Tuesday, 31 August 2010

243 : العشر الأواخر

امس بدت العشر ايام الاخيرة من شهر رمضان :) مشى بسرعة بس كان شوي صعب لانه بالصيف

Monday, 30 August 2010

242 : ChillOut Kuwait - bracelet :D

And so as we were walking in Soug Sharq, we saw this small colorful booth near the cinema, checked it out and it had a lot of bracelets of all kids, ready made and ones with metal plates or all leather, to be engraved on! I thought it would be cool to have one with my blog's name, and here is the final result :D

And a big thank you goes to the sweet booth lady that allowed me to take pictures while she was working :>

Sunday, 29 August 2010

241 : Date Pudding

Went to Prime & Toast tonight, was not in the mood for real food, had coffee & some date pudding. Before going to P&T we stopped by Starbucks Alnuzha branch, I looked around and the place was PACKED! I'm not into busy places, so we left, HOWEVER I was wondering whats up with the crowds over there! Its just a coffee shop, I though that since its Sunday it wouldn't be busy, I was wrong. So, Starbucks Alnuzha is a not a place to be near to anytime soon.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

240 : new 3D glasses

They gave us those in the 3D theater in 360 mall cinema, those are much more better than the old big goggles! 

Friday, 27 August 2010

239 : Waking up

صايره قعدة الصبح حيل عسره، هذا و احنا ما دشينا بال١٠ الاواخر للحين!! مشكلتي متعودة اقعد الصبح امبجر و ينتهي يومي ١٠ بالليل، والحين اقعد الصبح بال٧ و ينتهي يومي بال٢ الصبح! لان وقت نومتي ١٠ بالليل يكون عندي الف شغله و شغله، حيل معتفس نظامي و احتاج اسنعه لاني قاعده اتعب و ما يعوض نومة الليل اي وقت ثاني

238 : Mocha Ice Cream

Ice cream cravings are at its peak with me, diet & Ramadan are not helping, found this one in Sultan Center the other day and it tastes very good! Although I don't want to increase Starbucks's profits BUT I do like their mocha :/ and this ice cream is yummy :) got a few spoons and stopped since I did not want to lose the grip on things, I really want to finish the weight loss issue before the end of this year, inshallah.

237 : iSpot

مادري شلون وصلت الكره لي نص الشارع، بس كسرت خاطري انها بتنفش، او يمكن اتم عايشه

Note to self:
18 - 230
19 - 231
20 - 232
21 - 233
22 - 234
23 - 235
24 - 236
25 - 237
26 - 238
27 - 239

Thursday, 26 August 2010

236 : قرقيعان

عقب ما كنا نفتر من بيت لي بيت و نقرقع، صار القرقيعان يوصلنا لي البيت بصناديق

Note to self:
18 - 230
19 - 231
20 - 232
21 - 233
22 - 234
23 - 235
24 - 236
25 - 237
26 - 238

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

235 : BB Abuse

Broke this cover the first day I got it, I lived with it for about 2-3 weeks now but now am fed up with it, not very comfy to feel when touching my phone, I really think those double covers are the best for me, so far they are the toughest against the constant falling & bumping my blackberry gets through.

Note to self:
18 - 230
19 - 231
20 - 232
21 - 233
22 - 234
23 - 235
24 - 236
25 - 237
Two left & am back on track Insha'Allah :}

234 : I have a FLAT!

Trying to be smart over here, I know its a bit lame :p but posted it for the heck of it :D lol SO I have a flat, right in the picture above.

233 : A mix

I'm loving this combination between 2-in-1 coffee mix & French coffee :] give it a try!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

232 : I have a DATE *.*

Right up there in my hand in the picture above :>

231 : Ramadan Cravings

I got a call from sis on the way home to pick up some fast food from Mcdonalds, I was shocked to see the queue of cars! I do not know how people can eat junk food at night especially in Ramadan? Other than the fact that it has a lot of calories, salty, sugary! I do crave it to be honest, but know very well it will cost me a lot :)

230 : Care & Share

I'm off track with 7 pictures, so today I will post 3 & 4 tomorrow to catch up for the delay, not in the mood to write about why I was late, not yet.

Sunday the 22nd of August, 2010

I attended part of the Gergei'an Party held in the Kuwait Society for Down Syndrome, to see live my sisters & their friend's work :) they are in the voluntary group called Care & Share. They started off as a small group called "we care", then with time they became "care & share" and went under the umbrella of the "The International Federation of Business and Professional Women - Kuwait chapter" to ease their work.

