Sunday, 28 February 2010

59 : Quiet moment, in a busy day


Went for a 24 hour trip, which was very hectic yet full of people, events, happenings and thoughts! The moment I got busy with observing this small wild pigeon that got into the terminal through an open gate, and got trapped; was the most peaceful and quiet moment of that day. The poor thing kept trying to escape through the windows, not knowing that there is glass separating it from the outside world till its very close to it. Got into the plane not knowing what will happen to it, hoping that it will get out, somehow :) Random thoughts :

  • How a tiny animal coming to our environment can surprise us and make us smile
  • Illusion, realize it before its too late!
  • See, listen, much more than you talk
  • Nice to know that there are people out there who care
  • Life goes on, even when it seems that time will stop, when a loved one is lost
  • He who understands, will amaze
  • The hug, is a simple human interpretation of the wish to hold you with in, close to the heart

Saturday, 27 February 2010

58 : Planning aids

A moleskin (a note book with a fancy leather cover) and a pen, are still my best aids when I want to plan.

Friday, 26 February 2010

57 : Germanium Bracelet


Found this Germanium bracelet in Daiso the other day,  its supposed to improve your health and is recommended for: Discomfort in hands, shoulders or waist - stress - active sports ( golf, tennis ,,, etc). 
The concept behind germanium health bracelets is to restore a balance to the magnetic field around the individual. Purportedly, exposure to a number of devices, such as cell phones and other forms of wireless technology degrade this field. Germanium health bracelets are equipped with both a positive and negative pole that works to counteract the imbalance created by emissions from these sources, and thus reduce the harmful effects of modern living. Source

Personally, I believe that all beings in this universe go down to simple elements, molecules and little protons, ions and neutrons, hence the small cells that combine to make anything. And reading a little about the element Germanium it is a semi-conductive element used in making fiber optics and some of its compounds are not safe for the lungs and eyse!  I'm not sure I would trust it around my wrist :/

I realized that again, I bought something I do not want from diso :> a shop where you can find a thing for the thing that is used for the other thing, that you totally forgot what it would be :p I thought about wearing it and trying, then again this is my health! Why would I try something I do not need nor was recommended to use :]

Thursday, 25 February 2010

56 : The Early Bird - Jabriya

So far I had the french toast & pancakes :>, both were YUMMY! Tried them at The early bird that I read so much about, and wanted to go to :p back when the only branch was in Fahaheel but didn't till date but I got to eat in it twice so far due to its new lovely location in Jabriya. They also have a blog now! And a new addict :p *me*

The place:
The jabriyah branch is located after the Champions ladies gym, only one building away from it, go inside the area putting the new gym "gray building seen form the 4th ring road" on your right, just walk a few meters up front, it will be on your right :> Cozy and small! careful when you bring a large group of people there, limited seating! The atmosphere is simple and charming. Tried the outdoor seating and indoor, I recommend the outdoor while the weather is nice.

Quick and efficient all I can say about them in that area :> loved their friendliness.

The two times I went there tried two items from the menu: French Toast - Pancakes ,, BOTH were winners for me! the food is absolutely amazing, right on the spot! the best french toast I ever tried in Kuwait with the right amount of sugar and cinnamon :) *I ♥ Cinnamon* also the pancakes were really good, light and moist. My companions tried different things and liked them too! one tried the pancakes the other had an omelet, both praised the food. Beverages are normal, coffee and orange juice are good. All in all, I will keep coming back till I finish their menu :p try all the dishes, will come back for more when ever I have the chance to do so. It is a really good American breakfast place. Worth trying and loving :>

The other side of the coin:
Bianca the place owner collects plastic bags :) now with the two locations, Fahaheel and Jabriyah, you can drop your bags when ever you can :> other than this lovely contribution to the community of women in need, the restaurant had pieces done by the Kuwaiti artist Ghada Al-Kandari :] it is really impressive how a simple business owner contributes to the art and society around her. Kudos to the lovely Bianca :> for being a great cook, person and a caring business owner.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

55 : Baby beast


It does look like a robot's face :p my brother's baby beast ,, more to come later 

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

54 : Macaroni's Grill


And this ladybird like eyed girl was my plate holder :p the best part about dining in Macaroni's grill is they give you crayons to color on the paper they cover the table with. Personally am not a fan, its a go-able place but not a favorite, however my mother thinks its really good :> so we go there because the big boss likes it :p she enjoys the food, we enjoy coloring :D a win win situation :]

note to self: draw, paint! its been long already. 

