Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Seeing double?

I once read that there is you, the person people see and who you think you are!

Between the two views the real you hides, where the person you think you are is merely your view of life crossing your actions and piled up definitions in your mind, in many times your definitions fail, for instance you might see it as pride when its ego or funny when in fact just vulgar, or the other side of the coin; when you think less of your self, when you define weight as a measure of beauty not health or being kind is naive.

What people see is like what you see, not only is it subject to false estimation it is also very close to who they really are. On a side note, please try not to judge and if you fail to resist the urge to judge, place the possibility of you being wrong, and also be kind!

I think, the best option is to find out who you really are, and you would be surprised that its the easiest, all you need is to think about your actions and why you chose those actions :} when was the last time you shutdown the auto-pilot within and stopped doing what you usually do? which is most probably what everyone else does...

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