Sign in both files (original one half corrupted by her, and the new one completely by me) & will see who is more experienced now! And to teach them a lesson before they brag on how much experience they have & I lack to CHECK on their work before signing it in, which is the ABC of being in work.. But hey this is government work who needs to check?! If they are sure they will get the same paid check as the ones who really WORK, hmm maybe a little bit more with experience & more relations at work they can get more.

Monday, 20 December 2004

Work .. Again!!

Busy @ work ,, tired mentally/physically since I give it too much in the time that most people around me don't give a damn... more details tomorrow, hopfully I will be more relaxed & in a better mood :}

Saturday, 18 December 2004

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

The return of the weekly "abandoned for 2 weeks" post :}.. This week is a comeback with a GREAT Emirati blog, its a girl's blog & an extremely creative person I must say!

Its BANOOTA{dot}net By banoota

Bytes is the blog :} you can see the amazing girls life ,, & I said amazing because her work with graphics & photoshop also photography are things that really made me keep on visiting the site for several days to just read & see EVERY thing in it ,, STILL I didn't finish it :} its a very big site since it started in 2000 as she states here (18.12.2004 post) the changes that this site & her went through across the time of four years.

If you are interested about the person behind this gigantic site then try to seek for the TRUTH right from her hands :}.. Art & gfx is an other section in this rich in content site, it contains 3 sections:

Now I wont spoil the fun on you guys :} & tell you about what will you find in each section stated above from the Art & gfx page; I will leave that to your curiosity,, the thing that I would like to note here is the VERY impressive way the pictures taken of her work are displayed,, in the Art & gfx page you when even you click a section like Fine art for instance! You will see a page all in black & with touches of PINK (her passion) in the middle are dancing pink squares :} click on one of them & a JavaScript window appears with the enni weeni tiny dancing thumbnail.

Moving down with the links that are on the left in the Bytes page there is the Projects section that I must say was very creative & allows personal interests to be mixed with the persons that we truly are not the identities we carry in this life! This is a very crucial issue to me since am interested in persons as people not as who they are in real life which highlights the privacy issue that banoota keeps well as I hope to do so as well as she did. One thing more before I leave the projects page .. PSS would have LOVED this page :}.

Goodies is not found unfortunately :( ,, but the item right under it "PHOTOES" has a big chunk of interest of banoota, she has a flickr account browse it, its fun there :} oO I know nibaq would like this one ;p.

Photos continue to be recorded here , that are also BEAUTIFULLY displayed and Greately categorized ;p into:

  • Pencam Shots
  • Spy Shots
  • for the lazy

Pink book is banoota's guest book you will find it there. Last but not least is the wishbox.. One more thing to add that will illustrate ALL what's above & MORE is a VIDEO from ZenTV a program called dardachat, the guy who spoke about the site gave it a very nice review that is better than mine since he has a better background about the site & banoota's work too.. See it I truly advice you to do so its very helpful to know a lot about this amazing site, the video is available for High-speed connection and also low one (dial-up).

In the end I would like to send a big cheer to banoota for a great site/work/sense of elegance and pink,, keep it up I really wish you the best & I hope a lot of women will invest their mind & soul in their work like you did.. You are truly inspiring.

Thursday, 16 December 2004

Yoshika & the e-mail

Hiiiii all

I missed posting, life has been crazy & still a lot to do in a few hours till late night, am so busy. This morning when I checked my e-mail other than two replies to some posts I found an e-mail with the sender named YOSHIKA @@ YES its her :D the artist I wrote this post about! Can you believe it :D. I was so happy & flattered to know she liked the post about her, here I quote ladies & gentle men the following from the e-mail I received from her :

"It always amazes me when someone sees my art and exactly feel what I want to express"

It felt very nice to know that I felt & knew what the artist intended to say with her art, since its a proof to the artist is that her work got into the hearts of people the right way. Now you all like me are wondering how did she know about it since till now I didn't e-mail her because of the lack of time I had on the internet lately!! Its the magic of search engines :D she found my blog as she said:

"I happened to search my name on the internet today and found your posting page"

So that made my day :D, am happy she knew about it, since she is a great artist & deserves the appreciation she can get.. Last but not least again I thank Sky Walker :) not only you let me think of this whole artist review thing seriously, but the 1st artists I wrote about happens to know about it when I TOTALLY didn't expect it :D. Thank you Yoshika for you kind words & SW.

Peace & "Love Love Love"

Sunday, 12 December 2004


Click on the Title of this post & check out the game :}, UK is what I chose since its the closest among the countries listed to Kuwait ;p ... I never played it but saved half of the cute-lly drawed characters (its a 3.4 MB .zip file) along with cute sound files that can be used to change the alarm/notification sounds in programs like MSN Messenger.

Also you can see the trailer here ,, it is also a ".zip" file !! Don't worry I scanned both & they are clean. The thing I hated about this site is that the banner is big!! ... But then again it could be designed to be views on a bigger screen.

Friday, 10 December 2004

A memory

( )
...i i...





For the good old days where this was a hobby & a fun silent way to express creativity, all the shapes here are made by me.. Be creative :} add urs

Thursday, 9 December 2004

Sky walker Vs. Yoshika

Painting has always been interesting for me, also I have been intending to feature an artist that I liked his/her work to talk about the art & that person's biography. Unfortunately that thought left me & I didn’t give it its freedom until Sky Walker commented on my previous post
& asked about the profile picture, that instantly clicked @@,, I wanted to search more about the artist I knew she was Japanese & that’s it saved the picture then added it to my "look up for" list on the bookmarks. So thanks to sky walker I got to:

1-Remember an old posting idea that I totally forgot about, hence I will stop whining about what I will post about :D.
2-Letting me look up for an artist I forgot about for a LONG while with all the crowded stuff around me.

