Sunday, 29 July 2007

3 years

Today my blog is officially 3 years old,,

3 years back, in 2004 I almost left this blog, to my surprise Nibaq the owner of Kuwait blogs dot com has found my blog & with his comment he pushed me to stay & become a blogger. Of course now in 2007 I would like to say sorry for the big "bdleya" ya NiBaq not NiPaq ;p

The best thing about blogging is that the only commitment I have is towards my thoughts, they make me write, also the idea of documenting some parts of my life is nice too.

To all the bloggers out there, I knew, commented on their blogs or they commented here in my blog or even passed by silently, bloggers or not, I love you all :D Because in a direct or indirect way you touched my life, some of you are like family to me, others are like friends, some made me learn lessons, some made me think several times before saying any thing... All in all I grew with this blog & along my personality too :)

I enjoy blogging
I will keep it up as long as I can

I love you my dear blog :*
Happy 3rd year for us

Thursday, 26 July 2007

E's post

Once upon a time ,,,, An interesting post about a post

While going through Al-Safat, I found an interesting post about a post by EXzombie that has a screen shot of an interesting post about post that K.The.Kuwaiti posted about an interesting post about a post by Nibaq who posted an interesting post about a post by Mark who posted a post about an interesting post about a post by Marzouq who posted an interesting post about a post that K.The.Kuwaiti posted about the Kuwaiti bloggers :D its called Kuwaitblogs 101

*Updated the post title 27.7.2007*

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Dead tired, but my brain can't stop thinking :D therefore I decided to make use of this time,,

My love, The Tulip flower, I think the reasons that made me love it so much, other than it being not so popular in Kuwait or in the world compared to roses, is the fact that its shape is so delicate & feminine, I relate its shape to feminism because as you can see it is slim up to the top, becoming full in a smooth curvy way, closed up on its self a bit!! YET the best thing is that it does not have any THORNS :D unlike the infamous roses!

From here & there

4 days left & my dear blog will be ,, 3 years old :D

للشياب سائقي الوانيتات ،، لستم الوحيدين في الطريق
لسائقي سيارات الدفع الرباعي ،، ليش النظره الدونية للسيدان؟
لمن يتخطى الخط الاصفر في محطات تعبئة السيارات بالوقود ،، الدور ماراح يمشي اسرع
لمن يجعل الشارع مغسلة حمام من صباح الله خير "بالذات الهنود" ،، بيوم ستعود للأرض! و حينها اتمنى ان يمطر عليك ما اعطيتها من جوفك

P.S: I know we are strong & we will go through all the odds :D

بلوق جديد ،، روح جديدة و ديكورات حاجه ألسطه ،، يعني منوووووو ؟؟؟

Blue is the up coming Black for the fashion trends, I think ?!!

استغرب من غباء بعض المسئولين الذين يشغلون مناصب قوية! فإن لم تكن تملك العقل الكافي لان توزن الامور، ليش التفطحل؟ و ليش التذاكي؟ يا اخي اسأل! شفيها ؟؟

*Chick-q8* I know I didn't have time to talk to you, but here is a simple thank you to you through my blog :D

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Occupation 101 - Documentary

Tonight I attended the documentary called "Occupation 101"

I first knew about this even from facebook, كتاب وجهك على قولة بعض الناس

I didn't think much of it, it was intresting but I wasn't sure that I want to attend, didn't join the group & didn't take action. Yesterday as I was checking around the q80 blogs I found a post about it in EXzombie's blog, so I said why not? especially that I missed the First Kuwaiti Short Film Festival, that I did want to attend. So after reading about the Documentary "Occupation 101" I decided to go, my sister canceled on the last minute so I went alone.

In beit lothan I got a little lost, but with some help I managed to find the right way to the Cinemagic Kuwait's event: screening of the documentary "Occupation 101". The best thing is that its done in my favorite day of the week Tuesday :D kidding more is on the way ;p

Regardless of my opinion of what went on here in Kuwait back in 1990 & the way a lot of Palestine's people "they of all people in the world know how it is to have your country stolen & they too of all people know how much Kuwait stood by them" act to the Iraqi invasion on Kuwait, I do sympathize with their cause. Losing a country, identity and living in a prison called home is not easy.

The documentary illustrates how powerful the media propaganda can be, how influential more than 40 VITOS can be! the number of times the USA used the Vito right they hold in the UN regarding Israeli violation of international law.

Information wise, I did gain a lot from this movie & the way they illustrated the information, including numbers or percentages was very interesting, to the extent that I did not feel bored at any time in this movie! And it is hard to keep me posted I get bored easily....

The movie started right at the heart of the current events, then moved up to the history of when the Jews were first placed there, I like placed more than immigrated :) and went on with the events/ facts up till date.

