Thursday, 24 May 2007

Latest chocolate obsession!

Lindt Excellence

There are several products of this line introduced by Lindt that is all about DARK chocolate, I was never a big fan of dark chocolate but now I am :D

The intensity of dark chocolates available are:

Cuba 55% * i LOVE*
Madagascar 65% * i LOVE*

Ecuador 75%
Dark 70% * i .5 LOVE*
Dark 85%

My favorites are Cuba 55% with a hint of Tropical Fruits & Madagascar 65% with a hint of Vanilla,,,, they are YUMMY!! However I can handle the Dark 70% but the Ecuador 75% was too intense for me! I only tried the Dark 85% once, didn't get it again since it was toooooo intense for me! 85% tasted too bitter for my taste, but the Dark 70% - 85% are all about Dark chocolate more than the "Cuba - madagascar - Ecuador" who have other additions to their ingredients that affect the intensity of the chocolate flavor, although Ecuador had the addition of extra COCOA, that made me think what is the difference between chocolate & Cocoa ??

Highly recommended for the ones who value chocolate. Although I must note that it’s a bit fatty compared to other dark chocolates I tried before, still they are good :D either way they are less harmful than the usual chocolate bars filled with sugar & butter.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Purgatory writing in ARABIC !!

This post is dedicated to the event that happened for the first time since I knew purgatory, summer of 2004 in the blog-o-sphere. He wrote a post title in ARABIC.

بترجمها بالعربي من كثر ما انا انصدمت ان بيرجاااااااااتووووري كتب عنوان مقالة ببلوقه بالعربي!!؟
يعني مو بس كتب عربي شي بهامش النص! ؟
عنوان مقالة

كتبها بيوم 19-5-2007

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Judging a book by its cover

Note: this book is not related to the post, its just the picture needed [pic. from]

Judging a book by its cover, a sentence we hear that took me a little off shore...

When buying a book, you must read some of its content, of course in the introduction the Authors usually write what they think is important to introduce the reader to their book, but the book is not all about whats in that introduction, nor its an short form of what you might come across inside the book, its just a simple way for the writer of saying "hello reader, give my book a go!"

Of course introductions make a big difference, same as first impressions do to most of us, but a good reader with an open mind must always read through the text inside the book, see what is it all about & never rely on the introduction OR what he/she read/heard about this book NOR the writer's name or other personal information.

Moving to those who judge books by their covers! Now a book cover is subjective to what physical shapes & colors the writer might like! not to what the book is about! Some writers relate them closely "the content & outer appearance" others don't! Now refusing the introduction to be the reason of owning a book would of course oblige one with such mentality to not judge the book by its cover! For it will be a more vicious crime.

But what if the cover & outer appearance of a book is all what the person looks for? What if there is lets say,,,,, a sealed book!!

You know like the plastic seal that some books & magazines have?

It would be more beneficial if you imagined this lovely very impressive seal not just the plain plastic see-through one!!!

And what if that seal has been corrupted, the plastic cover sealing the book got ripped/scratched? Most would want the new fresh un-touched one right behind the displayed with a shredded seal. Noting that, if the cover is not VERY attractive, and placed in a more attractive place, that might lead the book to be left on the shelf for ever, sold among the stock or worse! be thrown without having the chance of being owned nor read.

So supposedly, how hard would the life of a book with a so so cover, and a corrupted plastic sealing over it, be?

Sunday, 13 May 2007


Picture originally from

This 2007 Oscars they made a great appearance in the following video

What is amazing is how they use their bodies to reflect an idea, perform an unconventional dance. Here is what is written about them in Wikipedia

" is the name adopted by an internationally-renowned dance company, whose origins are traced to a 1971 Dartmouth College dance class taught by Alison Chase; the founding members were Robby Barnett, Lee Harris, Moses Pendleton, and Jonathan Wolken. The group first began performing in October of 1971, and has been touring worldwide since that date, primarily with artistic directors Barnett, Chase, Wolken, and Michael Tracy, though Chase left in 2006, after having collaborated with Pendleton in 1980 to form the offshoot group Momix. Their performances have long been characterized by a strong element of physical interaction between the bodies of the performers, and exaggerations or contortions of the human form (or other anthropomorphic forms), often verging on gymnastics. [From] "

This is an AD they did for Hyndai Santa Fe

Friday, 11 May 2007

From here & there

video codec called H.264
"delivers stunning quality at remarkably low data rates"

