Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Over the hedge - Review

To cut the story short, it was not worth seeing! I was shocked, I expected something better from DreamWorks (story & plot wise! the animations were nice), the story is not so bad the aim behind the movie is good too "the usual good advice to kids content", what was bad in it is that its too predictable! too short! it had less action in scenes that I thought are worth spending more time on "like the bracking into the house". Never the less I LOOOOOOOOVED the tiny Hedgehogs they were sooooooo addorable ( Could not get a descent picture of them)
Also the Perisian cat figure

Performed by

Omid Djalili, I noticed this funny actor in the Whoopi Goldberg sitcom & loved his acting since then. When Tiger "the chubby Perisian cat" appeared in the movie falling in the love with Stella (voiced by Wanda Sykes), his pride about his origins was amazing :} BUT the best was his name! I cracked up when he said his name I didnt expect that comming, also because the Parisian culture is close to us to see an actual character from them with the exact accent was hillarious! that was my best scene along with the acts of the cute hedgehog's babbies where they hit & punch each other or run around :)

all in all



G0LDiLiCiOuS-q8 said...

Miisss youuuuuuuuuu haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal 2aaaaaad :*** mwaaah

Guess meno...
Tulips ...


Anonymous said...

From your review I expected to get a 6/10, but 3? You shouldn't posted why it's that bad more. ;)

Anyways, kint metraddida whether to go watch it or not. But, I figured I won't...

q8Sultana said...

I was quite dissapointed too.

As you said, the charaters were cute, but the story was boring.

The only part I liked was how they made fun of humans (that they eat junk, and are losing their amility to walk). It was cruel but true.

Wilted_Roze said...


3baid said...

Just 3? I thought it was pretty entertaining even though the story was very simple. The characters were funny especially towards the end of the movie. :P

3baid said...

Btw, I thought you might like this :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

I'm sorry for taking sooooo long to reply to your comments! thank you all :>

Goldie ,, :* miss u tooo

Cece Desouza ,, Its a nice movie but u will mostly smile bas mako shai out of the blue!! & yes i should write more bad stuff BUT my problem i like to keep it posetive ;p

Q8Sultana ,, The thing with their humor is that its a bit more easy to be understood by old people unlike the main audience "kids" that is a negative point in the movie :d thank u for getting it back to me,, though it was funny but not for an animated movie directed to kids.

Whilted_Roze ,, :D

3baaaaaaaaaaaaaaadi ,, I liked the little hedgehogs & the hyper little squeril.. Oo 3al video I looooooooooooooved it :D thank you very much