Monday, 22 February 2010

The List

Catching up with movies is probably THE BEST activity I can think of for the upcoming weekend/holiday that will start on Thursday 25th of February till Monday 1st of March :> The initial list "more will be added later" is as follows:

The last two I have seen before, I go back to "as good as it gets" to remember that there must be something(s) nice in the worst people you can ever meet :} and "you've got mail" to remember the age where e-mail was revolutionary, anonymity allowed two people on the opposite sides to unbiasedly see each other, that there are tolerable differences we can live with, and that we can virtually pass over and see the beauty in each other :}

53 : Dubai Cultural Agenda on One TV

When I ever I see this segment in One TV I really admire this, UAE's interest in culture is growing in a very nice, impressive way :)

انا جدا معجبة باهتمام قناة "ون - الإماراتية" بالاعلان للاحداث الثقافية في دبي ، لجلب الاهتمام و الجمهور لها بدال العفيسة اللي امر فيها بالكويت، من اشتراكي بالفيس بوك اللي يغطي بعض المهتمين بعمل انشطة ثقافية و يسخدمون هالموقع للاعلان عنها، الى تسجيل ايميلي او رقم تلفوني بمختلف الاماكن لعل و عسى القط اخبار الاحداث الثقافية اللي تصير بالكويت! من باب استكشاف هالدولة و ثقافتها بدال ما احنا خامرين بهالاسوقة و المطاعم، الجرايد و المجلات المحلية للاسف ما تغطي الاحداث اللي تصير بشكل كافي ولا يتم الاعلان عنها بالوقت المناسب! عادة تسمع ان هالمعرض "حصل" و قليل ما نسمع انه "سيحصل" ،، عموما علشان اختم بقول عسى الله يهنيكم يا اهل دبي بهيئة دبي للثقافة و الفنون بنشاطها و موقعها الجميل ، و يعوض علينا بموقع المجلس الوطني للثقافة و الفنون و الآداب ، اللي اعتقد ان المدون العزيز زيدون افاض بالموضوع و ابدى نقده للموقع و ان كان "لطيفا" بوجهة نظري لان الموقع فعلا فقير بتفاصيل الاحدث  و الفعاليات التي ينظمها المجلس! و افقر من ناحية التصميم و مواكبة الحداثة في تلبية احتياجات المتصفحين للموقع و المهتمين بالثقافة في الكويت

لعل فسحة النور لي في هذا المجال هو الجهد الجميل الذي تبذله تلك الزهرة ديما الغنيم في موقع الفيس بوك من خلال مجموعة في الكويت ، كمحاولة لتوثيق و انشاء قاعدة بيانات ثقافية كويتية، و احقاقا للحق توجد مجموعة في الفيس بوك للمجلس الوطني للثقافة و الفنون و الآداب و يحدثها الأخ محمد القحطاني يعطيه العافية ولا اعلم ان كانت تابعة للمجلس ام انها جهد فردي؟  

Sunday, 21 February 2010

52 : عطلة العيد الوطني ٢٠١٠


العطلة هالسنة راهية :> حدي مستانسه بنداوم يوم الاثنين ان شاء الله ،، و الشاطر يخمن شنو هالمكان اللي صورته

Saturday, 20 February 2010

51 : Pigeons


One of the things that used to make me smile, seeing a tiny bird in the morning by a stop sign on the way to school. These pigeons along with a tiny wild bird give me the same happiness dose when ever I see them :}

Friday, 19 February 2010

50 : The big picture


Seeing the picture with out the next, will explain how the partial view of anything can puzzle you and sometimes, deceive you :) Always try to see the big picture, in case of stories, hear all sides before you judge 

Taken in 360mall

Thursday, 18 February 2010

49 : Samurai 3!


Had this small Samurai figuring in the 90s around 1994-1996 not sure of the date :/ it was my surprise in a kinder egg, back when the toys were really cool! Now they are very dull. My favorite were the samurai set, which I only managed to keep this one above "Samurai 3", Snoopy set, Astrix set. The idea of the toys having a certain line/ theme/ character to collect is really nice! it hooks you up to it.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

48 : شريط كاسيت


للحين اكو ناس اوفياء للكاسيت :) تعلق هالشريط الطاير بمنظرة السيارة، شكله يونس، ذكرني بتزيين المصريين للسياراتهم بالعروس . افتقد ايام الكاسيت، اللي كان صبغ الاظافر يصلح كل علة فيه، و يرد يشتغل من جديد، مقطع و حالته حاله بس يشتغل، مو نفس السي دي! يا يشتغل يا لاء و ان قطع بقطع مسافات محددة عكس الكاسيت "الانالوج" يقطع بس الفقرة المقصوصة و الاحلى لي تعفس الشريط و ردينا شغلناه الصوت يروح و يرد و تسمع تعفس قراطيس و لويه

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

47 : Coffee

Fauchon cappuccino is good! I'm not of a cappuccino fan my self but its my next favorite after the mocha. The flower they made on top of the coffee made me think, how permanent is beauty, ironically the decoration on the coffee which I ruined with the first step immediately made me think of our own physical beauty, it is nice to see for a while, since it will not last forever. 