No reason for this piece of information except me liking it :D

و انا افتر بالنت لقيت هالبيت

بلادي وان جارت علي عزيزة ** واهلي وان شحوا علي كرام
[اجهل من يكون الكاتب، اكو احد يعرف؟]

لكن هل هالكلام صحيح؟
و الى اي حد نستطيع تحمل ماكتب اعلاه؟ اقول حد على افتراض الاسوء من قبل البلد او الاهل، على الرغم من اعتراضي على نقطة البلاد ان جارت، البلاد وطن و الوطن لا يجور! حكامه او شعبه ممكن بس البلد بريء، و يرجع الامر للبشر القاطنين لهذه البلاد ان يصلحوها او يهدموا مابها. و عليه فنحن نعود للبشر، الاهل ام غيرهم، لاي حد يستطيع الفرد تحمل الجور و الشح او اي نوع من الظلم؟

Back to tech.....
"1. What is a RAR file

RAR is the native format of WinRAR archiver. Like other archives, RAR files are data containers, they store one or several files in the compressed form. After you downloaded RAR file from Internet, you need to unpack its contents in order to use it." [from]

What made dig this up is that I downloaded a book & want to read it. What I understood from all of this is that its a format of file compression similar to ZIP only it enables more things to be compressed, format wise.

المكتبة العربية

موقع اكثر من رائع يحوي الكثير من الكتب، افكر بارسال شكر الى القائمين عليه، لانه بالفعل يحوي مكتبة عامة الكترونية رائعة. موقع يفخر به كل مهتم بالقراءة، شلون طحت عليه؟ من مدونة جبله و بهالموضوع، شكرا لفريق جبله و تحديدا كاتب الموضوع الاخ عتيج الصوف

Gary Brolsma

Internet fame.....

It all started with a simple video with Gary Brolsma dancing the Numa Numa dance!!

"Numa Numa (or "the Numa Numa Dance") is an Internet phenomenon based on amateur videos, particularly one by Gary Brolsma, made for the song "Dragostea din tei" by Moldovan pop band O-Zone. It came 28th in the 100 Greatest Funny Moments, broadcast by Channel 4 in the UK." [from]

Its not new to many, when he made that video the whole world saw it through the internet, he became of the few people who the internet made them famous. Now there is the NEW Numa Numa !!

"Gary Brolsma (The Numa Numa Guy) (born 1986), of Hungarian descent, is well known for his various Internet videos. He graduated from Bergen County Technical High School in Teterboro, New Jersey in June 2004. Gary gained worldwide attention after posting onto the Internet, near the end of 2004, a webcam video of himself miming to the song "Dragostea din tei" by Moldovan pop band O-Zone. It was known as Numa Numa, after a phrase in the song, and became an Internet phenomenon watched by millions of people, leading to mainstream media exposure for him. He initially withdrew from the attention, but returned with a band and a new video New Numa in the late summer of 2006 and began to do interviews." [from]
الخبر عن جاري نوما نوما قديم، بس اللي يعكسه ان البدايات الناجحة لا تعني ان كل ما يليها ناجح، علىالرغم من ان شكل الشخص المقبول كوميديا وما تغير ولا تعابيره اللي تتمغط و تتمد حسب ما يرغب، لكن اللي تغير اهو الروح و العفوية. للعفوية قوة قد تفوق التخطيط الحذر و المدروس. بس للحين ايظحكني نوما نوما الاول لجاري برولسما

Friday, 4 May 2007

GUMBALL300 for the year 2007 CANCELED!!

I had a busy schedule, just followed up with the rally & was shocked today to read that it was canceled!!

What appears to have happened is the following:

May 2nd

1- "Nicholas Morley, 30, and Matthew McConvile, 32, both British citizens, have been arrested in FYROM (Former Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia) for a hit & run incident when their Porsche 911 crashed into an elderly couple’s VW Golf, killing Vladimir Cepuljoski, 67 and seriously injuring his wife, Margarita who remains hospitalized in critical condition" [from]

there was few news about this accedent the day it occured people heard of it the next day!

May 3rd

1-Team Polizei takes it easy, due to bad weather conditions they decided to slow things down.

2-Team Polizei withdeaw from the race to express their respect to the man died & woman enjured in the accident caused by one team participating in the GUMBALL3000. I like team Polozei not because of this but I do like their style & devotion.

