Sunday, 2 October 2005

People People People

Two of my good colleagues had a big conflict, I hated it very much... I was surprised to see a lot of things I could not see before, I don't know weather to blame my lack of experience with people! Or am I exaggerating with this "presume good until else is proven with time"rule?

I discovered deceiving people, hypocrites, big mouths, people who try to make the best of some one else's suffering! To just think that u did not see all that & was fooled by ur own view of the world makes u say "hey I was supposed to pass the naieve stage!" but we learn from our faults.

The weather is cooling down which is great :} refreshing too. Kuwait is small I discovered that one of my bosses is related to a fellow blogger/bloggertee in a weird way but we know the same person LOL, Kuwait is smaaaaaaaaaaaaall

First episode with the bloggers reminders in real life begins with Bo-Maryoum :}

*P.S this post was concluded at 11:10 pm so please skip the spelling/typing mistakes :} thank you*


Purgatory said...

mabee skip :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

LOL a9ln i wrote the note incase u comment ,, u know prepare the medecine before the fl3a