Palestine as a country held the diversity of having the 3 heavenly religions man knows, and is a holy land for the three of them! Muslims, Jews & Christians used to live side by side there, what changed over the years & made Muslims/ Arabs be criminals? Other than power, money there is media. In the movie you see the real view of different people in Israel & Jews, in or out of Israel, who one of them claimed this whole mess to be the hand craft of Zionism! saying that back in the day as his grandma told him Muslim Arabs & Jews used to live side by side. Also showed a lot peace wanting organizations in Israel, one of them was the The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, which fully shows an other side of Israeli people, a silent one I should add. All in all the movie shows the plain truth, what the media eye can not see nor most of the people "in the west especially" can see, since they use the media eye to see things in the middle east, in Palestine to be more spacific.

The movie is an award winning one & definitely is worth seeing, my view of the cinematic side is as follows:

The story was smooth, things were not too quick too slow, the best thing about it is that it showed us the familiar present situation that we can relate to then switched to the roots of the issue....

The jump from, an interview of an activist in any field, facts, numbers and real people was done VERY well, to the extent that I was hooked up all the time, I didn't find time to think of anything else, as I sometimes do in movies :D

The music, sound, and editing was great! The three most touching scenes for me were (1) The Palestinian kid that kept talking in a very enthusiastic way about how mad she is with all the demolition happening around them & how they are living (2) The American kid giving people a speech about kids in the Middle East, Palestine to be more pacific are just like them, normal humans with normal needs (3) the wall that Israel had built....

Last but not least, it was interesting to see the amount of money being sent to Israel from the USA and how well armed Israel is.

All in all I liked the movie and appreciate truth more & more. The only bad thing is that I did not chose a good seat! And smoking was allowed, I HATE smoking! although its an open area but still I can not cope with smoking, I didn't want to hurt the smoker's feelings but then again my lungs on one hand their feelings on the other?! I bared with it, but next time I will stay away from smokers! Now that I know that they can smoke in this event.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Heya (Hia) magazine


There is a nice article about it, since I am fond of Wikipedia the link above is from there "note the article is disputed! many opinions around this issue, however tis useful to give a good background on it". I think the idea of being treated with power is impressive, and makes sense! since we do live in a world that is composed of different types of power. Every thing has energy in it even stones. The one who spoke about this to the magazine is from Cleopatra & Steiner in Dubai

Shuffling the pages of the abandoned magazine I spotted a logo!

instantly I thought of the Ali Al-ghanim & Son's Automotive's one!!

... Heya the May, 2007 issue

Lately I have been OVER obsessed with decor "I already do like it & admire contemporary work!". I will start furnishing my new room this weekend! The only thing I am sure of is the office :D I chose one & it will take a corner in the room, the main concern in this process is SPACE MANAGEMENT & SPACE UTILIZATION. I will do my best to plan it very well so that it fits my things well & not look like a sardine can. Oddly the decor/ furniture section in the magazine was not so bad! actually they chose pretty cool stuff to display.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007


A few notes in time ,,,



I bumped into a picture of a famous sculpture that am sure many didn't know that it existed, I was one of them :)

"LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, on the corner of 6th Avenue and 55th Street in Manhattan, NY. Own picture, taken on 15th September 2006."


Last but not least,,,, A question I had inside me for long ......

لا اهم يعني كانوا من صجهم جذيه؟ احسهم بدلية علنية كبيرة بالتاريخ

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Home Sweet Home

Walking on Kuwait’s shore, tide coming gradually, the cold waves cuddle my feet and the weather is amazing,,, with that I end my short time off work & almost every thing in my life.

رحلة العودة على كثر ما انها متعبه بس امتعتني! لاني برد للكويت،، فقدت الكويت بشكل ما توقعت اني ممكن احس فيه نظرا لقصر فترة رحلتي، بس من بعد الغزو صرت افتقد الكويت اكثر! هم زاد الطين بله اني بسنة الغزو كنت مسافره و خارج الكويت و قظيت فترة الغزو خارج الكويت اللي بوقتها كانت تحتاجنا، قمت افقدها بزود، ما اقدر اتم برا الكويت لاكثر من اسبوعين. لما قربنا للهبوط الكابتن يعلن درجة الحرارة بالكويت 38 سيليزية و الساعه المرتقبه للوصول 10:30 ليلا، ابتسامتي من الاذن لي الاذن محد قدي حزتها حسيت الله الكويت و بصيفها الحار، احبها. الغالبية مذهولين و بما انهم من غير سكان الكويت كان الوضع غريب بالنسبه لهم بس جدا اسعدني هالاعلان و حسيت ابي حر و صيف الكويت

يمتعني صيف الكويت على كثر ارتفاع درجة الحراره و موجات الرطوبة اللي انا فعلا بعض الاحيان ما اتحملها، الحر و الغبار يطلعون نعمه عند الرطوبه! بس اشوفه حلو، بالذات شكل البحر بعز الظهر و فترة القايله. و غير هذا الفضاوة بالصيف لان غالبية الناس بينحاشون من الحر فا الشوارع تصير اقل ازدحام، الطريج للدوام سهاله، و يا زين الكويت


Dr. Saleh Al-Ojiri