Wednesday, 31 August 2005


Place: Mijana- Libanies Rest. in Al-Kout mall

Date: Yesterday

Time: After work

Post category: Restaurant Review

Went to Al-Kout mall the other day to have lunch, the winning rest. with the most votes was "Mijana". Had a nice time there & ate till we all were over stuffed ;p


PERFECT! especially that the main colors are (brown & blue) & I'm in love with this combination since 1993!? & had it in my wardrope since then :} also there are touches of copper,gold & silver all around (including menu & other paper stuff). Using curcles also was nice :} for some reason I think circles are friendly ;p

Plastic colorfull "Kharaz" thingies are dangling all over! in the curcilar cuts inside some of the walls & the lovely devider which you see first when you enter tha place! that devider took my breath away & when I entered & looked up saw that big shandelair I fell in love with the place :D & will ask where they got it from next time am going there.

Brown & blue added "cozyness" as P-1-B said, also there were some circles in the decore that had other glass vases & stuff! not to forget the walls were not smooth which added a lovely simple touch inspiring you to think "vintage".

Also the nice distribution of glass in the place made me feel happy :) also seing the cooks work around you was nice but when your hungry extremly bad because you will order the whole menu LOL, which I thought hmm thats a bad point our clothes will catch the smell! but then again when your hungry the smell of food is irresistable & my clothes didn't catch the smell ;p "I love taking every thing in my bag :D along with the dragging purfume <-- thats an other story". Still I noted a lot of nice stuff ove rthere but am affraid to bore you with that too ;p One problem! the place is a bit packed! I didn't like that it ruined the whole lovely atmosphere, but its not too packed, acceptable in a way but not good.

For that I give 9/10


I liked it, except for their "Hummus" it didn't have much hummus in it as much as "Harda=6e7eneyah" but not so bad. The appetizers were very nice & fresh we took almost every thing ;p.

For the main course we tried their grilled meat mix which was good, Kubbah Bl Laban "Sheshbarak" that was GREAT & sour right like the way I like it to be, we also tried Sayadeyah which was very nice I loved it & likes the spices very much, tasty & the fish also was nice.

All in all I rate the food with 8.5/10


It over looks the sea, and a part of the mall. I liked its possision.

I give it 9/10

====== ++++++ ====== +++++++

All in all:
I liked the place, food, atmosphere :} I advice you all to check it out.


Sunday, 28 August 2005


An e-mail I got today!

Type Of Girls

She remembers everything, FOREVER.

RAM Girls:
She forgets about you, the moment you turn her off.

Everyone knows that she can't do a thing right, but no one can live without her.

She is good for nothing but at least she is fun!

Difficult to access.

Always busy when you need her.

She makes horrible things look beautiful.

CD-ROM Girls:
She is always faster and faster.

E-MAIL Girls:
Every ten things she says, eight are nonsense.

VIRUS Girls:
Also known as "WIFE"; when you are not expecting her, she
comes, installs herself and uses all your resources. If you try to uninstall
her you will lose something, if you don't try to uninstall her you will lose

My favorite was "MULTIMEDIA Girls" :} whats urs?

Thursday, 25 August 2005


In the lates two posts before this one I forgot to add a title!

In a few minutes am supposed to go out. I am not sure where but need to have fun.

This window was opened 12:02 pm now its 4:46 I just knew what to write in it :D meaning? I need to change & innovate!

Tuesday, 23 August 2005

today's lectures were so boring, I had to fill in the blank spaces in the given sheets. Although I NEVER did that in my books I hate (& still do) getting a book dirty! Unless its side notes or something related to studying, any other kind of book "for reading" you would never see harmed with me :} for some reason I value a book I think its a crime to use it as a sketch book ;p but this case was exceptional "its a note which I will not read after today" ;p. Although I killed some time but I felt guilty & so dirty for messing up a note @!@, tomorrow am taking my own A4's or a note to draw.

Monday, 22 August 2005

The heaven between 5 & 9!