What do they do?

Care & Share, a group of girls decided to draw the smile on the faces of children in hospitals, it started with the NBK hospital for cancer kids, then a series of events to spread the joy among children in hospitals. With no sponsorship "except for one event" they worked with personal funds and efforts :) ,, more to come on them

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

229 : عربي

هذا مطعم مأكولات باكستانية بالمباركية، شدني اسمه، كان ودي اسأل صاحبة: انت شنو تبي تقول؟

Monday, 16 August 2010

228 : The right shoe!

In-deliberately, I became a fan of Nike, still the fight between it & Puma is on, since Puma wins with the very cute & stylish flats they have for every day & their walking shoes. The ones I used to own for walking & the gym from Puma were very good, until I discovered an amazingly informative salesman in Go Sport. I knew my current shoe was not fit enough for my exercises since I don't only walk now I do more physical activities that require support in the foot area. And so for my good luck this sales man approached me & I told him I want "this shoe" ,, He asked: Why? ,, to be honest I was very happy to know he is concerned with what type of shoe should I take, I explained my activity and he said: No take either this or this. Both choices were excellent, he also gave me a lecture about how the shoe looks like, when I told him I do not prefer those high heeled ones, he taught me important tips about getting the right shoe & how it will improve my ability to perform, I agreed with him out of experience but I have to say I was a bit hasty but his information made me trust him.

Took the shoe above & it was a HUGE difference! My balance is amazing with it! I require less focus on how to balance my foot when standing on the other alone, I do NOT feel any tension on my ankle, in every way the shoe gave me the ability to perform better, I really really appreciate that sales man's advice & I will go thank him as soon as I can :}

From now on, its all about the shoes!

Oh and one more cool thing about this shoe is that it has an Accelerometer space to place it under the shoe pad! A very big union between Apple & Nike :] Not sure though if I want to try it out, need to read more on it, but its a really cool thing to let a device calculate the calories and more, of what you did in your exercise.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

227 : Swatch

Yet an other hectic day, was not so productive at work, today I got a weird headache, didn't face one like it since Ramadan began. My guess is that my busy Saturday was the reason! Had a hell of a day

I felt like I wanted more time, in the same time that I also wanted an un-do button to be attached with the watch, the one above is my dearest! Although its not expensive but I truly love the shade of blue inside, and how its size is so perfect! Not too large nor small, I have a big hand so I don't really wear small watches, not that i have anything against them, but me no likey.

And although, the watch has been through a lot, scratched in many places, it is still very pretty to me :) I like every scratch in it & love hoe it feels in my hand. Scratches it gained with time tells me how much I stayed tough through my abuse lol :p

Saturday, 14 August 2010

226 : Re-Making the cake

A remake of a cake I tried a while ago, I didn't get the desired texture, this one is much better than the one before, yet its not as firm as I want it to be. Added some Lemon Blossom jam to whipped cream as a topping.

225 : Late ..

سحوري لليوم الثاني على التوالي، و اليوم تاخرت بالصورة و دشينا في اليوم الثاني، فات يوم الجمعة بدون صورة ، معناته اليوم بحط صورتين. التوقيت في رمضان صعب، لان الجدول مزحوم و ما تخيلت اني بتم طالعه لي عقب ال١٢ الزين بالموضوع ان توجيب الاهل تقريبا خلص :) باجر بيكون لوية ابيتنا فا الوضع بيكون اهون، ما عدى جزئية اني بطبخ

Thursday, 12 August 2010

224 : Flat socks

Simply love those tiny socks for flat shoes, they don't show & protect my feet from leather padded shoes, since they do make my feet extremely hot! However I think they are a bit pricey, 1KD would have been a more convenient price. The best I've tried are Marks & Spencer's, this time I took one pair of the lace to see how it feels :D

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

223 : Failed mapping

After submitting more than 2 versions of the document, they failed to map well! Word of the day
سلق بيض

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

222 : Back on track

As of now, back to watching what I eat, as well as the weight scale, that I left to dust for a while :p

Monday, 9 August 2010

221 : Cyber feel

My cousin got me this mug a while ago from some trip he went to, and this has to be the most MYSTERIOUS mug I own. I really don't get, a plain mug with Cyber Feel written on it. However, what I though it that cyber feel is plain as plain as the mug's print! Which brought me to the latest obsession I have with Body Language.