Some will enjoy the taste try something else next time, others will return for the same drink, either way the crave for a new and full coffee experience is an endless need that we have. Similar to beauty, why? because the decoration of the coffee is a substance we can live without or try once in a lifetime, wont die without it. The trick is to enjoy it, know what you want, how much of it do you want and be true to yourself and others, avoid addiction. Have an other decoration-less cup, try other things but deep inside stay simple :]

Monday, 15 February 2010

46 : I want to be tigger!


I want to borrow his tail to jump around like he does :] sorry for the poor pic, taken by my mobile.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

45 : Why magazines?


Vogue and InStyle are my two favorite fashion magazines! been following up with them since 2004, I find it hard to get rid of them although they are killing a lot of space just to store them but I simply love them! You can rely on Vogue for giving you the latest in fashion from all around the globe, high end fashion as well as on the street trends. InStyle on the other hand is more of an office/ street/ star fashion oriented, more urban and less classy. Both give me the optimum fashion dose that I need every month :)

Why do I love magazines? variety, cuts the story short
Magazines tend to give you the heart of the story with minimum amount of words, yes there are long articles but they will eventually end in 2 pages max :> The variety is exactly what I need to attract my attention! You get bits and pieces from here and there, and if you are interested in something, you can search it later :]

Saturday, 13 February 2010

44 : عتوي


في شعور جميل يحوشني اذا شفت عتوي تحت اي سيارة، يحسسني بالأمان و اني بالكويت
و كل ما كان شرس و لما اقوله "هش ،، كش ،، شوو ،، اي شي يا بابا" يقبل على و يخزني ،، يحسسني اني بفريجنا،، العتاوية لهم اولوية و هيبة

Friday, 12 February 2010

43 : 3D cloud


I call it the 3D cloud ,, usually we see clouds in the sky a bit flat, one sided, since they are up there we only view one side of them. However, sometimes like today for instance, near dusk the sun shines on the clouds in a way that the upper/ side of them is sunny while the lower "facing earth" is dark. Which makes the cloud dimensions more visual to the eye. Hence the 3D cloud that I LOVE to see :>

Thursday, 11 February 2010

42 : Last minute!


Was never a fan of ruffles, this shoe caught my eye! It changed my view of them, made me more, ruffle tolerant :p

I hate attending weddings with out prior notice, change of plans just hits me! Due to other commitments my mother delegated the task of attending this event to me, sometimes being the oldest daughter is tiring. So due to lack of time and my well knowledge of the late time I will be in front of the computer narrowed down my picture choices of the day, focused on the main event that's making me type like crazy now, and this is my pic of the day :]

Photography Exhibition for the Kuwait Science Club

From :
Friday, February 12, 2010 at 2:00pm
Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 10:00pm

Location Map

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

41 : Napket


I enjoy eating in Napket, tries their burger, the patty wins with me! and their "red velvet cheese cake" is a KILLER! the best combination of a sweet YET cheesy cheese cake :> and yes it beats up P.F. Chang's ,, I like the cheese cake to be cheesy :p and found that Napket's has the BEST balance and the yummy taste.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010



Attended the AD Eaters night, best thing is we got to be the first to sit in this theater :>  

Monday, 8 February 2010

39 : Work, after work!


I took some papers to finish up at home, but I could not touch a single paper of them. Although am passionate about work, a while ago I decided to keep it in the office and stop taking it home, the time I have left of my day is well earned and should be MINE :> in extreme measures or urgent issues that need to be resolved I might do it, but this time I wont, since its not the case :p

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Change is the only constant

من فترة كنا نسولف، و بوسط المعمعة طلع صوت من بين الصغار الموجودين و قال: الشي الوحيد الثابت، هو التغيير
في ذاك اليوم اللي قال هالجملة كان بطل يومي! و بطّل عيوني لحقيقة مهمة و عن اهمية و ثبوت التغيير، فا لما الناس اتسائل ليش صار هالشي او ذاك، يغفلون عن حتمية التغيير! المقولة قالها من قبل فيلسوف ينقال له هيراكليتس "مادري شنو بالعربي بس تخيلته هيراقليطس! غلج!" عموما هالفيلسوف الروماني اللي كان موجود قبل سقراط، كان له رآي في التغيير و انه مركز الكون. حاشني فضول و هوس بالفلاسفة الرومانيين، مادري ليش
فلسفة = حب الحكمة (المعرفة) .. من العلوم القديمة و اللي مر به حقبات كثيرة، و بقى العلم الذي يناقش العقل الانساني بتفكيره و تفسيره للامور، من العلوم الصامدة و النامية