Hello there :}

Usually after my long day at work & going around to do stuff I sleep barely 5 or like 6 hours MAX! To me a sleep-a-holic that is a disaster! In fact any number of hours of sleep less than 8 is a disaster! My naps are not shorter than 3 hours that's why I don't take naps :> & if I did then I lose the day

In the 3 days long course which am attending now I get to sleep 9 HOURS :D ,, am so happy with my 3 days of 9 hours which will continue to be so during the weekend. Although there is an itch :( lately I have been waking up scared thinking I missed work! I wake up to see it 5 & think its 5PM not AM @!@ crazy but its been with me for a week now! Fortunately didn't hit me today "Monday" & I had Peace in my precious 9 hours :D

Sunday, 21 August 2005

Long day ahead :}

Tomorrow I will go to a new place for training. Its kinda close to the borders LOL! a real trip. Personally I like long drives BUT at night :> not in our day time heat. Never the less I am equipped with my water supply :D

تناقشت انا و شوية ناس عن الغيره اللي تكون بأثر رجعي! المقصود اهنيه بموقف وحده/واحد باكتشاف علاقات سابقة للشخص/شخصه اللي يشاركهم/تشاركهم حياتهم الحاليه بعد الزواج
;p ادري ماتصير شخصه بس صارت @!@

المهم .. يبدى احد الطرفين (بعد اعتراف الأول بالماضي) بالشك و البحث و التنقيب عن منو كان بحياة شريك حياتي الحالي !!!!؟؟؟؟

اوكي اعترف ذكر العلاقات السابقه ماله داعي برأيي لان انتوا ببداية حياة جديده .. لكن لو رغب احد الطرفين بذكرها اعتقد انه المفروض يكون متأكد ان شريكه عقلاني :> و ماراح ايشك بظله! اللي صدمني قل عقل اللي صار له/لها الموقف يعني خلاص شي و صار و انتوا الحين بحياة جديده ليش الهوس بالحسابات القديمه؟

كبروا عقولكم و فتحوا صفحه جديده ... و لو بعد دخولكم بحيات شريككم خبص و لعب بذيله/ذيلها ذيج الساعه لكم الحق :> مو قبل لا يصير شي تقلبونها دراما و فلم كئيب

Saturday, 20 August 2005

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

PEHEEEEEEEEEW am finally back :D. Of course the come back should introduce a special blog ,, although this blog is relatively new in the blog-o-sphere BUT the guy did great work :>

The guy isssssssssssssssssss ::

Ok the intro :} ,, a new blog two months old to be more exact YET it is full of content! I truly had a hard time picking the posts that I will review briefly. What I mostly like about 3baid is that he is very down to earth & plain realistic :} speaks about things & places that are SO Kuwait related! Even if he tries to talk about something it would be right here :>
His posts::

First of all that is one cute cat :} "Mash2 Allah" this is his first post where he other than introduce "why he signed in a blog" starts strongly with an objection :D check him out!

Firefox user! You will be interested in this post :} ... YES he is surfing in the new "firefox" wave, a plus for him :>


NOW this is the post that made me say WOW @!@ , since I have been searching & benchmarking for an apple buy I found this post to be VERY useful & informative. I advice ANY PERSON who is interested in buying an apple "any kind of device or Mac software" check this link out! Its on my "A" list posts :} of course Mark too wrote a useful post on that issue :} .. 3baid did a great job with this post :>

Am there too :} from here again I say thank you 3baid, its nice of you.

His plus'es keep adding up! He even likes sinfest's comics @!@ I love those :} try it you will addict to it!

When I read this post I said: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah I hear you bro. I suffer from the same addiction am having a rough fight currently to CONTROL my chocolate consumption ;p

@!@ got an iPod? Check it out :>

glamorously geekish!

A new perspective of The PowerPuff Girls :}

So cute :}

Back to tech. :} cool shades & ears?!! ;p

OK :} all in all I think its a great blog :> very good start, keep it up 3baid I truly enjoy visiting ur blog to see what next you have. Worth visiting so bloggers & blogger'tees give it a click :>
Best of luck 3baid.

