Tuesday, 28 September 2010

271 : Tire change / puncture

And so as I was driving back home, I heard a weird noise coming from my tires & the car was not smooth! The sound was clicking and as I speed up it became more frequent. Luckily there was a gas station close by so I told the guy there to fill it up with air, he saw the tires & said that they are lacking a little air, that's it. Drove again & the sound got a little less louder BUT still there, called up dad to explain the issue he said it could be a small rock held between the tire cracks or something, he stayed alert & said if something happens call. Turned on my signal lights and drove slowly home.

When dad checked it, turns out my front right tire has a nail inside it :// so the quick solution is the spare tire change, and its done. I could not wait till after work or till someone will take the car in the afternoon, took it early morning to Hunter in Shweikh. I practically opened it up with them lol, and changed my 4 tires since it was time to change them, my old Bridgestone ones are 2 years old now and the dealer advised me to change in the last service too. So around 9am dad called thinking I was at work and was shocked to know am in Hunter, I laughed and told him I could not wait I love my baby car too much, needless to say he thought I was over reacting :p Then my brother called and had his share of telling me why didn't you wait lecture, but seriously I couldn't :p besides the guys over there know me & treat me like a VIP

With in an hour I was done, and happy with the smoothness of the tired on the road, the car feels great! *I tend to talk to my car & believe it has feelings* we went happily on our way. I'm sure my car is happy with the new Michelin tires since they were the first ones that it came with originally :}


The Stig said...

A girl that goes to Shuwaikh..


mrk said...

9ej entay chillout :))))))

mrk said...

9ij entay chillout :)))

Q80-ChillGirl said...

The Stig

:> thank you :D a5jaltom twatho3na ,, and its not the 1st time I go there :p its all about "where" & "when" to go :D I fell in love with shweikh long ago when dad used to take me along