Friday, 30 June 2006

The results

*Although till the moment not every thing is clear! Still the results of the ellections may not please me, but it was a good experience + this is democracy! it doesn't have to make me happy but its at least fair. What is not acceptable is playing dirty & unfiar. I shall not proceed with this comment because it will drag me to a thing i promised me to not do in my blog! NO POLITICS


The Don ® said...


Kasik Ya Watan said...

I am not happy with the results also; it is a religious parliament. Nevertheless; I love the title of the blog, & that is what I am going to talk about

I chilled out yesterday to the max

I had late lunch with my beloved wife & kids; after a good sleep till 1 p.m.

I toke my kids to play @ Marina Mall till 7 p.m. when we went to a nice family gathering

I enjoyed the last part of the night in my beautiful home which we, my wife & me, chose every part of.

I even enjoyed ……. & ……. & ……… & ……… as if I am dying tomorrow.

I am religious in my own way, we don't need to go to mosques 5 times a day, not drink, or not & not & not & not & & & & & & & & & & to be religious. We just need to be honest, just, loyal, & treat others properly.

I think God is fair; then why are we punished for things out of our control!!!!!????

I forgot to say that it will only be a real DEMOCRACY when we separate religion from politics; in other word SECULARISM.

Male With Class said...

i know the feelin about the whole politics thing. good god. i posted 1 on my site that's like a mile long about politics, guess i was just in the heat of the moment.

hey... cool name though tranquility girl... awesome!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Sorry for the delay in the reply all...

The Don

:D long time no see I know me been busy, thx for dropping by :>

Kasik Ya Watan

Well i like it that you enjoy your life among the ones you love :D i hope you keep that up always & ever :>

As for the results! its democracy :> weather we like it or not. As for Chillin' its the greatest act you can do :D life is short, enjoy it RIGHT & smoothly.

Now regarding the being religious or not issue its a relative thing, each has his view of life & religion, if you believe in a certain religion then you have to agree to all of its aspect BUT since we are free people & the true religion is in the hear "as i believe" then we can not restrict other ppl with what we see as religious or not. In this issue comes the importance of Democracy & the ability to accept others even if they are different from us!

In my opinion! to our country & culture we should balance between religion & politics we can not separate them it will create a lot of problems that we do not need to distract us from the corruption going on around us! I say be who ever you want to be JUST be a true Kuwaiti! don't be a hypocrite & use religion or patriotism for your own interest.


Male with class

I hate politics! & thank you for the compliment :}