Me, a mug & Shurouq

Saw these mugs yesterday @ Sultan Canter, Soug Sharq branch the first person I thought of is our fellow blogger'tee Shurouq :} no need to explain just check out her blog that is if you don't already know her :D shes well known among kuwaiti bloggers. Cheers to Shurouq :>

Friday, 19 August 2005


Had a quiet day, relaxed :}

This weekend all in all was nice... Next to come!!

* Blogger-tee in SultanCenter
* i! Blog of the week !i

Wednesday, 17 August 2005

New blogger!

This is a special post to celebrate the new blogger on the blo(g)ck

Click on her pic to check out her blog :}

For who might not know who she issss @!@ check out

Mad M2♥♥♥'s blog "Love Vs Blog" series

Tuesday, 16 August 2005


I need time to organize my day :} Monday (yesterday) was soooooooooo messy to the extent that I forgot a lot of things & had to go back & forth from & to the place am going to to get all my things all together!

Need to relax a bit more

Sunday, 14 August 2005

Al-Fanar ,, COLOR

Yesterday went to Al-Fanar, the theme attracted me a few days ago when I was there but didn't have much time to take pictures :} This time I took some..

First you should notice the flags out side which I could not get a clear shot of ;p maybe next time... Then the windows :} check the stickers on them! Bright colors all around cut in various shapes.

Then here you go @!@

You will see these painted thingies :} spread all around, notice them :} I liked them a looooooot

In the AD boxes which are spread around Al-Fanar instead of watches or what ever piece from a certain shop is displayed there! ,, With the color theme around you see art work by various artists, I only got to see 3 which are the ones I displayed DUE to me being in a hurry ;p as usual + it was a bit crowded! Don't like shopping in crowds. This lovely painting (I think its oil on canvas) is done by "Ja'afar Mohammad .. 2002" its right next to Deluwayooo hmmm or what ever its spelled like :D its the coffee shop that's hanging up there :D .. This was my favorite among the 3 shown in this post then comes the ladies one then the last one with a lovely color intersection. What made this one special to me is other than the colors, various shapes in it & how the shapes with different colors are merged into a single painting :)

Also "oil on canvas" I assume again ;p .. What I liked about this one other than the COLORS :D is that it had women in it in a lovely abstract combination also in various ages & shapes, still I felt it had the spirit of the Arabic women, deliberately didn't take the whole view; wanting you all to go check'em out hmmmm shouldn't I take something for this free AD from Al-Fanar's management? ;p .. The painting is done by "Ali Abdul Jalil .. 2003"

Back to the display window! near Deluwayooo hmm an other spelling ;p OMG I can't remember how its spelled! Although its so easy @!@ ... ANY how back to the painting which is also "oil on canvas" I think ;p .. Done by "Ali .. 2001" .. Color intersection is also a majjjjjjor attraction to my eyes :} liked this one too.

Its worth a visit :} I know I will definitely go there & check all the rest things out, of course in a non peak time :D Personally I think the people who are responsible of this are brilliant!

IF NOT FOR ONE THING they still have the Gees hung in the top, WHY is that?

Its a whole new theme why leave left overs from the last one???? That is the thing that made me get a bit annoyed & feel like its not totally PERFECT ... Am hoping they are still working on the theme & not fully done! Because I expected when I look up am gona see CoLoRS :} instead I was disappointed to see left overs of the old theme! If this keeps up I might talk to them its such a waste of a lovely theme!

*Note*: oLo

wrote it this way coz it seemed like its a face :} ,, cute!

Saturday, 13 August 2005

Hi there :}

* Wasn't intending to write a post but! "Under the Bridges of Paris" & " Moon river" from the movie " Shall we dance" sound track, made me re-gain my quietness & peace :) which made me eventually write here.

* Was preparing for a post that should color up my blog since all the text-full posts made me feel that it lost its vibrant soul that I try to keep :} ... Went to Al-Fanar today to find a loooot that made me smile & have a great time by just walking around. The theme currently is "COLOR" .. LOVE IT, you should check it out. More pictures & feed back on that tomorrow!