From Wiki :
The word "Philosophy" comes from the Greek φιλοσοφία [philosophia], which literally means "love of wisdom" 

Custom colors
ISO : 80
Shutter Speed : 1/6
Aperture Value : 3.5

Custom colors
ISO : 80
Shutter Speed : 1/5
Aperture Value : 8

Experimenting with my G11. Click to enlarge

38 : H2O


Working on going back to high water intake during the day, I like drinking water and its very useful! The recommended for a female adult is around 2.2 litters, currently I'm hitting the 1.5-2 littler/ day intake which is good for me! However, over doing it is not nice, but also not easy :)  Moderation is good in everything, and water is a must. A couple of the many benefits you get is : less food consumption - hydrated skin & less acne and skin problems....

Saturday, 6 February 2010

37 : Bloggers meeting

The above is the moleskine where we put our nicknames/ URL, which ever you prefer, to register that you've been to the meeting. Although a lot confirmed their attendance the total of 9 "me the 10th" attended, which was ok with me, am not into big gatherings anyway. We had a few spiced up conversations/ fights but ended safely, no harm done. Afterwords, went to finish a few things and meet a friend, drank an other cup of coffee, not sure if I will hit the sack early tonight :/ I have work tomorrow! I should sleep early.

Friday, 5 February 2010

36 : I ♥ to ˇ⌣ˇ


 I love using macro, wrote the above on a stick note, liked it so much that I uploaded it to flickr. With time I care less about what people think when I smile at them, what I would love to see is a smile back ˇ⌣ˇ

Thursday, 4 February 2010

35 : Toys

Testing out my cam, using a dark room, high iso, and slow shutter speed, the moment you shoot the picture just more the camera a little and you will get the blurry effect above. Still learning and testing out different settings and their effect on images.

I still do collect stuffed toys, Shaun the sheep is the latest :) the best thing is when I squeeze its nose eybambe3.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

34 : Just do it!


Trying to adjust with the work then gym routine, but with my new training program it is not easy, by 8pm I am totally drained, do not have the least mental/ physical ability to be active :] Took me around 2 months to get used to work and gym + socializing with the old training program, hoping that I will take less time to adjust with the new routine and my daily life! I miss going out on weekdays, but I just do it :>

- She said: The happiness you feel, no one can buy.
As a comment on the progress I achieved so far, I love how Filipinos "East Asians in general" use gestures and body language to deliver their thoughts, verbal communication is not their only medium to get the idea through.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

33 : Priorities

When my car started asking for fuel had to feed it :> although I was facing the risk of being late for work, but I realized that I like my car more than my work :p she comes first!

So among the things I thought about was priorities, how to set them and how to organize them. At work, currently facing an odd load, out of no where this big load of work has to be done, so trying to break the iceberg bit by bit and finishing the urgent over the regular, in other words, setting priorities. A thing I was terrible at a year ago, when I faced the real problem of delaying my work just because I could not set my priorities, all of a sudden I would find a task to take action for that I didn't know about because it was hidden under other papers! So my solution was Organize, Priorities and stay away from Procrastination :] it is not as easy as it sounds, only in the beginning, once I practiced it and FORCED my self to do those things it became a habit.

I still love my car more :>

Monday, 1 February 2010

32 : A flaw


My beloved earring fell from my hand and 2 stones got smashed! Mother could not notice them but I did, I really got upset since I ADORE those earrings and they don't sell them anymore! And since I saw this flaw I could not take my eyes off it, and could not wear it in peace! Kept touching it and feeling the difference between it and the other stones that are hanging tough. The odd thing is that I'm a perfectionist that HATES to be perfect, however I want my things to be perfect, my service to be perfect BUT for some odd reason I do not like to be perfect, I can't really but even if I applied all my standards to my self I would get tired. So I have the perfect things but might not wear them perfectly :> YET they have to be perfect, if a flaw is going to come then its from me not them. 
now I have to go to the shop and see if they can fix them "doubt it! they are into selling only, I think" and after I am sure that they can't I will look for a jewelery fixing shop or something like that. I really really like those earrings :(

p.s: I have other shots without the reflection that's annoying me but I liked this one since the main focus is on the broken stone.