Friday, 29 July 2011

Been blogging for 7 years!

Sure it was not a constant practice and not on the same pattern, there are some writer block, boredom (I am easily bored!), busy with life periods but the connection was never cut off. I honestly do love my blog very much and blogging for I know, is the longest hobby I kept on doing along with painting/drawing and reading.

What made me go on? The new world I came to discover and the new me, that I with time, came to share with the world, how text and pictures (365 project) can make you express your ideas. The joy of writing is ironically, to me right now, un-writable. It is a joy that I can best express with my smile while writing this post right now, and it is a really big happy one :D

Other than that, the blog-o-sphere around me has taught me a lot, interacting with people from ALL OVER the world, with various mentalities and ideas, that with time I became more tolerant with, it all eventually taught me more than I had imagined I would ever, in my lifetime, in the comfort of being in front of a screen! Other than the exposure to other ideas, mentalities and ideologies (I even learned the meaning of ideology :p) has made my view more broad to the world, in a simple unconventional way (like books for instance). The different stereo types of people to be faced online, the different situations you are placed in, either with comments on the blog, e-mails, IM’ing and personal meetings, has defiantly added a lot to me.

So here, the tribute goes to my blog, the simple space for me to express and interact, a HUGE thank you to who ever invented the idea of a web-log and the service providers (blogger, wordpress, maktoob,,,, etc.) and a gigantic thank you to whoever has entered my life, be it good or bad, negative or positive experiences, all were beneficial and helped much to make me the person I am today. I thank you all.

Last but not least, the story of how I got into this enchanting world! It all started with Mad M2000’s Yahoo e-mailing group! So among the messages from active people in the Kuwaiti underground cartoonist’s group was Zaydoun, it was the first time I ever knew the web-log thing existed! So looked around and got me a blog, with all do thanks to those two in particular.

Then as I decided to quit, after two posts ONLY! the next major influencing person has hit me, Nibaq, who I knew the meaning of his nickname more than 3-4 years later, he gave me the light on the community he has built for us, the Kuwaiti/ living in Kuwait bloggers. Nibaq of all the people in the internet is the one person I can say has worked silently and made a HUGE difference in the Kuwaiti blog-o-sphere, caring for the activity of blogging ONLY, he did succeed in building a simple virtual community for his peers! I highly appreciate his efforts in Kuwait blogs and Safat "the Kuwait blogs aggregator" and wish that it gets up and running again. Safat was a major morning stop for me, right when the blogroll contained 20 something blogs till the boom in 2005/2006 where I lost track of how many bloggers are in it. To Nibaq a huge thank you.

Afterwards the list goes on from bloggers all around including the ones who commented on the post above (Rampurple and Goliath) to the many others I have known. A lot of bloggers have left the blog-o-sphere, quietly or with an action filled dramatic way, in both cases I felt like I missed a lot and still do. A lot of bloggers out there that I have NEVER met did influence me in my life and my view of life greatly. To all of those who I met virtually, in real life, blogged or interacted with me (commenting) I say thank you.

So my dear blog, journey of blogging, people I knew or read, I appreciate you all and love you all :)


طموحة مملوحة said...

كل عام والمدونة بخير يارب :)

Q80-ChillGirl said...

طموحة مملوحة

تسلمين و مشكورة :)

Marzouq said...

I know what you mean! Its a hell of a journey! Congrats on sticking to it! I for one am still going and I know what you mean about Nibaq putting everything together before anyone else did! I still bother him to this day about working on Safat and getting it back up!

I know what you mean about people leaving quietly and people leaving with a boom! Its always sad to see people go! It honestly is a different place now then it was before!

Q80-ChillGirl said...

I wish Safat goes back, has a link more than I can describe to this blogging world, especially when you think of what you write in your postal address and what is the one address that gathers ALL Kuwaiti blogs! This issue has a great deal of attachment with me.. Keep pressuring him and I will too lol

Nunu-San said...

I miss the old blogging world, it was so different and small .. I love it.

And the bloggers were a few!
Everyone knows one another.
Unfortunately, the good ones are gone.

Q80-ChillGirl said...


I think goodness is still around, its just a phase and the remarkable few will always remain, yes I miss A LOT of good writers and creative bloggers, nonetheless there are still some around and more creative people coming up :D

Anonymous said...

Very Inspiring words

Q80-ChillGirl said...


Sorry for the super LATE reply :> thank you :} and looks like you have a nice blog! Keep it up :]