* Spanglish, Ocean's 12 sound tracks are next on the queue.

* Family came back home, FINALLY :} although they didn't take long! But I missed them. True having them around is joyful but also solitude had its virtues that I will miss.

Friday, 12 August 2005

قلم الرصاص

لقلم الرصاص علاقة وطيدة بيدي .. لا أقاوم ذلك اللون المتلاعب بين الأسود و الأبيض، يمكن لأني دائما أحب أوسط الأمور؟ وهنا أستثني الوضوح بالأمور من تلك التي استحلي أوسطها.

على الرغم من كثرة الأقلام لدي إلا أن للرصاص خصوصية! لعلها ترتبط بكونه أول قلم أمسكته بالمدرسة؟

لبلو بوز وقفة مع أقلام الرصاص .. ذهب لموقعه لاستخرج المقالة و اقرأ جديدة و إذا بي أنصدم بان موعد سفره قد حان. عسى الله يوفقك بلو وين ما رحت و كنت :}

عودة لقلم الرصاص! مؤخرا افتقد الرغبة لاستعمال الأجهزة الالكترونية لكتابة ما احتاج! أفضل القلم عموما و الرصاص خصوصاً. خطي سيء للغاية كسوء تقديري للحاجة لنا بال "ظ" أو ال "ض" بكلمة ما، تلك الحاجة التي قد تستدعي أن أنادي أختي الصغيرة لأسأل:

ظيف و لا ضيف؟

أم عصاية و لا اللي بدون عصايه؟

أحيانا كثيرة اخجل من هذا اللغط و اعزيه بأننا ككويتيين نستخدم ال "ظ" بكل موقع، كان لها أو لأختها "اللي بدون عصايه" ؟؟

حبي المتجدد لقلم الرصاص قد يعيد لي تلك النوت الصغيرة التي تنتشر بين حقائب اليد التي استخدمها، سبب أنها نوت و ليست نوته هو تغيير الحقائب و الخوف من نسيان تلك النوتة بإحداها، على الأقل يكون لدي نوته احتياطية و من ثم قد انقل أفكاري للنوتة الأساسية أو لا!

لأني ملكة النسيان ببعض الأحيان .. تذكرت عناوين كتب الأقدمين "بعد جملة الملكة" ... هممممم انفع اكتب شعر؟

جرير.. مرتعي الجديد للقرطاسية ليس لأني حديثة اكتشاف هذه المكتبة بل لان مزاجي هاليومين عليها. ربما لأنني دخلتها منذ أسبوع أو أكثر! بهدف شراء كراسه، و خرجت بحفنة كتب و كراستين و ألوان؟ بكل الحالات سأزورها بحثا عن نوته أو لربما لأني أتوق لان تغريني مجددا بالكثير؟

Colorful messy hands

Title: currently the hardest thing to write is the title of this post :} which I will leave after I finish it!

Dirty hands: When I paint/draw or make any craft into an art thingie :) I don't seem to find joy unless I get my hands dirty. After finishing a drawing & seeing my hands DIRTY filled with colors I truly can not describe how happy I am :>

Evil: Odd things happened lately, I can't get how people can be so EVIL! ,, this Monday was evil Monday.

Soft pastel: They are lovely, find joy in them more than oil pastels but still are difficult to use for me ;p YET they innovated me to draw a lot of things.

Tomorrow: The home alone phase will end tomorrow :} the end of the short trip my family took will be tomorrow. I missed them & sure will be happy to have them around & have the house as crowded as ever. Although thinking of it now made me not miss the crowd so much :S

P.S: After all of that still can't find a title ;p

*UPDATE* Title found ,, MsB thankfully wrote it for me. Therefore now its from "Mako Title!" to " Colorful messy hands" .. thank you dear :}

Tuesday, 9 August 2005

My day so far

Today ...

1- What I hoped for didn't happen :} not sad but a bit disappointed, never the less :D tomorrow is a new day with a bright new sun shine!

