Monday, 30 November 2009

Matt & Kim

الضحى و انا ابولع بالشي اليابس اللي اسمه "شابورة" و معاه جبن قليل الدسم، احاول اقنع نفسي انهم اكل طبيعي و اتلذذ فيهم مع الحليب و الشاي، ولا اشوف اغنية هالاثنين! حيل عبيطة و تونس :) عجبتني

Sunday, 29 November 2009

6abooq - طابوق

A bigger pic of the poster

A mobile Exhibition for two days :) by the creative Deema Al-Ghunaim .. I simple adore such events and this one in particular is very simple yet creative, with the idea and location! Personally I've never been into the two locations although according to dad's description I went over them almost all of my life! but never went down! I will try to take pictures of the trip and even pre-trip to the exhibition location.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


As I was finishing some errands, I spotted this cat trying to climb into the car, through the tire @.o"

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Old Fashion!

Image from impawards

My best line in the whole movie is when Daniel says:

But I do care about you. And so I will give you a divorce, gladly. Because call me old fashion, but when you love someone, I believe you should be unselfish enough to give them whatever they want. I'll be around later to pick up my things.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

BlackBerry Mocha Rice pudding!

Yesterday till around 2pm my BlackBerry was a smart mobile phone, now with my clumsiness I turned it into an edible device!

Since it was raining I decided to keep my canvas bag in the car "which reminds me that I should not wear it in winter anytime soon! unless its a ceiling-full area!" took the essentials only: Wallet, car key and BB. I decided to take coffee to go and sip it on the way back, enjoying the rain, for some odd reason the idea of throwing my stuff into the coffee bag was acceptable with me, due to the fact that the car is close. I reached the car to find out that there is a mini-Mocha pond in the bag! mobile full of coffee, no dripping :> literally I was actually trying to open the lock and see the bbm's b4 I take off the battery LOL *talk about addiction!*

So took out the battery hoped that it will dry out, thinking that it did not drink enough coffee :) After the illusion of thinking it was dry I put the battery back alone "little brain activity showed here" to be shocked with a white screen filled with brown liquid spots! Turned it off again took the battery out and let it dry.

Sharing the awful coffee incident with Tweet-peeps, Shaymaa and a friend gave me the advice of putting it in rice to absorb the moist, in the rice it went :D

Now am back to my lovely red SE T700 which actually made me feel how simple my life was with out the BlackBerry, however I do feel out-connected and outdated :/ also writing a text message with a 12 button keyboard is weird! I unintentionally slip to the BB letters position LOL, to end up with an encrypted message! It is also a little weird to click ....

g - h
d - e
j - k - l
wait a bit or press down arrow
j - k - l
m - n - o

to just write HELLO :p not to mention pressing the "zero for space" issue! Not to mention peeking at the mobile to check out the led light :/

Now after that I left the rice-full Mocha stained BB at home, went on with my day, around 6pm decided to take it to the highly recommended phone shop in Al-Yarmouk area, took it out of the rice to notice that there are a few rice pieces inside! With a lot of wiggling, hitting, waving it around I got rid of most of the rice, one piece remained visible BUT instead of taking out the tiny piece trapped near the memory card slot I pushed it in! And there you go: Blackberry Mocha Rice pudding! I could see the rice starch on the keyboard edges LOL.... There you go, with a bit of my magic I turned a very respectful smart phone into an edible device!

Wont elaborate on how embarrassing it was to tell the guy at the mobile shop about what my BB had suffered, will leave that to your imagination :p

Friday, 20 November 2009


A teddy bear dangling from the ceiling! Columbus Avenues :p

Monday, 16 November 2009

Concrete and Clay

For a while now I have been seeing this toothpaste commercial "don't recall it exactly" where the song playing in the background caught my attention, and with the blessing of GOOGLE :p I was able to find it... its called Concrete & Clay by Unit 4+2 a famous British pop band back in the day. Apparently it was a big hit in the 60's and personally can't object on that :D I think its a very nice song! Enjoy it :>

I find it amazing how the video director took the Concrete & Clay "literally" into consideration when shooting the clip :> Not to mention the amazing line up and cheesy shy dancing :p

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

ペチャクチャ #3 - Kuwait City!