So here goes the post about Yoshika Murakami …

I will quote some of what the artist said about her self in her site that is under construction BUT I got into this page!! (How?? you might ask, it's the magic of Yahoo!)

Add beauty, add goodness to life. Keep growing as you do so…
That is the meaning of my name"

To read more click HERE

Through all the links I looked up for her "that are listed below" she expresses her belief that she has a role in life & as every one does, right now she is still in the search for it & has a deep passion for painting. A very optimistic person as I felt that too from her work, the use of bright colors is a big factor I think it is the reason of the beauty I see in her work.

** She is born in Ehime, Japan in 1972 … more on that is @

** This is a small page containing her biography & work too its @

** As for the site that I knew about her the 1st it was
, the best thing about zazzle is they mention the artists & provide you with links for them if there are available. I used to look up in their gallery a lot, I love it there.

** Art studio (I didn’t like it much because it didn’t contain the love^3 picture ;p)

** This is my favorite, Since its short & simple @

I was amazed of the number of sites this artist has yet not a lot were accompanied with dates so I can know what is old & what is new! That’s why I didn’t quote much since I cant have a clear image of all her work in one place :} this made my search more complex but surely fun
give it a go & see what this artist has to offer :}..

Have a nice weekend all :}

*Curently: Watching "Spirited Away" again, this time from the beggining*

Tuesday, 7 December 2004

An other side of ME!

I have a lot to say but very distracted & a lot of crowded thoughts are in my mind!! So I thought about not writing & just show you the artistic me :},,

This is some of my work,, not all named and the names used (in the links) just for uploading but they also express the state of mind at that time not the actual name of the drawing,, that is because I tend to draw my thoughts & feelings more than actual visible things,, I never did a portrait, not good at it,, however will take drawing classes to learn more about one of my favorite past time activity...

Here goes nothing @@,, REMEMBER PEOPLE, these are NOT portraits they are my mental view of something :}

*The colors are not so clear since they are shot with my mobile cam... sorry :}
*Click for a bigger size.

Tulips, since they are my LOVE & PASSION they have a big chunk of my thoughts :},, & seeing them can change A LOT in me :} especially if am depressed


I've always wanted to use this word :D

Sunday, 5 December 2004

Work !!

New stuff happening:

  • More reliability on me, more responsibilities, more work = me happy
  • The new manager is kicking things up :} I love her.
  • The worst thing about working with women, is that they are women :} with all do respect to all women & me 1st.
  • New girl still gets on my nerves, especially that she ALWAYS knows every thing & what's right is definitely what she said, even with your name! She can have an opinion & thinks before you even open your mouth she is right about it.
  • Got into a silly discussion + argument with one old woman at work, conclusion: since we are new (who proposed the new line for work) then we have to listen to the old people even if they make things harder!
  • Will be assigned to a new line of work that includes going to schools to supervise & teach them how to use the new Oracle data base system installed. Meaning I will work at schools @@ it will be hard especially some of the workers there don't know what is windows, let aside Oracle.
  • STILL bureaucracy rules, hence I don't find my self still, but have to admit its becoming better & better.
  • However, STILL I will hope for a better other work place, but currently I will work hard & have fun while doing it because every tiny bit of work is an added plus to my experience in life.

Saturday, 4 December 2004

CD Review ,,, So Fresh summer

Its a little outdated :D but I like it,, its among the fav 3 CDs that are being played now in the car,, 3 among 7 that is

The CD cover

With the following inside :

((Click for the actual size))

so here are the songs & their ratings in my opinion:

1-Maroon5: harder to breath
I love this band, although my fav. Song of their album is "SHIVER" but I do like this song too so I will give it 7/10

2-Britney Spears: Toxic
I DO NOT LIKE her :} but this song is ,,, hmmm roughly ok so its a 4.5/10 .. although the rate is bad but I do here it sometimes!!

3-Outkast: Hey Ya
I love this song :D so fun especially when : shake it shake it shake it ,, shake it like a Polaroid picture... Oddly when I hear the Polaroid part I remember nibaq @@.. Because of this post he wrote ages ago I cant find it sorry :} but he says that he is taking some Polaroid pictures,, nice song 8/10

4-R-Kelly: Step in the name of love ... I skip it :D

5-Dido: Life for rent .. Sometimes hear it ,, not bad 6/10

6-Gareth Gates: Sunshine ... Skip it

7-Alicia Keys: You don't know my name ,, lover her but I skip this one too :D

8-Outlandish: Gritty (radio edit) ,, love them although this song has a lot of swearing that am not into but its a nice song 6/10

9-Pink: Last to know ... LOVE THIS ONE its my fav. Actually from P!nk :} but I don't know why it has to be accompanied by acceleration in the car to feel the anger in the song,,, 9/10

10-Will young: Your game .. Skip it

11-Justin Timberlake: (oh no) What you got,,, good one by JT 7/10

12-Phatts & Small: Sun comes out ... SKIP IT

13-Kay, D. & Epsilon feat. Stamina MC: Barcelona ... LOOOOOOOOVE it BIG TIME its my fav. In this mix album of course 10/10 3jeeba

14-Clay Alken: Invisible ... I can help it I laugh when ever he says I wish I could be a fly on ur wall,, a FLY !! What happened to butterflies ,, but any how that doesnt deny that he is trying to be romantic! ,, 2/10 ! o yeah I skip this one too ;p

15-JC Chasez: Some Girls .. Like it :} 9/10

16-Westlife: Obvious ... west who!! hmm skip it

17-Ruben Studdard: Sorry 2004 ... SKIP it

so here we end up with 9 out of 17 tracks ,,, good not so bad... Any how you can listen to the whole album before you buy it @ virgin... However to me (13) is the most fav. one :D.