2- At the beauty saloon today I saw little kids being over hairdressed. Over make'd up! & over dressed. I thought maybe its a weeding? It appeared to be a party :} still I hated the fact that the kids innocence was violated by the grown ups way of making them selves look pretty! (although I doubt it). I even think that a lipstick/blush/eyeshadow is UGLY on kids! kids in general am not talking about ads .. To add more spices to the story! The party is for one of the girls :} so I smiled & thought "ooooH how cute! A young girl wanting to look like old girls ;p" .. It turned out to be a party for her wearing a "7ijab" & she is 7 years old???????????

Am not in the mood to open up a big discussion about "sunna" & "she3a" simply because this is a free space to chill! .. Still I don't get it! Why should it just BE!!!! Why at age 7??? Why not like what's in the holly Qura'an? WHY since we are in Kuwait! Should she be forced while legally she has the right to choose? .. It just didn't make sense to me. That made me sad!

3- Long day ahead its already after 7! Better go :} ,, have a good evening all

Busy @!@ but me likey!

lately I have been so busy that I barely find enough time to sleep! am an 8+ hour of sleep kind of girl :} I VALUE sleep time very much.

I barely sleep 5 hours?

My day starts @ 5:30am till 12:00pm non-stop! "in & out of the house", well maybe a few brakes for meals & showers. Although its exhausting especially that am not used to this life style, am a home person, now it changed, not so bad! But I think I will take a lot to adjust to it. Still the feeling of having an aim & going to it is nice :} .. Even if your path is not straight! a zigzag is fine as long as it ends there!

P.S: I hooooope I will get it! .. If I do I shall talk if not I shall remain silent for ever ;p

Sunday, 7 August 2005


ALhtough am dying to talk but wont say an intch till am FULLY sure that it will happin @@

so shhhhhhhhhhh "me" & wait

Friday, 5 August 2005

A wish came true :}

Since my passion for cooking grew I hoped that one day I could go get my dish ingredients fresh from the market. My grandmother (Allah Yer7umha may her soul RIP) used to live that way, she used to shop every day for lunch :}. Fresh meat & veggies were the most important buy the rest is stored at home. Put aside that she was a great cook & a perfect house wife her cooking tasted like no other, fresh ingredients make the difference, especially that she bought local stuff, nothing stored or frozen!

So today morning my dream came true! Went with my brother to the fish market being totally clue less coz that was dad's mission ;p we never did it before... After we got into the fish market brother forgot to draw some cash & I had not much with me too! We both needed any ATM machine, so we ask around & there is none @@ I mean come one people this is the FISH & VEGGIES market ,,, no ATM??

Anyhow had to go to Sultan Center in Soug Sharg "right across the street" as if we were in hmmmm Alaska :D ? .. Reached Sultan Center dehydrated :D although to say the truth it was not that hot! But further than the distance we walked would have been torture :>

Back to the fishieeeees :D we took "Zbaidi" coz its easy to cook & I participated ONCE in cooking it, Shrimps .. Then veggies. A guy over there took the Shrimp to clean them, we took our stuff & back home. Being a shrimp cleaning expert I immediately after they washed them I dipped some into a sauce I pre-made to grill some of it,,, "LAAA" screamed "Dayya" actually we call her mama Daya coz she has been over here for looooooong ,, she told me that still he did not clean that black like a mini spinal cord thing in the shripms back .. Am like HUH @@ .. Then I discovered that shripms are brought the night before to clean them THEN the next day they would be cooked OR they should be at home by 8 am! .. It was around 11 am & we invited a cousin to join us for lunch since he too is home alone his wife & kids are not here.

Nevertheless its the desperate measures that make it more exciting :D So we finished a lot of work quickly ,, cooked the food & wean I got to the part where I want to make some deep fried shrimps (we got 5 kilos :D so we had a lot to do). Spiced up the shrimps LIGHTLY then eggs then flour to discover that we don't have a lot of bread crumbs LOL! How can I not check that?? So we had to reduce the amount of shrimps to be fried & just do it with two kinds of grilled & some fried , the rest of shripms will be cooked tomorrow :>

The main course Rice & stuffed Zbaidi "with: dill - onion - crushed loumi - bqdounes" was perfect :} the rest was ok but not as good.. But any way they "brother & cousin" ate a lot which indicated that my cooking was good provided that I warned them in advance that am not responsible for what's next :}

Status: they are still a ok :>

Ramblings + events

received two nice gifts today. First a gift from a deaaaaaaaaar friend, a key chain for my new car which I will get before the end of this year " I hope". Second; an e-mail from an old college colleague :) sent a "happy birthday" e-mail .. Its so sweet of him.