Cyber communication is mainly done through text, yes there are ways to spice it up and add a more "feeling related" touch, like simple smileys :} pictures, animated pictures, video, voice,, etc. However, I still think that personal communication is more real, not conditioned by time or connection barriers. Yes personal meeting can be restricted with time but when ever one needs to shut the other or get away from them, they can simply switch the communication medium off! However in personal meeting, you have to leave & the way you leave will tell a lot.

Nevertheless, cyber communication can carry feelings! Will focus on text chats:

Chat pattern
You can observe the person's chat pattern, their usual greeting and talk pattern, reactions to funny/sad/interesting/dull things. That can help in assessing the mood of the person you are talking to BUT its not firm! It is very easy to fake.

Emotions & Smileys
Adding an emotional face or a smiley can indicate one's feelings or reactions to a line they read, yet those are user chosen, hence they can be an exaggeration, similar, or lower than how a person really feels. Even if the sender is trying to be as accurate as possible in using them, the receiver might interpret them as wished or differently.

One of the strongest indirect messages means is "Status" messages, that are originally meant to reflect a certain status of the user or an event they are doing/attending at that moment. A lot of users take advantage of that feature, to reflect current "status" and others use it to send messages, indirectly to people in their list. What I would like to shed light on particularly, who write a status containing a message or a reply to someone's action, especially if that someone is in their list! Either that message was positive or negative, it was a product of care. Wanting all the people around you to know that certain status is also a sign of needing care or attention.

LOL - BTW- BRB - TYT .... etc
The usage of Acronyms in the internet text chatting certainly made it easier to abbreviate conversation lines & in sometimes emotions! Most of them are new to me, with time they grew quickly and vastly, you really have to be up to date with them, ROFL was recent to me when I looked it up I realized that I was outdated in that area. Keeping up to date with them will certainly help a lot in understanding what the other person is saying.

So in the end, what is being written or expressed in a chat window is not as real as it is in real life, regardless of how honest or how people try to be honest, text will always allow two interpretations :] we can try to be as accurate as possible but it might slip off the course wanted. Therefore, the best thing to do is not to react directly to a chat line unless one is very sure of what is needed, someone can tell you "I hate you" or "I hate you ;p" or "I HATE YOU" but how REAL is their hate is up to the rest of the chat partly and MAJORLY to how they look and act like when saying it :} Last note, see both sides of the story, see the full picture before you judge, try to interpret text the best optimistic way possible, since life is too short to spend it on being angry or sad :>

Sunday, 8 August 2010

220 : A heart

Today was emotionally packed, had a lot to do and was on the go almost half the day. Finished my personal errands & family related ones, planned for tomorrow with the family fuss, but the day ended in a nice dinner with friends.

Among the day rush, I looked up to the sky & saw lovely fluffy clouds, near dusk time, they really made me happy. Then I was back to my busy here & there schedule "speaking of which I miss writing my here & there posts".

Friday, 6 August 2010

218 : Oil spill

Heard about an oil spill, Thursday the 5th of August, and as per the word of mouth I heard that its being controlled. This weekend I am by the south coastal area, near Al-Ahmadi Refinery where the spill took place! It really made me sad to see this BLACK line in the sea, my brother did not think its oil but as the ties got high we could see it clearly, a thick layer of oil blocking the water to rise high :/

Bad memories of the Iraqi invasion flashed by. Especially when I smelled the oil instead of the salty sea scent.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

217 : reflection or original?

If I had taken the picture a little more zoomed, would you tell that its a reflection in a mirror? When we try to see the big picture and take a wider angle, we can see a lot :}

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

216 : Rain in Kuwait?

Weather this August is very weird, saw clouds today I thought it will rain it didn't but the best thing was that the temperature is not so high :]

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

215 : you see, they feel!

I still think crocks look terrible and a crime to footwear, but a lot think they are comfy. Apart from what you see and think of as being "good" others might see or think the opposite, to accept that is you being mature, to not is just an other way to be narrow sighted.