Earlier tonight I attended the third Pecha Kucha Night Kuwait :) which I learned today how to pronounce it properly :p its said as "pe-chak-cha" which is a Japanese term for conversation "chit-chat". The idea was introduced in 2003 by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Tokyo's Klein-Dytham Architecture. Pe-chak-cha is basically a 20X20 presentation! You have 20 pictures/slides to show the people and with 20 seconds for each :)

I met a friend over there, and we both really enjoyed the atmosphere, live band and over all event. I had a lovely evening on the quiet beach, people were happy I enjoyed every face/reaction over there :> kudos to Dr. Asseel Al-Ragam for introducing such a lovely non-profit highly entertaining and creative event such as Pecha Kucha to Kuwait! THANK YOU BIG TIME :)

Presenters can be anyone with something interesting to show! Artists, Architects, Designers, Photographers ,, etc. The third Pecha Kucha night in Kuwait had the following presenters:

1- Farah Behbehani : Extremely creative and mixed the traditional Arabic calligraphy with modern designs, she created beauty out of simple text! Her book "The Conference of the Birds" illustrates her creativity, it was a very enlightening presentation that inspired me a lot!

2- Ismael Abedin : Funny and very educational! The moment I saw him I thought, I know this face, only when I came home and looked up my followers did I know that this very funny man has been generous enough to be one of the people who follow my blog, am glad with every one of them I might say too. So other than being funny he really sent a very noble message to all people living in Kuwait through the eyes of a foreigner, wanting them to keep it clean, and wished for the future generations to be more aware and express their love for Kuwait by action :) he saw the hidden beauty of our beloved Kuwait, he gave us a good lesson of how blind we can be, wishing that every one would start with cleaning after them :>

3- Dana Al-Hasan : I could not look up information online about her, she had a good concept in her presentation but did not present it well and I guess she was a bit shaky but all in all it had a nice idea but defiantly needs to improve her presentation + idea flow.

4- Loaay Ahmed : "I think he is this Loaay that I gladly attended an exhibition for his work once" but am sure he's the Baazar Loaay :D catch the latest issue of Bazaar magazine and you will see his articles. His presentation was interesting, the most interesting idea is that the focus when any big business faces a crisis should be on its heads not the little fresh people in it, after all the failure is the responsibility of the head of all, not the little DO'ers! who are in fact the real working force of any organization and defiantly NOT the highest in cost :) Also the I liked the idea of diverting your attention to the feasible/ optimum is sometimes more profitable that looking up for the best!

5- Fareed Abdal : There was something missing in his presentation it could have been better, I loved his depth of linking the words with philosophy and that he takes words/ sayings for granted and really puts a lot of thought into them! Using text, calligraphy and colors to deliver his thoughts. He made his presentation interesting by the concepts he illustrated, however I wished for a more live and vibrant way of presenting.

6- Abd Al-rahman Al-Terkait : Due to technical difficulties the organizers faced, the presentation was slow at sometimes which effected greatly on his presentation due to the interruption of the sound that was playing in the background. Probably the most touching presentation that night, he showed us pictures of children from allover the world, childhood at its purest forms. Although most pictures were sad but I fell in love with a girl's smile, she took my heart out, and I was very touched when I saw how difficult life is to those kids, and how of all those difficulties they face they still do have the loveliest smiles you could ever see, just to be posed for a camera! I was very touched by his presentation and wished to know the story behind it all, and how to help those kids, more elaboration was needed.