Although I miss my family, but this period made me very happy in other aspects :} I do miss them but its still fun around here :D

Thursday, 4 August 2005

Me the cook

Today woke up early, although its the weekend & I promised me that I will sleep, but I guess I got used to waking up early. So I decided to practice my long loved passion :: coking:: unfortunately due to my busy schedule I could not cook much.

today's dish was an easy quick one I wasn't in the mood for something complex, hotdogs macaroni with red sauce :> actually FAKE red sauce ;p ..

1- chopped onion
2- 3 tomatoes cut into cubes
3- 1 pack of hot dogs (approx 12 pieces), chopped into what ever shape you like.
4- 1/2 tomato paste pack, the 1/4 litter pack.
5- ketchup ( either "proteins" because it has a nice SWEET flavor -or- "HP" intense & the tomato flavor is very strong)
6- Salt, pepper, Curry powder "if you like"
7- Macaroni, any shape you like.

How to?

1- A table spoon of oil, then add the onions. Cook till onions start to be a little see through.

2- Add the hotdogs pieces & mix with the onions till they are medium rare.

3- Add the tomatoes to the mix.

4- Add your spices, note: if you are planning to add curry to the mix add a small tea spoon so its flavor wont be very strong! Just a hint of curry.

5- Let them cook, set your macaroni to be cooked, the usual way! Water & salt to it then add the macaroni. When the water boils add a table spoon of oil.. Let it cook till smooth. It will take from 20-30 mins only. Take it out, dry it from water then wash it with cold water immediately so the pieces wont stick together.

6- back to the sauce! Add some tomato paste, just a liiiiiitle bit of water in case your tomatoes are still stiff, then add the ketchup "this is the fake part in it ;p the sauce is only 1/3 real the rest is ;p, but it does taste good :>). Let it cook for a while till the sauce is thick. Taste it to make sure you like it.

7- Add macaroni to the sauce & mix well. Or you can serve it on the side, your call :}

that's it :} serve it!

Also on the side I made Chibatta (not sure of the spelling!) bread with pepperoni mozzarella cheese on top. Simply cut the Chibatta piece into two halfs, spread ketchup or a red sauce that you make for pizza, put pepperoni on top, cheese then into the oven :D .. Till the cheese melts! You're done.

P.S: sorry for bad image ;p mobile phone.

Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Is that really me?

Today trying to kick back & be bloggingly-active again ,, so I went visiting neighbours :D & found this amazing blog which I will definatelly take an other loooong stop with :>

Any how, along with the highly attractive posts in that blog, I dropped on this one :} about ur blogging personality, in the post he explains that he got it from shosho :: Penguins in Purple .. SoooOOo I did the test twice, one is honest & the other is just plain playing ;p So which one am I? & where do you see the real me?

Your Blogging Type is Social and Responsible
You enjoy blogging and do all you can to advance the blogging community.
From helping friends set up blogs to getting rid of spam - you take a leadership role.
A super blogger, you tend to blog regularly. You'd hate to disappoint your audience.
And always appropriate, there's no way you'd blog something too personal!

Your Blogging Type Is the Private Performer
Your blog is your stage - with your visitors your adoring fans.
At least, that's how you write with your witty one liners.
And while you like attention, you value your privacy.
You're likely to have an anonymous blog - or turn off comments.

Note(1): their order in apperance could be right or wrong in comparison to whome I did caringly & careless-ly :}
Note(2): I can be just parts of one of them @!@
Note(2): I will not comment till midnight tonight :>

Tuesday, 2 August 2005

A nice day :}

*cousin greeted me 1st of all people for the 3rd year in a row :> she always sends her SMS right at midnight before any one thinks of telling me Happy Birthday, this year she said it even earlier.. Its so nice of her.

