Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Survival .. Observing tiny plants!

On a random piece of land beside concrete & scattered junk, in an environment not set up for the growth of plants, this tiny plant existed! Apparently no matter how it "might" seem like an unfriendly plant environment, plants did grow and as tiny as they are, they were pretty :} wearing the most vivid green color I have seen in a long while in Kuwait.

Leaving me with a smile and admiration of how it managed to survive with FEW resources. Rain season in our climate is a very shy visitor, especially recently. How it managed to grow, and prosper is a thing that deserves a pause (YES I know scientifically its easily explainable but lets take a deeper look :p).

Where resources are found, things prosper, as well as people, that was the echo of the tiny plant survival idea, I instantly measured it to happenings around me. In spite of the fact that this plant did not ask the land nor landowner to exist (it just did!) and it bloomed to something pleasant :} and much missed in our environment. Why not take a pause and embrace things popping up?

Therefore, not all unplanned things are scary, they can be green and pretty :} Sure they might be misplaced, you can simply provide them with a new better place. The urge to survive is worth giving a hand, a gentle word or a smile :}

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