Monday, 2 August 2010

214 : 30 with a 6 year old blog

My blog turned 6 :>
I turned 30 :}

also a lot of memories came to mind, I wish I had the strength to complete the post I wrote about my memories of the Iraqi invasion on Kuwait back in 2.8.1990 but am too tired to do so, had a long day, will post the next part of it ASAP

I'm not into birthday parties & never had one actually nor like to have one, but I do like to have a good reason for cake :p so took my favorite Red Velvet in Kuwait from November Bakery & tried their 3aila "Dark chocolate" cake which was also good!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

213 : إهداء

هالاهداء موجود في بداية كتاب "أطلس جرائم الحرب العراقية في دولة الكويت " من إعداد د.عبدا لله محمد الحمادي و عبد اللطيف احمد العبد الرزاق. الكتاب جميل ويحوي إحصائيات عن كافة الجرائم اللي حصلت بالكويت في فترة الغزو العراقي على دولة الكويت الذي ابتداء في ٢ أغسطس ١٩٩٠. و الأطلس يحوي كافة مناطق الكويت و كل ما حصل بها

إحدى العزيزات في تويتر "أصبحت مدمنة تويتر في الآونة الأخيرة، مستمتعة بالمجتمع التويتري بصراحة" سألت التالي

20 years ago, how did you hear or know that kuwait got invaded? Where were you? What were you doing? How did you take the news?

في ليلة الأربعاء الموافق ١ اغسطس ١٩٩٠ كان آخر يوم عمل في الأسبوع و معه تبدأ إجازة والدي، الذي اخبرنا بأنه قادم، كنا في الأردن مع والدتي و جدتي و بعض خالاتي، حضور والدي يعني "سيارة و فرارة" بالوقت الذي يمضي بدونه هناك، كنا نعتمد على أنفسنا في كل أمورنا و كنت استمتع بالمشي، بلد هادئة و كنت أرى نظرة غريبة لكنها كانت تقول هاهم "الخليجيين موفوري الحال" و لم يمسنا احد بأذى، أمضينا سنوات عديدة من السفر للأردن امتدت من الثمانينات و حتى بداية ال٩٠

إن شاء الله الخميس العصر أو المغرب أبوكم يوصل .. قالت امي

صباح الخميس الموافق ١٩٩٠/٨/٢
استيقظت سعيدة لأنه يوم ميلادي و اليوم الذي سيكون والدي معنا لنمضي ما تبقى من الإجازة بوجوده، حين خرجت للممر الذي يحوي النوافذ المطلة على "المجنونة" التي زرعتها جدتي و بقيت تتربى على مر السنين حتى "تعرشت" فوق "الحوش" الواقع تحتها و أصبحت تظله، و تحت تلك النوافذ التي تدخل أجمل نور مختلط بالخضرة و النسمات الرقيقة في كل صباح، وضعت جدتي أرائك، و كانت المفضلة لديها لتقضى بها ساعات الصباح الأولى

خرجت للممر لاني اعلم بان الكل يجتمع حول جدتي و مذياعها ، الذي تستمع من خلاله للأخبار،،،، البي بي سي كانت المحببة لها، رأيت أخي الذي يكبرني ب ٧ سنوات لأول مره يبكي! لم افهم لطالما كان عنيداً حتى حينما يعاقب أو يضرب لم تدمع عيناه قط من قبل، أمي جالسة بجانب جدتي لا أرى وجهها! كانت يدها على خدها ، جدتي لأول مره تنظر لي بهذا الشكل، امرأة صلبة عتيدة لم أراها تدمع في حياتي، و لكني لأول مره أراها تنظر لي بنظرة أسى، بلحظات لحقني أخي الذي يكبرني بسنة
انا: مادري
بنت خالتي : الكويت راحت، العراق خذتها
و مشت ..

اتجهت لأمي،،، يما شنو صاير
رفعت رأسها لأرى عيناها الغارقة بالدموع ووجنتيها الحمر ،، علمت بان ما قالته ابنة خالتي صحيح و لم تقله لتغيظني لأننا كنا ما يقارب "جني و عطبة!" و جاوبتني أمي

"العراق غزت الكويت"

لم استطع فهم ما تقوله والدتي، فكل ما كنت اعرفه بان العراق دولة شقيقة و كنا نساعدهم في حربهم مع إيران

"وين ابوي"

بكت أمي و هدأتها جدتي و ذكرتها بان لها أبناء يعتمدون عليها، التصقت أنا و أخي بوالدتي و أرى أخي الذي يكبرنا يبكي و يقول بأنه يجب أن يكون بالكويت الآن، لا اعلم كيف لكن جدتي سيطرت على الموقف و سرعان ما اجتمع كل من بالبيت في ذلك الممر ليستمع للأخبار، على الرغم من وجود التلفزيون؟

أتذكر باني سألت جدتي لما لا نشاهد التلفزيون؟ آو نسمع أخبار من قناة عربية! أجابت بأنها تريد الحقيقة و راديو الكويت "ما يلقط". و سمعت الخبر من البي بي سي بان العراق اجتاحت الكويت