*A happy birthday song made me so happy last night, although we are new to each other & only knew each other from the new work place am in :> but she cared so much to call & sing it for me even when she's on vacation.

*An other nice gift I got this year is a dedication via these mobile things that call you & stuff, she "also a new colleague at work" sent me
this song which is totally 3abee6a & made me laugh like crazy & I felt the ppl around me in the parking are giving me the (what is wrong with her look@@) "heard it while parking in the morning" it really made me happy & laugh

* The same funny dedication girl :} brought me a cake, we shared it with our colleagues & also regular visitors of the department, we had lots of fun I was truly surprised & didn't think that this B-Day would be different from any other, but it turned out to be pretty special coz I was surrounded by special people

*When I came home & saw my blog @@ it really was just soooo overwhelming, Its amazing how a simple word would make you so happy

*A dear old friend whom I lost connection with for a year now, greeted me today :} it kinda made me cry "you know a few tears not like really cry" coz I miss my friend so much YET I got a greeting from that person in this day. Thank you :) very much!

*This Birthday was so special with the people that cared to say "happy birthday", to me no gift in the world would make me happier :} for all who cared to say it... "Screaming my head off" THANK YOU ALL :}

*Ok if your smart tell me how many thank you's I said ;p


Today am 25 years old :>

I hope I don't ever think that I have to hide my age, like a lady I know that from 10 years she has been 35 :D, why so? Is age that scary?

As for my wish! it shall remain a secret "daaaa" , but all I wish for you my dear wish is that you come true before am 26 I have been waiting for you for long....

P.S: there is something special "till this moment" in my blog :> ALL the comments are even :]

Monday, 1 August 2005


كم صعب أن تفقد الثقة بشخص أخلصت له .. وهبت له حياتك و شاطرته سنوات عمرك .. خذلان و اكثر سيقتل أحاسيسك .. فما بالك بالمرأة التي تمتاز بإحساس رقيق .. ليس أن لا لغيرها الإحساس ينتمي بل لأنها ابلغ مثال يتفشى به ما أريد أن أقوله بصخب.. فللكل حزنه على الخيانة .. رجل .. طفل .. أو كهل .. أنثى أو ذكر، فلا تمييز بالمشاعر البشرية.

أن تخلص بإحساسها تمنح كل ذاتها لرجل .. أن تكون ابتسامتها تلازم رؤيته .. أن يخفق ذلك الموجود بين الأضلع لمجرد دخوله للمكان .. أن تشاركه حياتها .. أن ترغب بحمل ثمار زواجهما بداخلها لتستنزف صحتها و مشاعرها لترضعهم الحب .. أن تحاول مرة و أخرى و أخرى لتفوز به .. و هو هناك بعيد .. أن تمنحه الثقة و تكون "عاقلة" .. أن تكون بعقلها تملّكت أساس الجنون .. و يتركها .. ليبحث عن متعة وقتية تقتات على كرامته .. صعب أن تتماسك امرأة كهذه .. لا ألومها إن انهارت و تركت الدنيا.

لكن "ماجدة الرومي" تبقى جميلة و لها رونق راقي .. حتى لو تركها وحيده .. فهي مكان و زمن بدون أحد .. أعجبت بها و بقوتها .. مقالة لتحيي تلك الأنثى أينما حلّت .. التي تشتري مالا يقدر بثمن .. و فعلا قنعت بالقليل ،، رضيت بالحب و الوفاء .. صاغ الناصر الكلمات و شدت بها ماجدة الرومي لتعود إلى عرشها الهادئ .. البسيط .. نعم من أجل الكرامة و الصدق يرخص يسهل التخلي عن من خان. و نعم هناك من يقنع بالقليل،، ليس فقط خيال لكاتب تسطر بصوت او صوره.

عجبت كثيرا بقصتها و بقوتها على أن تستمر و تعاود الحياة :} .. ملهمة