Friday, 2 August 2013

33 with a 9 years old blog

And yes like every year, 3 days separate my blog's Birthday (31st of July) and my Birthday (2nd of August), I'm 33 years old with a 9 year old blog :}

When the millennium (Y2K) was about to come, a lot of fuss went around and many thought that the world would end, forgetting that those 2000 years are actually from where we started counting after an event! A thing that is not related to how old is our world. After that I realized how relative time is, how we with certain events make it matter or not, and that a year added to our age is simply a representation of a count from the event of our birth. Age was never related to how old we really are, its more related to how long have we been in this world, we are as old as we want to be, yes biology and physics rule, but our pretty minds do have a say in it.

So at 33 years old, I stand still and look back to what have I did, been through and experienced in those years, its been a joyful ride. Happiness like sadness is an essential part of life, you choose which you want to stick to :}

I am happy that I am alive, passed through every bit of my life, those sad bad days have molded me to the person I am now just as the many happy good days did, I am grateful for all the eyes who reached this line, the people I met in the cyber world, the real world, mostly my friends and family.

The best two concepts I gained and very proud of, are:

1- Life is simple, its a journey, we are visitors, one day we will go, think of what you will take to your grave and what you will leave behind for people you love or the world, be simple, simplicity is the BEST thing you can live by and it doesn't cost much :p

2- Change is the only constant, I made a huge change in my life, which I will soon dedicate a series of posts to share, change even if it looks or feels hard, is in the end doable :}

Of course the Iraqi invasion on my beloved Kuwait back in 1990 comes to mind in this day, I keep praying for those who dedicated their souls to Kuwait, and for us, the ones who stayed alive, to learn and not just remember the 2nd of August as the day Iraq invaded Kuwait....
الله يرحم شهدائنا 


Abdulaziz Al-Ateeqi said...

happy birthday dear, wish you the best..

Q80-ChillGirl said...

@Abdulaziz Al-Ateeqi

Thank you :) wish you the same