أحداث كثيرة حصلت و وصل والدي بخير في تلك الليلة و قال بأنه سمع الأخبار كما سمعنا فلم يلحق على الاجتياح و قد صدم بالخبر في الحدود السعودية حينما غادر السعودية و لم يصله الخبر حينما غادر الكويت، و لأول مره أرى أبي لا يعرف ما يقول، لطالما كان ذلك المتحدث المتدارك لكل الأمور، لكنه سرعان ما طمأننا بأنك الكويت ستعود

في ذلك اليوم أكملت عامي العاشر، و رأيت دموع أهلي و دموعي التي أتت لاحقا حينما أيقنت بان ما سمعته صحيح و أن منزلنا قد سلب و هويتنا قد تعدي عليها! لكننا كنا ولا زلنا كويتيون ،، أحرار

و خلال أيام قليلة، صدمنا بردة فعل الرؤساء العرب المتخاذلة، و الملك الأردني الذي عشقنا بلدة و كنا نزورها كل صيف لم يستنكر الاعتداء منذ اليوم الأول! و صعقنا بان ياسر عرفات رئيس فلسطين يؤيد صدام حسين الرئيس العراقي في ذلك الوقت في غزوه للكويت! ياسر عرفات!! الذي حماه بابا سعد "الشيخ سعد العبد الله الصباح" من الموت بيوم من الأيام و الذي لا يكف عن تقبيل حكامنا و لم تكف الكويت عن دعمه بالمال او المواقف المشرفة، و توالت بيانات التأييد للعراق من اليمن و ليبيا و لن اسرد خيرات الكويت التي غطت البلدين و يكفيني بأن الكويت هي "الكويت" لم تتغير ولم تتلون!! كنت طفلة لكني تعلمت بالدليل القاهر و الواضح معنى نكران الجميل و الغدر! حتى ممن كنا لهم عون. و للتاريخ ذكرى هنا لكل من اراد الإستفاضة بما فعله العرب

من كانوا ينظرون لنا أصبحوا يتكلمون بأقسى الألفاظ من تأييد للعراق و حقد على الكويت، و من كان يتمنى أن يقيم والدي في فندقه أصبح يقول للمواطن الكويتي الذي يعرض عليه الدينار الكويتي آو الدولار: ما بنأجرش لكويتيين

دولة بأكملها التي اختلطت فيها الأعراق الفلسطينية مع الأردنية تنبذ الكويتيين؟ لم أكن افهم، كنت اعتقد بأنهم يرونا ك بشر، مقبولين طبيعيين، لا "كويتيين فقط" بيوم و ليلة منبوذين بعد أن كان الكل يطلب رضانا و يتمنى القرب منا؟

توالت المواقف الجارحة و الألفاظ السامة، حتى قرر والدي اللجوء إلى السعودية بحكم انه لم يحمل أموال إلا تلك المتوفرة بوقتها و لان القيادة الكويتية في السعودية، و الحق يقال لم نعامل إلا كضيوف مرحب بهم، فلا اعلم كيف توفرت لنا سيارة أخرى و منزل بلمح البصر، و احمد الله على كافة نعمه التي حبي الكويت بها، و كونها الدولة الوحيدة التي كانت تنفق على رعاياها في مختلف الدول خلال الاحتلال، فلم تتركنا تلك الدولة المعطاءة ولا قيادتنا ولا شقيقتنا السعودية و سائر دول الخليج و من أيدنا في العالم وحيدين

كانت نافذتنا على العالم قناة ال"سي ان ان" التي جعلتني اقدر كثيرا ذلك الشغف للغة الانجليزية الذي جعلني افهم ما يقال ولا اعتمد على الإعلام العربي، و من ثم ظهرت ال "ام بي سي" تلك اليافعة الصادقة، و تميزت بين القنوات بذلك الوقت

المؤتمر الشعبي بجدة، كلمة بابا جابر في الامم المتحدة، نبذة من المواقف اللي خلتنا ككويتيين نبكي و نبقى "على قلب واحد"، ما كنا نفرق بدوي ولا حضري ولا سني ولا شيعي ، كنا نبي الكويت و كانت عازة علينا دموع جابرنا و نبي كويتنا، اكره ذيج الايام بس افتقد ان الكويتي كان غالي على الكويتي اللي ما كان يسأله عن شي ولا يطالع لاي فئة اهو ينتمي

كنا بس كويتيين

و للحديث بقية