3- The race officially canceled, there is also a Ford GT crash but I didn't find much information about it!! [also check the GUMBALL300 official site for their press releases]

More info. :

*3rd of May, 2007*
" Earlier tonight the descision has been made to cancel the rally for the remaining part, effective immediately.Therefore the rally will end in Bratislava instead of London.

We will keep you up to date." [Gumball-Live]

*4th of may, 2007*
"24 hours after the Porsche accident, the Gumball 3000 Organisation has decided to cancell the rally for the remaining part. Therefore the rally will end in Bratislava instead of London.... READ more" [GUMBALL3000 blog]
*3rd of May, 2007*

"More then 24 hours after the deadly accident on Macedonian roads, Gumball 3000 finally announced the cancellation of this years rally.......

Sponsors took their websites down and removed all affiliation with Gumball 3000, locals expressed their anger in our comments and mailbox, fans discussed the events on virtually every forum and message board out there and drivers announced their immediate withdrawl......READ more" [GTSPIRIT]

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Khaled Al-Mudhaf in Gumball3000 for the year 2007

حدي مشتطه و مستانسه، انا اصلا احب هالرالي اللي يصير بالشارع و ببساطة فيه ناس عاديين يحبون السرعه و السيارات، خالد المضف كويتي مشارك فيه هالسنة و زميله فواز القناعي (شكرا ميز على المعلومة) التالي جزء من اللي لقيته عن هالحدث بالنت ،، عسى الله يوفقه و كافي مشاركته ترفع الراس بسباق عجيب اتابعه من سنه و دريت فيه بالصدفه عن طريق اخوي

Info. about the event:

**What the Founder has to say

**The Map


28th April 2007
Launch Party
29th April 2007
Car display (13:00) & Start (16:00) in Pall Mall, London
Cars drive to Amsterdam checkpoint
30th April 2007
Cars drive through the night to the Frankfurt Checkpoint.
Cars and drivers loaded onto planes and flown to Istanbul
Arrive in Istanbul
1st May 2007
Istanbul to Athens via Thessolaniki checkpoint
2nd May 2007
Arrive in Tirana
3rd May 2007
Cars drive through Dubrovnik check point to Bratislava
4th May 2007
Continue through Eurospeed race circuit check point to Berlin
5th May 2007
Cars drive through Oschersleben race circuit check point to end in London
Final Party, music concert in London

[from the Gumball 3000 official site]

**Hot GUMBALL 3000 links: [from]

1- LIVE coverage!

2- Of course the Gumball 300 blog

3- GTSPIRIT - great one! the pictures are amazing and up to date coverage with pictures (I said pictures twice so trust me they are worth it :D) and from the pictures I knew that there is an Emirate participant too! :D very nice to see people from the Gulf area being in the Gumball 3000

Here is what K.The Kuwaiti has to say about it :D & there are some nice pictures too. There is a great site to follow the race with, that is the GUMBALL 3000 BLOG that through I got the following videos from YouTube all about Khaled Al-Mudaf's the Kuwaiti contestant's car :D I do wish him all the best. I LOVED THE KUWAIT FLAG ON THE CAR ROOF, WHEN EVER I SAW IT, T GAVE ME THE CHiiiiiLLLLS :D

NEXT is real live action :D VIDEOS from around the WWW

First Video featuring who ever is filming this movie trying to catch up with the KUWAITI driver in the KUWAITI car :D tough luck, at least up to the video's end :D

Here the Saudi Porsche & the Kuwait Lamborghini at the gas station, the people around them are impressed, and again the Kuwaiti flag on top gave me the chills :D also notice the initials of the team members
K. Al-Mudhaf
F. Al-Qanae

I didnt like this one much the lighting was not so good although great shots! but no lights! they didnt make any sence, but I could not resist the fact that the first picture is for the Kuwaiti plates!

Not so hot video but the Kuwaiti car is there :D

This guy was impressed by the car sound, he called the video (lamborghini murcielago lp640 crazy sound)

Most of the videos are from the GUMBALL 3000 BLOG

The thing I like the most is that the Gumball 3000 is a street race, with normal every day people participating in it :D and this year there is a Kuwaiti team! I read in a comment I read in a blog that there was a Kuwaiti that participated before (Khaled Al-Randi "aka Khaled Miami") but am not sure yet. I wish the Kuwaiti team the best :D

Also the best thing about this event is that it gets proper coverage, from people ALL around the world, so its not like the events that lift up the Kuwait's name up high in the sky & we do not know about. This is also one of the main reasons I love the internet :D