7- Teddy B : The famous new addition to the Kuwaiti blogs, a true phenomenon in the current blog-o-sphere! A year long project with a teddy, in pictures :) implementing many ideas, one in person would not have been able to do. Teddy B symbolizes the creativity in presenting pictures with thought. After a year Teddy will do a lot and donate to charity a lot, however during his year he is also adopting good causes. In a cute simple way, he is spreading awareness and putting some thought in what we do/see in Kuwait .. I love Teddy B :D and loved the card even more ;)

Again I thank Dr. Asseel Al-Ragam very much from the heart for her work :*

Saturday, 7 November 2009

يا عاشقة الورد

أغنية عاشقة الورد غناها المرحوم زكي ناصيف، كل فتره و فتره اترد تطري لي، زكي ناصيف من الفنانين النادرين بالرقي و الابداع ، لبناني من مواليد ال١٩١٦ و توفى بال٢٠٠٤ ، خلال مسيرته الفنية اثرى الاغنية اللبنانية من الحان او من اغاني اداها

ما اذكر متى سمعت يا عاشقة الورد أول مره، بس ادري انها حيل مزروعة بذاكرتي، كلماتها بسيطة و بعيدة عن التكلف و تقول :

يا عاشقة الورد ان كنت على وعدي
فحبيبك منتظر يا عاشقة الورد

حيران أيا ينتظر؟ والقلب به ضجر
ما التلة ما القمر ما النشوه ما السهر
ان عدتي الى القلق هائمة في الافق
سابحة في الشفق فهيامك لن يجدي

يا عاشقة الورد ان كنت على وعدي
فحبيبك منتظر يا عاشقة الورد

نجم في الافق بدى فرحا يشدو رغدا
اليوم وليس غدا فليصدق من وعد
ياملهمة النجوى لا تنفعك الشكوى
فحبيبك لا يهوى الا ورد الخــــــد

يا عاشقة الورد ان كنت على وعدي
فحبيبك منتظر يا عاشقة الورد

Friday, 6 November 2009

6th of November

Today is the 18th memory for extinguishing of the last burning oil well ..

Picture source

I wonder, how many remember the dark sky we lived with? or even the burning oils wells? I really hated those days.

Mark your calendar

I love winter in Kuwait...

PechaKucha Night: Kuwait City #3

Wednesday, November 11 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Mövenpick Hotel & Resort - Bida'

Thursday, 5 November 2009

5th of November

This year I remembered :p on time!

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

V for Vendetta is one of my all time favorite movies! I thank them for letting me know who is Guy Fawkes and what is The Gunpowder Plot. A movie among very less that made me really think! I loved the symbolism and the transformation for the story to fit our current world :> If you did not see it, NOW you should.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Mark Gungor

Mark Gungor is a brilliant ..

"Mark is Sr. Pastor of Celebration Church, a multi-site church with five campuses across Wisconsin, and the CEO of Laugh Your Way America. Mark balances his pastoral duties with a rigorous travel schedule. He speaks for churches, civic events, and business meetings and is a much requested speaker for the US Army."

He gives lectures / seminars and has a book also, and made the website Laugh Your Way. The youtube video below, that made me know about him is a part of a seminar "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" Where in it he talks about the diversity of Male and Female brains/way of thinking :) which is right on the spot of their common reasons for dispute :> I knew about this clip from a new twitter buddy :D Aljudai, thx!

وفاة مصطفى محمود

ضاق خلقي لما سمعت خبر وفاة الدكتور مصطفى محمود، كنت اذكره ببرنامج العلم و الإيمان و احب اشوفه، عرفني على برنامجه ابوي اللي يستمتع باي برنامج يختص بعالم الحيوان عادة، بس هالدكتور خلاه يستمتع بشرحة عن كافة جوانب الحياة بمنظور علمي، على مدى ال٨٨ سنة اللي عاشها ألف ٨٩ كتاب اللي بصراحه ماقريت اي واحد منها بس اذكره بالبرنامج التلفزيوني ماكنت عارفه مؤلفاته ماني متبحره بهالمجال من الكتب لكن اللي سمعته اثار فضولي عن كتبه و ان الله قدرني باقرأ له، وهم أسس عدة اعمال خيرية في بلاده، خدم الناس بصمت و مات بصمت. اعتب على نفسي باني لم اتحدث عنه من قبل، و اتسائل لما نؤجل التقدير لما بعد الموت؟ بقايا ثقافة تاجيل عمل اليوم للغد ام اهمال شخصي؟

عسى الله يرحمه و يغمد روحه الجنة